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~ Neonatality & spiritual reality ~

I saw the TV program on the assisting nurses plight and felt inspired to this write, for what I do see is the 'lack of understanding' of reality. For surely by now we can see that to 'sustain' life of the newly born by 'torture' the wrong way be.

For in making little babies suffer in order to assist them to live, and in forcing them to 'eat' so as to them life 'give' is not the way it should be, and I wonder "when" will doctors this see.

For what none do see, be they the abortionist, the 'neonatalist' or the "not letting the old die" medicinal 'dietician,' is that they all are interfering in the natural processes of the spirit that at times needs be permitted to remain or depart from this biological flesh.*

And any who 'think' that earthly 'death' is not a part of spiritual life are truly lost, and those who continue to 'deliberately' cause pain to others for any reason soon fall into the land of frost. This is why I write to you for I do believe that to Allah and the "little people" you would be true.

And parents too do nowadays expect 'miracles' from doctors and also have a demand that 'this or that' be tried, or they will the doctors reprimand. So I just also wanted to say to you nurses that even when 'working' in the guise of a Carer you will for any pain caused pay.

If children are born 'early' and are unable to 'feed' or a little for themselves 'fend,' then their spirit soul needs be 'allowed' to return to the world of spirit, rather than by "us" be made to suffer & bleed and, any that cannot 'breathe' naturally needs be laid to 'rest,' and not be force fed with air, for it could be 'said,' that any early stage 'birth' is but due to 'forces' in action that are 'beyond' me or you and, - - - 

Reference the biological flesh* - - - It must be now seen for what it is, purely a biological 'space suit' within which a fully grown  spirit soul inhabits for a time, so that on this realm the spirit being can walk. So if the biological 'body' has not 'properly' formed due to an 'early' birth, and is thus unable to sustain itself, there is no reason to prolong the time that a spirit is 'trapped' within it, by keeping it 'growing' using unnatural means.

This is what Allah does say via my pen today. 

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~ The 'tennis court' relationship ~

Desire is what makes the world go round, and every relationship is either 'formed' by a light and positive 'desire' or dark and negative 'quagmire' or, it can be a 'mixture' of both.

It is a 'game' that is played eternally by everyone, except those that are 'unconscious' or spiritually undone. The relationship is a 'performance' played upon Allah's 'stage,' and the stage is like a tennis 'court' that has two 'sides,' - - - one happy, and the other with 'sorrow' fraught.

So which side do you play on? The one where there is hope and 'longing' and a happy outreach of love to the other, or the one of 'control' and depression if the other does 'breach' your demand?

Every 'meeting' between two people 'forms' a relationship. Be it 'temporary,' or 'permanent,' or 'part time,' or 'occasional.' Be it 'familiar' or otherwise. They may be 'neutral' having no emotional 'connection.'

The 'ultimate' negative one played by someone 'playing' or 'living' on the dark side is easily seen. For they are 'intense' and cruel and destructive, seeing no 'reason' for being kind or merciful or forgiving.

It may be a 'kind' person living in a 'dream,' thus they 'play' their 'performance' on the dark side. This is someone like a policeman coming to your door saying: "I am here to abduct you and 'drag' you away to stand in front of another. If they 'condemn' you, then I will also transport you to a prison where you will be held hostage for a time."

A person fully in the light and 'playing their 'game' on the positive side of the 'tennis court,' shows their 'side' by a lovely smile and an open 'hand' or arms greeting, and they desire to uplift you higher in every way they can each day.

The 'in-between' relationships usually 'commence' by a 'joint' companionship voyage, and most are 'born' out of love and the desire to be with the other in an intimate way. So where begins the 'dark' power play?

Why do some seek to uplift the 'ship' and others to 'sink' the ship?

In every realm outside heaven exist 'spirits,' be they incarnate or discarnate, and within them all are dark 'sinful' emotions, be they fear or greed or jealousy etc, and it is these emotions that 'trigger' their particular emotional demands and, - - -

Through the energy of these dark emotions flow the thoughts that 'contravene' the precepts of a happy 'game' being played in the bright and light side of the 'tennis court.'

Thus the 'expression' of verbal or physical darkness, and the 'respondent' also has these similar emotions within them, thus their response is also 'sent' forth from the dark side because, - - - they perceived the action of the other as unfair, critical, untrue etc and, - - - in order to express their response, they 'leapt' over the 'net' to join the other playing on the 'forbidden' dark side.

Allah says: "Stay in the light and remain peaceful and do not fight."

All humanity has 'forgotten' the reason why Allah so 'spoke,' for within the singular 'Law' of Allah there is a return to you for every 'ball' sent forth by you. If it is 'bright' you receive back joy, if it is dark you receive back sorrow that 'burns' to the marrow.

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So in every land we have 'quarrels' between 'lovers' and sisters and brothers and fathers and mothers. We have 'quarrels' between governments, councils and the people of the land. We have 'quarrels' between race and colour and creed and nation fights nation through vanity, fear, pride, and GREED.

All these 'conflicts' are but relationships needing 'resolution.'
Peace and sanity
begins at home, within your own soul and mind.

You cannot have any resolution in a relationship with another until you resolve the 'conflict' within your own mind and, until the dark emotions within your are 'stilled.'

So what is now to be for everybody? It is 'turmoil and grief.' "Why"? Because the 'thief' being the 'Prince of darkness' can 'breach' the 'temple' of your MIND and your soul.

If you are in a relationship that you 'feel' as unkind, unfair, unhappy, depressing, or abusive and violent, then you have a few options. You can stay with it - - - or leave. You can try and become or 'remain' in the light, or you can get 'involved' in an argument and fight.

But 'ultimately' you can only 'win' over your inner 'sin' and 'sorrow' and become spiritually free and eternally happy if you heed Allah's Word daily. To do this, you make up your mind to attain the ARK of the MIND, so that you can personally remain peaceful & kind & merciful & compassionate & forgiving of the others perceived dark ways and, - - -

To show Allah and the other that you are doing this, you never 'raise' your voice in anger, or your 'arm' to strike, or your 'foot' to 'boot' or 'trip up' the other and, - - - you do not 'condemn' their actions, but you remain calm when they 'boot' you or 'trip you up' and, - - - you never retaliate with darkness.

Just remember, whenever you are a 'sinner' and EXPRESS darkness by throwing a black' ball' at the other, you draw more darkness into your own soul and your 'sin' grows bigger like a 'cancer' within you.

Remember, if you are being abused or berated, then that is your 'karmic' fate for being untrue to Allah and yourself in the past, be it this life or previously when you walked in spirit realms and, - - - your 'punishment' and suffering at the 'hands' of those closest to you may have nothing to do with the dark 'judgements' imposed upon you by your 'relation.'

It is a very simple equation. 1 + 1 fighting = 2 on the road to HELL.

You are only responsible to yourself, keep your 'play' in the light side of the 'Stadium.'

Every 'time' a wise person ( a believer) is abused and does not retaliate they say:
"Thank Allah I am 'through' that trial."

Every 'time' an ignorant person (non-believer) abuses another they must learn to say:
"How 'vain' of me, I have now 'earned' that same abuse that will be imposed upon me one day."

What do you do each day - 'construct' and elevate your soul, or 'destruct' and destroy it?

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~ Denial of ‘Love or Sex’ ~

"If you are "lovers," then do not the other in "any way" deny." This is the "ask" from the most high. If a "stranger or friend" does you greet, then you can with "reserve" them greet, and they must neither "sex" assume, nor must they "it" presume.

The "parties" do not have to sex "give" in order for the other to happier live, for if you "unjustly" so do, to your own "inner" being are you being untrue. For it is unjust to make yourself cry, as "another" loser does but your heart "try."

People must learn that the "right of passage" they must earn. Be it that Allah does a "partners" heart string "pull," so that both parties can be satiated in full, or that they at times do find an "agreeable mate" with whom they can at times sexually relate.

So let us all now treat each other with full respect, on this now reflect, for if we any sexual contact presume, it means that we may "find" ourselves feeling gloom. Allah says:

"Your light and love give, meaning that you are compassionate and caring to all who in my realms live, but you do not have to be "sexually free" with all and sundry, to be true to me.

Freedom of choice is what it is all about, that is my heavenly shout, and it means that the other is free to choose whether you get to win, or their heart lose."

So be it, as said once before today, any "heavies" will for their folly pay, for any "scowls" just because a lass does you sexually deny, means that already the "dark one" does you try, and if you in any way press on, for sure ahead you will come undone. It is better to fully stand back until your thoughts no longer give you flack, then up ahead Allah may give thee more than was expected by thee.

Never make demands sexually, just let it be "known" that you so inclined be with the one seeing your face, give them the "space" to decide which way they seek to stride. For in Allah’s eyes, they do not you "deny" just because you would them sexually "try."

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~ Familial sexual attraction ~

There are times on this land where attraction between "related" people can have or lead to a sexual connotation. This can take place between "familial" persons as well as with a close relation or friends.

It can also take place between "another" who is a son or daughter of ones blood line and a "step" other who is as "old" as a father or mother but of different 'blood' lines.

It needs be said that there needs be a "mark" of respect shown to those "of age" as well as by those "older" to the younger as we each walk our daily life page.

A stepfather or "lover" of a woman needs see that the daughter of his partner is "inviolate" from his sexual desires and he must remain and "stand" a father figure to her as he "loves" her mother.

For a young women may be unable to resist the 'advances' of the older man and if a loving embrace is 'consummated' then she will feel a great guilt and be afraid to then show their face to her mother when of the sexual embrace they become 'unbound.'

A stepmother or "lover" of a man needs see that the 'son' of her man needs be free from her "come on" or it will probably bring the 'mind' of the young man undone.

For young men cannot 'resist' the 'advances' of the fairer sex and if a loving embrace is 'consummated' then they will feel a great guilt and be afraid to then show their face to their father when of the sexual embrace they become 'unbound.'

So I take this moment in time to say to "elders" who may be sexually attracted to the "youth" around that it is up to them to now heed Allah's pen and think a little "ahead" before they "take" young men or women to bed.

