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The Testament of Truth (pages 126 -150)

Testament 126

~ Thief in the night ~

Would you like to know HOW I came as a thief in the night with no name, how it felt to awakened be from a sleep in which I dreamt daily.  Dreamt of a world free of sin, dreamt of a world I could live in, dreamt of a world that was free, dreamt of a world free of misery.

And I BELIEVED our Lord God, our God of love, as along I did plod for I was a man with no name, knowing not one day many would call me vain, and the man Jesus was close to my heart, I asked him daily not to depart, depart from the minds of his good men I knew I'd meet when called by his pen.

But, the wielder I did not know would be me with God's truth to sow, for our Lord God bound my mind with the world's sin, oh so unkind.  So I would know and pain feel, and inner loneliness would make me reel until that one day God released me, and 'tis now this day that I can see, see again who I be, the same soul who stood at Galilee.

But, as yet my hands are bound by God UNTIL ALL HAVE FOUND, found their truth deep inside, whether to rise or downward slide.  'Tis why I now say to thee, 'tis the time for believers to be, be saved by their BELIEF, 'tis why I came like a thief for, if I'd come like a shower of rain, even non believers would believe my name.

So now 'tis but a test to separate the BEST, from the ones who yet deceive, from the ones who God see and believe.

As we NOW choose we are freed, those that choose light, of their sin that did in feed.  Those that choose darkness compound it more and they will fall, that's for sure.

Try hard like me for once I too was not free, 'tis only now once again I can do all God asks, which God asks you too, for we can all blinded be, thinking* that we are free.

Only AWARENESS can show the way,
the way of our
deeds every day.

Sweet friends I've talked enough so now you do your stuff.  Let YOUR CANDLE burn bright too, see how many YOU can pull through.*

Sweetness I love you, sweetness you're so true, sweetness to our God above who tries with ALL HER LOVE.  Her wisdom does She send forever down this end so now we down this end must show we appreciate a friend.

Testament 127

~ The House of God ~

The house of God be His children from every land across every sea.  Those that heed and abide by His Word, SPEAK TRUTH, and WIELD NOT THE SWORD.

This prophecy inspired by God is for ALL HIS CHILDREN of the sod, of every colour and every creed, even those still filled with hatred and greed.

For it will help ALL OF YOU reach heaven if you TRY TO BE TRUE, true to the wisdom now flashing through from GOD IN HEAVEN, through me TO YOU.

His Angelic Hosts reach to the Sun, they will ensure that all is DONE, so prepare now for the heavy load for now we must reap as we walk the road.  Heed the prophets from long ago.  I now the simple truth sow.  Christ the King lives again and His truth, God's, was not in vain.

The WORD OF GOD is the name of this scribe who is not in vain.  The TRUTH OF HIS LORD echoing from above must be heeded by those who'd see the dove.* Those who heed NOT this call of mine will NEVER REACH my land divine.

My light and truth reveals me returned as a "thief in the night" to set MINE FREE, NOT those who to a religious club belong, NOT those who say "I hear Jesus' song," NOT those who say "I see the light," ONLY those who SHOW MERCY guides them in the night.

For, 'tis only by DEED you are known, NOT by the truths you say you have shown.  So my friends, I write this to thee for now it's time to SHOW

IF you hear me.

"HEED THE WORD" is the cry from above, "GIVE TO ALL with all your love.  Forgiveness and mercy to the fore, turn the other cheek to reach my shore.  Now the time and now the place, time for testing the earthly race."

"Believe it children, follow me, 'tis the way to be forever free, and now, as in every kingdom under the Sun, on Planet earth will My will now be done.  Any that heed this call flowing free will for all eternity become fully free."

"O sweet Mercy, Compassion too,
I your God love you true."

Testament 128

~ Healing ~

HEALING dear children is the easing of pain, whether mental or physical it's all the same.  Emotional turmoil deep deep within, this too children can be painful sin, for it all arises from negativity see, negativity clouding our reason this sometimes be, and as these negative feelings arise inside, they twist our thoughts and we others despise.

We're proud and vain, and selfish too, arrogant and lustful and greedy too.  These are the forces that make us pain feel as we walk the road on the spiritual growth wheel.

So healing is but UNDERSTANDING see, understanding in the soul to set it free, free from the pain it drags all the time in, whenever the soul weakens and gives in to sin.

So understand please what first needs be done, understanding, forgiveness and compassion, to all under the sun, for all those suffering deep trauma see, are poor souls deeply trapped in negativity.

And, they need LOVE is what I say, love and understanding given each day, so reach out and touch and with them pray.

Teach them the Star meditation to clear negativity away, for powerful forces way down below, negative thoughts in their minds do sow and these "whisperings" of fear and hateful ideas, need to be overcome by Jesus and His peers.

For His love can guide you too, in thought, and word, and gentle touch too.  'Tis not the physical we work on see but the crying soul longing to be free so understand as you go your way, reach out to all and help them to pray, and angels of light will gather around you for in spiritual essence will they work too.

Testament 129

~ Meditation ~

MEDITATION is a way in which we pray, pray for deliverance to come our way, deliverance from our inner sin that traps us on earth and strives to not let us win, win that freedom forevermore where we will in the heavens soar.

