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~ The conscience 'Vote for God' ~
The final individual choice reference the paying of taxes.

This is an educational document to be clearly understood by simple man seeking salvation.

Dear sisters and brothers, I have formulated the below article to assist everyone globally because the END DAYS global war of Tribulations and the separation of souls has now begun and is to intensify. What everyone needs to comprehend is that every voter and taxpayer is supporting and funding the imposition of agony, injury, terror and destruction of other children of GOD.

This means that taxpayers are COMPLICIT and within the "As you or your servants do unto others will by others be done unto you" LAW of God it is imperative for the 'godly' believers in obedience to God's Command to withdraw their financial and other support of all forms of control, interference, causing of harm and war NOW or they will be forced to suffer the consequence later. Please read the below and come to a personally informed decision.



Salvation - v/s - Taxation

God Commands 'Peace'
Christ’s Message Commands 'Peace'

This most certainly is the FINAL CALL unto you all. Why? Because if you personally justify the use of force to cause harm or, if you condone support or fund warriors who interfere, punish, maim, cause terror or harm and destruction, then that 'fate' becomes your own personal due sometime into the future for your complicity.

Also, when you are confronted ahead within God’s Law of equal Return by aggression and hatred and you retaliate, you draw into your own soul 'sin,' (dark energy). It is this dark energy which drags your soul down and away from the Light.

If you seek, want, need or desire the protection of man, (State or Caesar's armed forces) then you are obviously 'happy' for these armed forces to cause others untold misery, harm, terror and destruction on your behalf, and you do need to pay taxes to fund their wages and armaments, however, - - -

IF you seek eternal Salvation rather than eternal damnation and agony, you MUST from THIS very moment immediately halt the payment of all taxes, fines and operational licence fees to anyone. Stop funding the punitive system of man (Caesar) and become an absolute pacifist, and send a copy of this article to the Taxation officials for their EDUCATION.


The time is now here for everyone to make their final choice whether to continue ON in their downward 'slide' to oblivion or to amend their ways as they forsake the false belief of having man as head of their household and they turn to God and God alone as their guide, protector and Sovereign Ruler.

The object of this paper is to show man the error of paying 'income' or other taxes to any person or institution. You need to understand that Taxation is nothing less than extortion. By paying taxes one is simply paying a Ransom to the extortionists and the reasons for so doing is solely to remain free from political threats of reprisal for non-conformity to the never ending rules they impose forcefully.

In order to understand the 'error' and UNSEEN spiritual consequence of giving in to extortionists all must now fully comprehend what is meant by certain words and their meaning in respect of what I term the overriding factor. The factor referred to concerns the requirement for man to follow (obey) the precepts of the Command of God the Sovereign Ruler of all mankind. The Command factor is:

 "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving to those sinfully living."

What are the 'certain words' to be comprehended?
What are the requirements by man of man?
What are the requirements by God of man?

The words to be comprehended are 'tax' and 'conscience' and 'Sovereign authority.'

Ones CONSCIENCE is given unto man by God. It is this conscience which enables man to recognise the difference between right and wrong motive and action in respect of ones interaction with other children of God. Our conscience enables us to observe whether or not our actions are within the precepts of God's Command unto man or NOT.

When one has a 'clear' unadulterated conscience one has the unquestionable BELIEF in love, peace, goodness, kindness, share, care, mercy, compassion and forgiveness and this results in us being charitable.

It follows that when we live this belief we are absolute pacifists and therefore cannot condone, support or fund any person or organisation engaging in any activity perceived as being in contravention of God's Command. Thus a true pacifist is a 'conscientious objector' who cannot go forth interfering in the lives of others or in causing them harm in any way for any reason.

The requirement by man of man is that everyone supports and funds the 'Titular head' and his or her 'less than merry men' in their efforts to do WHATEVER THEY WISH TO, irrespective of whether or not it is in conformity with God's Command. The requirements of man are that everyone must bow to the Dictatorship of RULES that control every aspect of man's living ways. Any disobedience is treated as 'anarchy' and treason and therefore subjected to punishment in many a way.

