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~ Sentencing Advisory Council - Justice absolute ~
The singing sabre

Dear Editor and all Advisors. Reference the October 24th 2014 article on the alternative sentencing options being currently investigated by Tasmania's sentencing advisory Council.

Man always imposes a penalty of harm upon those who offend the edicts of man named 'the law.' Sadly the imposition of such penalties is in fact simply a V-for vendetta punitive return imposed as a coercion in an effort to attempt to satisfy the community as they simultaneously try to bring the offender into alignment with the policy of the day.

All this has nothing to do with 'balancing' the scales of justice of the factual case at hand because, in reality, all punishment is many, many times 'harsher' than the offensive act itself, thus bringing in imbalance to the scales of justice. An example to this relates to the olden days in 'Christian' UK when a person could be 'convicted for life' in a Tasmanian penal colony for stealing a chicken from another's wife while in an 'Islamic' state one would lose a hand for stealing a chicken's egg.

As I see IT, the Scales of Justice are not 'balanced' but are tipped in favour of merciless, unforgiving coercion imposed by the system. Presumably the advisory council has never heard of the ABSOLUTE JUSTICE or 'eye for an eye' or 'as you sow so shall ye reap' ON AN  EQUAL 'egg taken for an egg stolen' basis Law of God.

What also of the Command of God unto man? That Command being that man must always be; loving, peaceful, merciful, compassionate and forgiving of those others sinfully living. Disobedience to this command has over time led ignorant man into an unawareness of the immutable Law of God's benign, creative or malignant destructive ENERGY. It is a 'Law unto itself.' It is unchangeable by man and imposed by the 'intelligent' ENERGY at the time and in the place so ordained by THE ENERGY. (God's)

Why am I writing this letter to you? Because now is THE prophesied TIME that THE DARK  punitive aspect of THE ENERGY of THE SOURCE will 'balance' ITS dispassionate and merciless and unforgiving scales of justice and anyone who used IT (the dark) in their interaction with others is to PAY the 'blood price' in the manner revealed by me. (God's pen)

All now begin to see the REALITY of mentally disturbed people running 'riot' and causing harm. It needs to be understood that every 'action' be it benign, creative or malignant, destructive is incited or invited or invoked or 'authorised' by the benign or malignant aspect of THE SOURCE.

Even Tasmanian magistrates appear to be 'mentally disturbed' and through their 'liquid' arrogance they ignore their own mandate granted by their own Constitution and they constantly deny THE PEOPLE their RIGHTS to a peaceful 'Freedom of religion' way of living and they impose heavy sentences as they also impose their own ideological beliefs upon others. This is Treason and anarchy so as asked: "What is their 'sentence' to be"?

It is written within my Testament to humanity that as people 'suffer' at the hands of the mentally disturbed, the suffering imposed on them is simply their DUE to the forceful and destructive ENERGY they used and imposed upon others at a prior time in this life or in a pre-birth time.

Indeed, the 'singing sabre' of pain and death is now to intensify globally as the mind of man is 'open prised' by demonic forces living in the underworld. They can and do interfere in the mind of man telepathically.

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I write this to you and you because it was written that those who have 'judged' others' would 'be so judged' and what every person involved with sentencing needs to see is, - - - all imposed upon others by magistrates at the instigation of your mind, hand or pen, and which caused 'harm' to another becomes your own spiritual DUE.

Try and comprehend that any activity of man (Legalised or otherwise) that is in contravention of the precepts of God's Command unto man places man INTO the punitive RETURN aspect of God's ONE immutable Law.  (As you punitively do is punitively done unto you)

The WISDOM of God being that as one OBEYS the Command one is always operating within the benign aspect of THE ONE LAW and receiving a similar LOVING RETURN.: (As you LOVINGLY do is LOVINGLY done unto you)

The Command: "Love one another - go your way in peace - be merciful and compassionate and forgive your enemy - turn the other cheek if abused and cause no harm."

As I see IT, when a person is OBEDIENT to the above Command even when being persecuted (unto death) then one has PROVEN to GOD of their faithfulness to HIM and their loyalty to His Word.

It needs to be understood that THE ENEMY is not the offensive person but that it is THE DARK ENERGY OF THE SOURCE operating clandestinely and telepathically through the mind and hand of the 'irrational' offender. It is in this way that IT (the dark) metes out divine retribution to 'balance' ITS book.

All 'offensive' people are mentally disturbed by the DARK.
All persons 'classified by psychiatrists' as 'adhd' or other are mentally disturbed by the DARK.
It is all one and the same problem. (Minds under siege from THE DARK.)

Rest 'assured,' absolute justice exists and the 'singing sabre' wielded by the vain, arrogant and insane bringing the WORLD to its knees IS THE WRATH OF GOD unfolding on earth to bring to 'account' EVERYONE who defied God and USED HIS DARK ENERGY against others in the past. (The dark forceful energy of God is the FORBIDDEN TO USE or 'eat' fruit from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil.)

