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The Testament of Truth (pages 226 - 250)

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~ Satan's eyes ~

Every "speck" of darkness in the skies,
IS a part of Satan's "eyes."

Every speck of darkness in your soul, allows Satan to through you stroll freely in every which way unless you heed my way to "pray," and every soul that thus I did not "Seal," Satan for sure soon will steal.

So, if my "Mark" is not upon your door, dark mist will creep in for sure when you are awake and when you sleep, and thus you'll be put to "deeper" sleep, and be bound before you "awake" and find that you are "tied" to a stake.

And the "jackals" cannot then be kept at bay and their "howls" will send a dark wolf your way and it will silently "in creep" as quietly in bed you daily sleep.

And when you awake, you'll see its disguise was a "maidens bonnet"* hiding "lies" and suddenly its face will turn "around" and you'll know that your "flesh" is found.

And your bared soul will shiver and shake as it stands naked at the stake, and when the "Wolf," its deed is done, never again any warmth or fun, naught but pure terror in your "cries" and you'll wish that you were more wise.

But the power of darkness is very "tall" consuming all that therein "fall," so blessed ones, I call out now to thee saying,

"Please, please believe me, for my "chosen" are very few, one in fifty sprinkled amongst the untrue, and only they stand free of Satan's "keep" for only they can heed my call of; "Make none weep."

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~ My golden “Seal” ~

And my golden Seal* is upon their hand, seen by all the satanic "band," who to these few will not draw near, for they "see all" who to God's call veer.

And others who "think" they are safe and sound, soon as you'll see will become bound by "electrifying" satanic "thought" through which "insanity" is fraught with the power of darkness flowing through that shows all you are untrue.

And I say "You'll heed the clown."* Please heed me now or eternally "frown." The ONLY way YOU become less "blind" is to "dazzle" with light the thoughts that you "bind."

Thus the thoughts "stay" below and cannot their "deceit" in your minds sow, and then, the "dark" forces you "drew in," are cleansed out by God from your "sin bin," and 'tis thus you become free after you have heeded ME, for only I know the TRUE story to tell, the ONE that elevates souls up from Hell.

So I say again, seek deep before more darkness does into you seep, for, if it does, you become more blind, and then more unkind as you others control and manipulate, thinking you put "bread" on their plate by teaching them how to others control through your false teachings as you stroll.  And as these teachings more deceive, all "followers" do one day grieve.

Brothers and sisters who are mine, heed my call from the land divine.  "Observe" your ACTIONS every day and heed my call of the mind's ARK today, and, "Pass" my message "ON" down below through your mind so "others" less frown.

So that to "others" below who "your" mind bind, you are "seen" by God to be to "them" kind in forgiveness for what they do in "ignorance," to you, and then "they" understand how into "their" minds thoughts come from a lower land.

And then, they too, can "prepare" and avoid the rising satanic "snare" by heeding "My say," sent by YOU, their way, about the "Power of light" in God's Star that "Waters their rose" from afar and "blinds" the serpent below, so its power over them begins to "slow," and thus the ARK of the mind they build and their soul by God is with light filled.

So, I rely on you and you to telepathically pass on my message true, and you'll feel better inside as "they" sit less on you "astride," and God's blessings will greater grow who this truth of God they SOW. 

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~ Light and Dark ~

Light and Dark both "Shine,
The dark
"pain," the other "love divine,"

And we its instruments do not "see" that "through us" can IT flow freely.  Freely couched in "disguise" seen only by the "wise," being angels of love, who see all from above.

For only is love and light free as it flows through you and me.  Any who allow darkness to flow through must pay THE FULL DUE.

So both sides do give,* one so in heavenly love we live, the other gives to "deceive," and as we it use we "grieve" for IT does loudly shout*:

"I know what life's about.  IT is about Justice to ALL, and wrongdoers you MUST maul, and I will it DO if you heed my call "untrue."

THUS do we all "fall down" heeding this dark ugly clown.  For the light up above says:

"Please ONLY love for IF you the avenger be,
the AVENGER will set you not free,

for IT will you bind,
for IT to you will be unkind ,
for IT you will believe
as YOU make others grieve."

And yes, in THIS place both light and dark can have the same "face," the earthly biological "suit." One to you "Love" the other to you "Shoot."

