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The 'connected breathing' emotional release technique

As written by Terence the Christ spirit

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This 'paper' is written to aid those seeking mental and emotional 'relief' to gain a little deeper understanding on the 'inner' processes that affect the 'traveller,' as they take a 'journey' back in time using the technique of 'connected breathing' or 're-birthing' as it is named by some. This technique is also a 'methodology' wherein one can experience 'inter-dimension' travel and enter one or more of the numerous spirit realms that exist apart from this material dimension. (Known Universe)

This document will also 'enlighten' many as to the reality of the spiritual 'condition' of their inner 'space' that may be far from 'pure,' and with this understanding and the accompanying wisdom on this web site, they will find it easier to free themselves from bondage to ignorance, so that they become happier as well as 'ultimately' spiritually free. (Pure & demure)

I also hope that readers or 'time' travellers who have no 'concept' or understanding of the continuity of life will, when they experience time travel, find that it will aid them into accepting the reality of ongoing life.

The 'writer' has had many experiences of travelling back in time and also experiences in travelling forwards in time. I have also the experience of being in another realm of consciousness in the present time, and I have also left my 'fleshly' body and have 'Astral' travelled to a different place on earth more than once.

Only the 'state' of your consciousness will give you the 'awareness' of where and 'when' in time you are during any moment of time 'travel,' and only you are the one experiencing the unique and at times profound experience.

Time travel may take place in such a manner that you may at that moment be in a state of heightened awareness. You may observe the 'place' or 'time' to which you travel, and there will be different emotions and thoughts that you experience on the 'road.'

I am not an experienced 'teacher' of this breathing technique. I simply give you the input of my 'accrued' spiritual wisdom to assist you. I would hope that those that have made 'breath-work' teaching their life's work, will give you 'instruction' as to how best to 'breathe' and what their clients have experienced, and if I 'find' an experienced and caring 'time travel facilitator' that I believe has a 'pure' Godly intent, then I will place their 'contact' details at the end of this document.

A variation of time travel takes place daily in every incarnate being. It mainly occurs whilst the person is 'asleep,' and their mind 'dreams' of many places and experiences.

In fact they are but in the eternal 'present' or now, but as their body lies 'still' their spirit and mind are active and able to enter different levels. Depending upon the process that took place and the 'level' or realm they entered, they may awaken refreshed, or they may be distressed, fearful, or confused.

Other than the 'awake' state wherein the person carries out the technique discussed in this paper, wherein a 'journey' or experience may happen that is beyond the 'control' of the participant, there are also other ways in which one can control ones 'destination' on this level. In this one can invisibly 'visit' and observe and recall what is taking place at the destination in 'real' present time. (Astral travel)

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For some unknown reason, the 'connected breathing' technique also has the capacity to 'introduce' the person to a prior point in time* where they experience something of significance to them.

This permits them to either release 'pent up' or stored negative energy that arose from a past 'painful' experience, or they are an 'observer' of something, and thus the person feels 'easier' and more peaceful after the process. It is of no value to keep reminding oneself of a past hurt, but it is of value if one can release an energy block that arose from such a traumatic event.

This 'easing' can also occur whilst awake. For example when a person 'weeps' or cries 'inconsolably' for a time and when they stop, they feel better. There are many forms of emotional 'release' therapy that bring a person into a happier state of mind and emotions.

Just remember that none of them can draw out your 'sin,' which is dark energy stored in your soul by your negative actions perpetrated against others. This 'release' is God's prerogative only, and your freedom from 'sin' or 'otherwise' is the subject matter of the 278 page The Testament of Truth book that is Item 1 of this web site.

I hope to clear up some 'myths' and misconceptions as well as ignorance in relation to the eternal 'life' of the soul, that not only has a spiritual body that contains a spiritual 'super-conscious'* mind, but one that can also incarnate into the flesh more than once if God so wishes it and, - - -

To state factually that many a soul 'created' evolved over eons of time and never incarnated into this world, for this world is but a 'recent' creation in eternal time, and many spirit souls such as mine have existed for an eternity of eternities, and when not 'teaching' in this level they abide in Paradise.

During their long past spiritual evolution, they most certainly 'travelled' or were 'moved' by their energy state into different realms or 'spiritual' worlds as they rose or 'fell' depending on their 'energy' mass within.

