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~ Abortion the ultimate crime ~

The ultimate crime is the 'act' of 'Abortion,' for it is the denial of life to a child of God.

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The modern "uncivilised" world has accepted as ‘normal’ the "aborting" of unplanned pregnancies, but what needs to be understood is, that whilst this has to date been a decision governed by "unloving" circumstances and a "poorly" educated society, there is also a spiritual consequence of which we have not been fully aware.

The fact is, that the child is real, as is its "spirit" placed within its biological flesh, that is God’s seal. The "seal" being that God will our "creativity" bless, and the newborn will be alive, please this fact upon all impress.

Abortion is a 'sign' of the day where society in 'general' and 'abortionists' have lost their way and, - - - those of you that 'stand around' yet condoning the 'loveless' way will also soon be 'shredded' and shoved into ditches underground.

It's time to teach all youths that pregnancy is natural and the ultimate 'honour' bestowed by God unto another. All bearing life within from fleshly 'communion' must now know that their families and friends will them support, - - - and not 'advise' them to abort.

Abortion is killing a child of God and, - - - all killers of any 'ilk' do 'suffer' the pain and anguish bestowed upon the 'born' or the unborn. Every abortion 'clinic' is a 'killing fields' factory that is worse than the 'gas' chambers.

The 'business' of killing the unborn is 'born' out of ignorance, selfishness, fear, and peer pressure, and lack of love and family support and, - - - is also due to false 'religious' views that children born outside 'wedlock' was sinful.

This error of teaching 'coupled' with emotions of guilt results in the gory 'bloodbath' perpetrated by 'torturers' clothed in the guise of the 'moral, dignified, and wise' that promote the Right to 'choose to kill.'

For sure our God does them despise and, they see not that none stand above God's Law and thus all 'aborters' are very unwise, for God did say "All reap all pain and suffering that you sow on a later day."

How would you like to be 'cut into pieces' by a set of giant 'pruning' shears? Or to have your 'flesh' sucked off your bones by a giant 'vacuum'? Your 'silent' shrieks unheard by the merciless torturers that themselves are blind to the agony that you feel and, - - -

That they then 'seal' upon their own soul as a spiritual suffering due that ahead is to be shared by the one to whom the 'child' belongs to, as well as those that 'induced' them to be so thoughtless.

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The 'abortion' act is the 'ultimate' act of betrayal. For the child is truly 'helpless' and has become the victim of the dark reaping force that operates silent and unseen through the psyche of those that yet live in a 'dream.'

For they see not that 'similarly' as the unborn is reaping what they in their past 'era' sowed, that the 'abortionist' too now takes upon their own 'shoulders' the karmic load, and the 'ahead' suffering too of the 'mother' is a part of her due as she 'wonders' one day 'what' she lost along the way.

Mankind must try and see that the unborn 'see & feel' everything. Yes they have feelings and thoughts and emotions too, for they are the same as me and you. Thus those that presently them 'time wise' measure for the purpose of vacuum 'extraction' or 'dismembering' piece by piece, - - - need to learn to love and treasure.

Girls and abortionists who "abort" the unborn are ignorant of God’s LAW. They all "walk" in the shadow of God’s hand as they "choose" to REAP (suffer) pain that they so ignorantly SOW as they destroy what in them does grow. "Anti or Pro" is the human individuals "choice," but all must now heed God’s VOICE:

"You all do pay for your deeds done any day"

People who are "Pro abortion" are demanding their RIGHT to destroy for they see not that all destroyers are in the Devil's employ and "Yes," they have a right to deny God’s "Only Love" Light, but as God says,

"What you do - will be done unto you."

It is not for any of us to the other criticise or despise, but only to reach out with love and teach all to become more wise, for soon the END day and 'verily I say unto you,' each will their "pain debt" to God pay. - I ask:

"Mother, Father, what is the "sinning" that you see in "abortions" that "carried out" be,
or is it but an "act" unkind because humanity is so blind"?

