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~ God versus Barbara Strainig ~

Educational document



page - 1 - Letter to 'Break O'Day Council
page - 2 - Letter to Gerald & Mr & Mrs Michael Aulich
page - 3 - Response to Michael Aulich
page - 4 - Response to 'Break O'Day' Mayor
page - 5 - The moral of the story
page - 6 - Letter 2  to Michael Aulich
page - 7 - Letter 3  to Michael Aulich
page - 8 - The 'Lord's Prayer error
page - 9 - Where to now & Apology letter
page - 10 - Addendum - Crown land

~ Introduction ~

This 'paper' is an 'expose' of 'how' errant man 'falls' and 'how' this happening takes place via the hands and minds of other 'sinners' who take it upon themselves to be the retributive 'arm' of God in ACTION against another, and it is the 'consequence' of SIN within. (Negative emotions, being the dark energy essence of God)

The inner Sin enables the mind of man to be telepathically linked-in to lower realms of consciousness inhabited by 'demonic' forces who telepathically incite earthlings to cause harm to another so as to 'balance' the 'Scales of Justice' of the dark aspect of the Source.

This 'case' shows that way in her 'past' and even possibly in her pre-birth spirit life time Mrs. Strainig caused some other person 'injury' in the form of loss and suffering either personally or through the punitive ACTIONS of her 'servants' * and she accrued a similar 'penalty' due within the immutable: "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law of God and, - - -

It was thus our God who placed her in a 'circumstance' where other ignorant simmers would be 'incited' to do the same unto her because said others were 'infidel' non-believers in God and the dark energy essence of the Source, God was via its punitive demonic forces able to mete out 'divine retribution' in enforcing God's Law in meting out 'payback' as said 'forces' operated invisibly, clandestinely and justifiably via 'earthlings' they controlled telepathically.

This 'case' also clearly shows that 'when' a person is subjected to the punitive aspect of God's law, that they find NO 'protection' or alleviation of suffering through any 'laws, rules, decrees, statutes,' etc., of man.

This 'case' also clearly shows that the ones meting out said 'punishment' are 'unaware' at the time that their own activities place them 'squarely' into the same punitive aspect of THE LAW of God, and that ahead, at some stage, they will be 'forced' by others to suffer the same loss or injury etc.

It is the 'intent' of this document to 'show' man that it is not for them to be 'god in action' but to ONLY educate, and thus uplift the consciousness of other sinners so that everyone remains within the precepts of God's Command: "Love one another," rather than defying God and causing harm or deprivation and thus accruing a similar 'loss & suffering' DUE within the immutable Law of God. Everyone on earth is presently 'trapped' by darkness in one way or another.

This case clearly shows that when 'man' is justified in carrying out any negative or punitive 'activity,' they are 'out of control' mentally. Either due to their negative emotions taking control of their conscience and rationality or, through their 'belief' that a rule in a book and their wage justifies a 'take or punishment' as in the 'case' of council staff believing in taxing persons simply because said tax is enshrined as text in a book.

All mankind is yet 'offensive' and on the wide road to Hell and thus the reader of this article is no 'better' than any named persons in this article because all are yet defiant of God either personally or via institutions they fund whose officials go forth in their name and on their behalf interfering, subjugating, punishing, evicting, injuring, killing, causing mental and emotional 'agony' etc.

I can but 'trust' that you the 'reader' amend your ways and thank God for these revelations as you begin to 'turn the other cheek' and remain MEEK in the face of apparent 'adversity' and thus show God your obedience to His Command.

Note: ACTIONS of her 'servants' * - If you are a voter or taxpayer then all 'done' unto others in the local community or 'overseas' by your 'official' servants which causes 'harm or loss or destruction or deprivation of liberty' becomes a spiritual due upon your own 'head.' No mandate of man nor text in any book of statutes nullifies the implementation of THE LAW OF GOD.

 page 1

Open Letter to Des Jennings, the Mayor and all councillors of the 'Break O'Day' Council.

Dear all, I wish to advise you that I was visited by, and took into my care for a few days an extremely emotionally 'traumatised' and mentally 'disturbed' lady (daughter of God) who sought my assistance and counsel, namely Mrs. Barbara Strainig, and by virtue of my insight I have recommended that she permit me to help her 'psychological' and material problems to which she has agreed and, - - - as a result of that, I now send this 'notice' to you on her behalf and, - - -

I also attach another letter which I am sending to the other party 'concerned.' Being the persons instigating an aggressive 'action' against her which denied her access to her dwelling and resulted in 'Barbara's' present long term of mental and emotional trauma, namely, Mr & Mrs. Michael Aulich and Mr. Gerald Aulich. Mrs. Strainig now aged 67 years spent 16 months living in her motor vehicle and now, being 28 July 2013 over three and a half years later, she is still denied access to her home.

The 'issue' surrounding this 'case' is that for 'certain' reasons known by God and the Aulich family, they took it upon themselves to seize possession of the Titled property (No:) and all thereon by closing off the access road using 'forceful' means, and advising 'Barbara' that in their opinion, they were so entitled to do, and she has been unable  to use the access road and thus cannot 'reasonably' get to her home. She is also fearful for her life since having been accosted and physically assaulted whilst in transit on the access road.