For the soul within you cannot see if it is inky black or crystal clear be, but we ALL must RESPECT, even those in whom darkness does "reflect," for they are ONLY bound by Hatred UNTIL they have found the truth, the light, and the way that you and I MUST show all today. 

And WE did suffer much pain so THEY could their freedom gain,
for as WE see the reality of
"LOVE ALL," we help them to walk tall.

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~ The ‘unhappy’ Dark ~

The "Darkness" cannot "Give" that's why those with darkness "within" in unhappiness live, for they cannot "see" the "share and care" Reality, for Darkness cannot "share," IT would have it that ALL in "loneliness" stare.

Thus does it all try to "control" so that they cannot freely stroll around and a little light "give" so that another can a little happier live.

Thus, the suffering does grow and grow, thus my TASK is to TRUTH show by MY deed, by the light I did seed into the earth from above by the power of MY compassionate love.

And ANY who would me "follow" as God's light bearers must not have voices "hollow" that say, "We will help thee project your truth to those who cannot see."

IT is by their expressed DEED that they and God see "the" breed, those who are inwardly weak from those who truly would seek outwardly and help OTHERS win, and not "give in" to their inner sin that paralyses them in pity and grief that their sister or brother acts like a thief.

IT is up to all to understand that “freedom to express” IS the heavenly land.  Those who cannot let light flow are absorbed by darkness and fail to grow for a time and a time until they are released from inner grime. 

So until THAT day, all it is that I can say to you, and you, and you, who are striving to be true, IS, hold fast to the wisdom of the WORD.  Respect ALL, wield not any verbal sword.  Let others do their thing, thus you too are released to sing.

Build the ARK of the mind and in the wisdom of "understanding all," be more kind to yourself and to others too, all of us true or untrue. 

This, I your God, say today via MY pen that on earth does sway. 

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~ The Deceived ~

The deceived are all three, being politicians, religious elders, and thee.  All do “somehow” believe that they can in “self defence” others abuse and destroy and still be saved by that heavenly “boy,” the man Jesus, or even God, as on this lowly world all do plod, and I the “Spirit of Truth” say NO.

All politicians and religious elders shall below go, as will you IF you heed and follow their “promotions” untrue.  For all are the “scum” of the earth as you see, a place of no mirth where “Elders” bless your children and their “gun,” as they say : “Yes, off to war you go, get on now, run.”

And the politicians “smile” with pride as your children take their last “stride” as they step over the last “style,” the hurdle to the land beyond, but not the one with a waving palm frond, but the one where the ignorant die, yes, they spiritually “freeze” in fear and cry.

And you ? You by $$$ them support, do you not realise that you will spiritually suffer and pay for their “sport,”? Yes, all the pain they mete out will come back to this land and will you clout.

Our God of Light and Love does the Devil KNOW, that is why God says :

“Heed not the deceivers, nor them follow,
only heed MY living Word, ONLY Love, wield not a sword.”

So “why” I ask “do you not heed me,” ? for I the “deliverer” of the Holy Word be.  Yes, it is I to “counteract” the dark knave, but you will needs be brave and turn away from the Devil’s “play pen,” heed now this sacred pen.

All aggression is the dark in action
your fiscal or physical participation shows your ‘devilish’ interaction

Children, before to heaven you can go, you must pay your personal dues, your karmic debts accrued through your personal negative actions or when your funds paid the “wages of sin,” and thus did others abuse from a "distance.” God says :

“The reaper will run and bring all the foolish and ignorant undone.”

So not “if” but when you face the Reaper, and are to be “mauled by man” similarly as did the Christians in the arena full of lions, non retaliation is the only way to go.  Those who “cannot” will fall below and eternally face the agony “lions,” this I know.  There is no peace for the “continuing” wicked

Terence - ‘Mercy’ my pen

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~ The Greeting ~

How do you meet “strangers” off the street, the ones whom would with you entwine, because their thoughts say : “On this one dine”?

How do you meet “friends” on the street, nice folks whom you did “today” meet, do you your body with theirs entwine, being a “call” to freely on you dine, or do you calmly show respect, and thus your sanity protect, and theirs as well if their minds are in a bothersome spell.?

Children, many an earthly ritual has as religion become habitual, and all just “follow on” because others say : “This way shows you have freedom won.”