And 'prior' to even getting that far they needs ensure that no advances are "shown" that could be construed as an "ask" from a "falling lonely star."

Try and also see that "words" such as "I am lonely and lack a loving touch" are not directed to those who might then become sexually attached due to their need that as said will bring them undone due to their inner fear of having committed a 'misdeed.'

For no "child" should be taught to "sleep" sexually with their parents or their parent's lovers or six generations of family bloodlines.

Parents, step-parents, cousins, uncles and aunts and family friends must ensure that no sexual 'connotations' are expressed towards children or "offspring" from self or others within this sacred ring of trust placed by Allah upon every 'family.'

If you have a "man" or woman in your life who does give you their love and light then as said do not "attempt" to seduce their offspring to your bed for this is a misdeed that is brought on by vanity and greed.

Remember, when you have a 'lover' then they are of your family and thus show respect and courtesy to those sired by them as they would to thee and "yours" by not in any way "making signs" of any present or future sexual possibility.

Allah and "we" are a great spiritual family and in spirit realms we are all sister and brother, but in this realm of consciousness due to the "bonds" that arise from our inner well of love towards those we "bring-in" through childbirth there is a family 'tie.'

This 'tie' bond also extends towards those whom we love intimately who are of 'different' bloodlines as well as to those with 'blood' ties, being our relatives.

This is a "material family" family within which the intimacy of sexual conduct needs be delineated and the "youth" must be clearly protected/free from any sexual advances by the family elders.

The reasons for this are many and seen only by the wise so let it be but said that any that defy their Allah will "ahead" feel dread. Let respect and courtesy be taught from today, so that ahead, the 'familial' youth can together more happily play when with their elders they are 'free' from any sexual foreplay.

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~ The "burial" True ~

The burial true can only be "done" when you know why you do what you do. It is the "disposal" of unwanted flesh within which a spirit does no longer enmesh. It the fleshly body is not the "person" and "consciousness" that did in it abide. They have moved on to another spiritual destination.

It can be one of many, some in the Light and others of twilight or dark night. The burial is therefore not the "occasion" to publicly "lament" or waste funds on a coffin, or in "decorating" the flesh, for this is money misspent. It is only the time when one or two souls true do what they needs do, put the flesh underground or "other" if that is the way they would it do.

There is also no need to leave the "body" lying around for all to view, nor to "advise" any "council" or medical "body" who today are all untrue as they "prod and probe" seeking to unearth the "lode" of knowing "how & why" a person did die. This is desecration that from now on will cease.

No one needs know how or why any did depart their flesh. This knowledge did in Allah’s mind enmesh, and thus ‘tis but necessary to "contact" any close relation and say:

"Your close (or distant) family member did die, and thus we who nearby live intend to lay their body to rest and hope their spirit with Allah’s wisdom was blest before they "flew away." There is no need for you to call by for we will dig the hole and thus on another day you may call by if you wish to see the place their flesh buried be."

This way, any who seek to "grieve" may do it privately. For all public displays are "make believe." Also there is no need to gather and "celebrate" that "another" did meet their "fate." For they may celebrate themselves if to the LIGHT they did go, and they will not be celebrating if below their spirit did go.

So all the ritual and "blessing" so habitual needs now cease. "For it is a financial waste to "grease" the palms of men who give "last rites" or bless the departed," says this Allah’s pen. As said, just the right thing do and bury the "neighbour" so their relatives see you are true if they are not around to it personally do.

Note: More on the True Burial process found under the Giant Waves Tsunami document < The burial true pages >

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~ The "Passover" true ~

There is an "old" saying: "Whilst there is life there is hope." This is true if during our earthly life we were blessed by Allah's "golden rope," being the fresh wisdom I bring so that we do not "pass-over" into the "next life" in a spiritual realm as a "dope."

For not all "souls" who daily "depart" from this world find themselves in heaven. No, some make their "next" start in places where they will need Allah's fresh leaven.

So a "pass-over true" is where the "departed one" knows what to do as they suddenly find that they are not "dead," and are "alive" in another world that is not the ultimate level, heaven.

They know then the truth of my pen and are able to not only fortify their mind and thus be happier and kind to others, but they can also pass-on the wisdom of Allah to others who thus also can quicker their spiritual journey "upwards" begin.

So it is my "fervent" hope that you all on this level will be true to yourselves and others here and tell all of my message, so that you and them will not need to "shed a tear" when your "family" members depart and on another level make a fresh start.

For you will be glad rather than sad. For if you did them tell of Allah's final "bell" they would have tried harder to "here" be true, and when "gone" there they would know what to do.

So "beloveds" of mine, please now "entwine" with the purity of truth and with calm "rationality" accept that it is our Allah to "snatch" our beloved ones away when Allah sees it "fit" to so do, and Allah expects us to but be true.

So do not "mourn" when "friends" depart. Be happy that they made their fresh start with Allah's love and wisdom in their heart. Then you too will not be filled with sorrow or remorse, and you can divorce yourself from any "past" belief of "time of grief" when one does grieve. That is a "part" of the deceivers "make believe" that keeps you and the departed one "locked-in" to anguish.

Just as said: Go your way happy with the loving memories as your beloveds "pass-over" one-day, knowing that ahead you will meet in the light as you both did know the "time of day."

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~ The "Autopsy" ~
Desecration of the dead

There are men who demand to see 'what' is hidden within you or me when our 'flesh' does 'die' and our souls away fly. These men seek to "investigate" the inner cause of death and they justify this action as we lie on a slab in a morgue.

These men "gloat" over the flesh they see, some even perversely use this dead flesh sexually. Yes, this they do and Allah sees all these acts that are self-denigratory and untrue. Others 'believe' they can "parts" take or steal as "devious" thoughts in their minds unreel.

Desecration of the flesh is the final debasement of man who has no respect for the living or the dead, he is only concerned with "prying with intent" and thus earning his daily bread.

None need to know "why" a spirit soul did away go. Let the dead truly "rest in peace" for all autopsies should now cease. There is no need to find "fault" and thus another for a crime prosecute. No, Allah sees all so let's now walk tall and just dig a hole in the ground any place and bury our own dead with minds sound.

No need for any "doctrinal" death certificate. To that way we no longer needs relate. Just tell the "family' that their sister or brother on this level they will no longer see as Allah has set their soul free.

Why do we "employ & empower" people to own our bodies from birth to death and beyond? Surely all now see the insanity of the day when our "servants" can prey on our carcasses like vultures who "rip-apart" and feed on the flesh like "carrion"?

It's time to become personally responsible in a "familial" way and do not "permit" others to invade your 'home' and take any family deceased for any reason. Be it justified in their mind or not.

You need no "death" certificate with 'cause of death' inscribed on it. Just 'take the horse by the bit' and with your 'breath' say: "Fred died today, and I do not need any 'forensic' to investigate in any way. Nor do I need any "doctor" to investigate the cause of his passing-away."

You may advise family and others that you are either intending to bury your own dead or to employ a 'funeral service' company to assist in the burial on a certain day.

Of course if you are personally needing to know the cause of the death due to finding out cause of or nature of related pre-death illness then it is your prerogative to seek the services of others to aid you. Your choice, your voice.

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~ The 'Last Will & Testament' ~
of man, and the "Judge"

"Man makes a Last Will and Testament before he does die."

This I do hear from our Allah up high, and "Solicitors" do his "living will" contest because "of greed" are they "blest." Seeking to in some way "Steal by precedent" for robbers who "appeal" against the "Word" of the departed one, who they "believe" they can bring "undone."

By the seemingly virtue of a "wise one," a Judge who agrees to a "case begun," and "he" the living "man" Judges another who has lived out his life span, and with the "help" of a barrister or two who "contest" that the departed "knew" what he "really" did decide, ref: "With whom my earthly chattels will abide"

And Allah now says "Any who 'judge'
those who have come to me, their own souls smudge
and I will them condemn I espy
and will certainly not lift them up high"

For if a man's "Last Testament" is his word, and "takers" wield a robbers sword and try and find any reason to thwart the testator any season, just because one has a "line" of blood, means not that they were deemed "So good" as to have had all to them "left," leaving another "loved one" bereft.

"Let NO ONE any Will contest." This our Allah says must be on all impressed. "And any who "try" a Will under man's law I detest for sure." So I now speak to any Judge and say:

Please let others their souls smudge if they "demand" to stand before you and "contest" a "Will" they say is untrue. Let them come your way then calmly to them say:

'The Last Will and Testament' I have read,
I have read all that I have read,
and what it 'Says' will stand.
That is THE Judgement by my hand."

Thus you will be TRUE to the departed who rely on you.

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~ Earth Plan ~
The 'reason' behind earthly existence

There is a reality that no man can see other than me. That is the truth as to "why" Allah created this unique universe that is visible to man's eye. Yes, it is a world of "materiality" that hides the essence of Allah, the energy that resides in both you and me.

And this "place" that appears to have no "end" is but a grain of sand my friend. For the "space" within our Allah limitless be, and this cannot be understood by thee. So "hidden" from the mind of mankind are the countless levels or realms that also span the distance between the dark below and the pure light above. This I do know.

Each "space" or "room" in Allah's house is separated from those above or below by its energy frequency. This too I know. These places are inhabited by countless spirits too who are "drawn there" by the intensity of vibration of their soul's energy too.

Those who are of "sin" free, being the negative emotions yet within thee are standing in pure light and do have Allah's face in their sight. For Allah's "faces" fill the heavens above, being Father and our Mother of love. She is the one who created you. She being the light, and He is the retributionary regulator who destroys any who defy the Commandment to "Only love."

These realms of which I speak have existed for an eternity of eternities, and this too cannot be understood by you. And all the "hidden ones" from the levels "in-between" have yet to find their way and thus this realm was created by me all for the soon coming day.

