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Dear reader, my beloved wife Gillian passed away suddenly on 28th March 2017 and I was 'inundated' with officialdom making their demands because she had always wished to be buried at our forest home. It is time now for true believers to simply follow their own conscience rather than 'giving-in' and being forced or coerced into obeying the 'beliefs' or dictates of other mortals.

I have placed the below correspondence on line to assist readers in some way. - Terence

~ The power of persuasion ~

St. Helens Council GM

Dear Sir: It is with sadness that your 'council' permits one of its 'officials' (Phil Bingley) to visit the home of a community member when uninvited and at the most 'inopportune' time when the burial of a deceased lady was imminent. Council staff had made no prior contact of their 'intent' to visit my property, and I wondered why there was a need for Mr. Bingley to be accompanied by an armed policeman!  I assume that your staff member felt the need to be accompanied by an armed person either:

A - To surreptitiously legitimise this 'coming' and invasion or 'armed trespass' or,
B -  As 'persuasion' back-up by coercion to force me to 'conform' to your ideological beliefs.

Sir, I do believe that the 'visit' was not only unwarranted, but also an illegal and unconscionable intrusion into my life at a time of intense grief that was beyond your capacity to consider or comprehend. Your sole purpose was to impose your 'text book of rules' using coercion.

I do have a God-given conscience, and I do know my CIVIL and constitutional Rights. Unfortunately, neither you nor your 'staff' understand THE FREEDOM OF RELIGION Acts of the institution governing your activities. You as many 'mini-gods' live in a delusional fantasy soon to END, say I.

I find it 'sad' that the 'delusional' have NO feelings for others in 'distress,' as evidenced by the way in which they simply entered my abode  where my beloved was lying in death, clearly visible to any of the 'troops' who entered into my home.  It is my opinion that only a despot would totally ignore that the family was shortly to bury their loved one.  Not a single person of the 'eight' who entered my space on the 28th and 29th March 2017 had the courtesy to even 'offer' their 'condolences' for my loss.

Mr. Brown, I am born in a very small African village on the coast of East Africa, and have observed that the 'local' simple 'folk' would never 'dare' to be disrespectful in plain view of their Creator to the point, that they dishonour their own souls by interfering in the 'life' of a family in 'mourning.'

"What" I ask do you 'think' my mind was thinking when your 'man' servant of THE PEOPLE (PB) stepped into my home and sat down in the 'sacred' chair of my beloved wife Gillian and commenced his 'forceful' spiel about the requirement of his 'State' rules/laws/decrees, and that he required my 'signature' on his 'papers'? - - - I was 'wondering' how many foolish men had died in agony from the burning tip of a poisoned arrow through their error of judgement. Since I am a peaceful and forgiving person I simply refused his request of compliance to his rules.

It is now the time for the Police SERVICE officers to be ABLE to see "Who" in the community is peaceful, and "Who" are the MAD (insane) and mentally disturbed who interfere in the lives of others. It is the controllers and those disturbing the peace of the peaceful needing 'Police' CORRECTION.

From my 'perspective,' I 'wonder' 'why' the Police who are 'charged' with being 'keepers of the peace' would accompany a MAD person to my house. I actually do know 'why,' it is because both the state officials and the police feel themselves empowered because they assume that the 'Sovereign' authority OVERLORD is their EARTHLY 'boss' the Governor, 'Queenie' or the magistrate etc., and they believe that these earthly personages are their 'protector.' They see NOT as far as do my 'eyes.'

My eyes see into the Realm of 'spirit' and I do see the face of the REAL 'Sovereign.' HE (God) the Father whom I 'represent' on earth.

Brother, all I can say is that ANYONE continuing from TODAY to defy or deny His Command unto man and the 'Freedom of Religion' clauses of His 'Constitution' imposed upon man is now to consign their own soul to the ABYSS.

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As you now all begin to see the global escalation of INSANITY, you must realise that some 98% of earth's population is ON the wide road to HELL. No 'words' issuing forth from the mouths of 'ministers of religion' are to 'save' ANYONE say I.