Note: prior point in time* - As this 'past time' may be hundreds or thousands of years 'ago,' it follows that A - either the mind is having to travel back through the 'gate' that links their conscious mind to their eternal super-conscious spirit mind, or B - their conscious mind is being literally 'transported' back in time. (Spiritual time travel).

Note: 'super-conscious'* - The mind of the spirit soul within that contains all the stored input of the spirit soul over its 'life' or 'existence' since it was created by God. This may be an eternity or more or less. Ones daily input 'essences' back into this spirit mind and adds to its 'consciousness.'

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~ Connected breathing ~

Connected breathing is a technique, one of many used by the different organisations offering 'stress' relief or other 'meditation' style relaxation therapies, - - - it is a technique of connected breathing * that brings about an altered state of consciousness whereby a person can assist themselves to attain one or more deep emotional releases that bring about a feeling of 'ease' within. This feeling of 'peace' may last for a short or longer time depending upon the process.

Connected breathing is a 'state' wherein one is able to 'time travel' into the past (be it within this life time or into a pre-birth time and place) and experience a very clear and concise 'happening,' during which one is possibly more 'conscious' and mentally alert than when in the consciousness of their 'awake' state. (More observant)

This technique is not or should not be an 'inquisitive' delving into ones past, wherein one is being 'regressed' consciously by a therapist in an attempt to find the cause of 'something.' This is 'error' for this nature of 'inquisition' leads the 'client' into 'travail.'

The process needs to be a 'surrender' to the core of your inner Light within, and permit this energy to 'move' you into situations whereby other 'bottled up' energy may be released. This is not always the case, since the one 'surrendering' to the process may in fact not result in any 'pent up' energy being released for there may be none to release, and thus one may 'simply' sit back and enjoy the 'ride' to somewhere and experience something.

Either way, the experience may bring about a better outer and inner calmness, as well as a better mental outlook for those that were 'troubled' in some way. This may take many a 'session,' but only the participant knows of its full benefits to them.

Hopefully there will be an experience recorded by the individual that will confirm to them the ongoing existence of their spirit, and they will then be in no doubt as to the fact that they existed prior to their 'birth' in the flesh of this realm and, - - -

They will also then realise that when their flesh becomes uninhabitable, that their spirit soul will move onwards and, - - - I would have you know that when departing as such, there is no 'cessation' of consciousness, there is but the fully conscious exiting of the flesh and 'freeing' of the spirit soul.

By making or taking the 'effort' to spend a 'meditative' time in which we breathe in a specific manner, one is making a conscious effort to 'resolve' issues that may not be known to us consciously, thus the experience 'shown' or given during the process of connected breathing is 'given' from another level, and at times has the capacity to release the negative stored energy that 'surrounded' that issue.

This release of 'tension' may yes impinge upon our fleshly tissue, that can and does 'suffer' as the result of the impact of emotions within. Thus any release of energy that in some way halted the normal self-healing and replacement of body tissue will then no longer be a 'block,' and the flesh may heal itself more easily.

What must be understood by all 'participants,' be they 'officiators' or their 'customers,' is that there are many 'possibilities' around that which the 'traveller' will experience. For each is subject to a variety of different factors, namely those 'governing' the 'essence' of their spirit soul.

For each soul has a 'variety' of combinations of energy within them at any 'particular' time of their spiritual evolution. Be it the present moment in 'time,' or the 'moment' in time where they 'find' themselves during the process of the day.

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I refer to the volume and variety of negative emotions of fear, anger, jealousy, greed, vanity etc that may be contaminating the love core of the individual. For it is these very emotions that 'led' them into a state whereby they experienced a 'painful' process in the first instance. (In pre-birth discarnate times or in this life time.) I refer to them further down the page.

The 'connected breathing' technique that leads into 'time travel' is an exercise of meditation. For it is a moment in time taken consciously to assist oneself. The 'meditator' or 'breather' has the desire to feel freer within, and may also be seeking a spiritual experience that will give them a deeper insight in some way.

In the 'act' of connected breathing one is concentrating on the 'breath-work,' for it is 'work' to breathe in a manner that is strange to you. It is during this deep breathing that the body does 'store' excess oxygen, and at the moment of 'transportation' of the mind the person may cease breathing for a short time.

I shall leave the 'fuller' process to those professionals that have many years of experience. But I will add that within the 'breathing' fraternity there are many falsities of 'belief' as to what can be accomplished.