Yes, this material world was created in the last "moment" of time so that spirits could be "drawn" from every level and "together" in this place entwine. None seeing the other hidden under a material shroud (fleshly body). Thus none seeing if the other has a "brilliant" soul like a zillion watt "light bulb" or a soul looking like a dark ugly "cloud."

And what too does none other know is that all this was "done" so that via the multiplicity of negative emotional vibrations within the spirits in the flesh, the FINAL TRUTH I now sow can through their minds into every level flow.

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So as all in the flesh the "Brief Summary" of Allah's wisdom read, it will seed itself into every spirit who is as yet of the "lost" breed. That is for every one who yet resides in a level outside the ultimate one.

So any "spirit guide" or supposed "angel" of the light who as yet does not see Mother's "face" in their sight, this message is for you too, for you will never "make it" until or unless you can do what it is that Allah via my pen now tells you to.

For aeons of time many "loving" spirits did entwine with the minds of those "lesser" who lived in a lower "space" as they tried to guide them and uplift their lost race. This is also done "today" as spirit beings send their thoughts earth's way.

None seeing that what they cannot see is that our Allah can guide us all invisibly telepathically. None seeing that all "intrusion" by spirits telepathically is control over the minds of Allah's children whom outside heaven stroll.

None seeing that as they "direct" and tell others to their "flesh" protect that they promote a living lie and they and the recipient fall further out of the "sky."

There is only one "holiness" place and that is your inner light space, and this you only protect when my message you not only see but also you can it "do" as I the master tell you.

Every "teacher" of the day is a man or woman being inspired by spirits and thus they all lead you astray. Yes, they may seem kind. Yes, their light outpouring may within you "unwind" and you feel at peace as you see they are kind. But what you do not see is that they cannot free thee from your inner sin.

This "realm" of healing Allah gave unto me for I am the only "one" who can enter this realm and see through the falsity. Thus every teacher of the "day" be they you or the popes or the spirit guides or any "elders" from a past day must now "bow" to Allah not me, and this "act" implies that their "flocks" they will direct to the Testament of Truth raised up by me.

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They will "relinquish" their role of "teachers of the way" as I am now here and all who heed me not will never find their personal way. Be they the one "in the flesh" or the spirits who inspire them as they try to "impress" their "lost" belief upon the minds of man.

It is now my plan to give every soul a "last" chance to glance at Allah's uncontaminated word before the Father brings the sword that will "strike down" all whom my call of "forgiveness and peace and non-retaliation" have not heard.

Yes, this applies to you and you, for every spirit outside heaven be they in or out of the flesh have in some way every day defied the "creed" of Allah and in some way abused others who outside heaven plod.

Yes, if you were an "honest" citizen and paid any form of "tax" then you are responsible for the iniquities "done" by your politicians who by "decree & fax" condemn others to either by sanction cry, or to die in some heinous way or, they fine others and by incarceration make them for their folly pay.

Yes, soon every spirit outside heaven will be confronted by insane men inspired direct from the Devil's "play pen," and if they are not "ready" and thus keep not mentally steady, they will be inspired by dark thoughts from within to retaliate and fight, and thus their souls will fall into the eternal dark night.

True Liberty is only found when you can see the "overriding factor," being the Darkness that uses all "ignorant" whom it does "pay" with the return to them of all suffering that they meted out on a past "hey day," as they heeded Its voice.

Blessed children, your Creator "asks" that any of you whom can my truth see, that you tell all to read my final "prophecy" so that the spirits linking into their minds can become a little less blind. For this realm as said is for them, and you can reach zillions there in the realms that exist far beyond this earthly "play pen."

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~ True forgiveness ~

When we forgive those who "trespass against us" then we 'acknowledge to Allah' that to ourselves we are true as we 'permit' no retribution to flow through us onto the other 'errant' sister or brother. Thus we clear a past spiritual debt of 'pain' that we did 'gain' in our past when we 'erred' in some way.

When 'another' forgives us for trespassing against them it does not imply that we will avoid the 'judgement' of Allah's Law (As you sow so shall ye reap).

It means that in their forgiveness of us that they are being true to themselves as they forgive us for our ignorance of Allah's commandment to "Only be loving and walk in peace."

When 'any' person forgives it means that they know the reality of Allah and have the capacity to control any revengeful emotions within them or retributive thoughts that would try and 'induce' them into seeking recompense in some way.

When any person is "forgiven" for 'trespassing against another' they must understand that at/on another day some 'other' ignorant will punish them similarly or in some way.

Thus we needs see that non-retaliation in the face of adversity is the 'key' to clearing our past debts and the true road to Salvation.

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~ Grieving ~

It is our Allah whom did us friends & lovers & relatives give, and there is a "time" when they no longer "with us" live for our Allah does take them away, so it is "better" to prepare aforehand for that day.

For there is a "belief" that we must "share" our grief and let others "hear & see" that we truly grieve for the loss of the one whom no longer with us be. This belief is one untrue for it is only necessary for us to be true to our own soul in what we do so let us now be thus true.

For when we grieve "openly" we can become unwise and maybe despise or criticise especially if we perceive that "our" loss was caused by/at the "hand" of any other, and Allah did say: "Only look forwards each new moment of every day." This you can only do if within your own mind you forgive everyone who in the 'moment' past said or did something that impacted negatively on you.

So if the "other" departed one we did truly love then we should try and be happy that they have been called away from "above" to either walk a different way or to return to where they came from prior to earth's stay.

Let us sit quietly and in our "mind" just hold their hand and tell them of our love that will last forever so that they too do understand that when two "lovers" part be they sister & brother or father & mother that ahead in the Summerland they will one day make a fresh "start" for in that place none are "apart."

So let your "grief" be brief as you walk your road and do your best to not let any "parting" be a burdensome load. Just remember our Allah did it "do" and thus we must "accept" and be true.

For if we tell all and "sundry" of our loss we "scatter" upon them much "moss," for we may also "criticise" the departed one and this is not wise.

Let "them" be but a happy memory and if we speak "of" them by spoken word then it needs be only lovingly and "happy" that they too knew "of" Allah's Holy Word.

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~ Interpersonal relationships ~

A good interpersonal relationship is one where we should not "quip." We should be sincere and kind, and respect and humility needs unwind. A good interpersonal relationship is based on 'friendship' between friends.

Friends are people that remain steadfast to Allah's command and remain within His Light and stay rational, calm, respectful, thoughtful, and kindly extend love and share and care upon all 'sufferers' who are criticising them.


If a person e.g. (Harry) is 'disturbed' emotionally and mentally for ANY reason then that is their own 'inner' problem.

If a person e.g. (Mary) is 'disturbed' emotionally and mentally for ANY reason then that is their own 'inner' problem.
If a person e.g. (any spirit ever created by Allah) is 'disturbed' emotionally and mentally then that is their own 'inner' problem.
The problem is caused by their inner SIN (negative emotions) that 'fizz' under certain circumstances either 'provoked' from within or from the words or actions or non actions of some other.
Allah expects all to 'shape up' and 'wisen up' so that they can become free of their inner emotional problems by Allah's grace and, it is ONLY when an individual takes personal responsibility for their own actions that there is any 'peace' within themself. Peace is not attained by demands, reprimands, criticism, blame or threats.
A 'friend' remains 'friendly' when under verbal or physical attack.
Enemies can become friends.
Friends can become enemies.
Wives can be friendly or unfriendly.
Lovers can be friendly or unfriendly.
Companions can be friendly or unfriendly.

Friends are simply children of Allah that do their best for the other whenever they can, or wish to, or are able to. A 'friend' is simply a person that 'today' and everyday makes no demands, no reprimands, and has no expectations of the other than they be a friend. Being that they are of a kindly disposition.

There must be no need to speak of yesterday forcefully or critically or judgementally, for whatever is past is past and 'for better or worse' it needs remain in the past as that is Allah's wish and, whatever 'forms' in the new day is whatever it is, and that is also the 'way' all need to go forwards each day as you must not 'invoke' any past rulings or happenings in the today and forwards relationships with any person that you meet.

I would have it that it is a fresh day to be 'handled' by you and me in whatever way each would have it be positively, with no expectation of the other than they be friendly, and with no 'precedent' clouding any issues. This means that there is no 'bondage' tying anyone to anything due to any past 'way' moment.

My 'pen' is trying to tell me something today, being that the word 'lover or wife or companion or friend' can be used by some as a 'lever' to insist or coerce someone into believing that they 'owe' the other something due to a past day 'connection,' even if the perceived 'owing' is perceived as little as an 'apology' or, as much as 'all' the other owns,  and my pen says:

"You can be friends and lovers or wives or whatever you wish to name the relationship of the time 'frame' for which you hold the other in your mind and emotions, but the reality is, that irrespective of that fact, it has absolutely no bearing on the truth of the matter being, that each is eternally an individual with the right to live the moment by moment present moment as Allah would have it be. Being that all need to live moment by moment free of any past moment with its 'link' to any other mentally or emotionally and this fact mankind needs to see."

So as I read it, mankind uses the past moment 'connection' with some other spirit as their 'justification' to make demands or  to mete out reprimands, and they  try and use the past moments of time to their advantage in the present moment, and thus they spiritually die.

As I read it, if my present moment mental and emotional 'connection' with the other is positive then I am fortunate of that fact.

As I read it, if my present moment mental and emotional 'connection' with the other is negative then I am very unfortunate as I am a 'slave' to the Dark.

As I see it, every person walking in the light needs to perceive others as 'friends,' and from that point they can do with the other whatever both jointly wish to do positively. Those walking in 'darkness' live in 'yesterday' because dark forces 'prey' on their minds seeking 'blame' and vengeance, and as their negative emotions strum they fall undone, and they seek to bring the other one down also, and this interaction is unfriendly.

It follows that if I wish to walk in the Light as a free man and able to enter into 'The Kingdom of Heaven,' then I am only able to and only permitted to by Allah to when I perceive all mankind as 'friends,' and unto all I am 'friendly' in all situations, and I have no expectations of them and, I make no demands of them today irrespective of whether I was friendly or unfriendly yesterday.

