~ The power of 'thought' ~

Response to 'Just a thought' by Aaron Lakin - The Examiner newspaper July 15 2012
cc: Open Letter to Des Jennings, the Mayor and all councillors of the 'Break O'Day' Council

 Dear Aaron and other readers, this document is written as to my 'thoughts' around Aaron's words: "How do you fix a struggling State"? - and words from others  - - - Tasmanians need strong leadership - - - scrap the Legislative Council - - - we have no plan for self-sufficiency and finding one will need imagination" etc., - - - hence my decision to 'lead the way' using my power of thought. (Imagination)

In the first instance we all need to understand that the whole 'universe' runs on the POWER OF THOUGHT, for it is ones thoughts that drive every activity known by man, every industry and every need, want or desire, and this 'thought' translates into ACTIONS, be they benign or malignant, kind or cruel, merciful and free giving or merciless, controlling, extortionist, punitive, disruptive, destructive, etc.

My task for humanity is to expose the reality that we 'live or die' or 'fall or rise up high' dependant upon the 'nature' of thoughts that control our personal living 'ways' because, for every interaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. That is the 'energetic' law of the universe that 'governs' all, but regrettably man sees not the reality because man 'stumbles' around blindfolded by ignorance through entering this realm and learning the wrong 'way' already emplaced in every society.

Are you living in 'accordance' with your own thoughts and conscience? The answer to this is NO, because the world is full of other people who have emplaced their own 'thoughts' upon the legislative 'table' and, - - - all are now controlled by their 'text' enshrined thoughts  that are backed by mercenary men using 'force,' force of arms to subjugate everyone.

So as you can now see, all 'legislators' or Kings, Queens, Mandarins, or other 'strong' personalities since time 'immemorial' backed by armed men have imposed their own 'conscience,' being their ideological 'thought belief' upon every society.

In FACT there is no 'freedom of conscience' available as the legislative dictators are now fully in control of every 'life' and living 'way,' and their own thoughts justify the imposition of their rules/orders/commands/edicts etc., and everyone now conforms 'with' or suffers the punitive consequence.

The consequence being 'other' thoughts that inspired the legislators, being thoughts around the punitive aspect to be imposed forcefully upon any non-conformists, being actions carried out by armed men who are themselves unable to 'exercise' their own conscience or 'thoughts' because they are paid a wage to follow and uphold the TEXT dictates enshrined in their 'holy bible.' (State statutes.)

In the 'beginning' as man turned away from his God and bowed to the dictates of powerful men all gave up their religious freedom, (the freedom to live by their own conscience, their own thoughts) and were forced to support, condone and fund the 'thoughts processes' of others as said enshrined in TEXT books.

So in fact the 'guaranteed' Freedom of Religion clause of the Constitution is now null and void because, IT and the POWER backing IT appears to have become 'powerless' because, every 'son of a gun' legislator simply ignores ITS 'ruling' authority as they illegally and treasonably invoke 'decree upon decree' that enables them and their 'party' to STEAL funds openly as well controlling and interfering in every aspect of the living ways of others, and local magistrates also totally and treasonably ignore the Constitution and ITS 'overriding' powers above all State rules.

Woe and more woe, for today, everyone now believes that before they even 'blink' or take one step in any direction that they must ask 'permission' from those upholding said enshrined texts or, they must pay a 'fee' to satisfy the thoughts that invoked and enshrined said texts.

I ponder on my own thoughts and as 'ever' I follow their 'lead' because MY thoughts are inspired from the LIGHT of God being the benign aspect of the Source and IT advises me that the THOUGHTS inciting, inviting, inspiring the minds of legislators are in fact entering their minds from the 'pits' of Hell from whence ALL deception, control, subjugation, enslavement, extortion, suffering and destruction emanates.

Yes, its all to do with the 'power of thought' and in fact, there is naught that I can do but to warn you, you and YOU that soon, the DARK 'face' of the 'moon' is to be seen here and everywhere as the Dark power now telepathically overrides the consciousness of ignorant man and via their minds IT will 'speak' arrogantly, aggressively, destructively as IT has the RIGHT to so do because, all that used ITS power will now by IT be telepathically (thoughts) mentally subjugated and turned against each other.

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Yes, the use of FORCE to punish another for any nonconformity to legislation is what keeps mankind 'trapped' in the cycle of ever increasing controlling, interfering, taxing and punitive LEGISLATION.

