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This document exposes the 'criminal' conduct of Insurers & Debt collectors.

~ The 'Burden of DEBT ~

A debt only becomes a 'debt' unto another when:

1 - A 'purchase' made has not been paid for.
2 - A 'promise' or 'contract' to pay something remains unfulfilled.
3 - A 'borrowing' remains unpaid.
4 - A 'loss' through extortion or theft is as yet not repaid.
5 - An 'injury' imposed upon another has not been 'compensated' for.
6 - An uninsured party suffers 'loss' at the hands of another and compensation is refused.
7 - Material damage caused to another's property is as yet unpaid for.

Thus an 'alleged' debt is one whereby any of the above is 'bespoken of' but not yet proven or agreed on. In the 'case' of a client or insurer or third party it may be unclear due to many factors spoken of herein, and now clarified by me. For the purpose of this document I name:

 The Client (A) ~ The Insurer (B) ~ the Third party (C)

The 'client' (A) takes on an Insurance 'policy' to receive protection from loss and the Insurer (B) advertises their intent to 'protect' the insured against 'loss' by covering the costs of said loss or damage or injury in receiving an annual or other agreed remuneration. The 'third party' (C) is a person who stands outside the contractual agreement between A & B.

In the 'case' of the Debt collection Agency CCSG in this document who seek compensation from the Third party (C) Mrs Barnes, they offered their services to the Insurer 'Shannons' (B) and have issued a 'notice' of demand to Mrs. Barnes (C) totalling $ 3,682.45 that is accompanied with a 'no alternative' coercive 'threat' to commence legal proceedings that will be backed by the 'force' of Court action and 'judicial' determination.

In this 'case' of CCSG v/s Mrs. C. Barnes 'someone' unnamed working under the 'banner' of the business name 'Shannons' contacted the Debt collection Agency to 'handle' the matter of extracting monies from Mrs. Barnes by 'forceful' means because they believed that they could 'legally' recoup their payout costs from their contractual 'payout' to the expenses claimed by their client (A) whose vehicle collided with the rear of the Mrs. Barnes.  'Third Party (C)'

In this 'example' case, Mrs. Barnes is not 'indebted' to the Insurer (A) for any reason, and is disputing the 'claim' by CCSG because none of the above Items 1 to 7 applies to her. If however her vehicle or herself had sustained damage/injury from the actions of (B) she had 'reason' to claim from (A) who would have referred her 'ask' to (B) the Insurer. In this case Mrs. Barnes (C) stated to (A) that as it was an accident that each should pay their own costs. And that as she was/is a 'forgiving' person she would be making no claims.

As (C) is not a party to the contract between (A & B) she owes no money, and she owes naught to either and she is 'blameless' and, neither did she 'promise' anything, nor did she have a 'reinsurance' contract with (B) the insurer to cover their costs or part thereof if they had to payout to another. Only if both parties were un-insured would ONE be in a 'true' position to make any claim upon the other. (* See 'spiritual note')

Many years ago, using the courts of man, insurers sought compensation from other insurers if it was 'proven' that the 'other' client was at fault, and thus over 'time' the historical conscience 'rot' grew greater, as did the fees for solicitors who debated the cases, and FALSE precedents were set by ignorant and unconscionable magistrates who did not understand that once an insurer had contracted 'protection' and taken their fee, that THAT was or should have been the END of the story.

As of 'today,' it appears that 'heavies' in the form of Debt collectors are deployed without any 'trial' or 'proof' or 'discussion' by the employees of some insurance organisations. This is probably carried out simply as a 'try' of netting in monies from people who 'fear' litigation costs, and they simply 'cough up' once they receive a coercive threat of legal action. All this in the guise of 'strictly business' where NO 'conscience' is used.

Both the above 'common' practices by 'insurers' are however an ILLEGAL one because, IN THE FIRST INSTANCE, they promised to cover ALL costs to the insured for an AGREED annual sum of money. (Whether or not any other person was involved)

The FACT that 'rogue' insurance personnel and solicitors and magistrates have pursued Third Party individuals to recover 'losses,' and have 'won' cases, does not make them 'legal' either morally or spiritually, and there IS an 'unseen' consequence for all concerned.