It also follows that if another is unfriendly towards me and they criticise my 'way' in relation to them then I have the 'right' to choose to not interact with them.

It also follows that if another is friendly towards me and they praise my 'way' in relation to them then I also have the 'right' to choose to not interact with them.
It also follows that if another is unfriendly towards me and they criticise my 'way' in relation to them then I have the 'right' to choose to interact with them.
It also follows that if another is friendly towards me and they praise my 'way' in relation to them then I also have the 'right' to choose to interact with them.
It follows that whatever we seek in relation to the other, our 'energy' used should only 'stem' from the source of Light.

We should be loving too, thus to the other are we true. Never say “NO” and "forge ahead" with demands when the other says "Go slow," for if we do,  the 'imposed upon' can feel dread.

So we must try and understand feelings, the ones of the underhand that can us or the other at times "twist." Thus to any "advances" we make they can "desist," be it but an ask of us to "dance" or in a business deal to take a "chance."

Either way it matters not, never put the other "on the spot," leave them room to manoeuvre away if they needs "space" to think before they "say" Yes or NO, and then your respect show. Never demand that the other 'front up' to an 'inquisitive' counselling session so that you or the counsellor can judge their error.

Thus I do see any interpersonal relationship must respectful BE.

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~ The Truth ~
Evolution v/s Creation  

It is the inner spiritual "body" the soul that is "In the image of Allah" in that it is "energetic" energy that is a "part" of the "body of Allah" the essence.   The material fleshly biological body of man on earth was formed and evolved over time into its present "stature." Its stature and biological "nature" can and does "alter" due to earthly living circumstance. So evolution of the flesh is a fact.  

It is the spirit within that has the nature of Allah being its capacity to think and feel, and link through into the "biology" of man, and the spirit within contains all the emotional "essences" of Light and Dark that we "grow" within as we either love or "sin."  

Adam and Eve are "symbolic" figures used to "show" you how every "spirit" created and living in the high spirit realm after being spiritually created then "fell from grace" as they heeded the "call" of the serpent (the devil) that telepathically accessed their minds via the "vibration" of seeds of "sin" (negative emotions) and thus they by negative deed drew in more negative energy (as they supped on it) and fell to darker spiritual realms.  

This material realm was created so that spirits from many diverse levels could incarnate into and intermingle at this END moment, and as "each" sups on my fresh uncontaminated truth its content will be "seen/heard/read" and via their psyche it will pass on through to their corresponding realm level to 'awaken the dead' in spiritual realms below.  

Try to see how and why man "falls" and what is now required by Allah of man to attain salvation, for the "past" teachings of every religion are all distorted.  

Let all good women and men pass this truth on to multitudes so that "each" can make a personally informed decision as to its truth and validity for them.

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~ Expectations ~

Lovers and sisters and brothers too, as well as friends can have "expectations" of you. Being that you on your "ways" reflect and thus prove your "love" and the relationship protect.

None do see that love is free and that what you give from the Source of light be. So if they "think" or demand or by some critical words condemn your "way," then for that "folly" they ahead do pay.

And what they must see is that "of" any other there must NO expectation be, for of any "demand" of another must we all stay free. Even if they "blood relatives" be or even "tied" by any form of mutuality.

We cannot demand that others do us love. We cannot demand that they prove that we them love "above" any other. They cannot demand "first place" in our eyes. All demands are unwise.

As for "me, I do see that my Light and love shines "blessedly" in that my good counsel I daily give, e'en to "minds" that are like a "sieve" that cannot consciously absorb the fullness of the "water of life" pouring through its "gourd." But hopefully as it pours through it reaches other lost souls linking-in from lower levels too.

So please dear reader you and you, just remember that none of you deserve my love true. No, "You all deserve to die," Is what I hear from Allah up high, for you all do "lack" in some way and for your "future" happiness I can but pray.

Please now try and see the "way" of the three Chinese "monkeys" :

See no evil - hear no evil - speak no evil.

Speak not critically of others or me if you are "jealous" or full of self-pity.
Speak not
judgmentally if you see others do anything that offends your eyes or Allah will you fry.
Speak not
"condemnationally" at any time and let no "dark" words flow out of your vine for any reason any season.

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~ Compulsion ~

We all have compulsions that are either to do good or to be bad, and the outcomes of either deeds can to some other result in them being happy or sad.

The Light within us is the compulsion to be kind and help others to win, and the inner sin drives one to be bad and "madness" is thus begun.

So the understanding we must find is that of the others compulsive way, being that we understand that what they do is not a "choice" per se but as said a "compulsive way" depending on the emotions that within them sway.

Usually when people do good none mind, but those around "with sin" may be found to become "unhappy" that the other did good for another.

This is sad, for the sufferer due to their "sinful" feelings became compulsively sad or angry that the "kind one" was not understanding of them and their "sad" way.

So as we all see, none can truly happy be if when being nice causes another's sadness or jealousy to flow free. So please try very hard to your "compulsive disorder" fight if it is one where you another's "actions" criticise either day or night.

Try and see that the greatest bad compulsive disorder be the one where you criticise, judge and condemn the actions of any other, be they good or bad, happy or mad. For as you do them "judge or condemn" it is your soul that defies Allah's sacred pen and your soul is to suffer more for it is by the Devil "spoken" in its deed.

The Devil uses the ignorant and vain to be its "pain" and as the expresser speaks compulsorily for IT, then the Devil's "sin" increases within the "expresser" a little bit. This "bit" does over time grow and greater then can criticism more easily flow and greater becomes the "spreaded" sorrow.

Only be kind in your personal expressions and let this compulsive "order" be seen by all, even if those "of sin" around blame you for their "state unsound."

- See no evil - hear no evil - speak no evil -

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~ Salvation v/s Damnation ~
The 'critical' factor

There is a "factor" that is unseen by man, and this factor is the "effect" that is at the "core" of the Salvation plan. It is the spiritual effect of his daily deed. It is unseen by man for man cannot see that to be "Saved" is an "act" of pure simplicity.

It is an act seeded by positive deed, and man can only see the need to "belong" to a religion he sees as strong that enacts many rituals and uses many symbols to show its "strength" as "it" says that being a part of it is a prerequisite to Salvation.

The power of the Dark over the mind of man is and was such that IT the Dark easily "interwove" ITS plan to set man into a maze so that he man forgot to gaze into the face of Allah and became "lost" seeing not the way to go.

For only when you look at True Light can you put the Devil's deception out of your sight. For the Devil via "men" says "Look at me, for I stand above Allah's Word given thee," and man follows the teachings of other men rather than the Holy Words "Only love" by Allah spoken.

And the critical factor now exposed by me is the simple truth to either Save or Damn thee. For if the Truth you cannot heed then for sure you are "Damned" and will bleed.

I say that if you only "Love & forgiving" be
then you will be saved by the Light in me.

I say that if you others criticise or judge or in unforgiveness condemn
then you are damned for defying Allah's Holy pen

For when you others criticise, IT the Dark "energetic" overlord is your Master as you "wield" IT'S verbal or physical sword, and you become "subjected to" the Dark side of Allah's ONE Holy Law that you have heard: "As you sow you reap."

And as all have "erred" they all have "stirred" and awoken the Dark giant sleeping below, and IT already does It's unforgiving & retributionary thoughts in the mind of sinful man bestow.

So to now "Only loving & forgiving" be, you will need to certainly heed every word written by me in the "Brief Summary" of Allah's message to you, and if you are a "Carer" to help others "through" then the whole web content will aid you to your "quest" accomplish and thus are you to many others true too.

If a person is 'disturbed' emotionally and mentally for ANY reason then that is their own 'inner' problem.

If a person e.g. (any spirit ever created by Allah) is 'disturbed' emotionally and mentally then that is their own 'inner' problem.
The problem is caused by their inner SIN (negative emotions) that 'fizz' under certain circumstances either 'provoked' from within or from the actions or non actions of some other.
A 'pure' spirit having only LIGHT within and thus no negative emotions, cannot ever become 'disturbed' mentally or emotionally because they never find any reason to become disturbed by any other, for they see no 'reason' to 'curse' or fight nor to deny the giving of their love and compassion to the other.
So the principle 'act' PRIOR to demanding that the other 'front up' and 'prove' their innocence or guilt or even discuss anything, is for the 'disturbed' individual to understand what Allah expects of them being, to make NO demands, NO reprimands, NO threats and, neither is the other to be subjected to any 'inquisition' * as proof of their 'fidelity' to another or Allah.
Note: 'inquisition' * - Any discussion leading to the rehashing of past events that causes either party any 'duress' is inquisitional. A person is only looking back due to the powerful thoughts of the Serpent, and they turn into a 'pillar of salt.'
If they wish to implement positive changes in order to TRULY satisfy their 'suffering' or their anger then they can simply STATE: "I wish to move forwards from today and the only way for me in my expectation of thee is that you please do A, B, or C and, - - - then it is simply up to the other to say NO, or YES I agree.
Allah expects all to 'shape up' and 'wisen up' so that they can become free of their inner emotional problems by Allah's grace and, it is ONLY when an individual takes personal responsibility for their own actions that there is any 'peace' within themself. Peace is not attained by demands, reprimands, or threats. As said before:
Allah expects me and you and everyone to remain steadfast to His command, and to remain within His Light and stay rational, calm, respectful, thoughtful, and kindly extend love and share and care upon all 'sufferers.'

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~ The 'Sin' connection ~

Let those "earthly" angels see the true reality. Being that for Allah, our Allah did upon their souls impose dark "blots" to stain their beautiful inner rose as on earth they plod for a short time.

This was/is to enable their minds to entwine telepathically with lost souls below who have been trapped for an eternity in the cold and sorrow. For it is via the vibration of the dark "sin" that the energetic mental "link" is accomplished.

Due to this "imposition" all "friends" of the Light feel "indisposition" and suffer the same "sin" as mortal man as is Allah's plan for as said, a short time longer.

Due to these "blots" of dark energy that are the emotions of fear and greed and vanity and criticism etc. These angels of the Light feel the same plight as the lost below, and know the same negative thoughts that intrude from the dark essence below.