There is not ONE 'leader' today who is able to amend their ways because they too now are 'bound' by their own (thoughts) legislation or that of their predecessors such as the ultimate 'Liar & thief' J. Howard who OPENLY lied his way into premiership stating: "Enshrine me as leader and I will never invoke any GST upon the community," and as soon as he was 'settled in' as the DEVIL'S 'powerbroker' his own MIND became 'possessed' by powerful 'thoughts' emanating from IT the Dark Sovereign Power.

How was this enabled? The Sin within of insatiable GREED opened the 'doorway' to the Dark, and as you now see, before you even 'earn' ONE penny you are pre-taxed in every conceivable AND 'inconceivable' way and, it is the power behind MY thoughts that say:

"Because everyone supports by vote and funds by taxes the interference, control, subjugation, tax extortion, impoverishment, banishment and punishment of OTHERS then, - - - within the 'energetic' Law of God and 'science' - - - there is an unavoidable "Eye for an eye - as you or your servants sow (do unto others) so shall ye reap consequence - for every punitive action there is a similar immutable return 'reaction effect' to be suffered and endured."

So now we begin to see the consequence being, that we are unable to live by our own conscience unless we turn and face our 'karmic fate' by turning away from the control by the thoughts of others as we use our own conscience as is our divine right and backed by the Constitutional 'Authority' and, - - - we simply go our way in PEACE as commanded by God and get ON with our life without paying others any 'fees or fines or taxes' that they demand as their divine right to impose. We must now ONLY fund services we ask for, need, want, and ONLY support benign community effort.

All have the God given AND Constitutional RIGHT to live according to their own conscience - ideology - religious doctrine unhindered as long as they do not disturb the peace of the land. Let it be understood by the legislators and their 'warrior' enforcers that use of threat or coercion and force is TREASON against the Constitution and God and is punishable by spiritual 'death' and eternal banishment to the underworld. I ADD:

Just a thought - my conscience dictates to me that;

1 - NO other person's 'conscience' overrules mine.
2 - Why should it?
3 - Are they God?

4 - Who or what gives a person the divine right to impose their conscience or belief upon another?
Answer: The 'who' is the THOUGHT entering their mind that is backed by an insane 'superiority complex' invoked through DARK emotions of vanity, pride, arrogance or greed backed by 'force of arms.'  (The sword, axe or GUN)

My 'thoughts' advise me that there is NO 'lawless' society, for God's Law is in operation at all times, and those 'disturbing the peace' through their controlling or interfering or punitive or injurious interaction with others are defiant of God but, - - - they need to understand that they will always BE 'subjected' to His Law at the time and in the place that HE so 'disposes.'

State institutions abide in the policy of 'protectionism' that now means that they, using forceful means, force everyone to be 'protected' by their legislation and this implies: "We will defend and protect you but YOU must 'bow' to OUR every dictate for your own 'good' and, all we do to you or others is for your benefit and as we serve you 'well' you must pay our wages as well as fund whatever we need to accomplish our needs even if it means that we are forced by legislation to seize your last 'penny,' punish or jail you or sell you up."

Anarchy abounds in every State, for official 'operatives' exceed the mandate granted unto them by the Constitution and God, and they forcefully and coercively invade premises, kidnap people and punish and jail them, even when these citizens are simply going about their daily business PEACEFULLY.

Yes, even I have been jailed four times in Tasmania for refusing to fund the coffers of the State Institution due to ITS 'officials' conducting its 'business' in a manner that is of a contra 'nature' or doctrine to that which I aspire to. I am a man of peace, and thus I cannot support, condone nor fund those who interfere, control, punish, banish, dispossess, injure or kill other citizens.

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Why would a sane man as myself believing in the "Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgive" commanded code of conduct 'policy' of God wish to fund operatives employed in ASIS or ASIO or any other 'secretive and devious' organisation. We should all 'know' that they are 'out of control' men doing whatever they wish to, as they twist and weave and darkness deploy. Have none of them been taught that God's Law is immutable? Do 'operatives' really believe that a 'uniform, mandate or badge of office' nullifies God's Law?

To ensure that the State 'power base' maintains its supremacy, the 'poor' or those aspiring to a contra ideological belief, are picked off one by one and cast out of their homes. Truly, the legislators and their associates ARE the DAMNED who are in grave danger and, they are in need of educative 'correction' before their arrogance and ignorance of REALITY of the 'natural' LAW drags them down into the underworld. All are 'spellbound' and living in a DELUSION that is soon to be shattered.