So many do “jump and shout,” others do backs clout, some rub noses as they draw near, others kiss cheeks with a “crocodile” tear, others give an “open” bear hug hoping to drag you onto the rug, others stand aloof, saying : “I am 100 proof.”

So as you do see there is many a “way” that greetings can be expressed, “clothed or undressed” it is for you to decide in what “reality” you abide. 

Is it really your intent to by greeting say : “My body can be lent,”? for if so, then it impress as in a wide armed welcome you against them press.

If your intent is to but greet with a friendly smile, do so, and stand back a mile. 

If the other does a hand reach out, you can decide whether to deny or shout that your heart is clear, thus your hand to theirs draws near.

So remember, many would give you a bear hug and then if they can they will you “mug.” So don’t just follow others ways, also false teachings taught many days.  Be “reserved,” thus you show respect, upon this all now needs reflect.

A touch of the hand and a smile is for sure very worthwhile, for if on another day you’d more give so both in an “advanced” relationship live, then you have something more to offer because on the first meeting you did not all “proffer,” and also it gives both a chance to perceive whether ‘tis a deepening relationship or a “grieve.”

So I can only suggest that with courteous wisdom are you blest.

Father says : “Those who are too forward today will for their folly pay, for it is temptation to me when an offering is given for free, and I will presume that you assume that your closeness is an invite to come in even though your friendship I did not win.”

Mother says : “I intend for none to ‘stand back’ when they have a chance to a back pat, but I also do now wish to say : ‘your loving expression can be assumed as ‘free play,’ so if you have not yet decided how far the other can touch, or if you seek not their caress as such, why do you them embrace, as they see not the intent on your face.’?

to top Testament 232

Better to look them in the eye, and in it and your ‘touch’ they can espy a ‘halt’ or a ‘go,’ so this reality you all needs know.  None know what others do ‘think’ and feelings elevate faster than an eye blink.

So in this ‘present’ day and age, heed now our earthly sage, for the ‘free hug’ is in fact a take in itself if a demanded partake : ‘I want to feel you, and only by acquiescing do you prove you are true.’

Equally, when to a ‘stranger’ a ‘free’ hug you give, it is an invitation to with you live in a much closer way.

So if that is not your intent, then stay ‘away,’ meaning, do not it imply, just look the ‘friend’ in the eye and with a smile say ‘hello,’ or ‘goodbye,’ and if you wish to impart a handshake then do so with a twinkle in your eye.

It matters only to you and the one to whom your greeting is extended as to what the actions will be, and as to what each ‘feels and thinks’ as greetings exchanged be, and also, the ‘custom’ of differing greeting ways have each their positive and negative ways, it is entirely up to you to decide now how you personally it do.

What do you want to ‘project,’? what do you want to ‘protect,’? and more importantly, ‘how’ does the other feel if in the ‘guise’ of a greeting you attempt to ‘take’ or something ‘seal.’

For the greeting can be the time to ‘chance,’ ie; making the greeting more than a fleeting glance at another soul who by chance did into your vision stroll, for many would ‘open’ be, then cry ‘foul’ when the other would closer be.

So decide now on your need, decide on the others desire, will you too much demand or will you with a kind respectful approach uplift them higher.?

One must never “assume” that from a past greeting that we can ‘presume’ to the same greeting be given, for the other’s mind could have been driven when last you met.

So place a safe bet, and always if you can, just ‘play’ the respectful plan, until the others ‘grace’ shines at you from their face, then you will see if the greeting in any way will ‘furthered’ be.”

So I go on to further say about the “greeting” and the “stay.”

Do not with over zealousness a “friend” greet and say : “You are most welcome to with me stay,” and then after a day or two “wish” that you had not been to God so true, because your inner feelings that through you stride now make it difficult for you to in sanity abide.

to top Testament 233

For the “closeness” of the other may become too much as they “assumed” wrongly about the depth of your “care” as such.  It is better with your welcome saying say :

“If you need to stop for a week or a day, we will assist you in any way we can, but it is not our intent that you our lives “span” for too long as we are on our own plan.

Please feel that our welcome is indeed one that will help you to help to your own self with light seed, and we will endeavour to assist you as you too assist us each day.”