I have advised 'Barbara' that in spiritual reality, any control, restriction, seizure, dispossession, mental emotional or physical trauma etc., can only take place with the 'sanction' of the Sovereign Authority, God, who 'backs' every interaction of mortal man, be it benign or malignant, and that it is not for her to 'question' God but to simply accept His 'decision' and to go her way in peace as she obeys the 'love & peace & mercy & compassion & forgive' Command,  and do her very best to assist her 'persecutors' (Aulich family and others) to see 'reason,' so that they understand 'something' which may assist them on their spiritual path.

The purpose of this letter is to advise 'Council' staff that, - - - since her property has been 'seized,' in that she has been denied access since Oct 2009 and has had to sleep in her vehicle for some '16 months' by the roadside as a 'dispossessed' person, - - - I have advised her to hand her property back TO the Sovereign Authority, God and to go her way in peace and leave any 'further' decisions around IT (the property) to God and, - - -

I have advised her that she is not required to pay any Council 'rates' or other charges accrued from the 'date' which God imposed said 'restriction' using mortal men to so do.

I advise 'Council' staff and others that although she has handed this property to God for 'safe' keeping, that it still remains in her name AND in God's care and, - - -  that any person 'trespassing' thereon is answerable to God THE ALMIGHTY and, - - -

If the Council staff believe that they have a 'right' to collect any rates 'tax' for this 'land' area for and on behalf of the Sovereign 'Crown,' then they are 'legally' bound to collect said rates from those who in fact have 'control' over IT, being the Aulich family but, - - -

Irrespective of 'who' other than 'Barbara' pays rates, the land remains the property of God (The Crown) IN THE NAME OF 'Barbara' in perpetuity unless she sells it and, - - -  any person in Council or other who take it upon themselves at any later stage to sell or 'auction' said property for non payment of rates or any other reason, will assuredly suffer the consequence of their 'trespass' say I the messenger of the Most High God.

If in the future 'Barbara' either sells this land area OR 'deeds' IT for free to some other, then it is our God inspiring said 'sale' or deeding away and let NO mortal interfere, for IF they are so foolish to so do,  they will 'pay' the 'blood price' as do all whom defy our God and interfere in the lives of others and disturb the peace of the land.


 There is a copy of this correspondence on line as Item 9 at: 

page 2

 ~ Open letter to the Aulich family, 226 Irish Town road, St Mary's ~

Dear Madam & Sirs, the Proclamation of the Overlord our Almighty God is:

"I AM the Almighty and I Command YOU to to go your way in peace and to love one another and, - - - I also 'warn' you that I AM ALL, being the Light AND the Dark emotional energy essence and, if you are so foolish as to defy ME and 'sup' from the 'fruit' of MY 'forbidden to use' Dark forceful energy 'TREE' and thus cause any mental or emotional or physical 'harm' to any of MY other children, then you will 'die in your sin' because, as you use MY forceful destructive POWER, some of IT grows within your own soul as a 'cancer' within (sin) and YOU cannot remove IT and, - - - the 'weight' and vibration of IT is what drags your soul OUT OF MY SIGHT and into MY abyss."

Dear Gerald, Michael and Mrs. Aulich, as you are God's precious creation it is my duty to do my very best to assist you to find your way 'back' from the downward spiral you are all IN so that you no longer 'find' the justification to continue on along your present 'tack.' My work is to do with the power of deceptive THOUGHTS which telepathically invade the psyche of man and drive one against the other for many reasons.

The time now 'left' for man to OBEY his God and BOW totally in SUBMISSION to God's Command is 'brief' indeed. You have the 'choice' as do all to defy God. Regrettably the negative emotions within man have 'grown' so powerful that everyone is easily overpowered by incoming DEVIOUS thoughts from dark spirit realms, and given 'ideas' or 'reasons' to interfere, dispossess,  steal, control, subjugate and to cause some other harm.

Man sees NOT that everyone is always within the Law of God which cannot be 'voided, avoided nor nullified FOR ANY REASON. No official position, mandate, badge of office etc., voids or nullifies the implementation of God's Law. Regrettably this 'law' balances ITS 'Scales of Justice' when IT so decides, be it in this life 'time' or a million years from now IN the 'after life.'

Yes there are in your MIND 'justified reasons' for doing what you did and yet do, - - - restrict another person from accessing their home. But you see NOT that all 'agony' and mental and emotional and physical 'duress' still being knowingly OR unknowingly IMPOSED and 'suffered' each passing day is a spiritual DUE upon your 'heads' which you have already accrued and yet DAILY accrue and, - - - that the consequential EQUAL and thus 'eye for an eye' RETURN within the Law of God cannot be avoided.

I am the ONE to expose to humanity the powerful dark spirit forces who walk alongside 'each' of you and alongside EVERYONE and, it is THEY  who seek to destroy everyone INCLUDING YOU and, - - - to accomplish this, they FIRST give you a very 'good' reason to defy God because they KNOW that it is YOU who will eventually suffer the consequence.

