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~ Local Council dismissal Paper ~
The termination of the local Council as being ones sole service provider.

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It can be seen now that no community council department is a 'friendly' community service provider. This is because its written 'policy' of engagement with you and all has become dictatorial, controlling, inquisitive, interfering, taxing and punitive.

No longer have community members or elected council members any power to oppose the rules that now dictate the terms and policies imposed upon community members, and it is also the rules that now dictate the unconscionable controlling and punitive policies of the employed office workers of the institution.

The office workers are no longer seen as the 'employed' because during past employment years the 'officials' have raised up policies that have passed the right of management to the rules that now control all and, - - - community members are 'bound over' to the rules and thus their way of living is controlled in many a way and if they seek 'freedom' to do anything differently they are persecuted and prosecuted and, - - -

The community member has no 'say' as to what services are provided nor as to what they believe is a correct price to pay for said services. Thus the community member has become the 'servant' who is forced to pay up whatever is demanded by the rules that have become the Master.

In my opinion any community 'effort' has to be one that operates on the basis whereby the individual offers a contribution to the community service provider and they ask for the use of any particular service that is provided by the 'whole.'

In the past the ruling of the council rules has taught mankind falsely, and man has used these rules to tax every person living in the district, whether they used the facility or not, or whether they asked for the facility or not. All persons owning land or homes are charged a fee that must be paid or 'somebody' takes it upon themselves to send in a Bailiff and seize property.

Any community effort must be based on the free giving of individuals in the community, and in the event that the community member does not seek any services then they are free to contribute to the welfare of others if they so choose and, - - - if they have received services from the community organisation but are dissatisfied in any way, then they are entitled to halt their contribution to council and seek the services of others to provide their needs.

It is now the time to withdraw from the 'old' and systematic way wherein the King or Chief or president via their self imposed authority assumed ownership of all lands within the control of their armies and taxed any 'slave' such as you that acquired a holding and built a home on it.

For this perpetual State or Council 'rates and taxes' levy that filled the King's coffers using coercion and punishment is but stealing from God's children and needs to be abolished, as is the manner in which home builders are forced to comply with design and other rulings. It is the time for the individual requiring basic or other services to make a contribution to a community group or to tender out to other service providers for the supply needed.

Let it be seen that all infrastructure standing today, be it roads, phone lines, dams, sewerage systems etc., have all been paid for by the community and all are owned by God and, - - - any person is entitled to equal rights use of these.

But if you wish to travel on the road you will pay the fuel cost and contribute to the upkeep, if you do not give enough then your roads will become gravel and bumpy. If you wish to have reticulated water then you must contribute to its provision or it will not be supplied. If you expect someone to remove your rubbish then you will pay for it, but none will demand that you pay their price, nor will they demand that you subscribe to the service.

As council now becomes more insane and overbearing you may wish to withdraw your funding support as is your entitlement given by God, and to so do you may send the below letter to the local council chambers to assist them to learn something. If you wish to use a part of their provision of service then offer them an equitable amount for that service. 

Local council should be a simple 'effort' to which community members can subscribe to and seek its provision of services or, they can unsubscribe and not seek its service as they go their own way.

Every community member must now at their ‘Council’ look, for their ‘way’ has become lost and their authority they mistook. For Council officials similarly as every member of government assumed that it was them with the right to control and regulate, as their advantage they took by force and armed men.

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It is time for them to see that if they cannot provide a water or sewerage facility for you or me then it is not for them to presume that they can then issue an edict to the effect that ‘we’ cannot build a home on our land and, neither must we assume that we can such services demand from a community welfare facility that may be under funded or over extended or mismanaged.

For too long has every local Council been ‘run’ on the basis that it is the overlord of the manor, and that it can go forth and ‘corruptly’ lay down the law and force the local community into conformance to the directives of its dictators.

This mismanagement must now cease, for every person is entitled to live on their land ‘title’ in the manner that they so wish and to build as they see fit, for if their building is structurally weak or unsound then it is them not you or I to be buried underground.

Not only this, but in the first instance, any property owner or ‘dweller’ on any property must not assume that they will receive a provision of services from anyone, not even the community Council body.

Let all now begin to realize that in the new coming age that self-sufficiency is the primary way, and if you cannot find a satisfactory provider of services that meets your personal needs then you will either do without them or, you will have to provide them for yourself.