Any who continue to fund or condone punishment or 'warfare' will by their own deeds consign their own soul into the ABYSS to suffer on and on FOREVER. (The spirit soul is comprised of God's energy and thus lives ON forever 'somewhere in the Light or in the Dark)

Any punitive sentence imposed that is not in conformity with the constraints in the Feeling Easier Seminar document of the 'Offender' document is a flagrant contravention of God's Command and heavy indeed is THE HAND of THE FATHER.

The ONLY 'safe' way forwards now is to be humane and treat offenders who disturb the peace with mercy and compassion and forgiveness and EDUCATE them as per my 'Feeling Easier' seminar. A seminar I would like to have implemented in every school and in every prison.

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~ Judgement ~

The indictment and self-crucifixion of man through the absolute Justice of God's immutable Law.

Every 'enforcer,' warrior or 'correctional services personnel uses force of arms to mete out 'justice' in the name of the 'orders' or authority granted by State RULES. Every police officer, prosecutor or magistrate (Judge) is presently held in the grip of a giant VICE because said Rules (Text dictates) force them to be defiant of THE Command of THE Sovereign power, our lord God and all are too arrogant to understand or believe that HE is the ONE upholding HIS immutable Law of equal Return.

This Law of God is the absolute Justice of ENERGY in motion - For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Since we are now entering the TIME of the separation of souls for ETERNITY, and since the Salvation or 'upliftment' prerequisite to being 'saved' from the fires of hell is TOTAL OBEDIENCE to God's Command of "ONLY extend peace and love and mercy and compassion" and, - - - since the accomplishment of this is only guaranteed when the individual (you) cause NO harm and you DO forgive your enemy and you DO turn the other cheek in NON-retaliation, it follows that: - - -

Every 'private' person or 'official of state' person who continues to cause harm through their vindictive, merciless and unforgiving ways or who do continue to use RULES that force them to 'engage' punitively with the populace are persons (children of God) who continue to automatically INDICT themselves and all are ON the wide road to Hell albeit they see it NOT.

Why do they not see this? Because they 'hold' the 'quaint' BELIEF that their wage, uniform, mandate or position of authority somehow nullifies the Command of God and voids God's immutable LAW.

I do know that their 'belief' in their RIGHT to control, interfere, subjugate, impose GRIEF and loss and to 'get away with it' is gross ERROR of teaching. Sadly all holding this belief are now to be imposed upon forcefully, severely and in an unavoidable and terrifying manner.

The imposition or RETURN of the absolute Justice of God's PUNITIVE Law as IT fulfills itself is to be carried out 'equitably' by mentally disturbed people who are telepathically incited by demonic THOUGHTS and enticed (justified) to go forth and CAUSE HARM.

These thoughts which are telepathically 'induced' by DARK spirit beings (demons) who KNOW exactly what their earthly VICTIM has done to others in their past, and said invisible forces simply DO whatever their own thoughts tell them. These  thoughts are all emanating from THE SOURCE of Darkness as IT (God) 'balances ITS 'Scales of Justice.'

"An 'eye for an eye," simply meaning that what you did DO punitively causing mental, emotional or physical harm or loss becomes your own sorrowful DUE.

None can void or avoid their own 'comeuppance' and further, IF they retaliate punitively, they simply accrue a further DUE of suffering as they also draw IN more SIN. (Dark energy of the Source that will drag their spirit soul further from the Light in the after-life)

The ONLY positive and benign way FORWARDS now is for prosecutors, police, magistrates and corrective services to amend their ways from punishment to education and enlightenment using the 'Feeling easier' Seminar program as they rehabilitate themselves and other offenders. No more 'fines' extortion.

Any person who now fails to be kind, respectful, courteous, merciful, compassionate and forgiving of the 'dark' ways of others by continuing to cause punitive harm are automatically INDICTING themselves for their own defiance of God THE CREATOR who is also THE DESTROYER of those who harm HIS children.

Indeed, all who continue to use (sup on) His dark destructive energy place themselves within ITS aspect of THE LAW OF EQUAL RETURN. No person nor million, trillion men can void or avoid the 'balancing' of God's ENERGY. IT is a Law unto ITSELF.

I can ONLY repeat the FACTS OF LIFE being: THE destructive merciless FORCE used to control, subjugate, interfere, punish, steal, injure or kill is the DARK energy essence of the SOURCE. As you use IT in your interaction IT grows within your soul (negative emotions) and ITS vibration (weight) drags your soul down to HELL.

The creative merciful energy essence used to be kind, loving, peaceful, merciful, compassionate and forgiving is the LIGHT energy essence of the SOURCE. As you use IT in your interaction IT grows within your soul (positive emotions) and ITS refined vibration draws your soul UP to the Light.

The 'force' is the FRUIT of the TREE of the knowledge of good and evil that God forbids man to use because God KNOWS that when YOU use IT, then you indict yourself and you place yourself within ITS immutable Law of Return which means that ahead you suffer FOREVER.