"As you make others homeless and lose all, so shall ye be made homeless and lose all."

Everyone is ENTITLED to defy their God and BE 'swine' but ALL ARE SUBJECTS OF 'HIS' AND SUBJECT TO HIS LAW.

If there is ANYTHING I can do to assist you to see 'reason' and at the same time assist our divine SISTER 'Barbara' back into mental stability and HAPPINESS then PLEASE come to me and we'll sit together at Pyengana and make a plan as soon as possible. I can but ASSURE every mortal that each moment of 'time' we hold another child of God in a state of 'torture,' be IT mental or emotional or other, that the 'Sword of Damocles' hanging above their own head grows bigger each moment of passing time.

Everyone needs to understand and now learn that defiance of the 'Do not disturb the peace of the land' as Commanded by God and as enshrined within the Constitution of the land is a 'breach' which in the 'eyes' of God and the Constitutional Authority is anarchy and TREASON. Both have very severe consequences which are only fully now exposed by my pen on my web site.

It is NOT for me to take 'sides,' it is for me to do my very best to bring humanity BACK into God's fold. This letter is made public so that EVERYBODY can take a look into their 'mirror' and say:

"What does our God 'see' as being my 'way' today, is IT (my activity and interaction with others) within the benign, peaceful, merciful, compassionate and loving precepts of His Command or NOT"?

Mrs Barbara Strainig who is a very spiritual, forgiving and loving person has advised me that she holds NO 'grudges' against you or any of those complicit to her ongoing trauma and losses and confirms via me that she is not in any way going to seek ANY 'redress' of ANY 'form,' and leaves the final outcome of this 'case' in the hands of our God and to your consciences.

Please feel free to visit me anytime.

In greatest sincerity - Terence

~ Response to Michael Aulich ~

Dear Michael, I refer to your phone call of today 29 July (9.27 am) in respect of 'Unless I retract some of my statements therein I will be facing legal 'action' from Gerald due to him having nothing to do with the access issue' - - - to Barbara's home.
I did phone you back on your land line but will do so this evening but do wish to 'record' the today issues and state that prior to asking you for your email address which you kindly gave me, that I had phoned Gerald who had at that time advised me that he did not wish to give me his email because he had nothing to do with the issue of road closure.
I am very happy to have this 'second' contact with you because, being a 'counsellor' and educator, it gives me the opportunity to say more which I do hope is for Gerald's eyes also, for IN FACT, everyone living outside the pure light of heaven NEEDS MY COUNSEL including him, and IF he wishes to find a 'heavenly' destination then any 'action' legally or otherwise against me or any needs to BE set aside. God IS REAL bro I can assure you, and HE is merciless with ANY who defy His command, - - - IRRESPECTIVE OF ANY RELIGIOUS BELIEFS ANYONE HOLDS.
Firstly, I thank you for trying to save me facing 'legal action' but state that as I am a man of God, I am perfectly 'aware' that IN THE EYES OF GOD, there is NO such 'thing' as LEGAL action because in His eyes it IS AN ILLEGAL ACTIVITY TO TAKE UP ARMS AGAINST ANOTHER. (Forgive and go your way in peace IS THE COMMAND)
No doubt Gerald wishes to have a 'clean' name at this stage in life, but THE REALITY is, that our God is to expose everyone, for all have 'debts' to HIM, and I leave it to Gerald and God as to whether or not he was IN ANY WAY 'active' AT ANY TIME by speaking to Barbara or another in 'defence' of said road access closure.
Let me ask you this: "Did at any time your father discuss this matter with you or do his very best to advise YOU to NOT close down said road because in so doing, it would cause another child of GOD 'misery' and more AND place YOU within the punitive aspect of God's immutable Law? I do not need any response for that for it is our God inspiring my pen and HE for sure sees all and knows all.
I did state that I do not wish to 'contest' anything for I am a peacemaker but - - - IF any other wishes to take up arms against me IN DEFIANCE of God's Command then that is their prerogative and the eternal outcome will be what it will BE.
Irrespective of what is written by me, THE REALITY is that everyone complicit to Barbara's as yet ongoing trauma IN ANY WAY are 'stuck' in the punitive aspect of God's LAW with their heads in the sand, and the ONLY HOPE for them is my pen and the wisdom IT brings to earth.
Bro, it is time for dad and all to see that our 'enemy' is not man, it is THE DARK ENERGY OF GOD which flows through US when we choose to use IT and IT grows as a cancer within. I would rather that your dad swallow his pride and show God that HE will do ALL in his 'power' to assist a daughter of God be set free from her misery and, - - - in so doing our God will then see dad's INTENT to live within the precepts of HIS Command.
Michael, I am a 75 year old man born in Tanzania, East Africa. I have seen many very dark and evil deeds done by man and by the grace of God I have survived, and consequently I cannot be coerced into failing in my duty to God by any threats, for if I am crucified today by an 'infidel' non-believer then I KNOW that they were inspired by GOD to set me FREE fro my past accrued debts to HIM.
You do not need to speak for Gerald, only for yourself. Once Gerald reads my epistles he can speak directly to me.
I did not state that Gerald emplaced the 'stockade,' but I believe that in some 'way' he has spoken out in its 'favour' and this complicity needs to BE rectified by HIM for as said -  all is seen by God as everyone is soon to be made aware of, - - -  and terrifying trauma heads Australia's way and very dark armed forces will EVICT everyone from their 'settlements' if they have done the same unto others.
As things stand today, if you believe that your father is truly 'in the clear' in this matter then so be IT but, - - - my 'pen' does not believe IT to so be and this is why it has included his name on the 'docket' and as said - let Gerald 'search' his conscience and IF he 'thinks' that he IS 'clear' with his 'maker' then he 'Yes,' can 'gripe' at me and seek whatever 'redress' comes to his MIND but, - - -
What he and all needs now SEE is that whenever we 'undress' the other then our God will 'undress' us. If Gerald cannot 'temper' his own 'temper' then he needs to ask himself:
'How come I feel this anger within and how come I cannot stem the thoughts coming into my mind which I now CAN SEE, seek solely to USE me to wage war upon my spiritual brother Terence?"