Let it here be known that as I the Master have now the full truth sown through the power of my vine that has "linked" earth to heaven that it is now the time for all "of courage" to entwine with my truth and the dark realms below.

Only thus will THE Truth be sown within the minds of the lost below and thus within them will grow a seed of hope and they will be "hooked" by the power of your personal golden "rope."

Please now be fearless and bless all below whom invisibly link-in to your minds with their "anger or sorrow." This you can do as daily you now quietly sit and read every line that our Allah did via my mind seed here on earth.

As you sit, within your mind say: "I call out today to any spirit linking-in to me via my 'sin' within. I ask that first we together say the Star prayer, and then as I read the pages of the Testament of Truth your mind too will 'absorb' the fresh seed sown and your consciousness as mine our Allah will 'refresh.' I ask that none of you try to inspire or control or deter my mind in any way and the only thoughts that I will entertain from you are those that say 'Thank you for your blessed time and love divine."

All of you whom this page read are asked by Allah or me to try and see who we are and who we be. Beings of Light returned into the flesh to raise-up the consciousness of those lost in dark realms below who are traumatized and in deep distress. Do this "ask" of me and every "spirit" you elevate will be thanking thee for eternity.

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~ The burden of 'woe' ~

I wish to speak about "silent" suffering because I do know how the mind can 'read in' falsity by assumption when someone declines to speak about their pain to others or you.

I also know how hard it is to not speak about the "apparent" reasons for the suffering, for so many believe that only by speaking about their suffering will it 'lessen,' but I know that is false too.

I also know that the true cause of ones suffering is not necessarily due to what others do or do not do to us physically, but is mainly due solely to our own negative emotions within, through which our minds are pummelled by thoughts from the darkness below.

The "vanity" that is unseen by many a lady consciously is what does link them to many ladies from long ago in lower realms who do have much to say about men who "away go" for a day or a year, and in order to help them it is necessary to not speak for them about their "woes." This applies also to men and their emotional state.

It is also hard to believe that many of us chose to take on "sin" as our spirit souls entered the flesh here so that we could be of benefit to so many others lost below.

Allah has blessed us helpers with a "quest/task" to elevate many lost below and our "cross to bear" is to "endure" any perceived "imposition" in silence and retain a "graceful" disposition. Only in this do we halt the inflow of darkness within them & us and "allow" Allah to purify all.

I just wanted you to know that I know your difficulties and can but say that I hope more understanding comes to your mind so that you are able to "carry" your burden more easily consciously.

The lesson for those "with you" as I see it is that they the lost "through you" learn to not criticise the ways of others. Be it deeds done by others good or bad, for if you speak "for them" giving a verbal expression of their criticism then they and you are all speaking for the Dark one and all thus are drawing-in more "painful" energy and deserving of more suffering.

Rather than "sitting in silent suffering" one needs to read the content of the Testament of Truth, so that its wisdom flows down through your mind to those lost below.

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~ Unconditional love ~

All spirits in the flesh today are suffering "lack" in some way. This is leading to frustration and from the other a demand, or a reprimand. Each is blaming the other for being an untrue sister or brother. Recriminations grow stronger and sanity is no "longer" to be seen. Forgiveness and respect have flown away as each to the other says: "For your folly you must pay."

Many have powerful emotions within, of anger and fear and others that are the sin. These emotions are what do you now bind. It is these emotions that "permit" you to be "blind and unkind." As they link you to lost souls below who need to now the truth know.

Thus fear and anger does one "try," as it also makes you "blindly" cry. Both are now at "wits end" because you both now listen to the "deceiver" who does you both "befriend," as it too does say: "It's better to part, for only this way will you be happier each day."

But what you both cannot see is that it "forgets" to tell thee that it wants you to "part" so that "payment" tears you apart. For to make this "break," the Devil will his due take. Being that each will the other deny, and thus ahead each will more cry.

For each will the other reprimand as it does "more" on the parting demand. I can only "suggest" that you try and see a little more "clear." Certainly make a fresh start, but not one "apart."

Just begin from today to see the "reality" of today. That you are sister and brother who "jointly" may have become father and mother to children, who do rely much upon both of you.

Begin to both today to listen to what Allah does say, being that you must the other respect, and by your words their sanity protect. ONLY speak words of kindness and love as is asked by Allah above.

Do not expect the other to anything for you do. It is up to you to for the other do as much as you daily can do. "There must be only unconditional love." That means: "NO conditions placed upon your relationship" I hear from above.

You are two separate people. You are not "one" because of a "man" prayer of the state or religious "steeple." Remember to only daily say: "With my love I can do this for you today. I do nothing of you ask. For you to give to me is your "task."

Each can on the other depend to daily be a caring friend. Nothing more at this time unless one gives all so that both can entwine. "Give as much as you can for that is My plan." That is what Allah says via me with all Her love.

This message given by me applies to the readers, you and you. For as yet all have "sin" within, and negative thoughts allowed in are trying to make all sin. Try now and be true is my ask of you. For just because you with another live is no reason to "flack" give.

No reason to anything demand, especially if issued with a reprimand. No reason to "justify" exerting control just because the other exercises their free choice to with others stroll. Until of your inner sin you are set free, just nice be.

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~ The "affair" d'amour ~

The "sorry" earthly race bears a mace against any whom their love do "share" as with "another" they have a loving "d'amour" affair.

This "aggressive" interfering stupidity is brought on by ignorance and the "dark" stool pigeon who defies the Commandment to "Only love" that is brought to earth by Allah's dove.

Heaven is a "trove" of treasure where "others" help others to experience pleasure. It is only in Hell below where no love or pleasure does flow because in "that" place no "light or love" does grow.

Let it here be fully "seen" that for too long was man obscene as "he" disrespectfully intruded into the "affairs" of others and at them "threw" a disgraceful look that was "backed" by religion's "horrid" book.

Any loving "affair" that lovers share is the Grace of Allah in action and any who intrude into this are "dealing" the Devil's "dissatisfaction" and this I'd have you know before to Hell you go.

For any whom at "lovers" look with disdain are very very vain and unwise for by their deed and action they show Allah their dissatisfaction with Allah's Light from where all love does extrude, and this to Allah is very very rude.

If "any" feel "miffed" that others share "delight" then that is but a sad fact and they must "revel" in their sorry plight.

Let all "true lovers" know that it is "right" the way they go, and if a time comes when they needs part on earth then let all "pray" that it is but "brief" and that soon again they can their "sharing & caring" restart.

Let us all now be but "married to Allah" and this implies and means that we can love any whom on earth "plod."

If we are so "lucky" as to have a "full-time" companion then we can still have an "affair d'amour" and to them be true (both loves) for our Allah would have it that all do whatever they lovingly wish to.

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~ Lovers ~

Lovers are sisters & brothers true, being Allah's children you and you. They "become" lovers and let Allah's light flow due to emotional feelings that within them grow.

So to be a "lover" with one who loves you, there needs be "something" in both that "sparks" your senses true. Senses that from our land divine "sensually" unwind when we see the other's light at us shine, and we shine our light at them too and this brings a "closeness" between two souls true.

Lovers can "meet" for a brief moment in time or for "ages" share their light and joyfully entwine. Lovers who are true will for their "love" anything do. They will give their support and never deny the other their love true.

Lovers and friends are two different things, for friends are friends, but lovers are "sexual" with each other too. So we can be friends with any who we meet on earth's street, but lovers are those with a "particular" shine that awakens in "both" a sharing feeling divine.

You can have many an "acquaintance" and many a friend, but "true loves" will be but few that Allah does you send. For in truth one does only one or two need, for to need "more" one would be "subject to" greed.

Tread gently as you walk your road and be kind to all you do see that might be carrying a load. And your share and care you can "share," but your "lovers love" you needs "keep" until into your "loves" eyes you do stare, for there is no "need" to give your flesh to "all & sundry" who for it cry. "No, for this is wrong," says our Allah up high. "Only as 'lovers' partake when My divine feelings in you overflow and with the other of My love you would partake."

When we are 'in love' we feel Allah's Light energy within our 'self' and IT is nice. When we 'like' someone we like what we feel.

When we dislike someone we feel Allah's DARK energy within our 'self' and we don't like what we feel, and we blame the other for their perceived 'inadequacies.'

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~ Free love ~

Free love - implies the 'freedom to love' another.

The word 'love' in this context implies the loving and sharing and caring and sexual expression that a person seeks to give to another child of Allah. The term 'free love' does not imply that a person must give 'sexual favors' to any other or others.

This 'letter' is to show you the new loving way to be, in that it is you whom needs see that your 'partner' or 'companion' or 'lover' or friend needs be free to express their 'loving outreach' to others, and you must not try and restrict, control, or criticise them if they so do, or wish to so do.

It is the 'present' and past way where 'companions' believe that once 'joined' per se in a loving or 'close' relationship, that neither one of them is 'free' to love any other, be it intimately or sexually, and when one does this tendency 'show,' the other becomes 'dark' and negativity does its 'face' show.

This is due to the negative emotions within the 'aggrieved' one, being the inner 'sin,' and this dark essence cannot 'condone' such actions, as it sees any 'sharing' of its 'love' as Treason.

So I now prepare you for the 'coming' season when some are set free of their inner negativity. These will no longer 'fear' that their 'beloved' will go away if for any reason they 'lovingly' play with another.

Try and see that any 'control' or condemnation of another's ways is in contravention of Allah's Code of Conduct, and any 'dark' or vindictive expression resulting from 'anger or jealousy' causes the 'expresser' more suffering, and they also accrue a negative 'debt,' and their sin grows and they more fret.

Set the other free to love any they wish to, and your 'givingness' will flow back to thee, and both will happier be. Each and any person must be free to loving be. Be it 'lightly' or sexually, for that is the way that the Source would have it be.

Free to be loving to another who wishes to 'share' their loving with you.

No 'imposition' by any upon any, for that is disrespectful and Allah 'frowns' upon 'takers' or 'forcers' who to themselves are untrue.