So in the meditation I teach thee, you'll be reaching Jesus who'll set you free, for the road you walk and have in the past, may have been tortuous, but won't forever last, and the REAPING now coming our way needs be done before our Karma clears away.

So the meditation on the STAR OF BETHLEHEM be the only way to keep your souls free, free from STRIKING BACK and "sowing" more negativity when you're "reaping" for what you did before and clearing debts see, and our LORD GOD high in the sky will wipe your brow, and your tears dry.

So, thrice daily I ask of thee, DO HIS MEDITATION and HE will keep you free, and teach all that you now meet, how they TOO can stay on their feet, and our LORD GOD high in the sky, will bless YOU forever that you did your best try.

Testament 130

~ Lust - Desire - Love ~

An understanding on LUST, DESIRE and LOVE, I now send you from above.  For our dear Father would have it be, that the truth and reality you see more clearly.

Lust is a force, a lowly force that can a soul from God divorce, pain and purpose behind the thrust.  That it take* and satiate is a must.

So with lust a soul cannot think,* turmoil is close and sanity on the brink, and that soul can fall* for sure from what it "does" to the needy poor.

As for DESIRE, 'tis a feeling much higher, a true positive feeling that is pure desire, and this feeling accompanies love, yea, truly sweet love from above.

The love that flows through with share and care is the "I love you" let us our souls bare, the caress and delight do "togetherness" prove,* the word "sex" is just the togetherness move.

So sweet children please do see, 'tis the LOVE I seek to unfold in thee, for when two LOVING souls unite and entwine as ONE, then truly God's love in both is undone.*

So seek deep in your hearts I ask of thee, understand all forces unleashed to be free and ALL the negative ones now more to rise, feel and experience, but DON'T others despise.

Just control thoughts that "come in" when you're "feeling" the negative sin, this way you'll be happier and sooner free and won't sow pain that will come back to thee.

When all lowly forces* are cleared and souls are free, then ALL positive emotions will be EXPOSED IN THEE, and ONLY these positive emotions will remain, and truly forever you'll abide in my domain.

For, the light of love through each will shine and you'll know the Christ light is love divine, and this light of love in each will flow free, then and only then, will you see God's pure reality.

The PURE share and care and "I LOVE YOU"
is the communion of truth between two,
and the PURE communion of truth between two
IS the reality of God flowing through


Testament 131

~ Work for food ~

The time will soon come when all work is for FOOD only.  There will be greedy "takers" and caring others helping the lonely.  ALL PARISH BELIEVERS in our God above MUST NOW HEAR His message from above.

GIVE WITH LOVE TO ALL I SAY and help with COMPASSION all who come your way.  "Buildings" and "Churches" are things of the past, just get out and HELP the needy to withstand Satan's blast.

Every GOOD SOUL a counsellor be, an APOSTLE OF JESUS for all to see, and LOVING Church ministers shall also be, and guide all in prayers and pass on His blessings see.

Tomorrow is too late for those that BELIEVE son.  TODAY IS THE DAY all of the above must be done.  The star meditation must be shared by all, this way they'll be stronger and will not fall.

The morning star with light from above, fills the heavens with deepening love.  "Seek me, seek me," I hear the call, from loving angels who guide you all.

"Seek the star that shines so bright, seek the star with its heavenly light.  Seek the star as it shines above, seek the star, draw on it's love for it IS the symbol of the king, it is the symbol of His ring, the ring symbolising His marriage to God, showing His eternal guidance to those of the sod."

And the star has risen high, higher than the others in the sky, and this star is filled with HOPE, extended to you as a golden rope.  Seek it out and be lifted up so that forever you will sup in the heavens high above with your brothers and sisters in the land of love.

Jesus, Jesus I see your star with its loving power from afar
Jesus, Jesus, please be with me
fill me with light and set my soul free. 

ALL who this book read will receive God's blessing through my seed.  They need not believe all I say and probably cannot until another day.  All it is I now ask is for them in the light of TRUTH to bask, for in reading what I say will they help themselves and others another day.

For swiftly now, time will more RUN and e're very long the planet falls undone, not undone in totality, but people losing their spirituality.  And thus, being spiritually deceived by the satanic web now stronger weaved, and, for a time the light will be less, and 'tis the UNDERSTANDING I would on you impress.

So friends who do not FEAR to my message read I call you NEAR and bless you if you come my way, for all now need to know the NEW way to pray.  The way to FORTIFY THE MIND against unseen forces oh so unkind, and those who follow MY WEAVE will SEE the ultimate light and God believe.

Testament 132

~ All religions OF God be ~

Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity. 
What is at the
loving CORE
IS God's LOVE for

CHILDREN, 'Tis I your GOD who does speak, calling out through Terence to all who SEEK my wonderful kingdom up above, verily the kingdom of Christ light and love.

Heed my call now via this pen, Terence the man IS my foremost of men.  Only those who now my call HEED will forever and ever of inner evil be FREED.

Lay down your weapons IF you believe that the WORD OF GOD does not deceive.  Teach all your children, and you of the frock need teach this WISDOM to your erring flock, for NONE but NONE yet teach this truth, and JESUS died to show you his PROOF that ONLY in non-retaliation do you become free, and ONLY when free will you join ME.