The courts and debt collection 'agencies' are 'filled' with people using fraudulent - corrupt - coercive - criminal and unethical practices backed by FORCE OF ARMS to EXTORT money ILLEGALLY when a debt is NOT 'owed' within 1-7 of the above instances.

A person does not 'owe' a 'material' debt in the case of a motor accident unless they are proven to have caused it. But as said, even if they were found at 'fault' by the 'injured' party, and in this case (A) who was in fact 'covered' by holding an insurance policy, then the  material debt (if any) owed by (C) becomes nullified by reason of the 'debt' owing to (A) transferring to the insurer (B) who has been 'pre-paid' to 'cover' any and all losses to their client.

In the 'case' where both parties are insured for material loss or damage, their insurers must pay the costs of their clients ONLY. This is the only true and equitable way forward. In fact the 'tit for tat' deals that insurers made between themselves where they agreed to always 'cover' their own, as the 'books' of claim costs would 'balance' over time was never actually needed because, THAT 'practice' of only paying out their own client IS the ONLY way it should be, and all the 'in fighting' between solicitors and court action by 'someone' seeking compensation from another's insurer is, and always was ERROR.

People need to LEARN to take out their own 'personal accident' or other policies and NEVER try and steal from others or their 'Insurance Policies' using the court system. Why do I say this? Because unbeknown to 'simple' man IS the overriding 'factor' being God's Law that IS immutable for sure, and IT states:

"Whatever you TAKE using 'force' of court action will ahead be TAKEN forcefully from you by others equally arrogant and ignorant."

It must be clearly UNDERSTOOD that irrespective of any 'prior' court decision or precedent set or 'other,' the practice of insurers seeking to reduce their costs by attempting to extract money from any other party or insurer is a fraudulent & criminal & unconscionable ACT, irrespective of 'fault.'

It is now the TIME for insurers to ALSO take personal responsibility and MEET their contractual OBLIGATIONS. Let us now 'free up' the courts and stop losing millions of $$ in solicitors fees that bring everyone to their knees.

"Knock for knock"

Each pays out their own Policy and stops seeking to reclaim their losses from others irrespective of 'fault.'

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~ The Spiritual reality ~

It is the TIME for everyone to UNDERSTAND that irrespective of any Insurance Policy contract that, - - - in every 'case' or ACTIVITY around the 'accident' loss issue, - - - there is a spiritual consequence to everyone 'concerned.' This 'consequence' is NOT 'nullified' by any Insurance Policy as explained herein.

IF you are the 'injured' party who suffered financial (material) loss or injury at the hands of the other, then that 'loss or injury' was a spiritual DUE imposed upon YOU.

If you have a personal insurance policy then your material losses are minimised and a spiritual 'debt' is repaid. If however you decide to pursue the other directly or indirectly or via their insurer 'legally' or otherwise, then you ARE very unwise because all that you then 'recover' via court direction becomes a further DUE 'loss' spiritually, to be met another day because it is attained by 'force of arms' that backs court decisions. (Contravention of God's Command)

If you are the cause of the accident, then irrespective of ANY compensation paid by your insurer to the other, any or all mental or emotional or physical 'injury or suffering' accrued by the other becomes a spiritual DUE to be 'equally' suffered by you ahead in this or the after-life when you 'pass over.'

If you drive a machine in an 'inexperienced' way or, in a manner that is 'dangerous' or, you are not VERY careful and you cause HARM to another of God's children, you instantly place yourself within the PUNITIVE aspect of God's IMMUTABLE 'eye for an eye' Law. "As you did sow so shall ye reap."

"As you DO is DONE unto YOU"

Note: If you are the 'unwary' who caused 'harm or loss' to another, - - - that then was their 'karma,' being them paying their spiritual dues at your 'hand.'

If you are the 'sufferer,' you PAID your dues at the hands of other who 'took' the DEBT upon their own 'head & shoulders,' and YOU were set FREE from your past.

If you are UNINSURED and suffer any 'loss or injury' then SUFFER IT, and seek NO 'compensation.' For if you do, you AGAIN become burdened by SPIRITUAL debt. You may of course ASK for assistance, but NEVER 'claim' or use 'debt collectors' or other coercive or forceful means, for that is GROSS ERROR.

You only stay 'clear' in God's eyes when you ASK for help as you say to your 'abuser' or any other: "Pease help me."