I 'wonder' how he would feel and think IF he was the one 'locked out' and penniless? Could he have controlled the thoughts of V - for Vendetta trying to overpower his 'reason' month after month for years even unto the point of being totally stressed out and 'classifiable' as a mentally disturbed person?

It is only because I am a spirit 'medium' empowered by God's love and CAN 'identify' the dark spirit forces which drive man into insanity and AM able to 'reason' with them and assist them back into the LIGHT and thus give Barbara 'back' her sanity and capacity to BE extremely reasonable. Can Gerald and you so be or become? God and all mankind will soon see.

I hope that you and I can sit around a table as men of honour with GOD as THE HEAD of our house and do our very best to satisfy HIM.
All I can advise everyone is:
From this moment ON you must OBEY GOD in every way or PAY the ultimate price forever and a day.

IF your 'concern' is for access road users possibly having an accident and then 'suing' you, the easiest way OUT is to simply place up a sign stating:

"Be advised that; albeit this is a crown access road, it is crossing private land, and you need to indemnify yourself and thus become personally responsible for any accidental damage you or your vehicle may sustain whilst on said access."

Go well Michael, we ARE 'brothers in arms' not 'combatants.'

page  4

~ Letter to Sarah Schmerl, Mayor ~

Dear Mrs Schmerl, in reference to your 'advice' around my advice < It would be ill conceived advice to give someone the idea that they could stop paying rates and ultimately retain ownership of the property.  If rates are not received for a property after a given amount of time Council will sell the property to recoup costs. >
I doubt very much that anyone other than the 'Aulich' family would attend an auction due to the FACT that only they now have any 'easy' access to said property, and I can assure you that any person in council 'empowered' to place this property on auction most certainly will lose not only materially as much as 'Barbara' has, but their own soul they place in eternal jeopardy.
I merely stated in my email that IF council officials wished to extract 'rates' then such should be asked for from the ONES who have by 'force of arms' seized control over said property through denying access to the one in whose name it is registered. (The road is closed)
I also confirm by this email that Mrs. Strainig understands the spiritual REALITY being, as our God is the ONE in control, that this dispossession and eviction was her 'karmic' due and she has accepted that FACT and has agreed and 'given' said property to God and, - - - she now has 'washed her hands' around the issue and has absolutely NO 'interest' in going back to said lands and is simply now getting ON with her life with God as her 'wife' and counsel as she OBEYS His 'forgive thine enemy' Command.
As she has 'deeded' this land to God, IF council sells it for any reason so as to raise even ONE 'penny' then it by God is deemed to be 'theft' of His land, and as said, all complicit to said sale will suffer the spiritual consequences as seen by ME albeit NOT by you.
If you believe that anyone other than the Aulich family would be interested in purchasing this property due to the restricted 'access' they impose, then you are wrong, thus any auction would simply mean that you would be handing said property to them for the 'value' of any outstanding charges demanded by you for IT to remain in the name 'Strainig.'
It is regrettable that those using 'force' and threats and coercion who hold the 'fate' of other mortals to their 'whims' see NOT that every moment of 'time' their 'victim' is suffering or disadvantaged by the road being 'closed,' it becomes a spiritual due upon their OWN 'head.'
"As you do unto others will by others be done unto you by others equally untrue"
As the spiritual 'welfare' of ALL humanity 'lies' within the power of my hand and 'pen,' it is incumbent upon me to do my very best to get everyone to see the sad and sorry reality, wherein the dark forceful powers * which DO exist can 'twist and weave' through the mind of man to the extent that they would 'evict' an old lady from her home and keep her 'homeless' for years and see not what their GOD 'feels' around the issue, as they happily continue to have access to their own homes.
I ask: Would they have 'quietly' suffered this 'fate' at the hands of others for years with NO help and become 'mentally disturbed' to the point of 'insanity'? NO, they would have taken the 'law' into their own hands for they are PROVEN by their ACTIONS to BE unconscionable.

If you are the 'spokeswoman' for council then you do have a little 'time' to consider what ahead is to be done on this issue, and I can but hope that you are not the one foolish enough to 'give it away' for a 'penny.'