The requirements by God of man is simply that man lives happily in conformity with God's command. This means that man must always remain within God's Light because when man does this, man always remains within the benign aspect of God's ONE Law. Man therefore only receives a beneficent return of happiness because all man's ACTIONS are only benign and loving.

page 2

The sovereign authority of mankind as seen by man is the spoken or 'dictated' word of the 'Chief' or Emperor or Queen or King or Mandarin. As for the sovereign authority of these supposedly 'blue blooded' rulers of men, those in 'power' initially attained their ruling status by using foul and evil means as they went forth over the land using weapons, mercenary forces, coercion and the causing of harm to dominate, subjugate, enslave and to seize control.

They stole land, merchandise and seized control of whole nations as they imposed hut tax and poll tax and caused untold harm and sorrow and killed all opposition. They then raised up 'dictates' in books of rules enshrined as 'the law' and to this very day this activity was and yet is an ILLEGAL imposition as is ALL control by man over other mortals.

The means to sustain their forceful power and position of dominance was and yet is an imposed system of taxation which has no ends or bounds because it is an unlimited 'factor' which increases constantly as the 'empowered' find the ongoing JUSTIFICATION to demand and take more and more.

What is the meaning of the word 'Tax'? It is the compulsory acquisition of money. The word 'compulsory' means: "Compulsion, the act of coercion by threat of punishment for non-conformity."

Where there is compulsion backed by threat, coercion and armed forces there is NO democracy. In reality it is DICTATORSHIP meaning, that you the individual are a 'Slave Citizen' owned by your overlord if you give your allegiance to the overlord by vote, word or monetary support via the payment of taxes. The real invisible overlord is the TEXT of 'dictated' RULES that 'govern' all supporters of the system with an iron fist. Do NOT fund IT (the system) because as you do, you become a party to the forceful enslavement of other children of God

When you tax someone you are imposing a burden. You stress them to the limit. You TAKE as you steal and impose mental and emotional trauma and you impoverish multitudes through your allegiance to the system. If you are funding a 'system' which is taxing others in the community, then it is YOU complicit to the taxing of others via the system's enforcers because you are paying their wages. It follows that as you are complicit to all the sorrow and suffering imposed, it becomes a spiritual DUE upon your own head in the future.

Is it a legal act or an ILLEGAL act to impose and enforce taxation? It is a totally illegal activity because it is in defiance of THE Command of THE real Sovereign Authority, God. Furthermore, it places those taxing others and those supporting said taxation of others directly into the DARK and punitive aspect of God's immutable LAW:

"As you 'tax' and cause loss, impoverishment, harm or sorrow so shall ye be taxed and caused impoverishment, harm, sorrow and loss."
It is an extremely 'simple' equation being the natural flow of ENERGY whether the energy is benign or malignant.

The Tax act and to whom does it apply?  The 'tax' act applies to everyone seeking to be protected by the armed forces employed by the Emperor or King or a political government organisation. If it is your 'wish' to continue to be protected by armed gangs then naturally you HAVE A DEBT TO CAESAR simply because you must pay the wages of the enforcers who are providing YOU with their 'protection.'

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If YOU wish to have God as head of house and your protector then you cannot lean on armed me to protect you nor can you fund their wages. You must ONLY rely on your God for protection and HE will ONLY protect you once all your outstanding dues to HIM have been met in full. It appears to me that there are three basic 'types' of people on earth.

1 - The few as me who live by their conscience and believing in God and in His Command. You also understand His one 'As you do unto others is done unto you by others' LAW. We do not fund warmongers and we are are happy to live by our ideal of being 'peaceful at all times and in all situations,' and we suffer any forceful imposition by others in non-retaliation as commanded by God.