Drive CAREFULLY or you WILL pay the spiritual PRICE of being less than kind, caring, considerate, respectful and nice.

Any person using the forceful court of man (Caesar) against another is defiant of God and accruing a painful and punitive spiritual due of 'loss' and suffering in the process.

There is NO 'place' on earth for 'debt collectors,' for all 'warriors, enforcers, persecutors' etc., are persons operating outside of the constraints and precepts of God's Command, and HE now is to 'clear' the land of all continuing to use His forceful energy. (Refer Links below at document end)

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Open letter to Credit Collection Services Group Pty Ltd.

Dear Mr. Taylor

Your ref: MLP 108023 - damages claim $ 3,682.45

I refer to your letter of 16 July received by Mrs. C. Barnes for whom I write as her counsel and advisor.

I find it quite strange that you speak of your 'Client' but fail to name either their business name or the name of the person who advised you of the said 'debt' which you seek to recover.

Please reply to me with the name of the individual and also their email contact or phone so that I can forward to them a copy of this email as well as the previous correspondence to 'mike,' being the only name I was able to find as Shannons were unable to actually give 'me/us' any information. It appears that they have absolutely NO 'interest' in any communication reference accident investigation but simply call on you.

As I am a 'man' of this world, a little different maybe to the 'poor' people who simply 'cough up' any and all demanded of them by the vain and arrogant, I refer you to your OWN statement on line ONE of your letter that says it ALL:

 < Our clients are the insurer of - - - B18PC >

I ask: "Why do you seek to 'claim' repairs to B18PC when in fact you have 'proof' that it IS insured by/with Shannons"? Do 'Shannons' have any 'proof' that they 'reinsured' the vehicle with Mrs. Barnes? If NO then please write an apology to Mrs. Barnes for placing her 'mind & emotions' in a 'tizzy' for it is NOT a very kind or moral thing to do, being to lay 'blame' at the feet of someone whom you have not even had the courtesy to speak with nor to 'search' out the facts of the matter.

If Shannons client's damages are $ 3,682.45 then for a 'start' he, the driver, should endeavour to drive more carefully and NOT 'streak' over/across a busy duel carriageway and enter a car park space without looking to see what was in front of him. No doubt he looked to his right into the car park 'briefly' prior to beginning his right hand turn across oncoming traffic and then looked away again to see IF he had time to make the turn, and at that point he failed to see that Mrs. Barnes had fully reversed out of the parking space and was now directly in the path of his vehicle and, - - -

Her vehicle was NOT struck on the L/Rear which would have been the case if he had in fact entered the car parking area before she reversed fully. She in fact not only reversed backwards but had also swung her whole vehicle to its left fully in line with his oncoming vehicle before it was struck by his vehicle.

If Shannons client's damages are $ 3,682.45 and he is the holder of a valid and current insurance policy then Shannons should immediately 'cough up' and SHUT UP and 'record' a loss of $ 3,682.45 in their records.

It appears to me, a person who has 'judged' many insurance cases over the years, that some people employed by some insurers in society have found an ILLEGAL precedent 'somewhere' enabling them to not only 'renege' on their policies, but at the same time to steal/extort money from others.

This 'policy' is indeed abhorrent and needs to be exposed for what it is. Simply the vain holding others in disdain because they, ( the employee who sets the hounds into motion), 'presume' that they can get away with IT as they hide behind the 'facade' of a business name and use their position of power to intimidate and coerce others or, as today, simply pass the 'persecute note' over to you.

I ask, why do you the individual even consider seeking to recover a 'presumed' debt? For it is your name on the 'note' is it not?

The actions of both Shannons and yourself are an attempt at FRAUD. On their part they are trying to renege on the contract with their insured. If they succeed due to your 'efforts' it is proof that they 'take' or 'took' an insurance premium under false pretences. It is they who hold the contract with their client not any other irrespective of any 'prior' precedents set by magistrates.

There is NO 'proof' of guilt on the part of my 'client' and to send her a letter as you did is purely coercion with the INTENT to impoverish another, cause mental and emotional trauma and sully her name and, it could be 'construed' that there is a criminal 'conspiracy' between your Company & Shannons to use 'threats' of court action and use the powers of the court to accomplish your most dishonourable deeds.