Thus I will speak a little on the word 're-birth' and 'enlightenment,' for these words I see are used by some as a 'bait' to draw people into the 'arena' which as many, has become a 'trap' to extract money from people seeking salvation.

Note: connected breathing * - The 'basics' of this breathing technique is; Lay yourself down on a bed and make yourself comfortable. You may use a low pillow if you wish, and if you live in a cold climate cover yourself with a blanket to keep warm. Remove your 'bra' or other restrictive clothing so that your breathing may be deep and easy.

The technical 'idea' is to breathe 'in and out' in a connected manner, so that there is no 'pause' as you go from one to the other. You may breathe through your nose or mouth or both, whichever gives you a free flow of air. Commence by breathing in deeply; and as soon as your lungs are full, allow your breath to be released. Do not force it out - - - as soon as your lungs are empty you must consciously draw in the next breath without any pause. - - - Continue on in this manner.

Just try and remember that the drawing in section of the technique requires a little 'effort,' whereas the exhaling does not. - - - Keep this up and you may find that after five to fifteen minutes you attain the necessary altered state of consciousness for something to occur.

If you are the silent 'witness' sitting alongside the 'traveller,' you may observe a sudden cessation of breathing, this may be for a minute or more and indicates that the person has entered the altered state. They may then remain in this state for some time breathing shallowly before again commencing to breathe deeply again and continuing on in this manner.

The 'session' may be from as little as half an hour to an hour or more. If you have a person sitting with you that is a healing 'channel' then their added energy flow input will itself assist your process. It may enable you to more easily travel to realms where you can pass on the wisdom of saying the Star prayer to those you meet.

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~ Re-birth & Enlightenment ~

Some people promote the connected breathing technique as being a 're-birthing' that is the pathway to 'enlightenment.' This in my mind is misleading; thus I say a few words on the matter. For there are also others with 'religious' views that also speak of being 're-born,' and they too are deceived by men of other 'clothing' tastes.

Firstly, you cannot be 're-born' into enlightenment, and neither can you be 'saved' through any ritual of man. Those that say you can, are simply the ignorant leading others to their 'web' of deceit for the purpose of extracting wealth.

This applies to the 'Elders' that control every known religion on earth, and it has also found its 'way' into the 'healing' programmes of the day, where the greed in man has superseded the Word of God that said: "Give unto others MY wisdom and then ask ME via them for a slice of bread."

By all means ask a 'fair' fee for personal services rendered. But impart all God's truth and wisdom freely, so that all the 'poor' and needy may also 'sup' on it and be 'saved' by its wisdom.

The 're-birthing' technique referred to in this paper was so named by some 'practitioners' due to their false belief that all 'grief' in mankind arose through a perceived 'trial' or painful experience that arose whilst they 'exited' their mother's womb during 'delivery.'

What man needs to see is that all 'spirit' beings entering the flesh of this world had existed for ages of time, and during this past time all had 'soiled' their souls with 'grime' and incurred a 'debt' to God and humanity and, - - -

They had also all become 'bound' within by emotional energy that resulted from their past 'painful' karmic repercussions.* Thus the 'releasing' of this pent up 'energy' that is a causal factor in their emotional 'imbalance' has naught to do with their physical birth.

If however their physical birth was 'traumatic,' then that would add to their existing inner 'burden.' But any release of 'tension' within through therapy or by God's merciful grace could be 'deemed' a 'rebirthing' back into the normal positive 'feeling easier' state.

As for enlightenment, there are many 'forms' of enlightenment. When you can read and 'count,' you are 'enlightened' and freed from ignorance, however any enlightenment spoken of that has a spiritual connotation is not attained through any 'breathing' technique.

Nor is it attained by any emotional release that brings a feeling of 'euphoria.' For this feeling of 'bliss' can also be experienced when being 'kissed' by an angel, or being 'presented' to a supposed 'important' person, or when participating in a ceremony or ritual of some kind. None of this leads to, or is, spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual enlightenment is in two forms. The first is one where you are freed from ignorance wherein you have heard and understood the Word of God. The 'words' that show you what your moment by moment in time conduct must be in order to become freed from the burden of 'sin' within. (Negative emotions).