All the churches made by men and their ministers are called by this pen.  Tell all the soldiers who now go to war what for THEM lies in store.  For they will FEEL what they put OUT.  They'll feel the pain that they mete out and if they DIE as they others abuse, then eternal freedom will they LOSE.

There is NO reason to defend a home that is being savaged by others that roam.  Just walk CALMLY and with quiet in the night, TRUST IN GOD THAT ALL IS RIGHT for if you suffer it is how you pay for what you did to others, another day.

This is TRUTH that is for sure and there is ONLY ONE WAY UP TO MY DOOR.  FOLLOWING JESUS, and walk as he did, it seems his message is yet from you hid.  He died in peace and calmness for sure to show YOU NON-retaliation and more.

HEED now what I say to you, Terence the CHRIST is a soul TRUE, and this last message now via his pen must be heeded to avoid Satan's den.  So all leaders and teachers of truth, teach all yours to not stand aloof, aloof from their brothers, the needy, the poor.

Compassion and mercy is to be shown for sure.  Bless you ALL who believe ME, I AM THE LIGHT TO SET YOU FREE.  Hearken now to this final CRY that will call no more from out the SKY .

Testament 133

~ The Risen One ~

I am the One from “before” who has “arisen” for sure.

So all now must heed this pen, that is, the ones by God chosen in this last task to help humanity the “dark one” unmask.

For this dark one is very cruel and over sinners is now to drool so, to all men true, yes, I mean you and you, read my book The Last Prophecy, its infinite wisdom will set you free so that all humanity you can help, as they are “decimated” by the satanic whelp.

For now compassion and love divine must from you to them entwine.  My lovely sisters so beautiful and true, my lovely brothers who stand tall too, tis to you I now “reach out” with my book, God’s FINAL SHOUT.

All who this read are asked by God to with all speed;

"Pass the message on
about the book of HOW the race is won."

Don't just put it away thinking "I am now okay." God does see all, prepare HIS OTHER CHILDREN for the fall

Testament 134

~ Walk your own path ~

Christ is here, Christ is there, will be heard when this book is laid bare.  Worry not where I be, go your way and HEED GOD'S WORD I say to thee.

ONLY heeding God's Word will get you above and you'll be helped by my star filled with God's love.  So seek me not out I ask of thee, go your way and HELP THE NEEDY.

IF YOU BELIEVE the new truth I sow, heavenly hosts will around you flow, and they will guide in all you do, and from God will greater wisdom flow to you.


~ God’s Judge ~

YES, I have returned as God's "Judge" to against "dark souls" place a smudge so the Reaper can also "see" what to the "smudged" will now be, be done before all eyes so all souls become quicker wise and learn what they put out RETURNS and does them clout.

So to you, you, and you, the thousands I've been writing to, wake up real fast, good days now will not long last, and as I Judge you, 'tis God saying to you :

“Son do you not see the way you go"
Son I your God say "Go slow.”


Testament 135

What I do, I do for the light
GOD in heaven.

What I do is what I write, for
GOD in heaven.

HE is the ONE who inspires my mind
GOD in heaven.

HE is the ONE to guide all mankind
GOD in heaven.

HE is the ONE who holds my hand
GOD in heaven.

HE is the ONE who outpours His love
GOD in heaven.

HE is the ONE, the one to trust
GOD in heaven.

HE is the ONE for whom I'll die
GOD in heaven.

HE is the ONE, the one and only
GOD in Heaven.

HE is the ONE who sends His love
GOD in heaven.

HE is the ONE saying, abide with Me
GOD in heaven.



This ends the basis of the original book "The Last Prophecy" published in 1989, that has been incorporated into this final edition of :

The Testament of Truth.

Testament 136

My dearest friends, most of the preceding communications from our loving Source were received by me prior to 1990.

Subsequent to this, I have travelled far and knocked on many doors with not only this message, but by the means of thousands of epistles written to individuals and groups over the last five years.  This brings us up to date, the latter part of 1994.

Prior to this time I had also written two books "The Visions of The Last Prophet," containing a few of the many visions seen by me during this life span, and "The Last Prophecy," that has now been incorporated within this book.

From my forays into the modern world of "religious beliefs" of many many different orders, it is apparent that all revere their past leaders, some being God's messengers, and thus heed not the basic message from our loving God being: "Love one another."

Also, it is apparent that all religious elders believe and teach falsely that IT, the "act" of killing another either in self defence or killing one who is evil, is within the parameters of their religion, and thus acceptable to their Creator in that they can avoid the Law of retribution and still reach the Promised Land.  (Heaven)

This greatest perpetrated lie is the one to most likely result in your soul falling into the depths as you retaliate when confronted.

I have found that my projection of being God's earthly messenger to have been received with scorn and ridicule by many professing to be Christians, and many others.

However, it is through their utter disbelief and non-understanding of the truth, and in their very denial of me that God's angels have responded with some of the following communications in this book and other "Epistles" and have thus been able to shine their light of understanding onto the devious cunning ways of the "dark one," thus exposing how humanity is so easily deceived and erring.