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~ Fertility & body parts ~
'Stem cells, blood, et al'

For so long has "man" believed that he was owed a due by Allah that he man sees not his present "error" as on earth he does plod.

For this "place" is not the Holy "space" of grace being Heaven. For here at "present" is the "spot" where spirit souls come because of their lack of grace.

So if one or ones "partner" is infertile, that is a "style" placed before them by Allah and it means that Allah would have it that they remain barren for a while.

This is their "Just" due for when in their "past" they were in some way untrue. And "if" any has a "debilitated" fleshly body for any reason then this too is an imposition by Allah for when in their past "life" or eternal time they were untrue, and made another a "paraplegic." (Less than whole).

So I now say that it is the time to leave all "programs" of man that in any way "plan" to use "body parts" from any other being, be they dead or alive.

It is time for man to accept his/her fertility "state" and not let "doctors" or scientists "enter" their bodily "gate" in any way.

None can avoid their karmic fate, they can or have been able to or aided to set its "due" for a later date, but now all will suffer their "due."

Please now stop all "research" into the usage of "unwanted" biological flesh and just impress your minds with the need to be only kind in your verbal and physical expression.

Let all who "suffer" due to being incapacitated be aided in every way, but do not "insert" fluids or "parts" that have come your way from any other "body." Be it the egg or sperm.

One day you will happily accept your fate, knowing that only thus do you reach Heaven's Gate. If you "fear" to die then become "self-sufficient" and place your own blood in the blood bank. So that to the above you comply. You are "free" to give some away if so asked on another day.

If you are "asked" to donate an egg or sperm to another who does "mourn," then it is your choice to so do, but why be "cold" and donate via a scientific needle?

Be bold and spend a day or a week and lovingly entwine with the other soul meek, as you seek to create in the manner intended by our Allah of love, and see if this child is by Allah given thee.

The ultimate arrogance & vanity is where "a" man tries to emulate the creativity of Allah. This "occurred" in this sorry realm before the Light of Allah again revealed the truth to all on this sod.

The "secondary" insanity of arrogance & vanity is where man emulates the retributive arm of Allah and "smashes" Allah's Creation, being those perceived as "offenders" on this sod.

So the END is now here and every "sodding" bod had better look to my STAR that is Allah's final message to all from afar. For it is Allah now to "dismember & decease" all who defied HIS demand that all comply to the "Only love" Command.

All will now see the Power of Allah as revealed by me.

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~ Sons & Mothers ~

There are sons true who are considerate and respectful and kind, and there are sons that dark emotions and false beliefs did bind. This page is dedicated to sons and mothers too that have become 'bound' in some way and either see it not or, know not how to become true.

There are sons who 'treat' their mothers as though 'they' the son were a jealous and 'jilted' lover, due to their introspective view that locks their mind into the delusion that their mother is but a 'chattel' for their sole 'use,' and this is abuse in Allah's eyes. This usually occurs in a single parent situation, where the 'son' has grown up with no 'father' figure.

Some 'sons' by 'mothers' were 'spoilt,' and thus their 'rotten' way ensures that their mother for her 'follies' do pay.* Not her 'loving' ways in which her son she did protect, but for past follies in another time or place, when her actions to others were 'less' than circumspect.

The total 'use' of a mother by her son, is a 'sign' of the absolute mental and emotional manipulation of a person by another person 'posing' as a 'legally mandated' beneficiary. Being the 'attainment' of a 'chattel' through a perceived 'birthright' that has become a lifelong 'Master - slave' relationship.

These 'arrogant' sons show no 'respect,' and neither do they care for their mother, nor do they their mother's 'honour' protect. For they treat their mothers as 'slaves' or 'offal,' and they misuse and abuse the 'son to mother' relationship as their daily any 'time' day or night 'quip' is:

I need your help now.
I need your car now.
I need your food now.
I need your time & attention now.
I need you to 'fix' my problem now.
I need your financial assistance now.

"Yes" the 'small print' in their reasoning does say, "You are my slave and servant until the day your spirit flies away and, - - - you shall have no 'privacy' for all your 'doors' are open to me and, - - -

If you try and escape my 'net' then I will 'rape' your mind and emotions with words very unkind and, - - - I will even raise my hand against you for being to 'our' relationship untrue and, - - -

I stand first in line ahead of any other man with whom you my slave may wish to lovingly entwine because, - - - I do not know it but I am a spoilt and selfish swine."

So I say these few words to any 'son' living in a delusional 'fantasy' as swine. "You are 'possessed' by the Dark, and your greed and vanity will become 'total' insanity unless you can 'clearer' see, and instantly apologise and say to the 'one' controlled by thee:

"From this day on I shall become a humble and true son and, - - - I will your honour protect by showing you my fullest respect and, - - - from this day on I shall never again ask or demand any financial support, nor shall I ask for the use of any of your 'possessions' and, - - -

I shall never again 'invade' your premises, but I shall politely 'knock' or 'call' at your door prior to entering in and, - - - If you have any 'guests' or lovers I shall respect them and treat them also with the respect that is their 'due' for being so kind and caring to you and, - - -

I ask that you help me on my way by not funding me in any way, as I do now need to my own 'way' seed and, - - - this I must do so that to Allah and myself and you, I am true for, - - -

I have been advised by this Allah's pen that any 'past' interfering or disrespectful action by me has already incurred a 'pain' penalty upon me and, - - - I need to now become a man free and, - - -

This pen of Allah clearly 'states' that any man or 'son' who has 'trod' and 'trespassed' against his mother or her 'lover' has a 'test' to face for his disgrace and, - - - as said, as I can now clearer see I ask you mother and our Allah, to help both you and me."

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What I see is that no son or man today is yet fully respectful to their elders due to their inner sin and, - - - what all men need to see is that none 'own' their mother and, - - - none have any 'rights' in respect of their perceived 'first place' with mother's other friends or lovers and, - - -

It is a fact that the 'false' beliefs in respect of their mother 'passes' on to their wives and daughters once their 'dependency' on their 'mother slave' is diminished, due to her 'death' or, if she is 'taken' by a 'stronger' man than the weakling son and, - - -

Mentally and emotionally or physically abusive sons see not that they are also 'cowards,' and they hide their fears behind 'honeyed' words to keep their mother on their 'hook,' as they refuse to leave their 'nest' and keep suckling on their mother's 'breast' and, - - -

They see not that their incessant crass 'demands' upon their mothers are nothing less than emotional 'blackmail.' For every time their mother 'gives' due to being by a smile and "I love you mum" words coerced, the 'giving' is in reality a 'theft' from her purse, being 'funds' that were obtained by the 'sweat' of her brow and, - - -

Errant sons expect instant 'gratification' to their 'requests' or demands, but when their mother asks them for assistance, the son either says: "I am busy at this time" or, "I will help you later" or, makes a 'false' promise to help their mother, but ends up letting them down by finding a 'justifiable' excuse or reason or, if they do get around to helping, it is generally under 'sufferance' and the work is 'poorly' done.

The incessant demands of errant sons may exceed the monetary 'take' of any taxation department or any 'Mafiosi,' and it is 'beguiled' and disguised as 'family sharing and, - - -

Even though a 'son' may have moved 'on' and is living elsewhere with a wife and child, he still 'assumes' that his mother's 'savings' are his personal 'nest-egg' to be 'plundered' and used for his personal or family needs.

The 'errant' son sees not the stressful and emotional 'load' he places upon her, and neither does he see the load he places upon his own soul, that will be 'shouldered' by him on a later day when Allah's Law swings into 'play,' on an 'eye for an eye' basis.

As Allah walks tall and sees all, any 'son' who is 'blindly' disrespectful, or unkind, or is 'cruelly' obtaining his mother's 'savings' through verbal or other mental & emotional coercion is to suffer their 'JUST & Equitable' due for being so 'blatantly' callous and untrue and, - - -

Any 'son' or man that from this day forth abuses any 'mothers,' will 'wish' that they had 'heeded' this pen wielded by their spiritual brother. For these errant 'sons' see not that their actions are person to person emotional extortion and domestic violence perpetrated upon their 'fearful' mother who is 'afraid' to say "NO."

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Note: Dependency 'rights' - The 'son' has a right to depend on his mother for 'succour' until his 'voice' does 'break' and he is then 'manly' and, - - - from this moment on he may ask his mother for assistance until he turns eighteen and, - - -

From that moment on he has no 'right' to ask his mother for any assistance, and he needs rely on her 'goodness' to offer such if she so chooses and, - - - as he has become an 'adult,' his mother now has the ongoing right to not only 'ask' for his assistance but, - - -

She also has the right to depend on his ongoing succour and, - - - any 'son' who is so blind that they cannot this 'reality' and 'reasoning' see, will quail in the dark underworld for an eternity.

Note: The word 'son' applies to 'daughter' and, in the case of the daughter, she becomes 'womanly' once her menstrual 'cycles' begin.

Note: There are 'sons' who falsely believe that they have the right to make 'others' and 'mothers' grieve and, - - - they see not that the other's 'space' they invade and, - - - they also believe that they have the right to be 'respected' and 'protected' from other 'invaders.'

All 'invaders' are disrespectful, and all that show 'disrespect' have no 'rights' against the fulfillment of Allah's one immutable Law, and they by their own 'choice' will be invaded on a 'latter' day by others that are 'churlishly' ignorant.

Note - pay.*- The ignorant son is used by the Dark Sovereign Power to manipulate & control & extort funds & abuse the mother by word or physical deed. Thus the 'errant' son accrues a 'similar' due under Allah's Law.

Note: The 'suffering' mother needs to see that 'giving in' to the incessant demands of their son is itself a form of 'complicity' to his offensive behaviour. For it is aiding the Dark force controlling his mind in keeping him 'blind' to his 'ways.'