For you can only 'feel' true inner peace when you are released from them by God, (The purging of darkness from the soul by the grace of God) and you then are a spirit 'containing' and filled only with pure Light energy. Thus your spirit feels 'light' as it has become 'enlightened' - freed from darkness, being the second form of enlightenment.

To become enlightened, you must look direct to God. Forget the 'rituals' of man.

Note: repercussions.* - People do not 'suffer or feel' the pain they impose upon others as they abuse them. But they do feel and suffer the return 'payback' karmic 'dues' imposed upon them by others within the immutable and 'Just' singular Law of God: "As you do is done unto you."

It is your 'freedom of choice' to defy God's "Only love" command. Just remember that all suffering is self-imposed and, it is the direct result of your past 'time' actions, wherein in some way you abused another through your vanity, pride, or insanity of the moment.

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~ Emotions ~

What is the 'euphoria' felt by so many in the 'time out' or time 'travel' process, is it but the 'apparent' release from being bound in the flesh, is it the capacity of their spirit to 'sup' on light divine when freed from the flesh, or is it that the mind takes one into the past to a time where it was not 'bound' by the present emotional state* of the soul? Is it partly due to the endorphins released within due to the increased oxygen intake? You may answer for yourself as you have your own experiences.

Note: emotional state* of the soul: - This is the inner emotional state at a particular time (The eternal present) that changes due to many factors. The 'basic' one being dependent upon the amount of 'dark' energy (the sin) that is present within the 'evolving' soul that 'contaminates' the Light loving energy core.

For the Dark energy is what comprises our negative emotions of fear, anger, jealousy, hatred, criticism etc. These 'grow' like a cancer within the soul when one defies God and is abusive to others. For at that 'moment' in time, one is expressing dark energy, and as it passes 'through' one, some of it is 'retained' within and 'adds' to the dark mass surrounding the 'nucleus' that is the 'seed'* of original sin formed at the time of ones 'inception.' (Creation)

If one has not been 'sinning' recently, and thus has not drawn in any dark energy, then the Light that outpours eternally would have drawn out some of the 'stored' dark energy, and thus 'purified' the soul to a certain degree. Thus at 'that' moment of time there would be a more positive emotional state felt by the individual.

Absolute purity of the soul is only attained when the Source has cleansed every 'speck' of darkness from the individual, and thus there are no negative emotions within them and their spiritual 'freedom' is won, and as their spirit soul then only contains pure light within (Christ soul) and, - - -

Their soul is 'vibrating' at the same frequency as the God-head, and thus they experience 'pure love' as they are pure love and light and on departing the flesh, their spirit rises up into that 'blissful' place that is only gained by the spiritually free of sin. (Dark energy)

There are many that have been 'led' to believe that they or others are 'ascended' Masters, but if their spirit soul has even one 'speck' of dark energy within, then they or their 'soul' does definitely inhabit a level of consciousness that is 'below' the ultimate level.

It is only when your spirit is in a realm where the face of God is seen* as it is clearly visible in the ultimate realm, does one know that their spiritual journey is won and their eternal abode is the Promised Land.

No person attains their spiritual freedom if they or their servants are in the 'control & extortion & punishment' game. Thus any of you that support the dark ideology of State by paying taxes are not only accruing 'painful' karma as you sleep, but into your soul flows dark mist that will make you 'ahead' weep, as its 'weight' will keep you weighed down.

Do not 'support' any 'system' that makes any other suffer or 'frown.' What will become 'apparent' to every incarnate person one day is that every 'spirit' lives forever. What each must ask themselves is "Within what 'level' do I wish to live forever"?

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For between the Pure Light 'above' and the Pure Dark 'below' are thousands of levels of consciousness. These 'worlds' are all vibrating at a certain energy 'frequency,' and it is thus that your inner 'energy' vibration draws you to a particular realm as your soul departs the flesh when it has drawn its 'last' earthly breath.

The 'less' the negative (dark) energy within, the higher you will find yourself, for the core of your soul is pure light energy that only becomes contaminated by you through arrogance or ignorance of God's Code of Conduct command.

The more 'sin' or dark energy you draw in at any stage of your eternal existence the 'heavier' and courser your vibration and deeper into the 'cold' darkness it takes you and, - - - in those lower realms there is no forgiveness, and all are merciless, corrupt, ugly, and pure evil exists.