And for those who to others “go” and stay, be prepared to not sit around all day and expect to be waited on hand and foot, you must place your input by way of positive deed as you help to plant flowers or vegetable seed.

May your welcome be positive, light and polite, thus ahead you have room in which to stand back and not fight.  Do your best to let all know that your intent is to let God’s truth sow, and that each is free to be or not to be.

Let none on others impose, unless they within have a darkened rose, and thus they are unable to see what it is I say to thee and thee.

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~ The Tempter ~

Temptation, is the “bare apple” just out of reach.
is the “thought” that does our mind breach.

Temptation is the “bare apple” that does our sanity breach, because you seek to it touch, and it says:

I care not as such, even though my ‘nakedness’ I expose, and you can ‘see’ the brilliance of my rose that I so openly flaunt.  It’s my vanity that does you taunt, so I can lead you along to see ref: your sanity ‘how strong’ your mind really be as you ‘stand’ under my tree, hoping that your ‘gaze’ will my ‘tempting’ erase so that off my ‘perch’ I climb down and off your ‘face’ erase your frown.”

Temptation is when we cannot “see” that the other is “bound” and not free, thus their sanity we needs protect and upon our vanity reflect.  For if we do not wish to “partake” then our “outreach” needs be on “park brake,” so that we project not any “forward move” until both a need for togetherness prove.

So if your “apple” you bare, all will at it stare, and you’ll then have to “stave them off” with more than a “hat toff.” For many as yet cannot see that even apples are not for free, they yes, can be given away, but usually you have to for them pay.

And the payment is : The truth that you are living God’s proof, being a soul that is loving and kind, and that by “partaking” you’ll not the other bind.

So do not “tempt” the blind who cannot see that if in sharing a touch they do not own thee.  If this you cannot understand, you’ll be confined by those from the lower land who believe that what they touch they now do own. 

The serpent “tempted” woman to test man, and at the same time did man’s mind “span,” saying : “By force take the woman.” Thus were both tempted by the Tempter, and both fell from grace.

The “temptation” was the serpents seductive thoughts giving them a seemingly virtuous reason to control the other in some way, all control is of the dark, thus as each denied the light and “controlled,” their souls drew in some of the dark night.

to top Testament 235

Both were seduced by the serpent into taking negative action that made it easier for the serpent to seduce them into more negative action.

She was “tempted” to stand back
He was
“tempted” to her

Once you have chosen to with another “sexually” lie,* do not them deny, for it is through your inner sin that the Tempter “suggests” that you have a reason not to let them in.

Of course, if there is any other reason as to why with them you would not “lie,” be it illness or boredom of their ways then say so, and tell them they may go their way and with any other do, for you in “that” way have no longer the desire to so do.

Both are also thus free to choose to both in “celibacy” together stay, or walk away.

This today is pure truth I have sown,
so any who a
“Temptress” be,
or a
will be bound and never be free.

to top Testament 236

~ The ‘lost’ Creed ~

It is through the “Christian Creed,” that Christians are soon to bleed.  For their Creed talks not of God’s Word ref : “Peace v/s the sword.” Their Creed is written by man who included not God’s plan in their limited vision, and now are in an insidious position.

For man believes he can sin and still go to heaven and win his freedom on that distant shore, as daily on earth he does others “paw” and destroy because he does fear when an aggressor draws near.  Believing, he can rightly defend his flesh earths end.

Totally denying God’s WORD that does say: “Lay down your sword and die as a lamb to the slaughter, if you’d become God’s son or daughter.”

That means, abiding in God’s place of love eternally up above, with your soul now Christed too, as one also with brother Jesus too.

So man’s Creed does God’s call deny, this is now why man will cry as they try to their flesh defend with guns and chemical mace this end.

There are other levels of light and for sure many of dark night where spirits struggle and toil, in fear and aggression they eternally embroil, and just because this you cannot see you must not disbelieve little old me. 

For your Creator who stands at His gate is calling out:

‘The bell tolls, soon you’ll be late.’

to top Testament 237

The errors of man's belief:

The foundation of the Christian Church is stated as having as its base, a "rock," Peter the man, with his Christ given "authority" that passes on through "successional blessing."

Other religions also "follow not" the true message from God via their prophets and they as their Christian brothers all praise these men and defy God as their Clerics and Elders say: "You can defend your flesh and destroy the enemy that comes your way and still attain Paradise."