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I ADD - on phoning your office I was advised that this matter was being 'handled' by the case manager Mr. Marcus Poa, and if this is so I ask why the letter was sent with your name on it? Is it possible that your name is simply printed on every letter of demand being sent? If so I truly need to advise you that great indeed is your spiritual burden (debt to God) for no doubt there are many persons who have been put through the 'ringer' on YOUR ACCOUNT, irrespective of the other 'unnamed' one on your 'claim' form.

All parties 'concerned' other than Mrs. Clemencia Barnes need to understand that "ACCIDENTS DO OCCUR" and this is the reason why insurers 'offer' client PROTECTION. Mrs. Barnes was happy to 'suffer' any damage to her vehicle had there been any, due to her peaceful, compassionate and forgiving ideological spiritual beliefs clearly delineated by her web site.

It is NOT 'legal' nor 'moral' Policy for an insurer to 'naturally' attempt to VOID their 'contract' NOR to try and AVOID payment on their 'policy' NOR to try and 'recover' their costs from any other party.

I am well aware that if a 'Third Party' was found to be 'unlicensed or unregistered' or even at fault, that dishonourable insurers make use of insane 'solicitors' and the courts backed by 'out of control' legislation to not only AVOID their 'agreed' contractual arrangements but to then force the other to pay using equally irresponsible magistrates who 'set' false precedents that result in much ongoing litigation that causes great losses to all concerned other than INSURERS AND DEBT COLLECTORS.

As a man who has the capacity to see CLEARLY it is my intent to NULLIFY all past error of 'way' and 'judgement' globally as I do my best to show everyone that all need to now 'better' their own personal conduct and OBEY the Command of God the Sovereign Power before they all find themselves at Hell's Gate.

I suggest that insurers and debt collectors take a long hard look at their 'conduct' in regards to the 'precepts' of God's commanded code of conduct that applies to business 'policy' as well as to the individual 'in' business. If you or anyone takes a 'wage' to 'defy' God as they work as do police, legislators, armed forces and other enforcers, then you all need to UNDERSTAND that ones 'official' status does not 'void nor nullify the immutable "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of God. Great indeed is the sorrow and 'woe' to be felt soon by so many.

As I see it, everyone today is busily going their way harassing and intimidating and coercing others, seeing NOT that as they 'plot and scheme' the Devil 'himself' revels in delight awaiting the TIME that HE is able to awaken them with an eternally long SCREAM.

If you have no 'alternative' other than to seek instruction to commence 'legal' proceeding then so be it, but I advise YOU the 'man' so doing OR 'the' one placing their name on what I will deem ILLEGAL proceedings, that it is simply your/their 'choice' but, I can categorically state that 'you and you' both place your own 'souls' in jeopardy.

Why do YOU the individual take on a 'case' of 'presumed' debt when there has been NO established "Guilty" or otherwise? Mrs. Barnes owes naught to Shannons as she has never had any dealings with them and never will because, their name it appears is but 'pig-swill,' and unworthy of insuring anyone.

If their 'client' wishes to bring charges against her then let 'him' so do, but foolish are YOU if you continue on this track.

Be ADVISED that any more interference into Mrs. Barnes 'life' simply ADDS to the personal spiritual debts already accrued by THE INDIVIDUAL actions of yourself and the 'individual at 'Shannons' who as yet remains 'nameless' as they did not even place their name on their original letter to Mrs. Barnes.

Aged 73 years I am quite 'appalled' at the disrespect now 'rife' in the un-businesslike world.

As I am an 'educator' I have placed a copy of this letter and that to Shannons on my personal web site so that other 'poor' mortals, be they insurers or otherwise, can try and 'turn around' and become honest, respectful, kind, merciful and compassionate AND forgiving as commanded by God and being the ONLY way to Salvation and the Light of heaven.

I attach photos of Mrs. Barnes vehicle and any credible paint shop would confirm that there has been NO 'repair' or 'cover up' spray painting done to this 'clean' vehicle within the last few years. Damage to the other party was possibly caused by the tow bar.

I simply will do my best to educate your 'Company' and others to find a better 'policy' way because, to me as said, I believe that it is time for change to the positive on this 'planet,' and I am very happy to give my services for FREE to Mrs. Barnes any time you wish to meet me in Court.