It is thus simply a matter of 'which level' your next destiny lies that needs be looked at and 'addressed,' especially for those of you that are in the police, judiciary, or other controlling and punitive forces, for you all daily accrue a very painful due, and you also draw in dark energy that is invisibly 'binding' your soul that will be dragged down into the underworld for a time.

Be aware that the subject matter of the emotional release gained during any 'technique' that brings an 'easing' to the mind and emotions has nothing to do with releasing the 'sinful' energy accrued through being 'offensive' in the eyes of God. Refer: Sin & sinning page 25 The Testament of Truth Quote:


The SIN: is the seeds of darkness within the soul .

Which are also referred to as the sin forces, for sin has a vibrating energy field of negative emotional feeling. There are many different "sins" within the soul of an evolving spirit, e.g., Fear, Hatred, Anger, Greed, Jealousy, Vengeance, Criticism and many more.

This "energy essence" is drawn from the negative side of the universal energy source (destructive), and surrounds the light at the core of the soul, which is the divine spark of God, being the positive emotional feeling of love. (creative).


1 - The Act of mentally or emotionally or physically inflicting pain onto another.
2 - The Act of taking by force or otherwise for
3 - The emotional expression of any sin force by word or deed
abusively at another.
4 - Allowing negative energy to flow up from the dark side through us
to another.
5 - The dark (Satan or Devil) showing itself on earth (its face) in operating
through people in the flesh or when in spirit.
6 - The negative side exerting its control on earth and is the
Reaper in action through the ignorant.
7 -
Anti-Christ, Anti-Love, Deceptive, Merciless & Unforgiving.

We COMMIT a sin as the direct result of succumbing to the negative thoughts that enter our minds through the vibration of the sin force. The sin force is the "doorway" through which our mind is telepathically impregnated.

Note: 'seed'* - Each negative emotion has a 'seed' nucleus as its core, and it is through the vibration of this 'tiny' speck of darkness that mankind was 'misled' by devious thoughts, and then learned about sorrow & dread. So to become fully free of all dark energy as well as this 'seed,' you will need to heed my final message to all.

Note: God is seen* - Refer 'the Visions of the Last Prophet page 6 - The face of God

page 8

~ The ultimate healer ~

The air that is 'breathed' and ventilates the lungs is not the ultimate healer as is believed by some, neither is the air' we breathe the umbilical cord to the divine. The oxygen* in the air sustains the biological body, and it may be used in such a manner as to enable the 'subject' to be mentally transported through 'time travel' in a conscious state into the past and, to 'literally' be there with ones full consciousness.*

The Wisdom of God is the umbilical cord that enables one to return to the spiritual Land Divine (Pure Light). The wisdom is the 'Word' of the Creator - - - "Walk in Peace with love, mercy, & forgiveness in your heart."

For only in abiding in this code of conduct do we 'enable' the invisible spiritual Light energy of God that 'breathes' through our spirit soul, to purge us of all dark negative energy (sin) - - - that we drew into our souls in the past or the present moment in our daily interaction with others.

The ultimate Healer is the pure Light energy essence (God) that flows forth ceaselessly and eternally and invisibly through all created. This energy draws out or purges out darkness (Dark energy) the pure Dark energy essence (God) the ultimate destroyer of all that 'sup' on this dark 'apple.' God is all known and unknown, the entirety of all energy both positive and negative.

I say: The key to all spiritual healing is to abide in God's Word and never wield a verbal or material sword. For it is when we 'sin' and thus express dark energy as we abuse or fight or criticise or deceive that we draw more dark energy in to our spirit and this is the cause of our sorrows.

It is also the 'cause' for the 'return' karmic debt that is painful when it 'arrives' on our doorstep. It can be like a 'rocket' from the Taliban, or an American flame-thrower that 'tortures' the recipient. ( All sufferers are past offenders, - - - all the 'perpetrators' of suffering are the 'victims' of the darkness that used them to 'justifiably' abuse another child of God)

All the 'woes' of the world and every 'realm' outside Heaven are caused by dark energy that has been drawn into the souls of God's children. For these 'emotions' of darkness make one 'feel' depressed or 'warlike' and via them come the telepathic thoughts of the 'Serpent' that entice us to be its 'striking' force and 'punish' the other (justifiably).

I say: The most powerful 'healing' is the purging out of ones negative emotions - one by one - Yes, the energy 'essence' and 'core' of each dark emotion can be released (removed) from ones soul by God's outpouring of Light energy.