2 - There are also the multitudes who follow politicians and their dictated rules because they actually believe that the rules are the 'god' to be obeyed. These people are forced by rules to deny their conscience and defy their God and therefore are unknowingly enslaved by and work for the 'devilish' Dark Sovereign Power.

3 - There are the others who are 'obvious' terrorists needing no legalising of their actions because they simply live by their justification to kill any who oppose their ideals. They do not hide behind rules, they simply go forth openly as killers and destroy all, waving their black flag for all to see in their belief in their right to impose their beliefs or ideals upon others.

The political rulers governing all voters in (2) above are of the same 'ilk' as those spoken of in (3) above however these wear 'white collars' and they see not that their actions are in fact also crimes against humanity and in defiance of God's Command as they forcefully impose their 'will' and ideals upon everyone using rules being solely text in books and thus having no conscience.

In the light there is the choice to give and share or not. It also applies here on earth so let none make any demands of others. Naturally we must pay for any services rendered unto us but we must only interact with the provision of benign services.

The bleat of the Dark is that if you don’t support ITS control over others there will be chaos. That is nonsense because when man does use dark forceful energy to control others and being abusive and causing harm, then man places himself within that same return upon his own head as stated within God’s Law meaning that the same harm will be imposed.

Ask yourself: "Who is any person to say to another; I demand that you pay me a percentage of all your income and I demand that you pay me each and every 'royalty, duty, fee, tax' or other 'take' I impose or I will dispossess you, impoverish you, and destroy your livelihood."

More to the point, why would you support and fund other people to go forth in your name and on your behalf to enslave, impoverish, injure, kill and destroy everything? These are terrorist activities so the time has come for you to WAKE UP.

page 4

Would you support and Fund the (Islamic) I.S.I.L group of terrorists? In my 'book' I.S.I.L stands for 'Infinitely Stupid Idiot Louts' who have been deceived by the Dark sovereign power. True ISLAM stands for PEACE. Many of these 'terrorists' are not 'Arab' they are simply 'global' mercenary forces of many 'races' who 'love' having or finding a reason to kill because their souls are full of darkness and their minds are controlled by demonic forces.

The Dark sovereign power has given the I.S.I.L group leaders the thinking 'idea' and assumption that they can use God's DARK destructive ENERGY without IT later doing exactly the same unto THEM as they do unto others. You would not or should not support such people because it is unconscionable and the LAW of God's energy is absolute: "As you do unto others is done unto you."

Why do YOU support and fund a government organization that goes forth in 'opposition to' but in exactly the same manner as the I.S.I.L forces by terrorising and killing them and harming their children who are also God's children? It is an equally unconscionable and infinitely bad act to so do. (To defy your God’s Command and cause harm)

Every voter and taxpayer is funding a terrorist organisation that is operating illegally and you need to understand that the REASON why 'sinners' find the justification to mete out retribution and destroy the other is because destruction is the TRAIT of the DARK emotional energy within man. (Sin) The Sin being the Dark energy drawn into people who use IT in their interaction with others. You need to STOP sinning and STOP 'following' or funding other sinners. Extending peace and love and mercy and EDUCATION is the only way to THE LIGHT.

If you have even the slightest twinge of conscience then go back to the basics which is the Command of God being: 'Love one another no matter what others do to you.' If any activity is in contravention of God’s "Love one another" Command then you KNOW that you must amend your ways and stop all support of war mongers who openly defy God.

I prefer to go to bed each night knowing that I am CLEAR in my conscience and CLEAR in my mind that I have obeyed my GOD.

"I have no fear of any retribution because I know that IF anyone decides to injure or kill me, that is the 'Absolute Justice of God' taking place through the mind and hand of an ignorant person and I will simply stand still and let IT SO BE.

Why? Because it is simply God balancing His 'Scales of Justice' and setting me FREE from my past debts to God when in my ignorance I funded the punitive system I grew up in as does everyone on this earth. I become free as long as I do NOT retaliate.