I also attach for you my previous 'note' to Shannons dated 29 May to which they have not yet replied.

Sincerely - Terence

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----- Original Message -----
From: Terence
To: enquiries @ ; Clemencia
Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 10:57 AM
Subject: C. Barnes - Letter to the recipient AND to the managing Director Shannons
Dear 'Mike,' I have received an 'extraordinary' letter from someone in Shannons, and there is no printed name below the unreadable signature hence this note to you as I believe that you handled the repairs to your clients vehicle B18PC. (S. Dynan)
Why I find the letter 'strange' is because you are making a 'claim' against my sister Clemencia the driver of vehicle Peugeot (C95CE) and 'she' has absolutely NO recollection of having RE-INSURED your Company for any loss it accrues.
As I am a man of the world with many years sitting in 'judgement' of claims it has become apparent that Insurers have changed their role of 'Insurer' to one whereby they now BELIEVE that IF some other can be proved to be at fault, then they do not have to honour their own obligation to 'cough up' as they seek recompense from others.
What I now wish ALL insurers to see is, that when they in fact do this and obtain monies from others it is 'proof' that they have taken money from their Insured under false pretences.  It is time now for all Insurers to honour their own claims and NOT seek compensation from others.
Further to the above, whoever sent Mrs. Clemencia Barnes a letter included the repair bill for vehicle WEB699 Miss Jenny Wood? Her vehicle was damaged in the rear.
Your (Dynan) clients damages of close to $4000 are also extraordinary because the R/Rear section of Clemencia's vehicle ONLY received a very small 'scratch' to it and I am 'wondering' how one vehicle could have been 'so' damaged from striking hers? She does not 'recollect' seeing ANY damage to your client's vehicle.
Anyhow, as she is no 'idiot' and her driving skills are 'impeccable' I can but reiterate to you her comments around the collision which were to the point that she reversed out of a car park that was situated close to a main road, and as she completed her swing out of the space the rear of her vehicle was facing towards the road along which your client had been travelling.
It appears that your client turned to his RIGHT across oncoming traffic and he swung into the car park area striking Clemencia's vehicle that had already exited the space, she was struck in the R/rear. In fact your clients vehicle was partly still on the main road. 
It is apparent to me that your client PROBABLY tried to cross quickly in front of oncoming traffic, and when he swung over the road to his right HE was probably looking at the oncoming traffic and failed to observe her exiting the park space, but when he so did he braked but was unable to avoid STRIKING HER CAR.
This 'occurrence was as so many are SIMPLY AN ACCIDENT. If you wish to continue seeking to recover your DUES from Clemencia then so be it. I do not believe that you have ANY 'chance' in any court of law but it is your choice. In my 'opinion' you need to write to Clemencia apologising for the 'tone' and content of your letter and advise her that you will be honouring your 'policy' agreement without her assistance.
She did advise 'him' that as it was an accident that she would not be making any claims.
I ASK that this letter be sent to your Managing Director because I am SURE that many people are being disadvantaged by your present Company 'policy' of seeking recompense as well as 'us' the public being UNABLE to make any telephone contact with those they need to in the various departments.
Please advise ALL to visit my web 'space' :
It states at the beginning < Many years ago the 'Principles and Practice' of Insurance Companies was still 'integrity & fairness & care & protection' for those insured who suffered loss. > It is truly the time for Insurers to regain their Integrity.
Sincerely - Terence

Dear Mr Taylor

In the FIRST instance

Before this matter proceeds any further I would like to state that: IN THE FIRST INSTANCE 'someone' employed by 'Shannons' took it upon themself to ignore corresponding with either Mrs. Barnes or me and came to the decision to follow THE LAW OF THE BEAST that is the Law of:

"Do what thy wilt is the whole of the Law"

For their decision is PROVEN in that they disregarded their God given choice to be: "Respectful, co-operative, kind, merciful, considerate, forgiving, loving or peaceful" etc., and they simply raised their 'sword' in passing their own 'judgement' and imposing their own 'sentence' of monetary demand in employing your 'firm' to be their DARK Knight of punitive RETRIBUTION on their behalf.