For the present system wherein Council rules force people into conformity to their regulatory standards is error in the eyes of God, as is the demand of Council that you pay a variety of licence fees for every activity related to your functioning. Council interferes in every community activity, and it is not for any Council to state who can or who cannot subdivide their land, or 'how many' homes can be built upon it.

Council or any other community or private services provider endeavor must make no demands off anyone, it is simply the provider of a service such as water supply, waste removal or rural fire service etc., for which it can expect to be paid on an ‘joint’ agreement fee basis and, it will be an advisory community service ‘repository’ that gives out codes of building standards etc., for free, as and when asked for.

But there will be no compliance dictates with any annual money payable having punitive attachments that is extortion by coercion and, if you would rather have services provided by others or yourself, then you must not be forced to fund the Council services provider operation.

If you are a ‘wise’ person you will make no demands of others and you will begin to make plans to assist yourself and others. This will be easier if you live in small towns or in rural areas, for as water becomes an issue you should have large storage tanks set in place, and the issue of sewerage and rubbish disposal is easy to manage.

If you are in a city and thus ‘bound’ to the town supply of your needs, then you may well find that you will be forced by circumstance to vacate your ‘flat’ due to water and sewerage services faltering.

If you have a city allotment with home on it then you should consider the possibility of sewerage failure and now dig a ‘long drop’ toilet outhouse such as is still used by many and, you would be foolish if you did not have a rain tank or two in place.

As said, become self-sufficient now. Do not wait until systems fail for they will, and you will have no one to blame other than yourself for relying on the ‘goodwill’ of others, being money coerced out of their pockets by the ‘governing’ system so as to support you.

Due to the mismanagement by Councils coupled with the huge rise in services costs in every area due to the mismanagement and extortionist nature of every government on earth, and the resultant escalation in taxes and subsequent impoverishment of the community, there is little funding left for community free giving by the individual.

 Local Councils that in the past made their demands from the people will find it impossible to meet the demands of the community of them. 

 Council has become the official domain of an external imposing force operating as a Sovereign Power, and the individuals right to live according to ones own policies needs to revert back to the local community members. I can but suggest that; all employees that use rules to interfere and control and enforce community activities need to read the 'Dismissal of government' document linked at the end of page 7.

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~ The Devil's Agent~

There is a Dark plan that does span every town on earth's land and IT was "raised up" by the Devil's own "hand." The plan was to monies "collect" from every "purse" that man did not protect.

This plan was to also "raise up" a "Court" that was self-mandated by rules to extort by fine and penalty from any who "appeared" to owe "someone" a penny.

And every person on earth by "precedent" has been bound, for all believe that they do "owe" this "Court" funds if in its "eyes" any "fault" with their way is found.

So every time the "Court" is "asked" to intercede between "parties," one or both will financially bleed, and even if the "claimant" does win, the Court being the Devil's "Collection Agency" does also its sinful "wages" gain.

None seeing that the initial complaint is contra the Commandment of God to "Only love," and thus ahead the complainant and the Agency employees (Court workers) will and do "faint."

For their "take" is a demand to pay that is issued with threats of default penalties at that time, and on a prior day. And none see that mandated or not they place their own soul "within" the Devil's plot to steal using compulsive force.

For under God's ONE Holy Law of "What you do is done unto you," you consign your own soul to Hell for being a "thief" for sure.

So what "if" any State or town Council make a demand off you saying: "You have defaulted in your Rates, or land tax, or taxation payment due, and thus to this Court of man we will drag you to 'show' your default so that they "permit" us to steal goods from your vault."

I say that the Court is but a self-appointed Collection Agent of the Devil who himself does "revel" at the thought of His future "sport" when He drags these "fools" below who yet God's Holy Word do not know. For no Council ever was asked to its "full" Service provide no, in its "vanity" it just sends out "accounts" and says: "To this our annual Rate demand you must comply and thus pay or else we will authorise the Devil's "Court" to seize your goods on our behalf off thee."

I say that to the Devil's men in the Court you needs say:

"On no day did I ask for the service provision, nor did I ask for, or 'Tender' for, or agree to, the amount charged. Thus I owe naught, and if you 'fine' me on their behalf (the complainant), then for sure it is you at fault and your 'thieving' souls will go to the Devil's vault.