For the 'ultimate' aim of the darkness is to use a person to abuse another, and at the same time the 'abuser' incurs a debt and, - - - in later years the darkness 'turns' its ugly 'face' and seeks to destroy the 'son' it did foully 'employ.' Once the mother reads this and becomes wise, she must 'break' the devilish Spell over his mind by no longer 'agreeing' to be blindly unkind.

Mothers also need to see that if they continue to permit their sons to 'possessively' control them, then it is the individual mother 'permitting' an unnatural 'mother & son' relationship, and she must to her son say:

"Son - I gave you life, but I am not your 'wife' and, - - - I am not an 'extension' of thee, - - - your flesh is an 'extension' of mine, but if you try to me 'possessively' use or control, then in my eyes and Allah's you do 'out of bounds' stroll."

Allah sees and knows every 'thought' within the minds of HIS errant children.

Note: Children need to be 'weaned' from any expectation of 'fulfillment of demands' before their seventh birthday, or they may become an ongoing problem, with no 'let-up' due to emerging negative emotions that 'grow' within them due to their uncontrolled and 'untrue' ways.

By the age of fourteen years, children need to have been taught that it is better to give rather than to receive, and they should have begun to give their 'support' to the family 'funds' and workload by being helpful, and not expect any 'financial' or other 'rewards' from other's pockets that they have not earned.

Note: Any Educative return to a 'confrontation' is the LIGHT saying "LEARN."
Any Punitive 'accountability' return to a 'confrontation' is the DARK saying "BURN" the other and, - - - the 'Avenger' in raising his voice or hand accrues a similar return due at a later date.

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~ Sons & Fathers ~

Sons and fathers can have a difficult time once the son with his own 'wishes' seeks to do what he feels is 'better' than the ways that his father does things do and, - - -

Fathers too may 'expect' their sons to work for a 'pittance' as slaves too, especially when they are on the 'land' that they 'farm' whilst living and walking hand in hand.

So this page is dedicated to letting 'sons' see that they have no right to 'assume' that the 'result' of their father's labours will one day theirs be. For many believe that they have a 'birth right' to inherit the business or land in their sight.

Let no 'son' try to impose or 'depose' or demand that their 'way' of operating be used. Neither must they even 'think' that they have a 'right by birth' to take over, or control, or inherit any land or property or business owned by their parents.

Once a 'son' is of age and thus needing to earn a wage, then he is free to go his way or, if 'invited' he may stay and, - - - if he chooses to remain on his 'parent's' property and work for his family, then he will needs politely negotiate a salary but, - - -

He has no 'bargaining' rights merely because he is a son, for he only has the same rights of negotiation as any other one seeking employ. Equally, his 'parents' do not have a 'right by birth' right to offer their 'son' less remuneration than they would offer another's son, nor should they treat their children as slaves.

The parent has the responsibility to Allah to support and educate their child to the best of their ability, and to then let them go their way to choose their own life's path.

Certainly in farming or business 'ventures' the parent may either 'give' or in some other way take in their children as 'joint' owners or participants in the venture. But they must not use the 'promise' of an inheritance to coerce the 'son' to slave for little pay forever and a day.

Neither should the 'son' be so foolish to be 'trapped' by a promise of this 'free' farm one day. For if the father cannot anything 'reasonable' pay, then the farm is 'worthless' and far better for the son to go his way.

It is entirely up to a grown son to clearly 'see' and decide whether he wishes to stay and help the 'oldies' as they sit by the fireside. His choice, his voice, once he becomes an adult and can clearly see.

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~ Mothers and Daughters ~

What can I say to you? For you are all lovely and beautiful too. So please just stay demure and try and keep your thoughts pure, so that no 'darkness' flows through that will cause you to become untrue to the creative Light within you.

And try to not let your own inner 'frustrations' lead you to be the 'carrier' of harsh words spoken against others. Heed this Allah's sacred pen and know that most of you have been chosen by Allah, to hold the hands of men soon to be crying and dying on the land, as they 'suffer' their due for being untrue to their 'brothers' over the seas and you.

Just remember that it is your 'duty' to teach your daughters to be loving and true, and it is also your duty to teach them and your 'young' sons how to caress and touch as you caress them.

For the mother has that special 'place' in her role of motherhood. Being that she daily embraces her offspring as she 'loves' to love them and caress them. Thus the 'tenderness' of the 'touch' and the stroking 'caress' she must show them and teach them, so that as they 'grow' they will learn the reason for the 'need' to also caress others whom they love.

Other than this I have naught to say, for you will be inspired in many a way in the new loving age to be when all on earth are free of 'sin' and dancing and singing and joyful happiness become the 'order' of the day.

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~ Fathers & daughters ~
Stepfathers ~

There is a 'special' relationship between the opposite 'sexes,' be it mother and son or father and daughter, and this is because there is the 'attractiveness' of the opposite sex. Thus the relationships between fathers and daughters and mothers and sons is 'exclusively' special in many a way.

There are also many men that 'gain' a second family by virtue of the fact that they obtain a companion that is already a mother to another man's children. This happening places these children within the home of their newfound 'step-father.'

This places the 'man' in 'close' proximity to 'girls' or young ladies that are not of his 'flesh' and due to this fact, there is even more 'possibility' that he could 'err' and rudely or disrespectfully 'embrace' them beyond the bounds of decency.

The purpose of this letter is try and 'alert' all men to the fact that they are never the 'father' of any boy or girl because, the fleshly 'embodiment' of such is but the physical manifestation of flesh that houses the spirit within and, - - -

The real father of the daughter is father Allah, for HE created their spirit soul, and HE sees the earthly 'father' or mother simply as the 'stepfather' or stepmother into whose care HE places HIS child for a time and a time in trust and, - - -

Thus it is of great importance that the 'step' parent realise this fact, and thus never go 'beyond' their position of care as a Carer to one of Allah's children. For many men can be easily 'tempted' to invade their daughters sexually and this 'act' of depravity is seen by Allah and, - - -

All that mistreat HIS daughters will be subjected to great travail when they are 'nailed' by HIS dark forces below where all 'invaders' and abusers go for a time and a time.

For it is a proven fact that the 'stepfather' has the 'power' to be forceful and intrusive if his emotional state is that way inclined and, if his mind becomes filled with thoughts of a 'fanciful' nature in which he 'fantasies' over the 'body' of his daughter, he may 'stray' from his role of protector and provider.

In the case of mother and son, she may also have such thoughts or desires but, being a mother and woman she cannot 'invade' her son's 'space' as such if her mind misled her to so desire.

Man needs to always remember that he has a special 'role' in relation to his daughter, and that is to ensure that he ensures that he maintains his role of protector and provider, being the 'surety' that she remains free from fear and worry as she grows and matures into womanhood.

Man needs to remember that she is Allah's treasure created for man's pleasure, not for man to use and abuse. Thus Allah's daughters must be treasured and 'permitted' to learn to sing and dance without any others having the 'chance' to negatively interfere or, their Allah will wield against the 'intruder' a heavy spear.

Let men create the 'space' whereby their daughters can grow up in grace and joyously embrace life with other children, and later as a happy 'wife' to be loved and adored and cherished by all.

Let man teach his 'sons' that if they 'breach' the code of 'respect & courtesy' and knock their sisters down in 'rough tumble' or, vent upon them their growing desires and seek the wrong direction, then ahead they will have plenty of time in 'abysmal' reflection.

Let your 'daughter' know that she can always stand 'behind' or 'alongside' you her 'stepfather' knowing that it is a safe place to be where she will be 'sheltered' against any impropriety and, if you are an 'uncle' or family friend or visitor then 'append' this truth upon your mind, for Allah will you bind and blind if you impose upon any 'sized' rose.

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~ Mothers and Fathers ~

For you there is but one thing that Allah asks of you, and that is to remember that your 'progeny' are the visible 'flesh' that you see, but within 'it' are Allah's 'issue,' being their spirit inside that for a time with you do abide and, - - -

It is your duty to be true to them and Allah by raising them to be loving and kind and thoughtful and respectful unto all, and to teach them how dark emotions and thoughts do them bind if they are 'unwary' and, - - -

Tell them that they are not 'yours,' but are 'lent' to them by Allah for a time and that once 'grown,' they needs move forwards and with others entwine and, - - - tell them that this realm is but for a short time, and there will come the day when their spirit departs and moves on in spiritual places. Thus they needs not 'fear' death, for it is but the passing onwards as their spirit vacates their flesh.

Help them to learn as they grow, and bestow upon them all you can so as to assist them to become responsible and self-sufficient. Tell them that 'welfare' is a snare to the young, thus they must rely on their minds and energy to daily work and feed themselves and to help others less fortunate.

Teach them to expect naught for naught, but to earn and save until the 'items' sought can be bought by their own efforts. Tell them that financial loans are a 'trap,' and that to live 'within' their means is best, and it is thus a test for the youth to be 'meek' and humble, for those that 'stand' too soon can more easily stumble.

Teach them that no 'person' has the right to demand that others fund their way. Be it for education or other, and that happiness and freedom from 'worry' depends upon their understanding of life's 'way.'

Teach them that once they are earning a wage, that if they are residing at 'home' they must contribute to their 'upkeep.' For only this way will they learn that ahead when on their road that they will needs pay for their 'lodging and bread' and, - - - then on the day they earn their first pay they will happily say: "Mom! Dad! I have some money of my 'own,' so please take some of it for our home use."

Teach them that they are equal to all others in Allah's eyes, and thus they must never any other despise or criticise. Teach them to only reach out with a forgiving and helpful hand to any that 'reality' do not yet understand.

Other than this, help them to be truthful and be wary of 'lies,' and to look to Allah's 'star' shining in the skies. Teach them to never 'fight,' and to never fight back if others do them attack. Help them to prepare for the day that you can set them free to individuals be.

And remember if for any reason you 'adults' do part, that the father and mother must always keep supporting Allah's children until the day they from their 'home' are old enough to depart.

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~ The 'sperm' Donor ~
Responsibility of the true 'husband & wife.'

