~ The 'boat' people ~
The 'illegal' entering Australia by boat - the true perspective

For centuries there have been 'boat' people roaming the globe. Some were like the Vikings and the British who 'landed' and claimed all the 'riches' they could take using force of arms. In the 'case' of the British they seized the land mass named Australia and as yet control it and its borders using force of arms in defiance of their God.

How 'then' can 'they' state that others arriving peacefully and desperate to find shelter as being either 'illegal' or in need of jail 'time' to be 'processed' as fit for acceptance or otherwise?

Truth be told, our Creator abhors the ways of man, for HE owns all, not mortal men who strut around vainly controlling and interfering and destroying. So as I see it, the time has come to 'open' the doors to every land on earth and 'permit' people to roam freely here or there or anywhere without 'let or hindrance' and without 'passports' or 'visa' requirements.

Who are you or I to 'validate' any other as being our equals? Are all men not sinners and capable of the most heinous deeds if becoming mentally disturbed?

It was 'written' that in the END of days time the Spirit of Truth would appear in the 'heavens' with his face visible to be seen by all and, I say that I am he who states: "Anybody 'found' defiant of their God by ME is to fail and FALL into abject misery and terrifying AGONY in hellish realms below," so I simply 'ask':

"Ask yourself if your actions or the actions of your 'servants' are within the precepts of God's Command which I reiterate here. For if 'not,' then ahead your 'face' will 'disappear' forever into the 'black' night where all 'scrabble and fight' on and on and ON for eternity, getting nowhere other than deeper into the PIT, where at ITS 'bottom' end is the eternal FIRE."

The Command

"Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful & compassionate & forgive your enemy"

My response to the 'Examiner' newspaper of 14 September 2013 in reference to the  suggestion by Julian Burnside QC to turn Tasmania into a 'temporary prison facility' to handle asylum seekers arriving by boat is as follows:

Turning Tasmania into a 'temporary' prison to detain people 'for a time' to ascertain their 'validity' to 'live or die' or 'be or not to be' accepted in the belief that this 'policy' saves our souls (and money) is ignorance and an arrogant attitude.

In the first instance, any funds 'spent' on 'arrivals' to Australia and any money spent by 'officialdom' in the merciful or otherwise 'keeping of arrivals' is money taken forcefully by taxation from THE PEOPLE and that 'policy' is ERROR.

People already living on the land mass do NOT 'own it,' and thus it is NOT for 'us' to impose ANY strictures or restrictions upon arrivals of any kind, for in the eyes of the Creator, ALL are 'legal' and FREE to come and go as long as they do NOT 'disturb the peace' of the land.

Also, the 'word' needs to get 'out' to the international community that Australian citizens can no longer be 'forced' at gun point by state officials of the 'gov' to pay for the 'welfare' and upkeep of 'boat people' or any other arrivals.

The People already on this land must only use their own conscience and freely GIVE funds to support existing welfare agencies IF they so choose. The agencies will do their best to help the needy find a 'feed' or a blanket or a tent or, boat people arriving must make use of their own funds or ask and rely on individual families such as mine if they can 'camp' on their property and be assisted as they plant their own 'corn' or 'spuds' etc.

It is the 'promise' of free 'dole' and housing and free medical etc., paid for by THE PEOPLE of Australia which attracts many like a 'moth' to a light.  So once 'boat people' know that they can land here or there or anywhere on God's soil, but there is NO 'free ride' thereafter and they must 'pay their own way' or sit on the road side and ASK for a feed or shelter, then and only then will the TRUE 'Seekers of Salvation' take to the seas.

The 'nonsense' of arrivals to Christmas Island being 'transported' here or there or anywhere at the expense of THE PEOPLE of Australia needs to cease.

Funds are soon to dry up as citizens of every land not only 'run out of money,' but turn their backs on extortionist governments who steal endless sums of money and use IT to maintain control and cause harm in defiance of God. (Ref: Render unto Caesar at end)

Let 'all comers' enter freely, be it on a boat or a plane 'openly,' and let anyone being unhappy with this Godly way simply move away to some other place or land of their choice.

All newcomers will be advised that they will be left in PEACE as God commands as long as they do NOT 'disturb the peace of the land,' and that IF they do, they will be hauled in and made to attend a 'Feeling Easier' Seminar as given on this web site within the 'Offender' document.

So "Yes," let us Tasmanians welcome 'all comers' for we all are simply 'children of God' seeking happiness and spiritual freedom and, - - - as we 'do unto others' will by others (and God) be done unto us.

It needs to be understood that the ONLY 'illegals' in God's eyes are the unwise who defy His Command, and they 'excommunicate' themselves from His 'Promised Land.'



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