It is my 'grave' concerns for all complicit to the ongoing 'restriction' of the access road because, - - - irrespective of land 'ownership' and 'others' traversing said property and whether or not said access is 'legitimate' or otherwise, it is the deeded ACTION of all complicit which placed them and now keeps them in contravention of God's 'peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgive' COMMAND and ahead, it is a FACT that our God's LAW is immutable and will balance ITS 'Scales of Justice' and all as said complicit to CAUSING harm are 'bound' to suffer the same fate and, - - - UNTIL said Law is 'balanced,' all 'debtors' are BARRED from entry through heaven's gate.


It is my intent to assist everyone back into God's fold as they BOW in submission to HIM and HIS Command, for only thus will they have ANY opportunity of Salvation and any who so 'fail' to God OBEY, will and do meet their abysmal fate.

Note: dark forceful powers * - Spirits of wickedness who telepathically enter and control the mind of mortal man and give them a 'justifiable reason' to be unreasonable FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE of getting their earthly 'victim' to defy God, cause harm,  and thus suffer the consequence.

Read my 'Suicide' document around the issues of 'The telepathic subjugation of the mind of man' etc.

I do not need any reply 'comment' - each now chooses their 'personal' eternal destination

 in greatest Sincerity - Terence

----- Original Message -----
To: Terence
Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 10:40 AM
Subject: RE: Anarchy & Treason against God and the Constitutional Authority - dispossession of property using forceful means

Dear Mr de Malaherre,  Thank you for your email. 

Whilst I am not willing to discuss a third parties situation with you I will point out to you that God in all his glory gave us this world to live and prosper in.  Rates are a fact of life for everyone who owns property and therefore are due as and when requested.  It would be ill conceived advice to give someone the idea that they could stop paying rates and ultimately retain ownership of the property.  If rates are not received for a property after a given amount of time Council will sell the property to recoup costs.

As I have not received in writing from Ms Strainig permission to discuss her situation with you I will not be offering any further comment.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Schmerl, Mayor

Break O'Day Council, PO Box 21, ST HELENS   TAS   7216

page 5

~ The moral of the story ~

The moral of the story is: "Look before you leap" because, if you go forth with the INTENT to make another 'weep' then great suffering awaits YOU. In this 'case,' our God 'dispossessed' and 'injured' Barbara using the vain, arrogant and ignorant of THE LAW who were used by God to IMPOSE His Law upon an 'errant' soul.

When you or any set out to 'justifiably or otherwise' cause harm or evict or banish or TAKE then 'rest assured,' demons in the underworld 'gather' at your 'home' gate and set out to ASSIST you and ENSNARE you and to do this, they impose their thoughts upon your mind until you are 'driven' to do their bidding. Be it to 'burn down' a shop, steal, kill or invade some other land and place your 'flag' in its 'soil' and claim IT as yours.

The 'way' of today globally is RETRIBUTION either verbally or using a 'mace' or a 'solicitor' to wield a monetary demand reprimand mace and punish the other. These activities are now perceived as NORMAL but in FACT are V for Vendetta and very 'ungodly' indeed.

In this 'case' Barbara had been using this PUBLIC 'access' road for many years. A road used by many others also and leading to other properties, but after a change of ownership of the land being traversed, the new owners decided to impose a restriction. I state this only because said restriction was NOT the causal 'factor' of Barbara suffering eviction or loss.

No, the causal factor for that was her long past deeds or deeds of her servants. So the new owners imposed restrictions because their MINDS were accessed by dark forces seeking an 'injunction' from the Dark Sovereign Power who JUSTIFIED their actions FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE of enabling the retributive action and fulfilment of the punitive aspect of God's Law.

Mrs. Strainig has now PAID her dues to God and gone her way in PEACE as commanded by God. Her 'oppressors' dues accrued over time by their 'rude' attitude and are yet to be fully 'met' but will be PAID at some stage ahead because, the dark forces who used them to abuse her will now be directed by the Dark Sovereign Power to seek out some other 'infidels' and gather at their 'gate' and, - - -  they 'similarly' will find the JUSTIFICATION to do the 'same' DEED and 'settle' the score for God.

Round and around does this 'karmic' wheel of suffering GO until 'combatants' are either dead in the dark or set 'free' through listening to ME. It is a never ending story for those who defy their God.

Why does God use the vain, arrogant and ignorant of THE LAW to impose suffering? Because the 'moment' you defied God a very long time ago in using (stealing) some of His 'forbidden to use' dark forceful energy, HE in FACT became your 'enemy,' and HE set out to destroy your 'unfaithful' seed and, in order to so do, He incites and invites YOU to keep using IT so that you fill your soul with IT (His dark energy) and this is what drags IT your dark soul DOWN into the Abyss away from His 'sight.'

None can 'win' against Him as He sees your every 'move' and it is ONLY now that the Light shining through my 'pen' is able to give you one LAST opportunity to amend your ways and thus save YOURSELF as THE Light purges out the 'sin' you drew IN and, - - - to become free you must HALT drawing any more of IT in.

