~ The 'coin' of Caesar and rendering unto God that which is God's ~
The relevancy of Church - State - Religion & armed forces.

In the 'case' of the Australian Taxation Office v/s Clemencia Barnes.
Testing the Freedom of Religion Acts of the Australian & Tasmanian Constitutions, Civil Rights and God's Command.

Certain sectors of society are granted immunity from taxation by the State rules due to their belief in a deity and in respect of Churches, because they are perceived as being 'Representatives of God on earth.'

Since I am the 'Spirit of Truth' sent to earth to 'correct the truth' I need to first state that irrespective of any 'rules, decrees or laws' of any institution of man, individuals such as Clemencia and myself who are FACTUALLY living the TRUE religious ideology of absolute pacifism do NOT require any 'tax' exclusion permit issued by any mortal man or institution of government.

We simply live peacefully as is our civil right as granted by God. A RIGHT also 'guaranteed' within the Constitution of the government institution of the land.

In order to show our God our total obedience to His Command given below we cannot and do not vote for any political man as 'head of house,' and neither can we nor do we fund the  intrusive, controlling, punitive government coffers by tax or other licence fees we deem as supporting controlling, interfering, punitive, terrorising or warring ACTIVITY. Being activities which are of a CONTRA warring ideological doctrine. (Religion) We only support, use or fund benign community effort. (A peaceful ideological doctrine)

It is also incumbent upon my 'pen' to deliver the necessary wisdom so that non-believers in absolute pacifism may change their views and be released from their present destiny path to Hell and be 'saved.'

Who are the non-believers? They are in FACT every living person on earth who is NOT an absolute pacifist and who is thus NOT a person living within the IDEOLOGICAL constraints of God's command unto man as given below because they have 'man' as head of house and they condone and fund the 'war' chest of governments by payment of taxes.

If one has received and understood the Command of GOD being His holy word needing to be obeyed in order to be Saved, then what 'else' does one need? Nothing. I reiterate God's Command sent via 'spirits of truth' such as Jesus or myself stating:

"Go your way in peace and love one another for all are sister and brother, and be merciful and compassionate to all and if anyone offends you then 'turn the other cheek' in non-retaliation and forgive them for their trespasses against YOU."

In this instance, one has God as ones 'head of house' and protector and thus one does NOT 'vote' nor fund by taxes or licence fee any dictators (politicians) or their officers who use force of arms to control, persecute, intimidate, injure punish or wage war upon others.

In TRUTH, in order to "Render unto God that which is God's," it is the spiritual 'faith and belief' in God's Command that is required to be obeyed at all times and in all situations. Only thus one has God's divine protection, for ones actions are always only loving, peaceful and benign and the RETURN within God's Law is always only loving, peaceful and benign.

If one is voting for 'Caesar' or his officials as 'head of house' and relying on Caesar (State) for protection, then naturally, one must pay Caesar his material 'coin of the realm' for employing the services of his armed forces.

Since State 'police and judiciary' enforcers are always interfering, controlling, taxing and causing punitive or physical harm or waging war etc., it follows that within the superior and immutable Law of Return of God, that ones RETURN dues are ongoing control, interference, loss and suffering at the time and in the place our God decides to impose it.

The above information is the clarification of the words of Jesus:
“Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” 

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If you do support or fund the State (Caesar) its demanded 'levies' then you are defiant of God and your 'religious ideology' is that of WAR and great suffering awaits you within the immutable 'Law of Return' of God's energy.

(As you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you ~ for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction)

Any or every person who is obedient to God and LIVING the peaceful 'absolute pacifist' ideology of God's Command is a TRUE representative of God on earth irrespective of their 'race, colour or creed' and they need NOT belong to any named 'church' group listed by mortal men, for they are all of the 'One True Faith' as espoused by my pen on my The Testament of Truth web site.

The TRUE Salvation path is not attained through any named Church organisation such as Catholic, Protestant, Buddhism or Islam, it is only attained through having the 'faith and belief' in the principles contained within God's COMMAND unto man and living said principles.

Any person now continuing to defy God's Command and who is thus living in a manner which is in contravention of God's Command automatically banishes their own soul to the underworld for the reasons given on my web site. (The dark energy they draw IN to their souls as they 'sin' (cause harm) is what drags their soul down and away from the LIGHT)

Note: - No mandate of man nor official position nor 'badge of office' voids, avoids or nullifies the return of benign or malignant energy used by an individual in their interaction with other children of God. Courtesy and respect is the prerequisite in EVERY activity with others. 