I will however never pay anyone a monetary demand placed upon my plate as a FINE, for that is simply a further monetary extortion attempt."

Since our God is the ONE who RULES all His dominions, I do know that no terrorist will cause me harm UNLESS our God gives the 'nod' to His underworld forces who can and do telepathically inspire sinners in this realm. Try and comprehend that all suffering is the 'payback' by the DARK energy of God upon people who 'did it before' in this world or pre-birth either directly OR via their servants. Absolute punitive Justice exists eternally but YOU must NOT be the ONE to do it for God. Your actions and that of your servants must only be the giving out of charitable deeds.

I now state; you cannot leave your decision to HALT taxation payments until tomorrow because you might die today and find that the place or space your spirit enters is far worse, and your inner confusion will be too great to make any change to the positive. Make the decision NOW the moment you read this page and then you KNOW that ahead you will be okay and acceptable to God.

It also means that in the future, irrespective of anything taking place, you will be strong enough to only live by your God given conscience and never again give in to the demands of wolves seeking to lead you astray and into the Dark fold by using you to be one of them 'rattling their sabres' coercively as they cause harm or loss or impoverishment.

Can you not see that presently your personal ways are iniquity and DISLOYALTY TO THE CREATOR who not only gave you your life but who now seeks to destroy your soul because of your infidelity?

page 5

In your ignorance, arrogance or fear, you have willingly remained a tool of Satan as you bowed at the footstool of the rules of men and happily defied God’s sacred pen, hoping that God would set you 'free' for FREE* which cannot be because you do have to fulfil the obligation of His Just Law.

Note: 'free' for FREE* - There is a price to pay before being set FREE. The price being that you 'suffer' all you imposed upon any other child of God without retaliating.

I would happily lose all my lands and money in exchange for spiritual freedom and eternal happiness and bliss. "Follow me to the Light" is my eternal shout.

I ask: Why do you apply for a permit or licence and pay a fee to other men in order to carry out your business? To me it is insanity and you need to see that the payment is proof of your INFIDELITY to the Sovereign Power, God.

How so?  Because it is the proof to GOD that you serve the system of warring men through fear of reprisal, and you believe that their officials must be paid a royalty before you can feed your own family. I pay no 'ransom' to arrogant, violent men who carry guns and who would make demands in my name upon others.

I obey my God and go my way in peace.

Government leaders have taken ON the role of 'daddy' or fatherhood and everyone now relies on 'daddy's' help or direction and can do NOTHING without his permission. He 'daddy' also now controls every aspect of man's living ways and all the money he spends or hands out 'back' to people is in fact NOT his but it belongs to THE PEOPLE.

The people need to now see that 'daddy' uses IT primarily to enforce his 'will and ideology' upon everyone and to fund his own 'purse' and needs. The people need to now take control of their OWN funds and fund their required services DIRECTLY so that they remain in control of their OWN destiny.

Try and see that it is NOT for YOU to prove to the taxation officials any 'legality' on your part for NON payment of their taxing demands. It is only for ME to assist you to PROVE TO YOURSELF the need to HALT all tax payments. It is a prerequisite to Salvation that you cause no harm personally or via complicity through the punitive actions of your servants.

If you 'persist' in living in a manner in contravention of God's Command then you are ON THE WIDE ROAD TO HELL by your personal 'freedom of will' CHOICE. Try and understand that each of us is linked DIRECTLY to the energy of THE SOURCE, God.

It is the energy we use that 'deals' out a 'card' back to us of the same 'nature' of cards as we dealt out to others. One is benign and loving the other is malignant and destructive. We cannot 'deny' the comeback because the return energy is beyond our capacity to control.

page 6

Amend your ways today and place your operating licence certificates in the rubbish bin and send a note to the ‘vote’ authority stating “Remove my name from your voting register as from today’s date I place my vote with God as my leader and head of my household."