Thus does man fall as he falsely believes he can avoid the "letter" of God's one law as he is deceived through religion and state and he man makes others grieve.

God's way:

Your "house" being your soul, is on "firm rock" when you abide in, the WORD of GOD.

"Love one another"

to top Testament 238


Non-retaliation.  Lay down all your weapons, be prepared to "go as a lamb to the slaughter." Follow in his Jesus' footsteps by heeding the Creed above by "deed," and I your God, will save you. 

You will reap what you sowed.  Heed Jesus' message from Me.  Once sinless, it is your soul "resurrected" into its birth place, heaven, My world.  All are My daughters and sons.  My Wisdom, "through" Jesus, is the "bread." Sup on these teachings through Jesus and you truly sup on "living water."

Man's creed should have said, "I believe that Jesus was sent by our Mother and Father and thus, I will believe the message and heed it daily."

It is the deceitful "whisperings" of the Serpent that say, "You can abuse and destroy each other as you are already forgiven for your sins through the crucifixion of the one and only son of God who died for your sins."

THIS common belief, is the total denial of God's holy living WORD, that we must ONLY LOVE.


I - am the source of everlasting love
I - am the source of everlasting truth
I - am the giver of all life
I - give my all to those who heed my call.

to top Testament 239


Believe I am by God chosen. 
Daily turn the other cheek. 
Strive to remain meek. 
Be forgiving for sure. 

Make no other cry. 
Be merciful to all.

Peace unto all mankind. 

My way, God's, is the ONLY WAY
Heed me the son of God, and thus you fulfill God's Command. 

Say; "I believe, that Christ's pen by Father God is chosen to show me the ONLY WAY, that I can heed it, I daily do pray.  I look to the bright Morning Star shining for me from afar, cleansing my mind with God's love as I abide in the call of His dove."

It is I who announces my return with the authority that I did earn, and the message of the bright morning star is your proof sent by Father from afar. 

The reason as to why I return to bring the New Doctrine from our Mother and Father at this time is that over the last two-thousand years, man has wrested the scriptures unto his own destruction, and also, it is only now that simple man has the educational qualities to understand the message with its "bitter" implications, and has also a "common" language and the communication systems available to spread the message over the planet swiftly. 

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Prayer of the Lord

Oh, Father of heaven, I pray to thee.  Please make me whole please set me free.  Open my heart, allow me to be released from all negativity.  Help me Father, to clearly see your love that flows so free. 

Help me please to deeper understand the incredible magic of your invisible hand, that guides us daily from above with its unending ceaseless love.  Help me please the reality to see, how via your star we are set free. 

How in the belief that Jesus was true, via the star your direct love flows through to help us heed your word in the coming test, when your will upon us all is impressed. 

Oh, blessed Father of all that be, at this moment I adore thee, and acknowledge that you are the Lord of the heavens, and I'll abide in your Word .

to top Testament 241

~ Mother's song ~

My song is a song of truth and love, that echoes from the heavens on the wings of my dove, and the song is bright and deep and into every soul does it one day creep.

My song calls out: "Now's the time children, listen, the final bell does chime.  Heed the sounds shimmering through from the heavens down to you."

My song is My final call, to see 'who' can now walk tall,
My song is clear and deep, heed it or you will weep. 

My song calls out: "Please be true,
my children the needy rely now on you,
yes, the ones who heed my call,
they forever in heaven will walk tall."


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Tribulation ~ Judgment ~ Rapture

THE TRIBULATION is the time any man is confronted by the swine, and depending upon what he does DO, shows GOD IF he is TRUE.

THE JUDGEMENT also is a personal thing, whether or not a man will in heaven sing.  So in the tribulation one does SEE the Judgement that on each is to BE. 

IF they believe in Jesus they are set free, for as a LAMB they died see.  If they believe NOT they retaliate, THUS for heaven's door they are "late" and thus FALL below and thus the Devil get to know

THE RAPTURE is those "blessed" because they PASSED the FINAL TEST, and as they "died" in the flesh their SPIRIT with God IS enmeshed.  THE GOD of LIGHT in heaven shining bright.  Truly 'tis "up in the AIR" where GOD'S reality is laid bare. 