The ONLY 'freedom' way forward now is for EACH on an individual basis to 'ignore' the legislated demands of others and, - - - simply get ON with their life with God as their 'wife,' as they never disturb the peace of the land and never fund the wages of controllers or their enforcers and, - - - they help me to educate all 'controllers' before the coming FALL. All have been deceived by the power of 'devious' thoughts enticing them to 'rule' others.

Just a 'thought'

STOP the extortion racket and leave the people to go about their daily business without 'interference.'  This means:

NO 'application' fees - NO licence fees - NO GST or other taxes - NO fines - NO meter money -  NO control - NO interference.
NO legislation enabling enforcement - NO punishment.
Any who 'disturb the peace' of the land are rehabilitated as per my 'Feeling Easier' offender Seminar program.

This means that the individual simply gets ON with their life without an empty pocket.
IF they need any good 'counsel' they 'ask' or pay for that service as they would do for any other.

Soon, 'self-sufficiency' is to be the new way and all will need to plant and tend their OWN vegetable patch.

In the 'old' days an old man like me was able to walk down to the waterfront at St. Helens by the sea as fishing boats came in and would say: "Can you sell me a fresh fish or two please"? The answer was always: "Sure can do mate." Regrettably 'legislators' have insidiously been at work as they lurked in their hidden offices, so what is the present 'situation"?

The GIANT controlling 'octopus' has invoked rules stipulating: "Prior to crossing the 'bar way' and at least one hour from the wharf the skipper must radio his intent to return to base to the local police who will meet the vessel as it docks and, - - - failure to do so is a punishable offence that 'may' result in a 'fine' and/or the operators licence being withdrawn." Thus ones 'ask' to buy a fish is now answered with a: "Sorry no can do mate or I will lose my livelihood."

The legislation continues on in that all the 'catch' is tallied by police, and not even ONE fish can be sold off to 'me' or any other or even given away for free because, the catch can now only be sold to some other 'licensed' by state purchaser and, if any skipper defaults and gives away even one lonely little fish to feed a hungry child they will be fined and or 'else.'

What does this actually mean? The power of my 'thoughts' tell me that it means that legislators and their policing forces actually believe (falsely) that the sea and all the fish therein are owned by the State government and, that the fishermen are naught but 'employees' of the State legislators.

Can none see the escalating insanity? Who is the ONE now who is going to give in to 'Just a thought' and 'permit' the GIANT fishing trawler to operate in southern Australia waters and 'rape' the seas of 18 to 36 THOUSAND tons of fish each year, being the equivalent of 36 million kilos.? Can one not see that it would be better for 100 local fishing vessels having the opportunity of each 'taking' a far lesser amount from the seas and not deplete it of fish?

I do believe that there is a hidden MIND imposing ITS thoughts into the minds of man so that they can be 'bought' through their greed and monetary need, so lets now see 'who' is the 'idiot' ONE to give in to 'Just a thought' justifying them to place their 'signature' on the docket issuing the 'permit' and, for 'what' monetary price Tasmanians are 'bought' for. It is 'honestly' better for everyone to 'scrap' any fishing vessel bigger than 20 metres as a start, so that the little 'fishes' have the opportunity of multiplying.

The DARK 'power of thought' has been misleading mankind 'forever,' and is what causes interference, lack, loss, and suffering, and as a 'family of God' and as everyone is 'sister and brother' we need to 'embrace' and UPLIFT each other. To do this there must only be education, guidance and advice, and no more CONTROL, demand or suppression.

The 'control' over man is further exposed and 'simplified' by the power of my truthful thoughts as I give an example in my response to the 'Rates & General notification' booklet sent out  by the local Council manger to a land holder in the Break O'Day area.

My example reflects what is taking place over the entire planet as THOUGHTS entering the minds of Council employees give them the justification to impose greater fiscal and other demands upon the local populace, being demands that are backed by coercive threat of persecution, prosecution, fine, punishment, eviction, banishment, impoverishment etc., for ANY non-conformity to their legislated decrees.

What does God see? NO respect given by 'officials' who in FACT are 'self-appointed' by the very legislation they invoked.
What is our God to now do about this iniquity? Read all about IT in my Testament to humanity.