I am God's Plenipotentiary, and ONLY God's pen (mine) can ASSIST a person to SAVE THEMSELVES, but ONLY if they now OBEY God. The LAW of 'equal return' of ENERGY exists. You can 'judge' yourself because, if you are using 'love and compassion and respect, kindness and mercy' in your daily ACTIONS, you are 'safe.' If you are being 'forceful, controlling, intrusive, coercive, demanding, punitive or destructive,' then you are on the road to the ABYSS.

Foolish man makes 'rules' to legitimise the negative DARK control over others. Foolish man even 'forgets the Constitution he 'swears' to uphold and thus treasonably disobeys IT. Man defies THE Authority and exceeds his powers. I can but 'advise' you all that NO 'State' decree/law/rule voids or supersedes the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts of THE Constitution.

State officials and their 'magistrates' and Police are ONLY 'legitimised' by THEIR Constitution to interfere in the lives of those who do defy God and who do defy the Constitution and thereby DISTURB THE PEACE. These need education rather than punishment. Why? Because the LAW of 'equal return' of God is not 'voided' by any mandate of man, and when you 'punish,' you place yourself into the punitive aspect of God's Law and ahead, you suffer all you imposed.

My 'pen' is soon to run out of 'ink' because my 'earthly' heart is failing, so please now make a PLAN to use your own God-given conscience and BEGIN to implement a positive change as decreed by my 'pen,' - - - God's.

If your 'officers' wish to keep 'records' then they can 'come' with 'cap in hand' with NO 'armed men' and ASK for information in a respectful manner after making prior arrangements. To arrive 'unasked' backed by armed 'mercenaries' and impose DEMANDS is 'foul' play leading to their own spiritual demise.

The Sovereign 'Power' gave man of 'State' LIMITED powers and authority, and YOU need to LEARN ABOUT IT. Your intrusion into my 'life' was ordained by God so that HE via my mind could enlighten you before for YOU it is TOO LATE.

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You may advise your officials that my wife has been buried as per HER wishes in our garden. Your staff member is 'free' to come and sit by IT and speak to her departed but alive spirit and pass on your ask of forgiveness for your and their intrusion on her 'day of remembrance.'

Man needs to now see the 'reality,' especially ministers of the 'Holy See' and other churches who try to be 'celibate.' Everyone on earth and under the earth must now become CELIBATE, not 'sexually,' but celibate to THE HOLY WORD of:

"Love one another and go your way in PEACE and be merciful and compassionate and forgive thine perceived enemy"

I speak now of all persons in 'official' positions including the public 'Peace' Police service, and suggest that they all look into a mirror and ask themselves: "Am I truly true in my interaction with others or am I totally disrespectful of them" - - - and thus also being:

1 - The 'taker' of a false wage.
2 - Treasonable to the Constitution.
3 - Dishonourable to my Creator.
4 - Dishonourable to my family name.
5 - Dishonourable to my ancestors.
6 - Dishonourable to my own soul

Please have a little 'rethink,' because IF you cannot - - - your soul will SINK into oblivion as so stated by God your Creator who said:

"If you use FORCE * being MY destructive energy, then IT will divorce you from LOVE and IT will destroy YOU.

Note: FORCE * - The forbidden to sup on 'FRUIT' of the Tree of of the knowledge of good and evil. This 'fruit' is the forceful Dark destructive negative energy of God. All 'sinners' have drawn ITS energy into their souls, it is the negative emotions within man that mislead man and are the cause of all sorrow.


Gillian the 'giver,'  the angel giving the 'water of eternal life'


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From: Terence
Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2017 10:50 AM
To:  Commissioner of Police
Cc: BODC (Tash)
Subject: Unwarranted intrusion

~ The 'official' position ~
The empowered ones

I write this to 'whom it may concern.' My dearly beloved wife Gillian passed away quite suddenly around 10 am yesterday 28th March 2017. It is now 'midnight' of that day and as I cannot 'sleep' I have a few words to say:

Since we have lived 'alone' together for some twenty five years 'cloistered' in our small 'cabin' in the hills while I did my duty to God and humanity, and 'wrote' and raised UP my 'Testament of Truth' for all to see globally, her 'passing' was a 'terrible' shock that took me by surprise and my emotional trauma was deep indeed.