Of the utmost importance is the act of "doing" the meditation prayer on p.33 thrice daily, and also in "heeding" the Christ's Creed and God's WORD & TRUTH on p.  284/5.

All humanity must come to the deep and bitter realisation of, and acquiescence to the requirement of God to "Go as a lamb to the slaughter" during any form of confrontation before attaining salvation.

All humanity has been deceived, and my exposure of the ways of man as I "Judge" their misdeeds, is as God's voice on earth.

Remember, our enemy is powerful and cunning and that the armour of God's "Wisdom and Truth" is needed as never before.  To pass your test you need to heed my message in full.

Testament 137

I am sure that you will soon see the difference between a person who "belongs" to a man made religion, and one who is TRUE TO the Light of GOD of any race, and thus a TRUE follower of Jesus by virtue of their heeding the WORD OF GOD which Jesus and others brought to earth.

I reach out and touch your face, and your heart with mine, saying: “Read deep and heed, I love you.” It is truly the time for you the reader to forgive and forget the past and look ahead.

No more recriminations about the actions of others towards you and yours.  Sit quietly and make your own personal decision to look now direct to God within and abide in God's good counsel of "love one another."

Please now serve God not man.  The spiritual reward is a "Joy" of such depth that it is indescribable.  I am sure that the following communications from God will fortify your conscious minds with more wisdom.

All the pages in this book contain wisdom and understanding imparted to me by God, and God's loving angels by the Grace of God.

These pages contain understanding and the necessary information that is needed by all to fortify themselves against the escalating onslaught from "below," being another level of lower consciousness.

We are “reached” either from within our own minds, or through the hands of others in the flesh who have succumbed to demonic thoughts.

The following pages give us an understanding in some areas that have been forgotten for some ages, and could not be revealed again until this time of literacy and fast communication on this earth.

Please send any donations to this cause to your nearest community welfare group, in the form of copies of this message, dried dehydrated tinned, or fresh food, medical supplies and blankets etc.  They may also need many willing extra hands.  To them and their helpers, this message from the Most High:

“Bend your backs as never before, you are the only ones who know for sure what is needed by Christ of thee, and I send my love now to thee.”


The Welfare groups shall be my link to all the needy on the brink.  To assist in every way in feeding the poor and helping them to pray.  All of you who are true, let God's love and compassion flow through you.

God is With You.

Behold, I stand at the gate and knock.  If any man shall hear my voice, and will open to me the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

Testament 138

~ To all Religious leaders ~
(Who control groups of God's children under this sun).

Many have suffered and much has been done, and many a weeping soul now seeks the Son, and all but all seek the love of God through the guidance of men* on this sod.

So I now speak for GOD as I the dove on earth do plod, for I speak for the LIGHT and the DARK, for the dark side will now make its mark against any who it use, against any who others abuse, against any who me deny and thus make God's children cry.

For I am the truth and the way.  My voice will be heard forever and a day and any who fail to my message pass on will by the dark side of God be made undone.

For 'tis this side that is the power, it is this side with eyes that red glower, it is this side that will now have its say against ALL who heed not God's word to day.

And I AM THE WORD.  I speak once more in case you have not heard, and 'tis the dark side that does DEMAND that the message from the light IS the COMMAND.

Soon all to feel the Power, soon all to see eyes that red glower.  Soon all who have, and will deny me, shall be consumed by fire for eternity.  Not the fire of the flame, but pain, eternal coldness and no name, for into the wastelands frozen below will ALL NON-BELIEVERS soon now go.

And I for all eternity have told all to LOVING BE, and now the SOURCE, the ESSENCE OF GOD, will seek its OWN here on the sod.  So all who fail to me heed I say will be made to bleed, so to you who would me deny I call out to with this LAST FINAL CRY:

Pass my message on, this is the ONLY WAY YOUR FREEDOM WON.  I do not care who you say you are, you are of NO NAME if you follow not God's star.

Forget not - the Essence speaks. 

Testament 139

~ Letter to Ministers of Religion ~

Yes you ministers of the "smock," too many of you God mock,* saying: "To share love is untrue, celibacy is what God asks of you," and 'tis thus that you God's call deny, and God's children you mentally try as you say "Sinful is sex."

Thus on all souls you put a hex,* and through this manipulation comes "doubt." So many their love do flout in devious dark ways, fearful of being seen in loving forays.  Openly must we outreach and our loving and sharing our children teach by saying "It's good to others touch, this is how we share our love as such."

So to ministers I say, "Heed my pen that does sway, for IF God's children we MENTALLY DECEIVE, then dark forces will make us grieve."

For it IS WORSE I do say, destroying another in a spiritual way.  Better to knife and take a life than to deceive another who is GOD'S WIFE, meaning, ALL BY GOD ARE CHOSEN.

ALL are God's beloved children and ANY who them wrongfully deceive will by GOD be made to grieve.

So look now to your SAY, look to WHAT you do say as you daily connive as you against other religions do strive.  NOW is the time to be true, I THE ONE say to you, for ONLY ministers who compassionate BE will be elevated by ME.

Alongside you are angels TALL,* alongside you angels of the fall,* and as along the PRECIPICE YOU TREAD await BOTH to see your BREAD,* your food, your song, whether RIGHT or whether WRONG, and as the tree felled does fall, one side elevates, the other does MAUL, for as you "Pass OVER" out of the flesh, your soul as all does with one side enmesh.