Fortify your mind as given by me in my 'star prayer' document linked below.

This applies to everyone living outside the pure Light of Heaven.

Obey THE COMMAND or die in your sin

page 6

~ Letter 2 to Michael Aulich ~

Dear Michael, I refer to your telephone conversation with me wherein you asked me a question being; what I would do if anyone came through my property uninvited, and when I did not give an immediate answer you became 'agitated' and felt that I was lacking in some way.

I now say that I did not give you an answer 'then' as it was not appropriate and was not the reason for my phoning you, and I did not wish to 'argue with you' over the telephone. I do however give an answer to that asked by you now:

A person is a person who becomes a 'trespasser' when access to some other's 'lands' has been denied.

A person traversing another's property but travelling on a 'designated' access road cannot be construed as being a trespasser if there has been a designated public or other 'roadway' marked upon said land in the past which has been used for many years by the public.

However, if a 'new' purchaser of said 'land' believes that there was some past 'error' of marking or delineation etc., and they 'wish' to halt others passing through said property then that becomes another 'issue' indeed and, - - -

It can ONLY be resolved 'properly' within the rulings of man in using the 'Court' of man to so do but, - - - it is my opinion that at all times we 'earthlings' need to be aware of the Command of our Creator and His capacity to IMPOSE His 'Will' and strictures upon us and also, we need to 'question' ourselves as to 'what' our God would expect us to DO if another sought to continue to pass through our 'property' to reach their home in a 'case' where we 'thought' that the road they had been using for many years was an 'illegal usage' one, as presumably did you.

Michael, my 'life' has been totally different to yours in that it was spent mainly in Tanzania my birthplace and Kenya where I had 'land holdings' and I was brought up with many colours and cultures and in truth, it was generally the Africans, Arabs and Indians with whom I was 'friendly' as they numbered more than 1000 to one ref the white man. In fact in general, they were more respectful than the white 'invaders' who inhabited Africa.

So as for your 'question': "What would you do if someone trespassed into, onto or through your property"? I respond:

"In Africa there were always people traversing my property for one reason or another, and they always said "Jambo Bwana" (Good day Sir) in passing because, in that 'land' at that time many 'tribesmen' were and yet are on the move for one or another reason, and no 'bad thoughts' ever  crossed my mind to 'indicate' that they were 'trespassing,' and no person ever 'threatened' me and it was simply a 'natural' process I had grown up with.

As for the dwelling I inhabit in Tasmania, well, there is no road 'through' the property going anywhere, so the question is irrelevant but, - - - no doubt my wife and I would never seek to close a road through it which had been in existence and used for many years by persons seeking to access their own homes if they needed to traverse it to 'get home.'

More to the point, I believe that the process which took place was needed so that our God via my pen could elevate the consciousness of not only everyone concerned, but also that of the global population. I hope and trust that we can all move on now with a 'changed' perspective and also as TRUE believers who are willing and happy to OBEY our God and 'love one another.'


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~ Letter 3 to Michael Aulich ~

Dear Michael, thank you for your letter but the information in mine was not 'pointless' as you put it, for it was in fact simply to show that ones upbringing does influence our 'ways,' and in my 'case,' because I am used to 'wanderers' I would be less 'inclined' to defy God and cause harm.

Michael, as for your words: < I was not and am not the title holder of the said land, >

Terence Responds: I am aware that the property being 'traversed' through is owned by others, but the 'contention' around the issue is simply to do with the 'ownership' of the 'reserved road easement' through said property, as well as the now NON accessibility or use OF said road, is it not?

It is something to do with the present owners of the property believing that there is NO access road through their property and thus they are in their 'rights' to close the access being used. That is what I have been 'led' to believe and, - - - somewhere down the 'line' it appears as though you have become involved together with other family members.

As I am a man of God I simply seek to get the ONE who closed the road with 'dirt' to SEE that in the eyes of God it was and yet is an error of grave magnitude in being the cause of 'loss & suffering & eviction' in contravention of the 'peace, love, mercy & compassion' Command, and this ACTION placed all those 'complicit' into the punitive aspect of the 'eye for an eye' or EQUAL return LAW of God. (As you do unto others will by others be done unto you)

Michael, as for your words: < you are focused on one side of a story that has a lot of untruths and refuse to believe the truth >

Terence Responds: The TRUTH of the matter as seen by God is that 'someone' has closed the access to a home resulting in grave mental and emotional trauma & ongoing loss which is as said ERROR in respect of 'the way' to heaven and the negative activity is outside the precepts of God's Command and it was/is an unconscionable act having grave repercussions.

Michael, as for your words: < I am as keen as you are for a resolution to this problem and am more than willing to discuss a sensible outcome with anyone >

Terence Responds: It is in fact NOT necessary for me to 'resolve' issues between man and God, for 'each' MUST resolve their issues DIRECTLY with their God. As I AM the Plenipotentiary of God I simply do my best to get man to see REASON and to 'Judge' their actions in such a way as to show them 'how' God is to Judge them, so they can or should be able to see for THEMSELVES 'how' they are to be Judged by HE the Father.