What you need to realise is that IF you have done or continue to so do then you 'share' their ideological doctrine - belief - religion for one or more reasons only known unto you and, it automatically follows that both parties have placed themselves outside of the precepts of God's Commanded code of conduct being:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

And you also then place yourselves within the punitive aspect of HIS singular immutable and overriding LAW as stated unto you before and, it follows that irrespective of any 'court' decision, any mental or emotional trauma or injury or loss suffered by my client becomes a spiritual DUE that adds to the burden already existing over both of your INDIVIDUAL heads.

Yes, man sees not the 'Sword of Damocles' already hanging over their head that gets bigger and cuts deeper every time they defy their God and, - - - it is our Sovereign God who decides 'where, when and by whom' our judgement and 'eye for an eye' suffering is to occur. The imposition of God's Law is 'unavoidable' and is not subject to the rules/acts/ decrees of mortal men nor of their 'official' status or badge of office.

Before this matter proceeds any further I would like to state that: IN THE FIRST INSTANCE neither Mrs. Barnes nor I live by any other doctrine - belief -religion other than that prescribed by God, thus we are not seeking any retributive punitive process and are only interested in educating those others who we BELIEVE are adhering to the FALSE doctrine and thus are placing their own souls in jeopardy.

Because of the 'above,' IN THE FIRST INSTANCE Mrs. Barnes advised Shannons 'client' that even though 'he' ran into her vehicle due to his error, that she would not pursue the matter and would pay for her own damages and he for his, as it was simply an 'accident' and that FACT and 'voiced' action on her part implies that she 'forgave' him as is/was required by God.

As I AM God's Plenipotentiary I would also advise you that both of 'us' and you are simply 'tools' being used by the Source for the sole purpose of educating others on a global scale, so both God and I and THE WORLD now await to see how it all ends.

Added (1):

It also my personal belief that my 'religion' and ideological 'conscience' must flow through INTO the 'business' world, although most businessmen refer to 'business is business' with NO 'holds' barred or, they simply rely on the rules/acts/decrees of legislators or precedents set by magistrates rather than THE TRUTH of God and HIS Command unto ALL mankind.

It is my opinion that 'as' Shannons has been incapable of even responding to (2) letters sent to them, that 'as said, someone working there is totally arrogant and in need of 'correction' at the very least. For them to totally ignore 'us' and simply set the 'hounds' upon a LADY who IS a daughter of our Sovereign God means to me that they also are in dire jeopardy and in need of spiritual counsel and for sure I will fail them NOT.

At some 'stage' in the proceedings I 'hopefully' will get to find out 'who' they so be in order that I can personally advise them of their error of judgement, incompetence, ignorance, arrogance and of their CRIMINAL intent to defraud a member of the public and to cause them mental and emotional trauma.

I simply 'trust' that you are indeed 'worthy' of looking into this matter so that you personally do not become complicit.

IF Shannons directors wish to continue ON in their not so merry way then that IS their prerogative but, I would like to be able to advise THEM that our Sovereign Lord God does see all, does know all, and brings ALL to 'account' within HIS "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law, irrespective of whether they are 'godless' unbelievers or otherwise and, irrespective of their belief that they can hide behind a 'business' venture OR 'rules of legislators' etc.

Added (2) for viewers of this web site: It is regrettable that people employed by organisations or 'institutions' see not that they are NOT in fact employed as such by the 'organisation,' but are 'taken on' by an individual person who themself was employed similarly by another person. The named organisation be it 'The Bible Club' or the 'Ivy League' or the 'Best Insurance Co' or 'The State Religion' or 'The Fines Enforcement Department' are simply the 'group' of persons working together under the rules of the organisation.

Everyone so employed believes that the named organisation is the authority backing their actions, when in fact their actions, be they benign or malignant are their OWN, and thus no person can 'hide' behind the named organisation, for God's LAW is based upon ones INDIVIDUAL interaction with another.

The energy of God be it creative or destructive sees NO 'names' of organisations, it only measures the 'calibre' or 'volume' or 'power' of itself flowing through the spirit SOUL of a person who receives and equal 'measure' at some later stage. Be it 'nice or nasty.'

It follows that God's LAW cannot apply to the organisation but upon everyone receiving a wage to uphold the rules of the organisation and/or their own personal interpretation thereof or their individual ACTIONS. No 'activity' goes 'unrewarded,' good for good, bad for bad, and 'each' is measured within the precepts of God's Command. Those operating within said precepts receive and equal benign return. Those operating 'outside' receive an equal 'malignant' return.