Will you fall to the demonic side
be elevated by LOVE
and in heaven abide ?

"Your CHOICE" I say to EACH OF YOU.

"As yet very few are true"

are the words that flow now down*
reach up* from those that will you

Testament 140

~ Letter to All Embassies ~

As appointed representatives of God's children, I write now through you to THEM.  Asking that my message you pass on to your countrymen so their journey will be won.

Their spiritual journey, for now you do see that the whole planet forgets its spirituality, its closeness and belief in God as every man raises his arm against the other bod, and I would warn ALL of HOW, WHY and WHEN, with the help of GOD, who speaks through this pen.

And, all His children must HEAR so that BELIEVERS can REMEMBER GOD and draw near, near to the Star, the guiding light, shining forth now with INVINCIBLE MIGHT.

ALL who see it and me believe will avoid the snare of the satanic weave, being mental subjugation from below which makes a man evil and allows destruction to flow.

Those that heed not will wield a mace, and as they die will be taken to a very cold place by my men who follow me, inspired by the truth of my divinity.  For my soul that invincible be, is also invisible to the earthly race that be facing now their last earthly test for more than a millennium.

To see who is blessed with the Wisdom of the word.
Who heed God, saying:

The separation has begun, the final race now for every one.  Those who believe not simple me will for an eternity confined be in a low dark spiritual place, where EVERY ONE wields a mace, and they'll be hounded as before THEY hounded others on this earthly shore.

And pain they will feel, and pure terror will within unreel forever, with NO let up, truly of the Devil's den will they sup, and they will grieve, and they will believe MY voice that did speak when on earth THEY did evil wreak.

But, by then it is too late to feel warmth and to heaven make.  'Tis why for you and you I send this my Last message through.  Two times in the past did I write to break the fast, and of seventy-seven of you, did only three write back true.

Testament 141

~ Sex "Solo" & "Sex Sacred" ~

Eons of time ago the satanic force placed a "hex" on sex, this I know.  The hex being that it was not "proper" to love unless "sanctified by men" who said they were empowered from above.

These same men also wore "frocks" and also falsely believed that for them sex was "improper" as it in some way deprived them of "hearing" God's say.  Little by little the dark force via the minds of these men did gain control over all "lovers" who on earth did stroll.

They also "said" that if a "union" by them was not sanctified then it was a "sin." So this very "marriage by men" act that was backed by a demand for "sex with one only" as a "solo" partner caused much harm and guilt, for "mankind" can see that others also "attractive" be.

My sacred pen does say that once all darkness is swept away then none will see any "wrong" and all minds and beliefs will be strong.  Thus all will be free to entwine with one or more or many.

Yes, even if one does take a "mate" they can and will at times enjoy to play tennis with another, or in the evening with them dance and dine or even with them sexually entwine.  None will see this as wrong as all will heed God's call of "Respect all as you walk along."

So it is at this time that "sex" the act thereof will be sacred.  For all who entwine will so do with their love divine outpouring all the time.  Thus the union will be blest by God for as said and seen by me, our God above is pure love.

So any of you who would be happy then control none and you will see that none would seek to control thee.  All soon will be free to laugh and dance and sing fearlessly, and "as" one does a "special" angel meet then no doubt they will be delighted to "sweep them off their feet."

When two 'lovers' meet (with or without any marriage 'ownership' pact), their love shines, and this lovingness with its positive desire suppresses the 'power of inner sin,' being the dark emotions within.

Once the 'honeymoon' is over then via the dark emotions the darkness critically imposes its demands upon the 'bed of roses' and some 'fault' is found with the others way that results in demands, vindictiveness or other controlling power play.  Try and be loving in all you do.  Criticise none and thus to self be true.

Testament 142

~ Assault by Rape ~

Rape is the 'abuse of' and 'enslavement of' another being, be it a spiritual "sister" or "brother." It is an "imposition" by the "will" of one over another as their emotions "overspill."

Thus in a "moment" they justify the "improper" use of another and in some way make them "cry." They also cause fear and pain and always "something" take and this "something" freely gain.

The "taker" does not see the fullness or "depth" of their impropriety for they somehow "believe" that they are entitled to make the other grieve.  Despondency and despair are also the "ware" suffered by the one whom the "offender" did snare.

What none do see is that all "offenders" are callous "ignorants" who needs be educated by me the spirit of eternity.  For they have "taken on" the role of the "avenger," the reaper as on earth they stroll.

The "assault" can be in many a "way." Be it sexual, or a "bashing" or but stealing another's pay.  All impose suffering and all carry the same "sting." All are an imposition by a "brute" force that is self-empowered to any past offender "rape."

Yes, any assault upon any in any way is but the "due" being thrust upon a person whom in their past was callous and offensive and controlling in some way.

"I am innocent" all do cry, and
"I have hurt no-one"
is their "call" as they suffer or even die.

How can I get "through" to you and you and "bless you" so that you are forgiving and merciful and kind on your "way." For you see not that your spirit soul has lived for an eternity and a day before it entered the flesh of this world, and all on earth have "punished & assaulted" others before.