Write a note to the government head 'taxation' honcho stating: 

“I no longer need protection from your armed forces since my conscience dictates and I believe that my God will protect me once I have settled any outstanding dues to Him. Therefore, I can no longer fund the coffers of state (CAESAR) AS IS  my right to so choose and I will from now on only use and  fund the provision of benign community services and I will pay for these services personally without using your auspices.

Be advised that it is my conscience and God given right to not fund any person or organization that in my opinion is operating as a terrorist organization and therefore causing harm to God’s children. In my opinion all war, punitive interference, causing of injury or destruction is anti-god terrorism in action.

It is also a right granted unto me within the freedom of religion clause of the Constitution of the Organization YOU SERVE so judiciously: Quote:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen
(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, - - - on account of his religion or religious belief.


If you or your magistrates seek to ignore said Constitutional power and authority, and if you harass or persecute me or impoverish me then it is you who is seen by God as an Anarchist, treasonably defiant of your own mandate and He, our God, will deal with you when He so decides."

Be also advised that I will no longer be a tax collector for your office department and thus I will not be adding any Sales Tax to my sales to forward to you. Neither will I be deducting any taxes from the pay packets of my employees as I now believe that whether or not they pay taxes to you has nothing to do with me and everything to do with their personal choice. They will be so advised.

Whereto now for those who BELIEVE that my pen does not deceive. Have they the courage and insight to say "NO" to taxing extortionists? What else must you understand and do? Firstly, I would hope that you now comprehend your LEGALITY in both the eyes of God and the Constitution of man in NOT paying money to any person or institution having conflicting ideals (religious belief) to those you aspire 'to or with.'

You now understand that the payment of taxes FACTOR is the proof to God of ones INFIDELITY to His 'peace and love one another' Command and, - - - further PROVEN by ones defiance of His Command as one employs armed mercenaries to go forth on their behalf to invade, subjugate, dispossess, punish, injure and kill others who appear to be a THREAT to ones freedom.

page 7

Once you have written the letters of 'release' on page six above you must also no longer fill out any tax returns. You also advise your employees of your decision and pass this article to them so that they can decide for themselves what they wish to do in respect of their taxation processes.

You then simply get ON with your life and since you are not charging any gst the price of your goods and services will drop accordingly. Naturally you will pay for the provision of the benign services you use or any others that you may wish to support and fund. Once you begin to see the escalation of insanity and increase in chaos, uncertainty and injury, you may wish to fund the Salvation army or other social services that are in need of funds to feed the homeless or 'aged' etc.

You may also see a reason to become more self-sufficient in the provision of your own power or water or other and make preparation for the time that many others may rely on your assistance. You may wish to make provision for the time when there will be nothing to purchase hence the need to stock up on medical supplies and other.

What can you expect to take place from THE SYSTEM of Taxation officials? Firstly, you need to understand that; as they, their prosecutors and magistrates are proven to be treasonable, * because they deny and defy their authority mandate granted unto them within the Constitution on page six above, at some stage you will receive a demand from them to 'do' something.

In respect of their demand you are entitled to do absolutely NOTHING and simply await the day you are called to attend a court hearing and again you do nothing in that you do not attend. Why? Because you need to realise that a 'court' is a 'house of ill repute' where ignorant, arrogant people intimidate and coerce people into parting with their money and where they impose restrictions as they try to take away ones freedom in their ignorance seeing NOT that these are CRIMINAL activities. So 'why' assist them?

If you fail to 'obey' their demands then on a later day you will be arrested and taken to court where you can state to the 'judge':

"I have nothing to say on this matter and I make no plea."

The mind of the judge (magistrate) will then be inspired by THE DARK SOVEREIGN POWER to sentence you to 'something.' If it is a monetary fine then you simply go home and pay naught and get ON with your life.

You must not pay the fine or you are supporting iniquity and you simply await the alternative and SUFFER IT quietly as God extracts His dues FORCIBLY. (Beyond your control) If ahead you are again dragged to court and advised that your property is to be auctioned then so be it, suffer it.