The reason you suffer forever is because IT deceives you into believing that you will NOT suffer BUT once ITS energy is within you, you are always justified by IT to BE IT IN ACTION. The Deceiver (Dark) energy deceives you into believing that you are doing good as you bring others to 'account' for their perceived misdeeds and it blinds and misleads you into believing that the Law of God does not apply to you.

The RULE by men in Power backed by force of arms and punishment is the DARK energy essence of the SOURCE in 'action' via the minds of the vain, arrogant and ignorant. This destructive essence of the SOURCE (God) uses (controls telepathically) those empowered by 'weapons' to cause HARM, loss, impoverishment and ongoing extortion of the funds of THE PEOPLE because they are all also defiant of God's Command as they support, condone and fund the control, enslavement and interference in the lives of other children of God.

As long as YOU are supporting 'warmongers' and funding the and condoning the 'regulation' and causing of harm and punishment of OTHERS, you are ON the wide road to HELL and you are accruing a painful 'karmic' DUE of suffering. Only support, condone and fund BENIGN community endeavours. (Works)

Every person on earth NOW believes that they are justified in causing harm in order to defend themselves, and I am HERE today to show YOU that this ERROR of belief is leading you all into the Abyss and all I can do is to give you all the means and comprehension to AMEND YOUR WAYS if you so wish. The 'time' to make change is limited indeed.

Every taxpayer accrues a penalty DUE of pain for their support and complicity to all done unto others punitively by their servants.

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~ Gates of Hell Depravity on Earth ~

All true to God Loyalists are required to read the following: Mankind needs to see that when a Politian raises up a decree and enshrines it as 'law' in their book of rules and there is a punitive factor 'attached' for any non-conformity, THIS RULING IS NOT LEGAL.

Man assumes the new law enacted to be legal simply due to the politicians having been elevated into power through a majority vote. No majority vote by man of other mortals nullifies God's Command unto man and neither does said 'vote' nullify the implementation of God's immutable LAW.

LET ME MAKE IT VERY CLEAR – any political dictatorial degree having any controlling or punitive factor is in breach of the Command of God unto man. IT IS THEREFORE AN ILLEGAL ACTIVITY and it follows that those emplacing and imposing said punitive 'instruction' into a book of rules place themselves into the punitive aspect of God's LAW.

Furthermore, a magistrate using said punitive rules and imposing a fine or other punishment does not make his decision legal.  It is not, the punishment imposed is a flagrant disobedience act in contravention of God’s Command.

It follows that any police interference or control, or enforcement supposedly legalised by the 'pen' of the magistrate is also an ILLEGAL activity.

ONE THING IS FOR SURE – man Is entitled to disobey God but man is not entitled to void, avoid or nullify the return upon his own head within the immutable Law of God. It is imperative for all enforcers to see that all they do punitively to another becomes a suffering due of suffering upon their own head within the absolute justice return aspect of God’s Law.

It is the time for every voter or tax payer to comprehend that politicians, magistrates and enforcers are their SERVANTS and taxpayers are complicit to all done unto others in their name and on their behalf.

It follows that all the loss or suffering endured by civilians at the hands of servants to the community or suffering imposed upon others living over the seas from these illegal activities of their servants also becomes a spiritual due to be suffered by community members.

Every belly is soon to be filled with dread as society crumbles and the ‘elite’ and all meet their fate at home or in their own street.

Irrespective of beliefs to the contrary, any person who is a voter or supporter or who are funding the illegal activities by paying taxes is a person classified by my pen (God’s) as being a lost sheep walking in the dark due to their ignorance or arrogance and is a person who is on the wide road to hell and the eternal fire.

Those loyal to God must now only fund benign community effort and therefore no longer be involved in causing harm.

Those keepers of the peace, namely the police are only loyal to their wage and the community if they also obey God and cause no harm. They can only LEGALLY haul in persons who disturb the peace or who are carrying out an immoral activity. These are to be counselled and set free.

I am very much aware that every person on the planet has their own belief around the issue of their rights and entitlements.  There are millions on earth who disagree with my words and who will continue on being ‘living swine’ by causing havoc and harm by imposing their demands upon others forcefully.

The coming 'hellish' sorrow, depravity, trauma and agony will regrettably continue on and on for millions of non-believers. These will find their spirit soul lost in the DARK below due to their disbelief of my fresh revelations.

That also is their entitlement, so all I can do is to clearly state that any contravention of God’s command means that you are at odds with God. It follows that since you are not as mighty as God that your cause and beliefs do not amount to much because our God will dispose of you as He sees fit in the time and in the place that He so chooses.

Any person now continuing to cause harm will be harmed and they will fall into the void if they hear not this my last call.
Only the truly true absolute pacifist loyalists who obey God's Command at all times and in all situations will be saved by God.

Please read my below articles and then visit me for a cup of tea so that together we can uplift Tasmania and be a lighthouse for the world before TOTAL INSANITY engulfs everyone.

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Sincerely - Terence (God's Plenipotentiary)