So 'Aaron,' thank you for your 'Just a thought' column as it has inspired my own 'Just a few thoughts.'

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 ~ Open Letter to Des Jennings, the Mayor and all councillors of the 'Break O'Day' Council ~

Dear Sir/Madam, I refer to the 'Rates & General information' booklet contents because I do believe that soon, many more community members will grieve, and the present 'way' of monetary extortion from the community that is carried out in the name of the 'Break O'Day' Council needs to cease.

For many long years now those in places of 'power' backed by force of arms have used coercion backed by armed men to extract monies from the community to fulfill their own 'dreams' and pay their wages as they 'taxed' everyone on the land due to them being taught falsely that it was their divine RIGHT to so do.

That the Council staff members offer a service to the community is not in doubt, but what everyone now needs to understand is, that any 'business' must operate within the bounds of the money received for services rendered that are required or asked for by 'each' individual community member.

The 'rates' of today are in fact a 'tax' imposed upon everyone through legislation, and the legislators of the day presume that it is they who have the right to impose 'whatever - whenever' they require funds to keep their 'business' operational.

It seems to me that there is an invisible force at work or 'play' that carries out ITS 'extortion' racket so clandestinely that everyone happily goes about their business seeing NOT that many do NOT need some of the 'works' carried out each year, and neither can they afford the rates tax 'hikes' that impoverish them more and more.

The facts of the matter are very 'clear' to me in that everybody is now 'bound' by texts written in 'books' of legislation that leave NO 'exit' NOR 'avoidance' clause, for any defaulter is simply dragged off to court or fined or evicted or banished IF they in any way fail to 'cough up' the ever increasing monetary 'penalty' for living in any particular community.

No 'normal' business venture would ever be backed by coercion or force of arms because they would BE offering a provision of services, and their business 'venture debenture' would only 'rise up' when individuals made use of the facilities or services are offered for 'sale.'

So here we are today where all over the world there is not ONE 'plot' where a person can live without being coerced into paying 'someone' a TAX LEVY.

So here we are today at a 'place' in time where expenses rise weekly and any one who 'meekly' says: "Please let me go 'free' for I do not wish to follow your demanding ways and I will only pay you directly for any 'particular' service that I need" is ignored, and they are 'listed' as a 'deserter' to be dealt within the precepts of the State Law that imposes its RULES upon any 'miscreant' who cannot fund all the demands placed upon their 'plate.'

It is also the Council employees who need to understand that their 'position' is one of impropriety because, their 'wage' is stolen from the community 'purses' using legislation as their justification and, they all also need to understand that they are NO different to any other on the land.

I say this because at 'present' every Council employee assumes the RIGHT to have their weekly pay met by the community irrespective of whether or not their 'subjects' can find the means to so do, without themselves going without food on their plate or, in being 'evicted' or fined or punished if they fail as said to 'cough up.'

Why do I write all this? Because there is a 'delusion' in the minds of the State policy makers, being their own error of belief that - - - AS they are 'mini-gods' backed by force of arms they can defy or deny or override the freedom of 'conscience' of the individuals their 'forces men' RULE so 'sternly and mercilessly.'

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It is apparent that everyone in this and every 'State' on earth who uses 'legislation' as their 'conscience' has forgotten that their legislative 'powers' are restricted and subject to the Constitution and, that any 'conflict' of 'policy' is overridden by the Constitution and, - - - any person exceeding the authority granted unto them by said Constitution is a person who has become a 'Treasonable' person who will ahead be 'forced' to suffer the same 'fate' as their victims when they used State legislation to justify their 'intrusion, control, interference, subjugation, coercion, taxes, fines, punishment, eviction, demolition, impoverishment, loss etc., and any mental or emotional trauma.'

Naturally there is the 'assumption' by the legislators and Council 'directors' and their back up 'policing' forces that they are NOT 'liable' in any way due to them simply doing their duty to the community within the statutes they use, and they also believe as does the local magistrate that all are OK because of said rules but, - - -

It is my 'pen' to reveal that ignorance of THE LAW of this and every land is NO 'excuse' and that IT is unavoidable.

Ignorantia Juris neminem excusat - Ignorance of the Law excuses no one.

How is it 'so' and how is THE LAW to be implemented when those in 'power' are backed by armed forces men?