"Son, for the 'Carrier' we do say that for them we do pray. They do suffer for the deed being the 'loss' as they do bleed. For an 'opportunity' came their way for 'penance' from another day. Being that they should give life so another soul can live in this world of little grace where so many wield a mace. Thus the 'Carrier' did 'life' deny."

This I hear from the most High, and thus in some "other" way for their "denial" will they "pay." As for the "Abortionist" usually a "Clown," they ahead in deep sorrow do drown for they do use a "mace," and its "use" is often a disgrace. And too, they inflict pain upon the unborn for they are vain, not seeing what they "do" is wielding a sword I say to you, and thus the process goes on. Neither "party" their process won.

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Only the child as yet unborn, whose "fleece" is as a lamb shorn does invisibly "Reap," aye, and it too does spiritually weep. But it becomes more "clear" and thus having "reaped," to heaven more near.

So now you all do see how "blind" humanity be. Not realising that "spirit" does enmesh when with a "heartbeat" God does the flesh bless. Before "this" time, the spirit can also "entwine" with its new found "form" in preparation for when it is born. So "man" must change now his way, and let only LOVE be the "say."

Tell all: "To conceive' is not a sin. All girls are free to let lads in." ‘Tis but man with his Vanity that says: "Before marriage, sex is insanity."

"Girls have abortions because ‘society’ cannot love," is the message flowing from above.
"Too much negativity programmed by the "Church" has left God’s children sadly in the lurch."

Note: 'legal' *: Only man perceives 'illegality.' This is due to man's 'need' to punish those that defy man's 'rules or decrees' that man names 'the law.' There is no such thing as an 'illegal' act in God's eyes, for God permits the freedom of choice to choose to kill or create - to live or die - to punish and abuse or to educate and infuse love. Your choice. God enables both 'crime & kindness' to occur.

BUT - None have 'immunity' from God's supreme singular Law that is 'immutable' for sure. "As you do is done unto you - on an 'eye for an eye' basis," for God is infinitely 'Just' and equitably returns to you your due that is either 'forcefully' imposed or 'kindly' given unto the perpetrator of any 'sort' of deed.

What does God expect 'us' to do with those that defy HIS Command and, - - - 'offensively' become offenders in HIS eyes that 'decimate' and then drag the unborn out of their mother's womb? - - - Punishment? - NO - educate them and lovingly show them the error of their way because that is the Command of the day and, - - - all 'punishers' for their folly PAY.

NO - abortion is not a legal *matter
NO -
abortion is not "criminal" * - it is the ultimate 'crime' against humanity
it is a spiritual matter
God wants to see little feet go 'pitter patter.'

Note: 'criminal' *: Must now be seen as not being a punishable 'offence,' but purely as an 'offensive' act that contravenes the "Only love" Command of God. All offenders are to be treated humanely and educated. (Refer the 'offender document' - Feeling easier Seminar).

God Commands us to "Only be loving and only walk in peace" because HE will ensure we receive 'flack' when we mercilessly abuse, punish, or in any way deceive, steal, or 'attack.'

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~ The 'egg' and the 'sperm' ~

God gave mankind both the egg and the sperm for a reason. It appears that this reason has become lost in the 'maze' of fear and vanity and selfishness and guilt and, - - -

Due to a general lack of love in the community it has been 'deemed' a Right to deny the 'entry' of God's Light to be born, thus many a 'chance' of creativity has been 'shorn' in many a way, as man for that 'destruction' did another ignorant man a mercenary 'sum' of money pay. Let it here be said, that if you ahead would avoid 'dread,' then you had better listen to me as I say:

"If you seek to avoid 'conception' in many a way then so be it, for in that 'act' you did no 'noose' around your own neck sit but, - - -

Once the egg has been 'fertilised' by sperm then any interference by you is an act untrue, and it then becomes a matter between God and you as to what God thinks of your 'reluctance' to hear His children's feet go 'pitter patter' on this earthly land."