At that moment in time, all I wished to do was to sit quietly close to her 'body' and be still as I spoke with her departed spirit, but I also felt it best to phone her doctor and ask for him to call by to confirm her 'death' because I knew that the 'system' had its requirements and I also felt that for her dear children's sake, (adults now) they would like to know that I had done all I could for their mother.

The doctor advised me to call the ambulance so that they would be able to help her in case my 'diagnosis' of her passing was error. I did call for their help also due to the fact that I am now old and frail and was unable to move her from where she 'fell' and I needed assistance.

Little did I know what was to be, for there arrived two ambulances and four persons. Initially they did examine Gillian and confirmed her passing, and they then assisted me to move her. I had expected them to then go their way and leave me in peace to collect my thoughts and emotions and contact her children.

This however was not to be because I was then advised that the system had requirements to be met, and the police had been called by them because they also had to 'inspect' the body and fill out their forms.

What was the result of all this? For over three and a half hours I have persons tramping in and out of the house, and Gillian's 'body' being examined here and there etc., and much idle conversation and myself being told that I would not be able to fulfil her wishes to be buried at home unless certain legalities had been attended to, and approval granted by the issue of a 'permit.'

My 'pleas' that within 'our' CIVIL RIGHTS we were entitled to do whatever we wished to without any interference from State authorities were ignored. I also stated that the Constitution guaranteed 'us' that RIGHT and NO State rules/laws/decrees applied in our case because of our religious beliefs.

What can I say? No one was concerned with my emotional state nor my 'words' and everyone simply took control, and I am not happy that armed police or Council officers sit in my lounge telling me 'this or that' simply through their ignorance of THE FACTS.

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I would like those officials and their 'heads' to READ the Tasmania Constitution especially Part V (General provisions)

The Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) states:

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

Why do I quote the above? Because the Constitution overrides and overrules ALL State rules or 'policy.'  The 'empowered' need to now see that the Constitution grants THEM the right to live by THEIR belief insomuch as THEY do not 'disturb the peace' of others or engage in a 'breach of conduct.' (morality) 

I did see that even though those attending were 'benign, kindly and polite' and well-meaning, they could not see the 'control' aspect of their visitation, in that they assumed their Right to INTRUDE and dictate State policy that conflicted with my intentions. I believe that all intrusion was and yet is 'unwarranted,' and that 46. (1) General provisions was 'breached' by the 'demands' or State 'requirements' made.

By this there was a total lack of respect shown to 'the departed' or myself, and it was made very CLEAR to me that my constitutional rights would be ignored, and I would be subjected to all State rules/acts relating to 'death,' and this is my response:

I do believe that the Police 'PEACE CORPS' officers need to be 'unarmed' when they are on duty, and I do believe that at times of 'death' they should not impose their 'ideals' or rules demands upon traumatised people. Neither do I believe they should 'examine' the deceased, because it was obvious to me that in their mind, I might be 'guilty' of 'foul play' until such time as they had carried out their examination and seen ‘all clear.’

Police need to LEARN that our GOD sees and knows every 'intent and deed,' and I for one would certainly not enter into a home where a person had passed away to 'examine' the body or impose any 'strictures' or make any demands upon their loved ones.

I believe that it is now the TIME for all officers and others 'empowered' by rules to educate themselves to the CIVIL RIGHTS granted unto the peaceful by THE CONSTITUTION that LIMITS and restricts their 'powers.' ALL officials presently exceed their mandate.

I am advised that Council 'staff' will be calling on me on Wednesday 29th to 'inspect' and 'inform me' what I can or cannot do in respect of my intended home burial. I am aware that everyone has been doing their best to be of assistance, but they need to try and understand the 'other's' perspective.