This is done to all that comply with the Command to "Walk in peace and be forgiving and merciful," for in so doing, by ones own efforts one halts the ingress of dark energy and thus 'enables' God to purge out the dark energy we drew in as we 'sinned,' (dark energy) which is drawn in when we criticise and abuse and misguide etc.

I would say that 'connected breathing' is a powerful tool that assists in releasing 'pent up' emotional energy that is causing inner 'conflict,' that itself has a negative impact upon the existing dark emotions within people of jealousy, hatred, fear etc, and that make those emotions more easily 'stirred.'

Thus any 'form' of meditation or 'Feeling Easier Seminars' that ease the spirit soul, mind or emotions, that helps one to remain calmer and saner and more rational, is a good and positive 'exercise.' Any true wisdom is the 'voice' of God that advises us how to become free of the suffering we accrued by being 'rude' to others.

Note: oxygen* - This 'material' gas can be 'bottled' and stored in a container. The essence of God cannot be so 'held' and used. It is an invisible essence that flows forth unseen and yes, those that 'sup' on it by expressing positivity do 'retain' some light energy in their soul. This enlarges and brightens their Inner Light that over eons of time becomes very bright.

Too many are 'stuck' in the maintenance of their fleshly body. Better to look deeper and only 'breathe' in the invisible positive spiritual energy of God by being a person that only 'walks' according to the precepts of the Word of God.

Note: full consciousness. * - You only know that you 'exist' due to your seeing 'perception' as well as your other senses and mental capacity. You cannot literally 'transport' yourself into the TV program and be fully in it, because you are 'aware' that you are outside it due to your perception and senses but, you can become emotionally involved and feel 'something,' be it sorrow or joy etc.

In time travel you are fully conscious, and you will know that your spirit being with all its faculties are present and you are thus able to feel joy or anguish if 'burned' by a flame or nailed to a cross.

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~ The 'Star' Prayer ~

One can 'participate' in many different healing 'processes' taught by many different organisations. All have their own particular 'way' and each 'facilitator' has their own particular manner.

All 'Seminars' that result in one feeling better are beneficial but just remember that, - - - it is only God that has the 'power' to release you from the bondage of your inner 'sin' and, - - - God will only so do when you 'learn' to be merciful and forgiving to those that 'confront' you.

The Star prayer is a meditation in which one thrice daily consciously asks God to assist them to maintain their sanity and respect of others so as to be able to comply with God's "Walk in peace and only love" command when faced by adversity during the 'testing time' to now be.

The 'power' of the Star prayer is its capacity to lessen the impact of negative thoughts arising in your mind, and to lessen or 'quell' the negative emotions that erupt at times. One may use the bright morning Star as a mental 'focal' point and say:

Creator of the heavens - Mother of love
I see your Star - shining above
please cleanse my mind with all your love
so I may heed your call of Peace from above

If one 'permits' the 'continuity' of dark thoughts and emotions to revolve endlessly then one will be 'seduced' into a negative act and either abuse ones 'self' or others and, in that process draw in more dark energy and accrue more dark karma. (Eye for an eye)

Thus those of you that would like to 'halt' the drawing in of dark energy need to not only help yourself feel 'better' in any way you wish to, but you also need to do the Star prayer thrice daily to fortify your mind.

For only thus are you able to suffer your karmic fate in a peaceful and non-retaliatory manner. All try and avoid their suffering due, but few know why or how they did it accrue in the first instance.

The inhabitants of this world are soon to become fully aware that they 'share' its surrounding 'invisible' space with multitudes of discarnate spirit beings. These spirit beings are ALL lost souls.* Many of them are extremely 'intelligent' with very 'bent' Ego's, and they are also bound mentally by powerful forces beyond their 'vision.'

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Note: lost souls.* - Every spirit that 'interferes' mentally in the minds of others is 'lost,' for they are not aware that our God can inspire us directly. Thus all 'direction' or 'misdirection' that flows in telepathically from spirit beings or 'guides,' is from those that are yet bound by negative emotions to a greater or lesser degree. Their telepathic intrusion is manipulation of another.

It is by their very 'acts' that they are treating you as a 'robot' to do their bidding, and this 'earns' them a dark karmic debt, and their 'actions' also halt their entry into the Pure Light Realm. For you may be unaware of their control over your mind, and their thoughts are assumed by you to be yours.