So any child 'forming' in its mothers womb is alive and created but not yet delivered into the 'air' of this world. It is being nurtured as it is 'growing' within its mother. Once it is 'delivered' it continues to grow into adulthood but, - - - there must be no 'debate' as to its creation date. Once the woman has conceived any 'try' at aborting, results in many ahead crying.

Foolish is any 'sister or brother' that enters into her sacred 'space' with the intent to destroy or maim a helpless 'chic' that 'sleeps' so peacefully within a 'haven' created by their God. This is the 'ultimate' intrusion of the darkness.


The 'foetus' is not the 'woman's body.' It is the fleshly body of another person growing within them, and the unique fleshly body houses a spirit being that is a child of God. It has thoughts and emotions and feels all just as you do.


If a 'lass' is raped and forced into a pregnancy then she needs see that the soul of 'baby' is not from the man, but it is also a gift from God, a gift that she needs to treasure as it walks one day on earth's sod.


When the 'life' of the mother is in danger due to 'birth' issues, then the mother must choose to 'live or die' and thus her child give 'life' or deny. Any of 'you' that try to her mind 'sway' will most certainly for your folly pay.


Man has 'thought' that 'pre-birth' that it is society to 'rule' as to the conduct pertaining to the legality or otherwise reference abortion. That is pure vanity and insanity that leads to the destruction of all that participate.


Dead or alive? - The child in its mother's womb is alive and is to be deemed alive unless, - - - it has known to have 'died' therein due to abnormalities in the pregnancy and thus she needs be 'delivered' from it.


This inhuman race sees not that the 'mass murder' of millions and millions of 'unborn' - - - that takes place 'silently' as women are either 'forced to' or 'enticed to' abort due to ignorance, fear, guilt, selfishness, greed and false doctrine imposed , - - - is the ultimate act of darkness that seeks to destroy humanity because, - - -

All 'man' living outside heaven are lost, and all do sup on 'rotten' leaven as they deny their God up high, as they daily and 'dutifully' bow their heads and kneel at the footstool of Satan, for it is HE that 'presupposes' reasons within the mind of man to destroy the unborn because, - - -

By this very act backed by the 'rules' that are uplifted and condoned by man, all mankind becomes 'bound' by the one Law - - - "As you do is done unto you" - - - and it is thus that mankind continues to endure pain and suffering and loss, for that 'dross' is his 'deserved' due for being so unkind and untrue.

This is what I would say to any 'girl' wishing to 'abort' or give her child away:

"Dear sister divine, for you to have such a need shows me that around your home live swine.

Swine that know no love.
Swine that will not reach the land above.
Swine that to their own souls are untrue because they give no support to you.

Please unto God, yourself, and the unborn be true.
Please give it life and let our God decide what will be.
Please give it life even if you are 'cast out' by the untrue.
Please give it life even if there is no food to feed even you.

Please give it life and I will give you shelter in my house, until you feel happy and free to walk away from the shelter offered by me."

This is what I would say to any 'girl' that 'aborted' her child on a past day:

"Dear sister, you did life deny thus ahead, your mind will make you cry at the loss and denial, and thus your mind will you 'try' and, - - - there will be a time ahead when others deny you in some way and, - - - for any pain felt by the unborn as of 'life' it was 'shorn' will also be felt by you, for that is your due and, - - - it will also be the due imposed upon those that aided you, as all sullied their inner rose.

So please now ensure that you inform others as to 'why' they must be true and not 'as you' so do. For it is only through ignorance that we on hot 'coals' dance, and thus I do grace your soul and mind with wisdom so that you never again are so 'vain' as to abuse the unborn.

I no theologian be, I BE the "returned" spirit from eternity,
and my wisdom upon the Internet I did place. It shows how all humanity now walks in disgrace.

True light