I am very much aware that 'today,' everyone in an 'official position is TOTALLY UNAWARE that they are exceeding their operational mandate. I am very much aware that not one of them has any 'idea' that there IS a Sovereign Power who ahead, will bring them to 'account.'

As far as I am 'concerned,' when ambulance personnel are INVITED to attend a 'death' due to their assistance being required, that they do what they can to assist the 'party' and then they state: "We have done the best we can, is there anything else we can do before we depart"? If their 'rules of engagement' require them to 'hang around' or fill out endless forms and walk in and out of the home they should simply leave their 'job.' At no 'time' should their needs keep traumatized people in 'limbo' at the ONE time in life when they need PEACE and QUIET.

I will say no more - Terence

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~ Servants of The People ~
Open letter to acting Sergeant Robert Shepherd Tasmania Police
This article is in reference to the armed 'incursion' of the Hay-Malaher residence by persons 'posing' as THE AUTHORITY on 29th March 2017
Dear Robert, this letter is simply an 'observation' for educative purposes and is not a 'criticism' because I am aware that you were placed in a difficult situation by the local Council authority.
You probably were not aware of the fact that the Council need of your attendance was a coercive attempt at forcing me to bow to their dictates which were in conflict with my beliefs, and therefore an illegal and unconstitutional activity on their part. What was done was a criminal 'Act' within the Constitution of your institution since a Council official blatantly attempted to force a person to change their philosophy and go against their conscience. I am entitled to live by my conscience. The constitutional 'proviso' being, that the 'person,' (myself) had not 'disturbed the peace.'
I do believe that it is the 'sworn' duty of police personnel to "Uphold the peace of the land."
I write this to you a 'good' man because I do see that you as many have been 'caught up' by forces 'underhand' to the point, that you now 'patrol' the land using rules and being used by other state officials to uphold their 'rules' even if it means that you are complicit to their illegal activities, and aiding them to "Disturb the peace of the land."
People in positions of "Power" today have long since forgotten that they are simply PUBLIC SERVANTS. How is it then that they are so powerful? Simply because they USE public funds and the public PEACE force (yourself) to subjugate and enslave their 'masters,' being THE 'tax-paying' PEOPLE who pay their wages.
Indeed, this cruel, merciless and completely UNCONSCIONABLE state of affairs has been going ON for centuries, and everyone has become trapped by the RULES invoked by said 'unconscionable,' who themselves now are so 'self-righteous' that they believe in their 'Sovereign' positions of DICTATORSHIP. They now perceive themselves as the "Master" and THE people as their SLAVES.
As herein stated, this undemocratic situation exists solely because the 'new' Masters are backed by ARMED FORCES, and any who 'complain' or desist are simply fined, jailed or even killed. For those such as myself who have 'clear vision,' it is in fact 'modern' Mafiosi activity in action.
There is NO 'democracy' on earth say I because the Rulers and their Rules RULE man with a stern fist, and the 'simple' are not 'permitted' to do anything unless they FIRST "Ask for permission," and then "Pay a $FEE" for the privilege of doing anything. It is the total control, subjugation and enslavement of man using YOUR 'force of arms' backup.
There are 'few' such as myself who can and DO say: "No, I will not 'ask' for permission, nor will I pay your 'office' any $fees before I act."
How is this so? It is because I am a man who USES his own God-given CONSCIENCE to 'decide' or 'guide me' as to whether or not an 'action' or 'intended activity' is within the precepts of God's Command of "Peace & love & mercy & compassion" etc.