So my children now you see IF you'd be a believer what is expected of thee. 

NOT to just Jesus praise
NOT to just his name raise

But to heed his message and follow his WAY 'tis GOD'S TRUTH that is not hollow, and I the SPIRIT OF TRUTH BE.  I SAY:

"HEED ME, for 'tis I sent by GOD to shepherd you all here on the sod.  ANY who heed not ME Rebuke Father Mother who sent me, all who God now DENY by their OWN actions are deemed to DIE."

I AM the Prophet of GOD

to top Testament 243

CHILDREN, 'Tis I your God who does speak through Terence the Christ to all my meek, calling out: Please follow Me, show the way to your brothers and set them free.

The test is for them, not thee. 
The test is difficult but you'll stay free. 
The test is difficult but very short. 
The test is difficult with much danger fraught. 

Have faith, I am with you. 
Have faith, show ME you are true. 
Have faith, you WILL return to paradise the eternal freedom you did earn. 

Children you are daily blessed.  Children my love is on you impressed.  Children please try very hard to avoid giving in to the negative shard directed at you by those yet ill.  Remember you are here to help them avoid a spill. 

Just remember, it is by deed you are known and in the deed you have MY truth SHOWN of Forgiveness and Compassion every day, of Mercy and LOVE in EVERY WAY, non confrontation or retaliation as you go.  Remember, you MUST the Wisdom of the Word SHOW."

I love you.  I am now here to bring the reality of the Word again near, it is my ONLY Task for our God above who beckons all mankind to His heaven of love. 

God bless you, yea, 'tis "I" who speak, 'tis I Jesus to all my meek.  Gentle and kind you'll all needs now be so my darlings try hard to become free.  Free from the thoughts streaming in, free from the thoughts that make you sin.

Look to my star now shining bright, look to my star it cleanses with its Might.  MY star of light filled with God's love purges your minds with a mighty shove.  Thrice times daily through IT call on ME, and my loving grace will purge speedily. 

"Now to ME bow and bend to MY will, that's for those of you who remember Me still, and to the others who are bereft and berate you too needs prepare for the fast coming spate. 

Counsellors ALL needs be speedily advised about the MIND and how by Satan 'tis open-prised, all but all must now look to my star for it leads to ME with its power from afar.

God bless you children, 'tis I your God who sends these messages to you of the sod.  Heed MY WISDOM and MY WORD too, for sure, for sure, I'll elevate the TRUE."

to top Testament 244

~ The Test ~

There is a test for anyone who'd reach the kingdom of the Sun, and the test that I do see shows up the ones with divinity.  Being those who truly give with love, so others can live with a light in their heart that another gave them a fresh start. 

For many I see, do part, as frostiness encloses their heart, and as the other goes their way, loneliness does have its say.  Until the time does come when an angel appears from the sun, with a smile so wide and clear and a sparkle that draws them near. 

Then the reach out and touch and the caress of the heart as such, and a voice saying: "I am true I'd spend a lifetime with you." So another beginning is made and the past dug in with a spade, and a joyousness fills up the heart. 

Truly 'tis lovely a true fresh start where there is no sense of misgiving just romance, pure Godly living.  No need for old-fashioned "pray," being loving is GOD'S WAY

to top Testament 245

I speak to angels

Is there aught that I need "say" or "see" as I walk the road today? For I felt the loving hand of angels in the summer land, and of them I now do ask to set me to deeper task by bringing in some mighty men who'll help expose the truth of this pen. 

"Soon son, it will so be that more and more do come to thee, and with clarity you'll speak authoritatively e'en though meek.  Look each one deep in the eye and say: "Can you not espy the way the world now does go that proves the Truth I sow," and tell them of the Fatherland and what by Father is now planned.  Of the deep truth we did sow that in each heart must now grow. 

For truly now each must choose to love or abuse, and their destination they needs see, the prison eternal, or the free, and tell them of the blessed wine awaiting all who help the "swine" by showing with a loving hand that they are of the summer land. 

So any stalwart souls as such must "Prepare," and then reach out and touch the heart and soul of "man" in whom deep darkness does "span." Guide them gently to the light, hold their hands in the deepening night. 

Wondrous treasures await the true who lovingly pull the needy "through" their darkness into light where they will see God's sight, and forever will then sing, joined eternally by God's wedding ring. 