So it is time for all to see that the pervading iniquity will go on and on until you all "listen" to this one.  For all whom do taxes pay are responsible for the actions of their "servants" they pay.

This "means" that armed forces "men" and others who "rape & pillage & destroy" are in your 'employ,' and as such whatever they do in their "spree" comes back in many a "way" to thee and thee.

I can also you "assure" that none "get-away" for being less than "demure." For the Dark "energy" that abusers use knows "who" did IT "diffuse" and IT has a memory a "zillion" years long and retribution is IT'S "song." Can you understand me?

So all "society" that does any "offender" incarcerate on your behalf does "attest" that in God's "face" IT does laugh as IT "rapes" you and you because you deserve it for "permitting" this darkness to flow through.

It is the time to all teach "how" dark thoughts do minds "breach" and the ignorants use.  Only this way will you individually be set free from suffering as you heed me.

On reaching the end of this document go to my "Restoration document" and as you its "contents" absorb will your minds of ignorance be set free.  Do not "complain" if you are "raped" or assaulted in any way.  It is "just" dues for your own folly on a past day.  Yes, be you a female or male aged but 3 or 33 or 93, your spirit within the flesh is an "adult" soul incarnated for me to set you free.

What all must try and see is that all who support any "punitive" system incur a "further" karmic "pain" debt.  Thus does "man" and wo-man "wombed" man more and more "fret." All punitive control of "errants" is "offensive" in God's eyes carried out by ignorants unwise and is also the cause of you accruing more dark spiritual debt.

Be you a 'hu-man' thus "humble" and inspired by the light above or 'in-human' and mentally "driven" from the subterranean world below, you all need to know that all are subjects of God and thus subject to God's ONE Law - As you do is done unto you - God does not "permit" innocents to be ab-used.  (Abominably)

And thus it 'follows' that when you 'cry' out: "I am a victim of assault or assault by rape" you are actually telling the world: "Look at my folly for what you see is the "trauma" I did impose upon others during my past when I was vain and thus full of insanity." Wake up from your 'dreams' now and "follow me."

Testament 143

~ Safe sex ~

Safe sex is not the "time" when an "act" is performed with a contraceptive "device" in order to prohibit fertilisation.  It is carried out knowing what "life" is about and ensuring that you are clean and thus do not transmit disease.

Both partners must "see" that they have a responsibility to themselves and the other.  For if they are "unclean" and transmit "germs" then they accrue a karmic debt as well as having to "live with" the consequences of making their partner "fret."

Please try and ensure that you "carry" no "spoor," being the "tracks" that lead to contamination of any other, for all whom do not do on "another" day become exposed to "bother." (Karma)

Children must be taught to "wash" with clean water before to "bed" they go and when they awaken, and as they get "older" the reasons for this they will get to know.

It's all a matter of "frame of mind" being that "open talk" on "sexuality" is kind and natural too between children and parents true.

Safe sex is also when no "devices" or drugs are used in any way to protect or inhibit any fertility day.  For all the above can "lead" to illness or trauma on another day.

If you wish to not "conceive" at any particular time then the woman has the right to decline intercourse during the "days" when she knows that love divine will bless the man's seed with her "egg" and the result is that a spirit soul with this "act" will entwine.

It is "better" to revert to the totally natural way in which sex is fully "uninhibited" by any "devices" in any way.  For any contraceptive "pill" does have an "ill" affect and thus itself "inhibits" the well being of women.

As for the HIV disease of the "present" day I can but say that any whom it "acquire" will not be spiritually elevated "higher" if they "openly" pass it on, and any whom it "receive" did it earn for when in their past they did make others grieve.

This dis-ease will "die-out" once the "reaper" has withdrawn and this realm becomes one of sanity and respect and LIGHT.

Contra-ceptive devices and drugs became "in vogue" through ignorance, and also due to disrespectful man thrusting himself upon women due to his uncontrolled lust.

Once all ignorance and darkness is swept away man will become respectful, and both women and men will be "cleaner" sexually and disease will be a thing of the past with no drugs or contra-disease or contraceptive devices used, and God's "enlightened & only loving" children will entwine sexually happily and naturally.

It's now the time for becoming personally informed on all issues of personal hygiene, personal responsibility for ones actions, and going back to a correct "all-round" balanced diet so that one becomes immune to needing the "fads" of the day.

Testament 144

~ True forgiveness ~

When we forgive those who "trespass against us" then we 'acknowledge to God' that to ourselves we are true as we 'permit' no retribution to flow through us onto the other 'errant' sister or brother.  Thus we clear a past spiritual debt of 'pain' that we did 'gain' in our past when we 'erred' in some way.

When 'another' forgives us for trespassing against them it does not imply that we will avoid the 'judgement' of God's Law ( As you sow so shall ye reap).

It means that in their forgiveness of us that they are being true to themselves as they forgive us for our ignorance of God's commandment to "Only be loving and walk in peace."

When 'any' person forgives it means that they know the reality of God and have the capacity to control any revengeful emotions within them or retributive thoughts that would try and 'induce' them into seeking recompense in some way.

When any person is "forgiven" for 'trespassing against another' they must understand that at/on another day some 'other' ignorant will punish them similarly or in some way.