Michael, as for your words: < I have a Christian background so I therefore believe in God and his teachings, - - -the Catholic teachings do not align with your beliefs. >

Terence Responds: Every 'religion' promotes ITS teachings, and if those of the Catholic organisation differ to mine then they are for SURE in error because I am the awaited Spirit of Truth sent to earth to 'correct the truth' for errant man, and I can ASSURE you that every religion on earth has it WRONG for all preach that one CAN defy God and NOT suffer. It was prophesied that the 'Vatican' would fall and it is to so be as THE LIGHT shines and exposes ITS darkness.


I add Ref: The 'legality' of the reserved road access or otherwise: I have in my possession a copy of the 30 Aug 1886 Survey map clearly showing the reserved road easement, and irrespective of whether or not you or any other 'believe' that IT does not exist is irrelevant, for our God clearly sees that it does and that it was placed thereon so as to 'permit' access to lands on the other side of the property it passes through.

Michael, as for your words: < God advised me to think of you in my prayers as he knows you need it as much as anyone. >

Terence Responds: Thank you, but ones ACTIONS ref our interaction with others are what 'counts' in respect of our spiritual road and FINAL destiny. PLEASE read the below 'Judgement of man.'

Ref: 'Judgement day'

Dear Michael, I have done my 'best' to assist Barbara back to sanity and to now be able to truly 'forgive' those who trespassed against her as God Commands, and she has 'bowed' to my 'word' IN THE BELIEF that it rings 'true' in her ears and heart, for she seeks to truly BE a 'good' and worthy Christian and follower of God's Command and from now ON, she will do her daily best to OBEY His Command and THUS be 'safe & saved' ON THE LAST DAY when her spirit exits her biological flesh as she 'faces' her Judgement.

My 'letters' are to HELP you to resolve your own 'mental' processes because, until you DO, - - - you DO accrue a spiritual 'pain & loss' DUE, as DO 'all' complicit. Any 'resolution' is between the instigators of said 'control & restriction' and their God.

When a person makes an 'error of judgement' and causes another harm, then they have to 'face up' to this FACT, and in this case, someone had a 'thought' which 'justified' them in raising a 'sword' against Barbara.

I can only HOPE that 'whoever' blocked the road will remove said blockage and advise me that Barbara or ANY other will always be 'free' to pass thereon unhindered. Our God awaits now to see 'who' is to BE dammed eternally and 'who' can amend their ways and ahead BE set free spiritually.

Go well Michael - you are always welcome at my home for a cup of tea.

BE kind, merciful, compassionate and loving.

 Terence ( 9 Aug, 2013 )

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Part extract from

~ The 'Lord's prayer' ERROR ~
The 'King's Ransom & Trespass

page - 1 - The Lord's Prayer error
page - 2 - The King's Ransom
page - 3 - Trespass

The 'Lord's Prayer' is a very 'comfortable' one as are many prayers invoked by 'men of religion' over the ages, and as 'usual,' this one is also purported to have been invoked by Jesus to give IT some sort of validity in the minds of pilgrims seeking Salvation. It is however my 'task' for our heavenly Father & Mother to enlighten their 'errant' children for everyone today is as 'lost' as they were aeons of times ago.

The error within said 'prayer' is the wording < forgive us our trespasses >

Our Father,
who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name;
thy kingdom come;
thy 'will' be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread;
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us;
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.

How or 'why' is this so? Because whoever actually wrote it 'forgot or ignored' OR, - - - they knew NOT of THE FACT that God's Law is 'inviolate and immutable' and is absolute 'JUST JUSTICE' in action. Being the EQUAL return to man for their benign or malignant action to another which cannot be 'voided nor avoided' by man nor by any 'prayers' nor beliefs of man.

It (God's Law & Justice) also applies to every activity of man, be it benign or malignant, and most certainly whenever man is 'inconvenienced or harmed or disadvantaged' etc., he demands JUSTICE, seeing NOT that at THAT very 'moment' of suffering, he is being 'subjected' to the "As you did sow so shall ye reap" and thus 'eye for an eye equal return' within the punitive aspect of God's Law which is in operation through the mind and hands of an arrogant or ignorant person. (Every controller or 'abuser' is an 'instrument' of the Dark Sovereign Power, God.)

When YOU 'trespass' against another you are a vain and arrogant mortal defiant of God's: "Peace & love & mercy & compassion" Command and, - - - when you PUNISH another whom YOU perceive as 'trespassing' against YOU, - - - you are a vain and arrogant mortal defiant of God's: "Peace & love & mercy & compassion & FORGIVE" Command.

In 'both' cases, the 'parties' place themselves within the PUNITIVE aspect of God's LAW and ahead, they MUST suffer the same 'fate' they imposed so that God's 'Scales of Justice' can 'balance their books' so to speak.

The negative ENERGY used to 'trespass or punish' has to balance itself for that is ITS prerogative and inherent NATURE.
The positive ENERGY used to 'love & be merciful & compassionate' has to balance itself for that is ITS prerogative and inherent NATURE.