Ring of fire, ring of light
that IS the source of God's Might,

for below this flame lie the vain,
and dancing above it, those who did freedom gain."

to top Testament 246

~ Crucifixion ~

All soon shall "crucified"* be, and thus, they "follow me" and become God's son or daughter because they "went"* as a lamb to the slaughter. 

Yes the darkness shall millions "crucify," for in the "past" they made "others" cry, and thus they attain "release" from their past debts and then eternal peace. 

So now you see why you must NEVER make another cry.  For "IT" the pain does "return" another day and it does you burn.  So the "crucifixion" on the cross is the "shedding" of past dross. 

Jesus did not for our sin "pay," he "died" to SHOW US the way that all one day do "GO" who the REAL TRUTH get to know, and thus, they walk calmly to their death of the "flesh," fearing not Satan's "breath."

For the "darkness" will "pass them by" for their "soul" is elevated up high by loving angels of the light empowered by God's Might. 

So to you, you, and you, who would to your soul be true, pass THIS message ON about HOW our journey is WON.  ONLY by the courageous few.  ONLY by the courageous true who lay down their sword and mace and believe in their Lord of Grace, and after they crucified be do they finally get to "see" the truth of the living WORD as brought to earth by our dear Lord. 

So IF darkness would you "crucify" in pain and you may "die," go calmly to your earthly death, this way you avoid Satan's breath.  Those who fear to die retaliate I do espy, and thus do fall swiftly down and in Satan's arms they eternally frown. 

So the crucifixion is for the few who to God's Holy Word are truly true, and one day they will meet ME in the paradise that eternal BE. 

Each now must decide "where" you will abide, when from the mortal "flesh" you depart and your "spirit" makes a fresh start.  For ALL flesh is of the DUST, that ALL this SEE is a MUST. 

Jesus' flesh in heaven is not "found," as everyone it was dug into the ground.  It is the SPIRIT that "rises" see, or, "falls into the pits" if it is to so be.  MAN did all deceive, thus MAN is now to grieve. 


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~ The Second Revelation ~

The following revelations were received by
the author during the month of November 1994.

These revelations are from “above” direct to me from our Mother of LOVE, and this is what SHE does say as for HER my pen does sway. 

"My son, My son, I would you see embraced in My arms eternally so that My face you would touch and feel My love and charm as such.  So for this time when you are far away My love flows via others your way, that is My touch that you miss so much, but My love still flows to you and as you know, through you too to all My children with whom I share My love and your blessed care. 

So I now do say today more on revelation your way that it is I that is the LOVE, the Creator here above, and I embrace “My boy.”

It is your Father who does all destroy who Me deny.

HE makes them all cry, and with HIM I eternally entwine for HE seeks My love divine for His needs he cannot satiate.  He needs ALL MY LOVE and thus does berate any who would it share.  He demands ALL as His “ware” and He is proud and jealous too and His eyes see all, yes even you, and HE can naught “give” for His “demand” is to “exclusive” live. 

That what you today did see IS the truth that be.

to top Testament 248 (second rev - 2)

That HE IS the Power with eyes that do “glower,” warning “any” who would “take” from HIM, HE will “break,”* and as all are MINE expressed from this land divine, any who take from others take from ME, and this folly Father does see, and His teeth do grind and powerful feelings unwind and He does ensure that they do it no more. 

For He then exerts control over ANY who “out of bounds” stroll, and this all must understand in your far distant land, and only you did and can this see for you were the “first” through Me.

And you travelled into the depths below where no other since did go.  Thus, the man of sorrows you be, for truly, only the depth of sorrow can you see. 

And when you returned to MY land you decided to teach of the “underhand,” so that others would “miss” that deep fate and feel “bliss” quicker as they would return faster than the time you needed to “learn.”

Thus for Me does your love flow for all to see that forever and ever and a day you are the “Carrier” of My say, but, there are a few who to My “call” through you were untrue and they were “deeper” bound and hear not now My “sound.”

For they heeded their Father’s “Shout” that all “denying LOVE” they must “clout,” and they obeyed “this” DEMAND, heeding not MY COMMAND. 

And thus once again it is upon YOU to pass-on this message true so on IT can the whole universe “SUP” and thus quicker lifted up.