If an activity is NOT within the precepts of God's Command, then ONLY 'fools' or the arrogant or ignorant dare to become 'unconscionable.' Most become unconscionable because they 'take' a wage to so do, seeing NOT that they place their own soul in Jeopardy and INTO the punitive aspect of God's "LAW of EQUAL Return." - - -
"What you did do will return unto you on an 'eye for an eye'  or EQUAL basis, be IT kind or cruel, merciful or merciless."
None realising that no 'official' position, mandate of office or 'order' issued by a superior nullifies, voids, or avoids the implementation of God's LAW. 
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Since I always 'bow' in subservience to God and His Command, I never support, condone or fund those of a 'contra' punitive doctrine, and I suffer ANY consequence imposed and simply "Go to jail" if it so be, but I NEVER fund the coffers of this 'offensive' doctrine through paying 'fees' or fines.
In your 'case,' you accompanied a Council 'official' at their request so as to intimidate or coerce me as 'he' tried to use YOU to enforce his demands. Being his 'requirements' of me that were in CONFLICT with MY beliefs.
Had I been a 'weak' or timid person I would have 'given in,' and I would also have 'suffered' mental and emotional TRAUMA at your 'hands.' My 'weakness' would have also made me 'fund' your contra ideology, and YOU and 'he' would have been 'guilty' of treasonably forcing me to deny my Rights within the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts of YOUR institution as well as denying my own conscience.
That FACT would have meant that ahead, maybe weeks or years, our God would have forced YOU to suffer and endure the same. I ask, "Was it a legal or conscionable Act for you to accompany the Council clerk"? Not in my mind. I was no 'threat' to him, so 'why' did he arrive at my door uninvited and enter my home accompanied by an ARMED person? It was an extremely arrogant, unconscionable and disrespectful action, being an intrusion into a very PRIVATE affair.
At that time I did state to you that IF the Council 'clerk' (Phil Bingley) decided to become 'difficult' and who knows, maybe demand the exhumation of the 'body' from my home, that you are the one expected to ENFORCE IT.
I ask: "What 'Right or need' has 'Council' to request that there is a Police 'presence' required when they go forth to visit peaceful community member"? None. So it is obvious to me that as stated in paragraph one above, 'Council' officers used Police 'coercion' in an attempt to intimidate me, and thus try to force me to change my 'philosophy,' and that is an 'act' forbidden by their own CONSTITUTION.
Their activity was in FACT an act of trespass and illegal 'forceful' entry due to you being 'armed.' It was also an illegal attempt at the 'abduction' of my deceased wife's body by Council being their demands that my wife be taken to the morgue. I refused this demand.
The local Council 'Chief' and all 'councillors and the mayor have had four weeks to respond to my prior letter dated 29th March 2017 but as yet there is NO response. Both he and you need to try and comprehend that my actions were and always are within the Command of God and also LAWFUL within the "Freedom of Religion' clauses of the Constitution of Tasmania which restrict and 'mandate' your activities.
I hope that the Tasmania Police can now become a TRUE 'Peace Corps' who NEVER disturb the peace of the peaceful, because when they so do, they deny and defy their own 'God' and the constitutional Authority and the people they serve.
Leave the 'rulers' to RULE, and IF the 'rulers' disturb the peace of the 'deceased' or their family then HAUL THEM IN.
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There is much taking place now globally as arrogant and very VAIN politicians 'posture' and loudly voice their intent to cast stones upon thousands of others over the sea, all this leading many into terrifying trauma. You as all need to now understand that ones spiritual destiny is a personal journey. Ones destiny 'rests' upon ones 'choice of action' INTERACTION with others.