I now return to the 'case' of the State of Tasmania judiciary v/s Clemencia who is the lady chosen by God to represent God in the 'trial' or 'testing' of the Sovereignty or 'otherwise' of the Freedom of Religion' clause of the Constitution for the SOLE PURPOSE of enabling this document to assist in the ENLIGHTENMENT of God's ERRANT children. http://www.the-testament-of-truth.com/truth/web/religion.htm

The Australian taxation officials are seeking to 'win' an IDEOLOGICAL battle using the 'armed forces' (Police peace keepers) and the Tasmanian judiciary ILLEGALLY so as to force a peaceful citizen of Tasmania, Clemencia, to change her ideological belief to theirs being 'terrorist' and disturbing of the peace of others forcefully. This invasive, persecution and punitive activity is TREASON because it is; - - - 

1 - In contravention of: The Command of our Sovereign God to live in peace and NOT disturb the peace of others, and to live in a moral way.

2 - In contravention of: The principle code of conduct policy commanded by the Freedom of Religion acts of the Sovereign Constitution given below to live in a moral way and to NOT disturb the peace of others and.

3 - In contravention of: the civil rights of an individual to NOT have their peace disturbed unless they have disturbed the peace of others and thus in need of 'correction' through being 'caught' and counselled.

Acts which authorise and LIMIT the actions of public servants who work for the institution of government:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) - State Constitutions apply to all states

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

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In this 'test' case the taxation officials are seeking to set an illegal precedent in a petty court so as to sideline the Constitutional Sovereignty and its limits using the Police PEACE force as their 'back up.'

If the Tasmanian judiciary do not 'awaken' to this criminal activity, they will ALL become treasonable anarchists who will PAY the ultimate 'price' say I, for their collision against God's REPRESENTATIVE (Clemencia) whom they presently seek to CRUCIFY publicly. I hope the POLICE services will awaken to this tragedy before they also consign their own souls to eternal damnation. Police officers need to see that:

1 - Clemencia and all have the CIVIL RIGHT to OBEY the Command of God.
2 - The CIVIL RIGHT to have God as their 'head of house.'
3 - The CIVIL RIGHT to live by their own conscience, faith and belief as along as they do not disturb the peace.
4 - The CIVIL RIGHT to rely on God for their protection rather than the protection of 'armed men.' (Caesar or State)

It follows that ANY state official such as Ed Storace the taxation prosecutor attempting to DENY the above is a person following Satan (Dark energy) and they are treasonable anarchists also taking a false wage.

IT needs to be clearly understood that the 'state offered' or 'legalised taxation exemptions' for religious charitable organizations from property taxes and income taxes or other licensing fees DOES NOT AFFECT THE activities of a TRUE BELIEVER, being the absolute pacifist individual who BELIEVES in a deity. (God)

Why? Because those true to the Commanded ideological conduct of 'Peace & love & mercy & compassion and be forgiving' simply OBEY this command of God irrespective of any 'contra or contrary' controlling, subjugating, punitive, intrusive or warring rules or regulations elevated by other mortal men.

Let it be CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD, let those who ESPOUSE the 'religious' or 'ideological' DOCTRINE of PEACE now LIVE IT and show their God of their 'faith and belief' in HIM and His Holy Word.

Let it be CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD, the 'systemic' IDEOLOGY of politicians is one of interference, absolute control, subjugation, monetary EXTORTION and the meting out of PUNISHMENT. This ideology is the one of absolute dictatorship backed by armed forces. (The Police who must now amend their role to only upholding THE PEACE)

Let it be CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD, you the INDIVIDUAL stand 'alone' before God and He is now judging your activity and if He finds you 'backing or supporting' the contra ideological DOCTRINE of WAR or control or monetary extortion or punishment or subjugation or the causing of harm to His children then you have consigned your own soul to the ABYSS of eternal suffering.

The DARK energy essence of THE SOURCE has the infinite seductive power to JUSTIFY your use of ITS force to maintain control. As this you DO, you are in fact IT in action meting out ITS retributive  'Law of Return' that YOU then have to suffer ahead.

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Each individual now has but a very brief moment in time to awaken and amend their ways.