If you are charitable towards your persecutors you will respond to their demands by sending them a copy of this document to assist them in their spiritual education.

page 8

What do I see coming to earth?

A desperate time where mentally disturbed and armed men of all 'ilk' will roam the globe fulfilling the unstoppable demands of their THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS as they are DRIVEN by telepathically inspired thoughts emanating from demonic levels of consciousness. Terrible indeed will be the destruction, terror, injury, trauma and sorrow when these distant demonic men roam the earth via the minds of those they 'possess.'

In the event that you are NOT persecuted by the Taxation office then try and see that the fact is that you do have debts to God, that He will send some 'other' to do unto you what He requires them to do. It may be that your house is 'fired up' or bombed. So be it.

Everyone on earth has 'some' outstanding spiritual 'pain' and emotional trauma 'debts to God.' All will be 'crucified' in one way or another and all I can add is: Prepare for this time using the 'Star Prayer' article so that your mind is fortified and you are prepared to not retaliate when your 'fate' you do meet. Please try and GREET it with open arms as you lift your face to THE LIGHT and with JOY in your heart you attain your spiritual freedom.

For those of you who do not amend your ways of continuing your defiance of God, the trauma, terror, suffering and destruction will continue on and on and ON forever in the Dark underworld. Those of THE DARK will fall to the Dark. Understand that politicians of all tribes are leading man into punitive and warring ways, ways that bring them in total conflict with God's Command to always, and in all circumstances be merciful and forgiving.

Those of THE LIGHT who are obedient to God and who are 'killed' as they pay their dues in non-retaliation as per God's Command will RISE UP to the LIGHT. Once the 'reaper' has run ITS course the only people remaining on earth will be of the LIGHT. They will bring in the New Age of peace and love and freedom. At this time all will be 'equal' children of God who can and will live happily without rules or restrictions.  Mankind will never again bow to the dictates of emperors, kings, dictators or politicians because nothing will stand between man and God.

As an employee, your ‘boss’ needs to know that IF he is deducting money from pay checks without the prior approval of his workers, then he is stealing on behalf of a ‘heavy’ organisation. You might like to consider sending him a note stating:

Dear Sir/Madam, I have a conflict of 'conscience' and have been advised by my spiritual advisor in respect of the tax deductions you  take from my wages. Be advised that; as I am a peaceful person, I cannot continue to fund a contra warring system of belief. I can only fund benign community effort directly. Please therefore do not take any more 'tax' monies out of my pay check on behalf of others.

Please forward a copy of this letter to the ATO and they then can then take the matter up directly with me.


page 9

If your employer is of the same ideology of peace then they can also write directly to the ATO stating:

Dear ATO management, I now understand that due to my religious ideological belief in PEACE, that it is error to be working as a 'taxing' servant of a contra punitive system that has the policy of forcefully extorting money from people or punishing or waging war on other people.

My advisor states that in so doing, that I become complicit to all the harm and injury or financial loss imposed by the 'government system' upon others in the community or over the sea. Thus, as this 'harm' is a contravention of the ‘Peace & love & mercy’ Command of God unto man, I can no longer condone it nor work as a tax collector for the government taxation office of Australia, nor can I continue to personally support IT (the government) in paying any more taxes.

I add, I now realise that unless I receive a personal ‘agreement’ from each employee authorising me to deduct taxes from their wages, that I cannot so do as this would be ‘theft’ and an illegal and criminal activity in God's eyes.

I am always willing to GIVE spare funds to a worthy community or 'aged' or other welfare effort, but from now on I will only fund benign community effort  or services used by me directly or those I wish to give my support to


Note - 1 - My task for God and you the reader is to alert you to the FACTS being, that irrespective of the colour of your skin or whether you live in a village in the East or the West and thus having different cultures, - - - you are all motivated by either the benign, respectful, charitable and creative Light ENERGY OF GOD or the malignant, disrespectful, uncharitable and destructive ENERGY OF GOD.