Please ask the 'complainant' if I did ever verbally or in writing either 'accept' or agree to pay annually their service fee demand, or did I in fact infer or state or write to say that I felt that it was too high and thus paid them naught or 'something less' than their demand.

If they say that I did 'Tender' for their services, then ask them to show you my 'application' for their services with agreed to price so that we both can it see to aid thee if you wish to proceed in your 'execution' of me.

For before you and God I can say that I do not just 'owe' a penny to any other just because I 'live' in the same area as they, nor just because they say that I must to their 'cause' an annual fee pay."

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Either the above say, or just attach this note as your submission on the day. For God says that the reality of the matter is that no man has to "accept" extortionist demands made, be they "appearing" in the guise of a "due" due to the claimant being voted into an "office."

For all can see their falsity, wherein they threaten you prior to their "election" saying: "If you do not vote for me or another then you will be punished," and once voted-in they say: "As you did vote for me you now are my slave bound to pay me any due demanded by me, for I see your 'vote' for me and 'the System I 'head' as an 'open slather' Mandate."

For it is a demand when its or any "notice" arrives saying: "If you do not pay this amount by the due day then we will steal your goods and/or you will be fined by our Court."

So every "Court" in the land is one false and "underhand." For it also "believes" that God's simple children owe a "due" if one is demanded through any non-conformity to the multiplicity of rules and regulations raised-up by the elected untrue.

For the elected were not "told" by their "electorate" that they would be empowered to just "do" whatever they wished to no, it is the supposed "elect" who have taken it upon themselves to make legislative impositions that they decided to, for "someone's" benefit.

I say that if the "other" ten members of my family take a popular vote to go on a picnic next Sunday, that it is my democratic right to non-conformity and remain at home for the day.

If they "believe" that my decision is offensive and an "offence" in their eyes, and seek to reprimand me in any way, then God's face they will never see.

I also say that whether I am an "old" retiree or a young potato farmer in an "outback" valley, "Why should I comply to the edicts of past or present 'strangers' far away"?

Strangers who not only "decide" on new rules and regulations each day, but also decide on their "ideas" as to the default penalties to be imposed upon me if I do not follow their "laws." Rules I do not comply to because I can see their vanity and insanity.

God says: "Let the legislators comply to their defiance of My cry, for if they demand or expect any other to, then for eternity they will reflect upon their vanity in MY 'prison' below, where all the 'continuing' arrogant are now to go."

I say that sane and rational people would like the provision of services and that they would contribute to such. However, let no service provider hold a 'gun' to their customer saying: "Pay us whatever we demand or we will not only reprimand you but we will destroy your life and livelihood and cast you out of 'our' society." That is disrespect, extortion, and insanity.

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~ Repetition of understanding ~

It needs be seen that “Council” is not a benign community welfare organisation that ‘contractually’ provides services on the basis of the needs – wants – desires of the individual community members.

It is in fact an institution operating as a dictatorial “Feudal overlord” who insists that his ‘dictates’ are adhered to, and whether or not the services imposed are fairly priced, needed, or desired by the individual, all are coerced into conformity to its dictates and forced into funding its coffers and, - - -

If there is any ‘default’ to the ‘taxing’ rates demands the individual is punished, and has their property seized (stolen) and mis-appropriated into the coffers of the ‘State’ feudal overlord (Council) by force of arms.

This controlling, interfering, and punitive interaction with individual community members is absolute iniquity, ordered and ‘ordained’ by an unholy book of rules inspired from Hell.

The community need to now take positive action by first realizing that this is a bad state of affairs, because the contribution to the community welfare is not the free giving of the individual as God commands and, - - -

That a part of it their ‘payment’ is being used by Council officials to inflict mental and emotional trauma and material loss upon others in the community, and this dark action incurs a penalty upon the whole community within the Law of God.

The office and officers of any community 'Council' body must be answerable to each member of the community individually, because the corporate 'body' or its officers offer a contract of service to the individual, and must agree 'jointly' to services supplied.

At no 'stage' must any Council force any person in the community into conformity, nor seize their assets for non payment of 'dues,' for when a community member cannot afford their 'side' of a contractual agreement, then the council can stop supplying the services to the individual if it so wishes to.