What comes to 'mind' is: "If one has God as ones head of house then what 'need' of a man named 'Jesus' who visited earth on a long past day"? No need. (Just obey the 'Command' message sent by God)

What comes to 'mind' is: "If one has God as ones head of house then what 'need' of men in the flesh (priests) claiming to know the true way? No need. (Just obey the 'Command' message sent by God through Jesus and now clarified by myself)

What comes to 'mind' is: "If the SALVATION message sent by God from the kingdom of heaven via his son Jesus was PEACE, then obey IT rather than praising the messenger Jesus. Are you obeying the message if you are a taxpayer funding man's war machine? NO.

There is much truth in past scripture but also therein is stated: "Man will wrest the scriptures unto his own destruction." A TRUE Fact.

Every priest or preacher COMES in the name of 'Jesus' or God or the holy spirit purporting to know the true path. They do NOT. They factually support and condone the defiance of God's command as they 'preach' that man must fund 'protection by man' and warfare. (The causing of harm) All the persons 'coming in the name of' God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit ARE the deceivers preaching the DOCTRINE OF SPIRITUAL DEATH.

Within my flesh is the returned 'spirit of truth' who 'comes' as a 'thief in the night' for NONE can see my soul, and in fact, 'I or it' is irrelevant because it is ONLY THE WISDOM I bring from She the Light (Mother) which will 'save' anyone.

Neither I nor can Jesus personally do anything for anyone because God's LAW (HIS, Fathers) will now fulfill itself (As you did sow so shall ye reap – simply the Law of energy balancing itself – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction at the time and in the place IT so decides) and anyone who trespassed into His dark realm and used His forceful destructive power to CAUSE HARM to His children personally or via 'servants' lost their divine protection and EVERYONE has accrued debts to NOW be suffered.  

If you are a POLICE person seeking to protect the people by upholding the peace, then you need to ONLY haul IN those who are carrying out immoral activities or who disturb the peace and have them be corrected through education rather than by fine or punishment.

The POLICE 'peace corps' must cease being enforcers for extortionists.

Presently, the politicians, army, judiciary and the police 'agency' are mercenary 'hirelings' paid a wage to DEFY God. For they all deny or defy the NORMAL code of conduct POLICY and moral requirements which form the basis of a CIVIL society.

All these persons believe that they are serving both the Light of God and man but in fact, they are all presently serving the destructive punitive DARK energy essence of THE SOURCE in being ITS instrument of vengeance as they raise up ITS 'sword' against others in the community.

Please now turn DIRECT TO GOD and OBEY His Command for IF you fail, it is HE to you eternally reprimand.

If the world’s ‘men of the cloth’ of all the religions KNEW of the ‘way’ to Salvation their flocks would BE only peaceful and loving and forgiving as commanded by God, but they are NOT, and their teacher preachers are all LOST.

Thus God’s Light sends her grace to mankind with fresh wisdom, revelations and clarity so that everyone has a last chance to amend their ways before He Father imposes His wrathful JUSTICE.

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Men of the cloth hold high ranking positions in the military of all nations, and this of itself shows the insanity and vanity of man who assumes that his teaching of supporting Caesar (State) and Caesar’s forceful, punitive and destructive doctrine will still enable man to be safe and saved in 'somehow' avoiding the fulfillment of God's Law. (This is error of doctrinal teaching)

None are yet safe or saved because all are in the clutch of Satan, the Dark Sovereign energetic energy essence of the Source.

Part of my fresh revelations are that what is known as 'God' is the infinite and super intelligent spiritual energy essence that exists and it has two polarities:

Positive and negative
Benign and malignant

One aspect is dark and destructive
The other aspect is light and creative

Man is presently using the "Forbidden by God to use" Dark forceful, destructive energy, and is therefore drawing IT (sin) into their souls, and bleak indeed is man’s present destination. The 'fruit' of the 'Tree of the knowledge of good and evil' is the dark, destructive, forceful energy essence of God THE FATHER.

This energy has limitless intelligence and is infinitely deceptive. It deceives man telepathically saying: "You will not die in your sin if you use (sup on) my energy because you will then know the difference between good and evil."

The reason 'why' man falls when he defies God and uses God's dark forceful energy is because as one uses IT, some of IT grows (remains) within mans soul (The sin within - negative emotions) and this energy is what JUSTIFIES man into continuing to use IT in their interaction with others which becomes more as ITS nature is, merciless, cruel, vindictive, unforgiving, retributive, punitive and destructive.

The more one uses IT the coarser ones vibration and further from the Light one 'falls' as ones spirit soul departs the flesh of this world. This 'fall' continues on and on and ON in the spirit worlds where the same 'laws' of energy apply.