If you read a little 'history' you will begin to realise that every 'nation' on earth was ILLEGALLY 'seized' by men using weapons to attain POWER and CONTROL of all the people and the land within their borders. The 'common' citizens were then forced to pay 'rent' endlessly as an annual TAX upon the land. (Perpetual enslavement)

You have grown up in a later 'time' and ASSUME that 'they,' the past invaders and their 'now' rules are LEGAL. They are NOT, say I because everything 'decreed' is backed by YOUR 'force of arms.' God 'prohibits' the use of His Dark forceful power because the use thereof leads the user into the LAW of equal return of THE DARK, and later, the said user suffers exactly what he imposed upon others forcefully.

This is why I do not fund the 'State' any $ 'fees' for permits. Because if I did, then I would be funding the wages of people like you who defy God and interfere, control, subjugate, punish, injure or kill, and I would then be complicit. I ONLY fund benign community effort. Thus I OBEY God and I also OBEY the 'Freedom of Religion' proviso that states:

"You can live by your conscience and religious ideology subject to not disturbing the peace of the land nor carrying our any immoral activities."  

Since the CONSTITUTION stands above ALL 'State RULES,' I am entitled to NOT have any State rules/laws/acts or decrees imposed upon me by YOU or anyone in any department using the Court of Petty Sessions Magistrates.
Naturally I 'obey' some State 'doctrine,' such as "Drive on the correct side of the road," for if I did not, then I would BE 'guilty' of disturbing the peace through causing harm to some other road user. I am a 'pacifist' and it is all simply a matter of 'commonsense.'

Over fifty (50) years ago I was a police officer in Africa for a time, but when I saw the injuries imposed by my 'black' constables who were armed with 'pick-axe handles,' I handed in my uniform. Later I became an unarmed part-time community peace corps 'copper,' and I give this below info because I do believe that soon, the same need will be required in Tasmania and globally in every village.

Due to the escalation of disturbance, confrontation and violence in the 1960's in East Africa, the Police Service was unable to cope, and what was desperately needed was a 'citizens' unpaid community Peace Corps. This service operated from 6 pm to 6 am on a 'shift' basis whereby honourable men gave 'freely' of their time.

Groups of unarmed men in civilian clothing would assemble at a given point, and when a 'call' came in reporting burglars or domestic violence or other, two or three men would go forth to attend. If there was a peaceful resolution then no more was 'said' and the 'disturbing the peace' party was free to go their way. If one of the 'aggressors' was unable to come to their senses then they were 'locked up' for the night and the matter was attended to the next day.

The entire community was made aware of this 'citizens arrest group' effort, and because the entire community was made aware of the fact that it was a FRIENDLY unarmed service, there was no need for 'weaponry' or aggression or force to be used.

Since there is now an escalation of insanity, confrontation and aggression taking place globally, we here in Tasmania need to implement this strategy before the Police lose control or, the 'State' runs out of funds to pay their wages.

An added strategy is for every school and community to be made aware of the 'Feeling Easier' Seminar program that assists listeners to stem the tide of dark thoughts and remain positive and sane. All 'offenders' need to attend this 2.5 hour Seminar and then be released back into the community. No more 'fine or 'detention.' Only those who kill need to be detained as per the wisdom within the 'Offender' document.

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If you 'wish' to be ruled by the Queen of the Kingdom of UK and her local 'Governor' in bowing to her ruling dictates as imposed by her 'legislators' here in Tasmania, then that is your 'Right' to so do. If you wish to 'bow' in obedience to our God and His 'God-given' conscience and Command unto man as do I, then that also is your prerogative as 'promised' within the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts of the Constitution of the State. However, you cannot serve 'both' Masters.

THE Commands of our Sovereign Power God state:

1 - "I your God COMMAND you to go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and compassionate and if you are abused then you must turn the other cheek in non-retaliation and forgive your perceived enemy because, ONLY in this way do you pay outstanding spiritual dues to Me as you suffer. ONLY in this way do you not accrue any further dues to Me your God because you are no longer causing harm to others."

2 - "I your God FORBID you to use My DARK forceful and controlling and destructive energy essence in your interaction with others because the USE thereof results in the CAUSING OF HARM and destruction, and it is My prerogative to so do but not yours."


The Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) states:

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

Note: What is or is not ones religion?

Ones religion is not any of the 'named' organisations such as Islam or Christianity or Buddhism, nor is it the named individuals such as Buddha, Muhammad or Jesus espousing the Policy purportedly ordained by the invisible God.

Ones religion is ones specific ideological code of conduct Policy. A doctrinal Policy followed with great devotion in relation to a ‘way or order’ of existence. Ones religion is espoused by ones 'faith or belief' in the requirements of a supernatural being (God) or other Force. An example of this is evidenced by whether individuals choose to 'follow or engage in' WAR or PEACE.