I can but reiterate yet again, NO mandate, NO badge of office, NO official position, NO 'business' enterprise, NO decree, rule, act or 'law' of man nullifies, voids nor avoids the implementation of God's Sovereign Law. Reference "God's Law"

Added (2):

Further to your email around the issue of 'subrogation' and your reference to my words < ...immediately 'cough up' and SHUT UP and 'record' a loss of $ 3,682.45 in their records...> I state:
The obviously now 'common' practice of using coercive tactics or the courts and thus enabling a 'subrogating' the loss factor, and thereby placing in this instance Mrs. Barnes "AS being the Insurer" and thus liable for the repair costs I add:
In the eyes of God AND sane men the REAL Insurer being the ONE who was PAID a 'sum' of money to BE such is avoiding their 'Policy' CONTRACT and IF at any 'time' they manage to get away with IT 'legally or otherwise,' it IS simply FRAUD because, they 'took' and retained the 'premium' funds paid and did NOT thus fulfill their party obligation to BE the "Insurer" for which they had contracted and been paid to do. Does ANY Insurer refund the policy premium to their client after succeeding in a 'Subrogation' case? Also, is original cover note FEE transferred to the new subrogated 'Insurer' ? NO.
It is all about money and profit using 'solicitous' men who for a fee will themselves endeavour to convince magistrates that IF a Third Party can be proven to be at fault or partly thereof, then they should be forced to pay by the 'force' that backs the 'Court of man,' and this is the factor that GOD forbids and prohibits man to do, being to 'sup' on the 'fruit' of the Tree of Evil. Being God's forceful and destructive energy in man's interaction with others.
Does anyone 'out there' think of God today and HIS power and insurance POLICY? NONE, for HE appears to BE 'powerless' so to speak and unable to enforce HIS : "Insurance policy" being, - - - that as - - "As we do shall be done unto us," and I give HIS Words that state:
"AS I AM the power and authority I command YOU to only use My BENIGN creative energy with ITS 'peaceful, loving, compassionate, merciful and FORGIVING' attributes because,  - - - ONLY thus will you RECEIVE an EQUAL 'bounty' of goodness and BE 'happy little larrikins' - - -  BUT:
IF you are so foolish as to defy ME and use MY malignant and destructive energetic FORCE with ITS 'merciless interference, control, persecution, subjugation, coercion, extortion, banishment, eviction, punishment, injurious attributes,' then  'rest assured that in MY decided 'time and place' it is I to IMPOSE the same 'injury or loss' upon your OWN head because, - - - MY 'Policy' MUST be adhered with/to, irrespective of any rules, decrees, laws, decisions or precedents 'set' by the vain, arrogant or ignorant who roam the earth as though they are I and I can assure you all that they are NOT."
For any Insurer to remain within the precepts of God's Command AND 'honesty' they MUST honour their own Insurance policy and NOT try and USE coercion or the 'threat' of Court action, for there are multitudes of 'poor and fearful' citizens who know they cannot afford solicitors fees, nor can they pay for accident investigators and it is upon the 'fearful carcasses' of these 'poor' that those as 'Shannons' feed on, and 'pretend' Insurers are seen by ME and God as very foolish indeed, for GREED is not a 'saviour,' for IT is what leads men to the 'brink' of the eternal flame and I can assure you and all that from that place there is NO way 'back' for the 'pull' of God's DARK energy is absolute.
The Insurer in this case is ONLY true to their 'Policy' agreement when they < ...immediately 'cough up' and SHUT UP and 'record' a loss of $ 3,682.45 in their records...>
I can but trust that 'somewhere' out there a FRESH and 'new leaf' Policy of Insurance will emerge and become THE NORMAL because, until that day, Insurers, solicitors, court magistrates, bailiffs and other 'collectors' of alleged debts will continue to draw IN more of God's DARK energy into their souls and, they will continue to accrue a very painful mental and emotional spiritual DUE of suffering within God's IMMUTABLE Law and they will also LOSE all they 'took by force' even if it WAS 'legal' in man's unholy book to so do.

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Sincerely - Terence