It is all revealed in my Testament to humanity. I write this note to you all so that a 'better' plan can be made wherein Council become a true community service provider that does NOT coerce nor tax nor punish people and it only offers basic services.

All or 'any' other projects requiring funding must be provided for by free giving donations for only this 'way' ensures that council staff remain within the benign aspects of God's Law. As far as exceeding the basic services that council must give, all other 'projects' need to be carried out by private contractors rather than the Council, and these projects must be funded by those individuals wishing to support their implementation.

Those community members who are the 'strong arm' that backs legislation must now see that their 'badge' of office or 'wage' gives them NO immunity from God's Law, and that it is an offence to force people to 'bow' to legislative directives IF said directives go against their conscience or belief.

I refer now to a 'few' words in the 'Rates general information booklet' that I find 'distasteful.' The fact that there is a minimum 'charge' made on freehold properties having NO 'services' means that 'legislators' not only do not know the meaning of 'Freehold Title,' but they presume their own right to 'write' a 'rule' enabling their institution the RIGHT to STEAL and, - - - any that do not 'pay' are impoverished, persecuted, coerced, punished, banished or dispossessed if needs be.

Why do 'some' believe that they have the RIGHT to 're-value' the properties of others solely to enable their forces to 'facilitate' further extortion from the community purse? I also 'wonder' about your reference to new legislative 'tools' enabling the 'levy' of rates. Council appears to ONLY be concerned with its 'budget' and has little 'concern' for the capacity of the individuals to meet said intended 'impositions.'

What does this in FACT mean? It means that the legislator is the 'High Priest' of the 'Religion of government' who 'crucifies' anyone failing to OBEY, and these individuals are in fact persecuted and 'sacrificed' to Baal the Dark Sovereign Power in order for the 'Priestly Tribe' to maintain its control over the populace, for all are kept in a state of FEAR through other 'coercive' threats of added penalties for any 'late' payments.

The 'fear' of persecution is what enables legislators to elevate their 'demands' and STEAL 'openly' backed by legislation, this is an immoral and criminal ACT and, - - - council staff also now 'presume' that they using legislation can demand, impose, coerce, and force people to fund by 'rates taxes' any ongoing works that the 'staff' wish to undertake, and no person in the community can 'rest in peace' or they will become 'broke' and dispossessed and, - - -

Worse still, the community 'policing forces' and magistrates and 'jailers' are placed in the dishonourable role of having to enforce the rulings of legislators. This fact means that the 'legislation' TEXT itself wages war clandestinely upon every community member in the County.

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The 'knucklehead' legislator sleeping so soundly sees not the intense mental and emotional trauma and physical duress his action placed upon so many as the years unfold, and he sleeps soundly as do his supporters because, their 'daddy' or 'minsters of religion' NEVER told him that there was an immutable LAW existing that states: "What you do unto others will by others be done unto you, thus it is 'wise' to ONLY be kind and nice, for if you are an extortionist then far ahead MY POWER will clamp you in the DARK."

I 'wonder' if any State Council manager has ever 'considered' the FACT that, - - - any person in the community wishing to NOT pay for services 'offered' by Council due to said services being 'excessively' costly in their opinion or not required by them, - - - is a person who is NOT required to so do because they have the RIGHT within the Constitution to follow their conscience within the 'Freedom of Religion' Act and receive immunity from persecution and, - - -

Any action taken against them due to the contra ideological belief of any council member is in fact an illegal criminal activity and is:

Treason against the Sovereign Constitutional Power.
Treason against the State of Heaven.

Disturbing the peace of the peaceful in contravention of Godís RULING command.
Disturbing the peace of the peaceful in contravention of the Australian Constitutional authority.

Religious intolerance and persecution.
the religious freedom of others that are not disturbing the peace of the land.

Harassment inciting civil unrest.
other members of the community to join YOU in the persecution of peaceful people.

Causing CIVIL UNREST in that community.
Violation of civil rights.

Is this just a 'story' or a REALITY? Judge for yourself, but I NEVER write UNTRUTH

Where to now? Nowhere, for no person it seems has the 'power' to 'abolish' the 'mass' of rubbish now enshrined as TEXT in unholy 'matrimony' to Baal, and all enforcers are themselves forced to defy the Command of the Light of God as they wage war mercilessly and so 'judiciously' for their mercenary wages that 'bind' them to their 'duty' to said rules that enables them to receive an ongoing living wage.