Presently, everyone on earth is either directly or is complicit to the WAGING of WAR upon other children of God and is therefore causing harm and destruction. It appears that everyone is 'happily' meting out RETRIBUTIVE JUSTICE for and on behalf of THE DARK SOVEREIGN POWER (Energy) of God. None of you seem to see that you ALL place yourselves within the Absolute Justice of God's Law. In this case it is the PUNITIVE aspect of EQUAL RETURN upon your own heads and families. (As you do is done unto you)

You are ALL ON THE WIDE ROAD TO HELL - Please join me for a 'cup of tea' at my Internet Table and absorb THE TRUTH and set YOURSELF free.

Note -2 - The mentality of the population of the whole world will now become more insane and disturbed by thoughts from the dark as revealed in my National Security Alert document, and it is imperative for any believer in God to immediately withdraw all support and monetary funding of warmongers. Linked at document end.

page 10

Note - 3 - The words 'warmongers' or 'terrorists' in this document applies equally to the police forces, prosecutors and magistrates for they are all treasonable because in the course of their DUTY TO MAN they all cause harm, mental and emotional trauma, injury, dispossession, and more. All these activities are unconscionable and uncharitable and in contravention of God's Command.

Note - 4 - Extract from the 'Slave citizen' document. Linked at document end.:

Being a 'Citizen of' a Nation ruled by man or the 'State or Chief or King or Queen' of any 'place' on earth means that the 'papers' issued by the 'ruling' Club officers are the 'contractual agreement' between the two 'parties' that implies on the 'one' hand that:

The 'issuer' of the 'paper' became the new 'Master'
and - - - on the other 'hand' - - -
You the
'named one' on the paper 'docket' became their Slave.

This 'ownership' also comes into being (In the mind of State officials) when your parents 'purchase' a birth Certificate and register you as 'one' owned by and a part of that particular national 'Club.'

Note - 5 - There is NO difference on the 'Scale of Evil' in a public beheading or hanging or guillotining or crucifixion on a cross or vaporising another with a bomb.

Note - 6 - What is the purpose of this treatise? Is it to bring down global governments? The answer is a definitive 'NO.' The purpose of this information is to educate and elevate the consciousness of everyone who chooses to avail themselves of what is written so that; when INSANITY brings down every government globally, the people will have had the opportunity of coming to their own personally informed decision as to whether they will join the 'endless' eternal WAR in the dark underworld or they will have halted the use of weapons in obedience to God to BE peaceful in the face of God's WRATH now unfolding globally in the manner as revealed by me in my National Security Alert and the Synopsis of my message to all.

Note - 7 - All warring 'killers' who are justified via the belief in one or another religion or other reason are simply the ignorant or deceived who ARE BEING USED BY the Dark energy of THE SOURCE. Let us THE TRUE now do our best to elevate their consciousness through EDUCATION rather than punitive confrontation. ONLY this way do we satisfy our God and ourselves become FREE spiritually.

Our God sees every intent and deed and it is HE to now separate the 'wheat from the chaff' and I can assure you that as you are all presently 'chaff,' ahead, none will smile or laugh but will and must feel terror in the paying of their outstanding dues in this time of TRIBULATIONS. Any who continue to defy my pen (God's) will and must feel terror and liquid agony FOREVER in the underworld for in that space place all are vindictive and retributive because every mind therein IS CONTROLLED and enslaved by THE DARK POWER.

Vengeance in that place is eternal.

Note - 8 - There is NO 'magic' Jesus to elevate and save anyone who continues to defy the COMMAND of God THE Sovereign Ruler.

I hope that I HAVE MADE MYSELF PERFECTLY CLEAR, I AM the Spirit of Truth and I state: "OBEY God or die in your sin."


The Wrath of God is now to unfold globally as was prophesied.

This world will NEVER be the same again. I leave the rest to you and 'rest my pen.'



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