No individual must be coerced or threatened, or forced to take up any service supply simply because a service provider is in a position to 'offer it,' and no  individual must be coerced or threatened, or forced to fund any service supply simply because a service provider does not have the money to implement it.

In order to now implement changes to the positive the Council 'officers' must themselves need to realise that their 'power' is presently a false 'mandate' as they receive their 'authority' from a 'dictate' that emanates from outside their community. Thus they are not 'representatives' of individual community members and they are an 'overlord' as such but, - - -

They need to see that once the individual community members realise that they are being controlled by 'swine' they will halt their support of Council, and they will begin to 'provide' their own services where possible as they dig their own latrine pit and supply their own rain water tank or water supply, and any Council officer who imposes punishment do thus send their own soul into the Abyss for a time and a time because, - - -

They have proven to God that they are thieving swine that do interfere in the lives of any that have a 'difference of opinion' or a different 'belief' which is the God given free choice of every individual.

Council 'management' via their own regulations have placed themselves into a position of 'Master' or 'God' with the power and authority to use dark force to RULE every citizen and this is the ERROR of 'judgement' to now bring TERROR into every 'land' as God 'forces' everyone to UNDERSTAND that; - - - It is by HIM totally FORBIDDEN to use the dark force of HIS lower land.

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~ The free giving support of community ~

 I feel that every person needs to see quite clearly that it is God not man that needs to see our good deeds, it is not necessary to ‘flaunt’ our free giving in the face of man as this itself is arrogance, and it is showing that ‘one’ has the wealth to do it.

The whole political mess and imposed suffering upon all is due to politicians showing ‘us’ how much they support us in their ‘giving’ to us and thus elevating themselves in the eyes of man, and man sees not that all ‘given’ by politicians is taken from them in the first place by enforced taxation.

God sees your every ‘intent’ and every deed, thus it is best to seed your 'ableness' quietly and inconspicuously. For example, if one is a keen inland waterways ‘angler’ and wishes to contribute to that particular sport, then one does not need to give their financial support to any particular ‘department’ especially one that is controlling and punitive, for that support of darkness in action is error.

It would be better to simply purchase some ‘fingerlings’ and put them into a lake that one is using so that it is kept well stocked for all, and one could also do it to some other lake used by others if one had the spare time, funds, and inclination.

Naturally one is free to make a financial donation to any organisation that is in need of funds for its daily program or for intended expansion, but one should never give financial support to any institution that has a ‘Military’ style enforcement and punishment policy, as that incurs the wrath of God and brings a return of suffering upon all that funded its ‘works.’

 Other than that one must naturally contribute and pay for services rendered by others, be it by the new age community ‘Council’ body that is a benign organisation with which one agrees to the services to be provided and agrees to their cost.

Let it be seen and understood that God is "The Master," - - - not man nor politician nor institution nor book of rules.

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~ The dismissal of Council ~

Dear Sir/Madam, I wish to advise you that the Plenipotentiary of God is now on earth, and it is revealed by God through his 'pen' that my 'way' of supporting your institution is error and I now advise you that:

I cannot pay your institution any money by way of 'rates' or tax or other because I now see that the conduct of your governing institution is 'unbecoming' and dishonourable to God, and it is operating in a manner that is contrary to my belief and God's "Peace and free will" Command.

I can no longer support its punitive and controlling ways, nor to the use of rates monies being used to persecute and traumatize persons within the local community.

Thus I can pay no 'monies' to your institution, as this would prove my support and complicity to its punitive, regulating and controlling way that I now see is error in God's sight, and I also now see that in giving support to any punitive way brings a return of suffering upon me and my household.

I shall seek an alternative way of making a contribution to the welfare of others in this community, and I will seek others to provide me with any services I need.

If ahead the local community Council endeavour becomes a solely benign welfare services provider, then I shall reconsider my position and support whatever sector of its provision of services that I wish to.

Let it be clearly understood, that NO man must tell any other how 'they' must conduct their 'business or living ways.'  Soon every person continuing to be an enforcer imposing the dictates or 'rules' of others will be 'swept' off the face of this planet and be dragged into the underworld of eternal torment.

Education, guidance & free advice is the way of the day.

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