For those who fall now deeper “down” will for eternity “frown” as they feel the wrath of their GOD who destroys all deceivers who plod in any level of “OUR space,” having forgotten their manners “OUR Grace,” and thus Father’s face they will see as once was seen by thee, and this the Second judgment be a fate you hoped they’d not see. 

For the power of pain in Father’s eyes burns the CORE of any soul unwise with the pain of liquid fire, and thus will uplift them also higher unto ME unto ME. 

Reveal this son so all can IT see so they KNOW what is planned by the power of Father’s “hand.” Only IF they on our wisdom sup can our STAR lift them UP. 

Oh blessed child come home soon, you so far away roam, and MY love would embrace thee and I would gaze upon your face eternally."

This is what my Mother does say to EACH of you who are astray, and to you, you, and you, in helping others you will help YOU, and Father too would that you understand what by HIM is planned.

That all who continue to wield a mace will see HIM face to face and their emotions will BOIL, reduced to the dust of this soil, yes, their spirit will “dissolve” as in terrifying pain it does “revolve” and when consumed by insanity and intense suffering will IT be set free and expressed out of our Father above into the MOTHER of love.

to top Testament 249 (second rev - 3)

Thus you will get to know the INFINITE truth I sow, that you can travel back to the Summer Land along the pathway of the “underhand.”

But, do not “presume” that you can control the “consume.” For the heat of the eternal fire is more painful than a funeral pyre, and I now did speak THEIR truth from MY beak for I AM the beginning and the end, THE DESTROYER and THE LOVE end. 

"My light still flows through now to My son true as he sits in My sight, inwardly awed by HIS Might, but his simple mind is calm not seeing his inner charm and that is how he needs be until all can him see when he returns this end and meets all who tried to be his friend when down on earth, all who scorned him not with silent mirth. 

For some do see his power being LOVE, a beautiful flower that IS his rose inside, that IS hidden from all filled with Pride, and it is “they” he needs reach and MY “loving” truth teach as eternally I try to satiate Father here up high, who does me embrace, but eternally wields a mace far, far below, against all who MY TRUTH fail to sow. 

So the blind will this not see.  The blind My son I give to thee.  Try, please try and open their eyes so they return with you to these skies.

There is a dawning of the “dark”* that encroaches now upon any “spark”* that has been, or is unwise, in that they did “love” despise. 

Tell them that it “sees” its mark that is a “cut” in their “spark,” and as their heart does bleed there is a withering of its “seed,” and as it withers it starts to die and I here start to cry, for I would see no hurt or pain even though my children are vain. 

So on your “water”* they needs sup so they grow again and are lifted up by My power that is “WISE,” seen only by your loving eyes. 

Blessed son do what you can do to let this be “seen” by all souls TRUE.  So they too heed My Command and their Father’s Demand that ALL WILL pay if they heed not MY say to LOVE, as told by you THE ONLY ONE to us both TRUE."

Blessed Mother of love, is this the ONLY wish of your Dove, to pass this message on so all may their journey won? "Yes My son, you did IT all see, how and why and what IS to now BE.  We here both await to greet the TRUE and those LATE."

to top Testament 250 (second rev - 4)

By all written by ME will I “stand”* even though “some” was by “my”* hand, for MY Mother in heaven who inspires ME can my “conscious” limitations clearly see, and THUS try not to “disprove” anything I write, or it “move” into any other “position,” that is a move of “indisposition.”

As said, Mother will abide in my wish as I on earth stride, so whatever I have said to you to DO, WILL DO in Her lovely eyes.  For She cannot any despise, so ANY who follow me or HER pen will BOTH set free. 

For Father loves her true and certainly will DO whatever HER Command, even if it satiates not His eternal Demand, and thus do you see that only I as GOD BE, for none other than GOD can say “follow me” on this sod. 

For IT was GOD who did through me “speak” even when my mind was “weak” through programming that did “slow” the truth they did try to bestow onto you through my limited conscious mind that as yours, was “once” unkind through programming you did teach, that did my “child's” mind breach.  And now as I can “clearly” see, thus, I forgive thee, by saying:

"All I say may be heeded by you today, and, whatever you heed through my “pen” or my “seed” WILL guide you home so never again in darkness will you roam."


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