The ONLY way UP and out of your present hellish destiny is to OBEY God's Command sent via Jesus and 'turn the other cheek in non-retaliation' (go as a lamb to the slaughter) as you now suffer your accrued spiritual dues to IT (The dark) as you also HALT your use of ITS power.

All who now RETALIATE to defend themselves in the face of adversity will FAIL and fall into terrifying and eternal ongoing suffering, and it needs to BE clearly understood that if you interfere into the life of any other for any reason other than assisting them or, if they require educative correction, then you are 'sinning' through transgressing THE COMMAND and you are ON the wide road to Hell.

Only those who now follow me and ONLY use or support the use of God’s Light, benign, positive loving and merciful energy will be drawing IT into their souls and purging out their inner Sin, (being negative emotions - dark energy) and consequently be able to rise up into heaven (Light).

We of the Light cannot fund war mongers and the causing of HARM because we KNOW that in so doing, one CANNOT enter Paradise. If you have even one 'speck' of dark energy within your soul, IT (dark energy) is what 'bars' entry because IT is of a lower vibration than pure Light. (Do you understand?)

If you truly believe that you CAN pay demanded taxes to Caesar (State) and still be classified by GOD as being a person living in conformity to or with His 'Go your way in peace, love one another and be merciful and compassionate and forgive thine oppressor' Command, then you ARE A DELUDED PERSON deceived by men of the cloth or distorted (corrupted) teachings set by your forbears.

From THIS MOMENT ON you must ONLY condone, support or fund benign community services or 'effort.'

If you choose to keep funding Caesar's war chest and thus the subjugation, control or punishment of others via Caesar's 'lords,' (State officials) then you are entitled to so do but, - - - I WARN you, - - - the consequences are now to be ETERNAL and agonising beyond your imagination.

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Notice reference the Police and the use of their 'services.'

It needs to be clearly understood that it is 'easy' to see that the funding of the military armed forces of air, sea and land, as well as the manufacture of weapons and machinery of war and their use thereof is being DESTRUCTIVE and  is in contravention of God's command but, it is necessary for me to speak with reference to the Police services because they are presumed to be a CIVIL service upholding the PEACE but they are not.

If you presently 'call upon' the Police to come to your aid you will be defiant of God because the Police service is presently an armed 'military' style force. A force whose officers go forth 'licensed' by State rules to cause harm, dispossess people, seize their property, punish, detain or even kill if so required.

Thus if you pay the wages of this 'unit' or use their services, you become complicit to all the harm caused to others in your name and on your behalf, and you PAY the ultimate price within God's Law. (All done by them unto others punitively becomes your due within the Law of Return of the Dark ENERGY they imposed upon others personally or, in using punitive court directives).

In these traumatic coming times we need a CIVIL 'arm' (Police) unit of UNARMED personnel, who together with any civilian, can step forwards and haul IN any person who is disturbing the peace or carrying out an immoral activity, and detain them for the purpose of 'corrective' education in using the Feeling Easier Seminar and listening to the audio tracks on my web site and then setting them free.

The global escalation of family and other offensive violence will increase in every village and town to the point that the Police services will be unable to cope and there will be the need for stalwart courageous citizens to step in to assist in the hauling IN of offenders for their rehabilitation. The enemy is NOT the offender it is the dark energy essence flowing through their minds via their negative emotional energy frequency being heightened.

If the Police service now reverts back to its original PRIMARY role of ONLY upholding the peace in the manner given above, then you can use their services because you will be helping 'offenders' to regain their sanity through being taught how to protect their minds against the 'devil's' thoughts which are leading them astray.

For the Police service to become a true community corps its wages will have to be met by members of the community who are willing to subscribe directly to the Police 'union' head, and/or also pay for each service as it is delivered, similarly as you would pay for any other community service provider whose services you use.

I can but ADD that the intensity of the subjugation of the mind of man from demonic realms will BE totally beyond your comprehension, and you truly DO need to prepare MENTALLY so that you have the opportunity of remaining SANE and thus able to obey God even if you are dispossessed of all you holdings by 'invaders' and left homeless or even battered to death.

You need to fortify your mind daily using the Star Prayer and audio tracks on my web site:


The Freedom of Religion 'Constitution' test cases

The Feeling Easier Seminar

You cannot serve two Masters and be LOYAL to BOTH if they have opposing ideologies: 'Peace - War.'