Thus we needs see that non-retaliation in the face of adversity is the 'key' to clearing our past debts and the true road to Salvation.

Testament 145


The Hirelings* are those saying "We are the church," but 'tis they who their souls besmirch.  THE CHURCH is not buildings or ministerial men, 'tis GOD'S children heeding the message from this pen.  ABIDING by the WORD, those that it heard.

So the FLOCK be those of GENTLE NATURE who spiritually stand tall of stature.  Going forth day by day, FREELY helping their brothers day by day, by showing compassion and forgiveness too, and not allowing any inner negativity to show through.

THE HIRELINGS have had their say.  The hirelings have had their day, for as funds begin to slow, their true nature they will show, for the TITHES did they misuse, and in land and buildings did they lose* the GIFTS of the worldly poor, given to God to help the needy for sure.

And God's children STILL quietly weep, for they are HUNGRY and have nowhere to sleep, and the huge mansions and monasteries too, should have been used for God's love to flow through, THROUGH FROM HEAVEN to THE NEEDY, NOT to fill the coffers of the greedy.

So by RITUAL have all been deceived, as dark thoughts their spells quietly weaved.  So all God's TRUE ministerial men who see the LIGHT flowing from this pen.

"RELEASE yourselves from bondage" I say, "Turn the past tithes into food and help, my way, which IS, feed the poor and bless them too, allow TRUE compassion to flow through.  SELL ALL your worldly goods NOW."

TRY and believe my truth somehow, for all but ALL will everyone now lose as mankind becomes more evil and abused, so prepare for this time and join ME in heaven with God's love divine.

Every earthly religious minister is also of my flock, so I say now, please "unfrock" and join the rest of the fold, see the truth and be BOLD for by your DRESS you tried to show that God's blessing did more on you grow, and : "You ARE THE LOWEST" I hear from above, that is if you heed not the cry of the dove.

Some of you are true but I call out to all of you, become SIMPLE, become free, own but a mattress and follow ME.  If you must gather to have a say* then even under the stars will God be your way.

USE the buildings for what they were meant, to house the needy that are daily sent, sent away to walk the cold dark street whilst "God's children" sleep under blanket and sheet.

"Why,"? I ask is mankind so blind.  Why not TRY to become more kind.  "Oh children please, please try." IS the message now sent from up high.  I bless you.  I am HERE to say again, DRAW THE NEEDY NEAR.

Testament 146

EVERY earthly "Church" organisation is a living lie that heeds not this message from the MOST HIGH, so to the FLOCK do I now speak, verily the TRUE SHEPHERD, to all his sheep.

HEARKEN to what I say to you,
HEARKEN for my truth is true. 
HEARKEN to the wisdom flowing from this pen,
HEARKEN for 'tis guided by God's highest men,

Angels of light, compassionate and true,
Angels of light who reach out to you. 
Angels of light who I hear cry. 
Angels of light saying please, please try.

Now the Last Dance does begin, minds will whirl and minds will spin.  Cunning and deviousness will unwind and many a soul will be unkind.  Now is the time to say goodbye, for friends will part as they do die.

Some will FALL and some will FLY, that is why, that is why.

So now, what do we do for eternity ? Will we say goodbye to many as we and they depart ? So heed God's call and have a fresh start, for it IS too late as you do FALL, dragged down feeling terror by forces "tall."

If only you KNEW and reality could SEE, then for sure you would heed me and CONTAIN the feelings rising within, not allow your mouth or mind to sin.  You must try and heed the word of God as blind you do on this level plod.

BEING merciful and compassionate every day, BEING forgiving as you walk your way, for only this way do I see will you join heavenly friends forever FREE.


Time is now short we must change tack* before the masts boom* does our face smack, for soon the wind will veer and all will feel its icy sheer, and to our minds must we look, reference page twenty four of God's holy book, for the Last Prophecy a TESTAMENT OF TRUTH be, for your children's children a LEGACY.

Please seek deep I ask,
for soon, for those "OF GOD" a mighty task
and we must not wait too long,
for hidden currents now flow more strong.

There are many MEN and WOMEN of the light who themselves are in a plight, for what it is I do see is that they are bound by society, so they now must shed this dross* like a stone being cleansed of moss as along the river bed it does roll, helped by Wisdom as it does stroll.

I reach out to all souls true, my sisters and brothers like you.  Yes most of you who this read, are from heaven, my seed.

Testament 147


Little by little I do see that many more now believe me.  For the story that I now do tell, released the rats from out of hell, for, 'tis they who needs teach us of Peace, for only when we "bleed" do we find release from the past, when we did others burn, and in paying our Karma, we our freedom earn.

And, our Atonement ONLY BE when as a LAMB, our blood runs free, so retaliate not if any you burn, for if you retaliate, you God's WORD SPURN.

~ Reject not the Reaper ~

People are afraid to let God in.  You must let God in to win, into your life, yes, even the God of strife.  If you try to it avoid, you fall into the void.

So welcome in the grim reap even if it makes you weep.  IF you the Reaper deny, the reaper makes you MORE cry.  So prepare now to allow ALL IN your door and thus quicker WIN.  Remember GOD.  GOD IS ALL in heaven and below the sod.  God says "TRY" to all, from up high.