What do I see? This escalation of insanity and ILLEGAL extortion of money from the community will lead to TOTAL impoverishment and the collapse of the social structure of THE WORLD, and as the suppressed ANGER of the 'disadvantaged' explodes in an absolute FURY of retribution there becomes a 'free for all.' This dark 'action' backed by force and out of control PEOPLE will cause CHAOS and 'agonising suffering' never before seen on this planet, and ALL funds will dry up in an instant.

What do I say? Prepare for the coming calamity and make provision for that time and HALT the 'bulk' of intended 'Capitol' works because, the money that THE PEOPLE are to be forced to supply they do not have and, - - - in any event they are entitled to 'refuse' or to freely give, as being their freewill choice granted by THE CREATOR and the ruling Constitutional authority and, - - -

The funds being presently allocated to  'Streetscapes ($ one million) - Bridge replacements ($650,000) - Reseal program ($ 250,000) - New road seal ($ 175,000) - Building maintenance & construction ($ 426,170) and more' are not 'absolutely' necessary in the present 'climate' because of many reasons, not the 'least' being that it would be far better to allocate some of available funds towards preparation provision for the catastrophic calamity soon at hand when may will be homeless and in need of food, shelter, housing, medical supplies and power 'away' from their present situation not IF but 'when' we have a Tsunami on the East Coast.

Fuel supplies and the community Public Works Department with its heavy machinery need to be moved up the hill and away from the water flood as this equipment will be needed ahead. Everyone needs to UNDERSTAND that funds will HALT as events unfold so everyone needs to use spare funds in storing dried foods and other items that will not be in 'short supply' but TOTALLY unavailable for some years.

Families will now desire to FIRST feed their own families and put away provisions BEFORE funding ANY provision of services other than the ones they individually need, want or desire. This means that they will lose 'interest' in funding the 'taxing' wages of legislators or other 'power brokers' living far away or over the sea. This also means that it is up to Council staff to themselves make provision for hard times and probably 'work' for very low wages.

It is best for everyone to now ensure that THE CHILDREN receive the correct spiritual guidance in reference to God's Command and immutable Law, so that ahead, they are steady and able to not retaliate in the face of adversity and to not go down the 'road' of control & enforcement when they are older.

Leave the 'governing' to GOD as 'we' keep His Primary Ruling "Peace & love & mercy & forgive" Command as our 'Just thoughts' of the day.

Leave the 'fisheries' to the fishermen - leave the forestry to the foresters - leave the bricklaying to the 'brickies.'

If my house falls down because I did not ask for 'advice' and was foolish, then that is my 'problem,' not that of any 'enforcers' who believe that they had the 'right' to protect me from suffering and forcing me to conform to their codes. Freedom of choice is what life is about, and if by my 'error' some other mortal suffers, then that is between them, me and God, and for sure our God will say to the 'sufferer': "You received your 'just due' within My Law," and to me God will say: "You will suffer all that was caused to the other due to your arrogance or ignorance, for there are NO 'exceptions' to My Law."

In the 'light' of the above every policeman needs to say to a person found not wearing a seat belt: "It is unwise to not be 'belted up' because you could come to harm or more easily lose control of your vehicle so I recommend that you so do before you drive away as that is the best policy." this way the 'honourable' constable or other has done a kindly 'duty' and will receive an equal return from God.

If the constable was to throw his 'book' at the other and write out an $80 ticket, then the result is this response from the Source, God: "You son 'detained' a person for a 'time' for the purpose of causing them monetary loss and mental or emotional or other 'harm' and, it is I ahead to 'impoverish' you similarly within My Law on an absolutely Just and equitable 'egg for an egg' basis." I hope people begin to see 'reason.'

We all stand 'naked' before our God and we are to be dealt with by HIM according to our benign or malignant interaction with His other children. He did say: "Ask and you will receive, but if you demand and take and any other of My children 'break' then for sure it is I to break YOU."

In July 1996 I wrote a Council "Blueprint" document as the result of a submission called for by the Break O'Day Council of St. Helens to the local community. The Council submission was in the form of a new proposed strategic plan that had been called for by the Tasmanian Government.

I simply suggest that those interested read my 1996 submission to Council on these pages


Other references:

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(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

The question is 'What is the meaning of the word 'Religion'?

The right of and importance of Religious freedom for the citizens of Australia has been clearly affirmed by the rulings by the High Court of Australia where:

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