"What you give OUT you get BACK be IT love or hate"

The 'Lord's prayer' lulls people into the FALSE BELIEF that their God 'excuses' or forgives, and that is ERROR say I. We all pay our dues before we can enter Paradise. Also - - - generally - - - man of today forgives NOTHING, for the word 'forgive' has been lost as all DEMAND restitution and compensation.

God 'hears' NO 'prayers' or 'pleas' for Mercy from those who were merciless. No 'songs of praise' elevate your soul. OBEY your God and then He will set you free to live 'unconditionally' and FREE to SING His praise as He your soul does RAISE.

Only those who LEARN to 'turn the other cheek' and 'forgive those who trespass against them' will attain Salvation and enter Paradise.

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~ Where to now? ~

When something 'adverse' takes place affecting YOU, then 'how before God' do you respond? This is what each now needs to fully comprehend, for IF you are placed in a difficult position then, - - - please try and understand that the dark forces are active and they seek to not ONLY 'balance' the dark aspect of God's 'Scales of Justice,' but they ALSO seek to entrap you further into retaliating and using more DARK energy so that ahead, you again can be 'admonished' on and ON in perpetuity LEGALLY within God's Law.

This case exposes how God's 'reapers' can operate quite OPENLY in the community and with seeming impunity override all 'rules' of man and operate outside the constraints of the Constitutional 'protection' guarantees by the sovereign 'Queen.' Not only this, but the 'sufferer' is also totally ignored by everyone and is left to her 'fate' of sorrow UNTIL such time as her dues to God have been met. Only then does she find 'reason' and sanity returns and she is enlightened by God's grace.

The 'crucifixion' of Barbara took place for God and errant man so that YOU and YOU and YOU could be enlightened by my pen. Let us now thank Barbara for her 'grace' in coming to earth as did I and many others to assist in the elevation of the consciousness of mankind for the purpose of their Salvation. I can but 'hope' that out there we may find someone kind enough to extend a helping hand to this Lady of the Light.

Barbara's apology & forgiveness letter; 6 August 2013.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Aulich, as I am now in the process of finishing off my time at St. Mary's I also wish to set the record straight with both you, your family and GOD, and I state that if at any time in the past I have been rude to you or caused you any stress, please accept my sincere apology to all. I herein add and state to you and any other who has trespassed against me that I forgive you and I will be seeking no restitution of any kind.

With grace and sincerest blessings, in God I trust

B. Strainig

All that remains to be seen is 'what' is now done by the 'ones' who found 'cause' and emplaced the 'access' restriction as they defied the Command of their God. My 'suggestion' to them is that they quickly make amends to God as they remove said restriction and in so doing, they also halt the ongoing accruing of a God imposed penalty of suffering upon their own heads and, - - - they make sure that access is always 'open' to property owners requiring said access.

Other than that, they may wish to search their conscience and hearts to see if there is any 'mercy & compassion' therein and if so, reach out to Barbara with a helping hand and a 'handshake' so that a friendship with her can begin as our God 'expects' of all sisters and brothers. (His children)

The Power and the Glory is NOT for those who use the forceful dark energy of God to 'gain' or attain something. It is for those who 'acquiesce and BOW to God's Command at all times, especially when persecuted or 'put to the sword.'

OBEY the Holy Word and LIVE.


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Extract from the "Land Rights & Titles" document. (Page 32)

As said "elsewhere," all Crown/State lands* are owned by God's "Crown," not by any "system" of man or 'Chief or King,' and thus any person is entitled to claim a God given free acre to build their home on and "naturally" use more if their business is that of farmer etc.

Note: Crown or State land* - There are many 'properties' which have designated or unmarked access roads traversing them which are stated to be or assumed to be 'Crown' owned, and some of these may have been used in perpetuity by persons over many years as the means to access their properties. There are also many 'cases' where said access roads exist but are not actually physically where they are 'supposed' to be, but have also been used in perpetuity for many years by the public.

It needs to now be clearly understood that our God is THE CROWN rather than any mortal man or institution of man. It follows that any official in any institution who deems that any Crown access road must be paid for by a member of the public, then they are trespassing into the 'dark side' of the Source and 'playing god' and will by God be dealt with later for any resultant 'extortion' or eviction or restriction imposed IN THE NAME OF GOD OR THE CROWN.

If any land owner purchases a property which has had a marked or unmarked access road on it which has existed for some years enabling others to traverse said lands for any reason, then said access was granted by God IN THE FIRST INSTANCE, and any 'closure' or restriction' emplaced which causes other users loss, harm or other 'suffering' is an illegal activity in the eyes of God THE CROWN AUTHORITY and the instigators or those upholding said 'restrictions' will suffer the consequences being; that all 'inconvenience' or loss etc., which resulted become their spiritual due within the immutable "As you did sow so shall ye reap" LAW OF THE SOVEREIGN CROWN Ruler.


Any person seeking to wage 'war' upon me OR any other is 'guaranteeing' their eternal life of pure agony in the Abyss.

Remember, the 'time of day' always comes when we are but ONE heartbeat away from our NEXT destination, are you 'ready' for yours?

Go YOUR way in PEACE and love one another as our God commandeth.

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