Take down all fences around your home, allow God's children to freely roam.  IF you lock them OUT they cannot learn what life is about.


Falter not when you see me.  I am but a simple messenger, that be the one sent by our Father above, so for the last time HE imparts true wisdom with love.

For, the END I now UNFOLD and of its coming you have been told.  Stay calm in all you do, show GOD, not me, that you are true.  I cannot make anyone anything DO.  From their OWN inner divinity must reality shine through.

So I can ONLY God's truth SHOW via my gift I DEED, as my pen does flow, for I AM love divine, through ME does God shine His light and Her truth for I AM THE ONE, God's proof.

When I say as a lamb you must be, it implies the totality of this reality for IF you your fangs BARE when aggressive forces draw to you near, IT SHOWS GOD that the WOLF is yet you IN, and that you heed NOT the word, so you don't win.

The wolf reaches UP into your mind from within, and its power does unwind.  So you can BECOME a destroyer too if you don't believe what I say to you.

"CONTROL your feelings when you die, and go as a lamb," I hear from up high.  Those that retaliate have a mental breach and demonic forces do their minds reach.  Can you not see what I do say or must I again SHOW THE WAY.  "It is by DEED" I say to you, that God KNOWS who is who.

Take a deep breath and say, "I WILL TRY to heed God's wisdom from the sky," SEEK the star high above, feel its power, its endless love, for this STAR is given by me to you, to guide all souls who TRY to BE TRUE.

This star will daily cleanse your mind and eke out those thoughts so unkind, so you can be daily nearer God as along the last mile of the journey you plod.

Believe, believe, for I am true,
believe, believe, for I love you,
believe, believe, I do IMPLORE,
believe, believe, only, only, only, Mother Father God ADORE.


Testament 148

~ Earthly Leaders ~

Who are the leaders we "appoint."? Who are the leaders we "anoint" with power that unlimited be, with power that doth destroy thee and me.? For these leaders lead us into HELL, these leaders ring their own bell.  These leaders are full of greed, these leaders destruction breed.

Why do we appoint such authority, one of such arrogant impropriety? Why follow men who lead us astray from the WORD God speaks every day?

That say : “We must compassionate be.”
That say :
“Lay down your weapons and follow me.”
That say :
“Love one another.”
That say :
ALL are sister and brother.”

So I say as along I plod, "I say now heed GOD.  Follow not men who are untrue.  Let God be the ONE to guide you, and this guidance direct to you be.  Can you, I ask, this not see?"

Just ABIDE in what God does say each and every day.  From now on heed me, only thus will you freed be.  Follow not the society, the one of arrogant impropriety.

You now have the choice, you now must heed God's voice and do what you must do to now to God, be true.  If you are a simple soul bearing "arms" as along you stroll, lay them down upon the ground, ONLY this way your freedom found.

And you "leaders" who heed not this pen, seek deep and become Godly men, doing the right thing for "your" flock.  Don't flout authority and thus them, and your souls mock.

Testament 149


I write to all world leaders today, for 'tis they leading humanity astray as they their own will impose, thus denying the "peoples" rose, their wish, as to what they would do, for all leaders I see are untrue.

They would all control, as arrogantly and vainly they stroll around their giant office "block," as all others around they do mock, saying :

“Now look at me, I am in a position of invincibility and I shall send you out to die if at any time I do espy that another would take my place, I shall destroy them, via you, with a mace.”

So round and round we go and the insanity does daily grow, and the people become more tired of the devil they have sired.

So, "Soon all leaders will die," is what I hear from God up high, “For they send out people to die, denying their Creator up high.” So I call out now to you, and you, all earthly leaders who'd be true.

Stop being part of this "shame" or you'll end up "below" with no name.  God says:

"Blessed mercy be, and allow all my children to roam free.  If their daily freedom you deny, 'tis me who will you try."

So brothers and sisters dear who control any through fear, now is the time to heed me or forever you'll below confined be.

Testament 150

~ Respect ~

To make it* what you needs DO is to show RESPECT even to the UNTRUE.  For 'tis us who show God by our side who "WE ARE" as along we stride, for, if of the light we would be, then through us must the light flow freely to all, the same way as the sun.

Yes, even to those who would bring you undone in a very uncivilised way, and you may not even understand their say.*

For, an insane person who may confront you for SURE knows what to DO, for 'tis their mind controlled by the DARK, yes, that invisible destructive shark that will attack ANYONE who it does know allowed darkness to through them once flow, another day, another place, when they wielded a mace.

So you see, IF you'd be set free, heed this call from me, for the deep dark forces underground may have an incomprehensible sound, and you cannot it understand, and that by God was PLANNED so that YOU could the Reaper not avoid.

If you try, you fall into the void.

'Tis why FORGIVENESS and RESPECT are the TWO WORDS on which to reflect, for there is NO OTHER WAY as I said before when I came this way.  For as long as YOU the darkness destroy, 'tis you in the dark's employ.

So you can see now the length of the road for anyone who carries a "load," a past debt to humanity that they WILL REAP, before being set free.

So again I say: "RESPECT is the word on which to reflect for ANY who'd see God one day." Enough said.  I have had my say


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