Any person in the flesh is also 'lost' or they would not be here. They would be in Heaven. This does not apply to those of you that as me, have returned (Incarnated into the flesh) from the Light to assist seekers of Salvation at this end time separation of souls.

Note: - It is a well known fact that ventilating the lungs with oxygen when exercising brings about a 'dynamic' change in the brain that gives one a feeling of wellbeing, as is experienced after a bout of exercising.

Our inner spiritual being is 'bonded' to the flesh with a sensory energy umbilical cord for as long as the biological 'spacesuit' remains 'alive,' in that it is able to sustain itself through absorbing and digesting food that energises it, and it follows that the feeling of wellbeing of the soul within is impacted upon via the senses as to the condition of the 'living' flesh.

Thus there is an importance to the way we 'treat' our material body. For if it becomes 'ill' the spirit within feels uncomfortable, and our mental and emotional state are therefore affected.

When I state that too many are mainly concerned with their fleshly biological body, I do not imply that we should not be taking care of it, but I am simply letting you know that the flesh is but a very temporary organic 'vehicle' for the soul to inhabit in this Realm and, - - -

There is a far greater need for all to be concerned with what 'nature' of spiritual energy they 'sup' on and thus feed their soul each day. For the spirit being does exist forever and a day, and its inner 'condition' does have a great bearing upon our mental and emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Those that are 'sinning' through the abuse of others are feeding their spirit soul with the invisible negative dark energy of God and accruing a 'painful' return due within the Law of God. (As you do is done unto you)

Those that walk on this 'path' find that their 'woes' grow and grow as unforgiving forces inflict merciless retribution upon them, and their suffering grows, and as they draw in dark energy it stains their soul and lowers and coarsens its vibration, and thus it is dragged below in the afterlife.

Those that are merciful and forgiving and 'loving' as commanded by God are feeding their spirit soul with the invisible spiritual 'ether' of the light energy of God, and accruing a positive return Tribute of 'joy' and happiness within the Law of God. (As you do is done unto you)

Those that walk this path 'turn' the other cheek when confronted and do not retaliate. They also fill their soul with light energy that 'raises' its vibration. Thus when they depart the flesh they rise up into the Light.

"Sup on love and light and never condemn, abuse, or fight."

I can only stress the importance of the need for every one of you to do your very best to have good intent in ALL you do, and to BE loving and kind and merciful and forgiving. For what none of you are aware of, is that every 'deed' you do is observed by God and spirits UNTRUE, and it is they that 'plot' and scheme to bring you to 'account.'

All 'misery' is but 'debts' that did mount due to ignorance, vanity, and arrogance. Let us together now walk forwards in the Light of God and lovingly and caringly share our 'collective' wisdom, so as to not only uplift those in need here in the flesh, but as we so do, we also impart wisdom to those lost in spirit that are observing us, and they too then have the opportunity of elevating themselves up, up, and away to the Light.

I ask that you all examine the different 'ways' of saying the Star prayer that is given fully in the Brief Summary on this web site. For one can then say it mentally prior to commencing their connected breathing and also, if they become consciously aware of meeting others on their time travel journey, they can tell them * of the Star prayer too.

Note: them * - This note is for the enlightened that can see past their own misery. For too many today are locked into 'selfishness' and seek only to bless themselves with 'aid' and they see not the suffering of others. For the deeper truth and reality is that many of you are here so as to 'link through' to the many spirit realms wherein abide the truly lost.

And as this you do, you can help them by giving them the Star prayer true so that they can feel more mentally and emotionally at ease and thus rise up off their 'knees,' as they seek to elevate themselves with God's love and wisdom as given to you today by God's dove.

I would like to see breathing 'facilitators' call themselves "Time travel teacher - facilitating deep emotional release using the connected breathing technique, and assisting in 'time' and inter-dimension travel."

I would also hope that all of them will see the need for 'goodness' at this end time. For they will then realise that the whole population of the Planet needs spiritual healing and good counsel, and that facilitators are 'limited' in their capacity to personally help 'many' at any given moment.

Thus it would be a kind 'act' to place on line a free teaching 'aid' or 'handbook' manual, that would give any reader all they need to know to help themselves and their friends and families with this emotional release 'program.'

I would request that those of you that so do, to please link your site to this web page, as it has on it this link to the;
suicide document > and the information thereon is also of great importance to all mankind.