Man gives out his seed as a 'donor' * for many reasons, but at times he sees not that he is always responsible for the welfare of the mother and child. So I need to say that:

1 - If two people willingly entwine for the purpose of bringing forth a spirit from the land divine, then at the moment of their union they are in fact TRUE 'man & wife' * in the eyes of Allah and - it was a TRUE 'planned' * pregnancy and, for the rest of their earthly life they have a joint responsibility for the child that they so lovingly sought.

Whether they live apart or otherwise is irrelevant, their joint 'deed' did sign an invisible 'pact' with their Creator, being that they would both give the child spiritual and material support to the best of their ability.

2 - If two people willingly or unwillingly do entwine for the purpose of sexual gratification by one or both, and this 'union' brings forth a spirit from the land divine, then at the moment of their union they are in fact TRUE 'man & wife' * in the eyes of Allah and, it was a TRUE 'planned' * pregnancy and, for the rest of their earthly life they have a joint responsibility for the child that they so obtained.

Whether they live apart or otherwise is irrelevant, their joint 'deed' did sign an invisible 'pact' with their Creator, being that they should both give the child spiritual and material support to the best of their ability.

Those that find a reason to deny the child 'entry' to this level through the advent of an unplanned pregnancy, or those that do not assist in its material or spiritual welfare are but 'ignorant' or 'mentally disturbed' or 'misinformed,' and suffer the spiritual consequence.

Note: - TRUE 'donor' * - Any person that expresses their seed that in one 'way' or another manner that fertilizes the 'egg' of a woman, has in the eyes of Allah become morally responsible towards contributing to the material needs of the child and mother.

Whether they live together or apart, whether they are friends or otherwise, whether they become rich or poor, whether the mother and child find support or succour from others, it is necessary for the seed 'donor' to do his best to make a small or large contribution to the best of their ability.

This is not an 'enforceable' Decree, it is but a conscience reminder that Allah is not blind, and only the kind find their way into Paradise and, the unkind meet their fate for a time and a time at Hell's Gate.

Note: - TRUE 'man & wife' * - The causal 'act' of conception is the act that 'mates' and seals the 'marriage' union of the male and female. This 'marriage' being that as ordained by Allah, and only the 'passing' moment of actual entwining is the marriage, being the moment when both parties are exposed to the 'bare' or 'raw' energies of Allah. Be they positive or negative.

The 'other' marriage being the present day ritual 'blessed' by state or religion is not the true marriage. For when two people decide to live together as companions, then it is simply that. The joint agreement to so do. Certainly they can have a 'party' celebration so as to let others know of this. But it is not requiring of any State or other blessing, nor does it imply 'ownership' or control. For each party must be free to come and go, and also to separate if needed without having to 'show cause' to others.

Note: - TRUE 'planned' * - Every 'union' between woman and man is 'sanctioned' by Allah, planned by Allah, and instigated by Allah. Yes, every person that is happy and free and enjoys the 'delight' of the moment is inspired by the Light of Allah as their positive spiritual 'due.'

Any person that is imposed upon forcefully and is thus unhappy and controlled and suffers from the union, was imposed upon by a person that was inspired by the Dark side of Allah through their arrogance, and their 'victim' was receiving their negative spiritual 'due.'

Allah says: "Whatever the circumstance in receiving a child of mine, be true to it and its mother, as they both in My eyes are Divine. Love them."

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~ Relationship 'control' ~

As I see it today, any 'alliance or friendship or association or dependency' of one or both persons upon the other is a relationship of one form or another. Be it negative or positive. Fulfilling or otherwise. Happy or unhappy.

It follows that when together, any 'joint' expression or 'togetherness' in a relationship needs to be one where there is mutual consent to be together at that moment in time where 'togetherness' is enabled and 'consummated.'

In all relationships there are 'factors' that influence the individual parties, and it may be found that one or the other or both are 'bound' with differing beliefs, needs, demands, or expectations that may also 'vary' from time to time.

Thus there can rise great difficulties when one or the other or both for one reason or another find that they cannot meet the needs or expectations of the other at the time when the other expects it.

This is when the 'control' aspect begins to 'show' itself. For if the one expects an 'exclusive' relationship they will become 'unhappy' if the other cannot meet that requirement or, the one may not be able to be 'present' at the time the other expects or demands their presence.

In this case, it is best for them to both 'change' and 'dissolve' their present 'mode' of relationship to the 'simple' one of friends with no expectations.

In this I do not necessarily speak of 'partners' that live together and share their life together, but more so of those that live in separate houses and meet occasionally or live together occasionally when they are free to so do.

In the 'case' where 'live in' companions have had a permanent happy relationship that 'falters,' then they can either choose to go or stay. But either way, they need to continue to be friends, and remain respectful and kind towards the other.

Thus for those that do live 'apart' and do or have 'met' and dined and entwined with mutual consent I say: Please remember to say this to the other when you depart:

"It was a great pleasure to have had this time with you, and I hope that you enjoyed my company too. If you wish to come and visit me for a day or two or more on another day, then please contact me first so that I can advise you if I am free to entertain you.

As for me, I may not be free or able to visit you for a week or a month or two. However, when I do have the time and am thus able to, I will contact you to see if you are 'free' and that you would wish to have me visit you. Until that day I bid you 'adieu,' and will remember your love and sweet smile too."

Mutual 'consent' is the expression of the light. If one to the other says: "I cannot see you for a time," it does not imply 'darkness in action,' it merely is a statement that the one is 'committed' to other processes that do not need any 'clarification' or discussion or 'disclosure.'

Always remember that 'each' is free to remain as friendly companions or to just be 'friends' and say: "I cannot invite you to stay" on another day. There is no need for either to 'explain' or give 'reasons' as to 'why' the other are turned away.

You are of course entitled to give your reasons, but just remember that there will then always be responses that may lead to 'friction.' It is best for all 'parties' to now try and see that each person must remain free to just be, and none must find 'cause' to criticise, despise, or condemn the actions of others for any reason.

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~ Loyalty of friends or lovers ~

Your 'loyalty' to EVERY other person is singular: Ensure that you at all times are peaceful in your interaction with them. You ensure that you give them your good counsel if you see them as 'erring' in Allah's eyes. That's IT.

You do not need to or 'have to' discuss any of your 'external' private affairs or intended affairs with them unless you 'wish' to, even though they or your mind might say you should.

The 'mere' fact that two people live together as man and wife or otherwise does not give either the regulatory 'control' to expect or demand that the other 'disclose' their daily affairs. There is too much interference into the 'business' or other dealings of people.

Your personal daily affairs are between you and the others and Allah, and is not necessarily the 'affair' of your companion. You should do your best to 'individualise and personalise' your relationships as 'unique' with every person you know or meet even for a brief chat in the street. How you interrelate verbally or otherwise is between the two only.

Presently there are no 'individual' affairs possible because, no person on earth other than myself is free from the mental interference of 'thousands' of others voices interfering telepathically from the lands below.

So whenever I or any person 'dines' or entwines with another, we do not actually know 'with whom' we are relating to, for the person in front of us has 'many faces,' as the thoughts and beliefs and needs and desires of the many 'others' are 'shining through' as thoughts and thus verbal expressions of the 'unseen.'

It is only when both have no negative emotions within, 'as I and those in heaven,' do the people actually get to see and know the real person they speak with, and presently, only in heaven 'above' are people all free to totally their unique selves BE.

Try and see that there are many 'souls' below that now need to grow and change their perspective and belief and outlook through YOU. They all have their own particular ideas on loyalty, and as you see they can and do put great pressure on you at times that has the capacity to 'lock you up' and freeze you into immobility or wrong action.

It is the time for people to 'identify' the danger, being the 'snake' in the grass beneath their feet or, it is the invisible 'essence' of darkness that insidiously tries to cause TROUBLE in the guise of 'justified' criticism, as it via your partner's mind either implies or says:

"Unless you tell me why you cannot see me today or, unless you tell me why and where you are going to today or, unless you tell me who you visited yesterday or, unless you change your ways, then I will see you as a disloyal and dishonourable person that in my eyes is punishable and thus I will 'withdraw' my love from you and also I will berate and criticise you."

We are 'each' permitted by Allah to live our life according to our own needs, wants, and desires. Thus if you cannot agree with the manner that your 'lover' or friend or companion wife live theirs, then do not berate them.

Simply either accept their way, give them good counsel if you feel they 'err,' or go your way in peace for only thus are you Loyal to Allah, them, yourself, and in conformity to the Command of Allah.

Too many people feel the need to tell a 'lie' in order to keep the other happy. This is error as it is giving in to the darkness, through fear or guilt in one's efforts at 'appeasement.'

This only empowers the other into the false belief that unless their partner you 'come clean' by replying as they 'pry' in order for them to 'truth' wean from you, that in some way you are disloyal to your 'association' with them.

Just say to them: "Please mind your own business, for on the matter of which you speak I have nothing to say. If you are dissatisfied in our relationship then either go or stay, but please conform to Allah and do not criticise my way."

For if they are 'permitted' to continue on in the critical 'judgment' of you then they draw in more darkness too, and they also accrue a 'karmic' due that returns to 'haunt' them when they are criticised equally by others seeing their actions as untrue.

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~ Husbands & Wives ~
The ‘Dear John’ letter when separating

Dear ‘John,’

As it appears that we may soon part ‘ways’ as one of us goes away to start afresh, I felt that I needed to say something to assist you on that day.

Firstly I wish to thank you for having given me a part of your life, and I admit that I may not have been the perfect wife, but I did love you and still do, even though we have not always been ‘friends,’ for one reason or another we have become incompatible.

I would like to let you know that there is no need for either of us to make use of ‘solicitors’ in respect of our parting, for I will never ‘fight’ to make any false claims against you and I also hope that you will also be true as we part and keep helping me if I am in need.

I do know that even though the business you run is ‘yours’ by name that it is in fact ‘ours,’ even though I stayed at home and took care of that aspect of our life.

As I have been reliant upon the income from your business ventures, I hope that you will continue to be successful and thus be able to give me and our children ongoing financial support.

For I would not expect or demand that you give me a ‘half’ of its ‘value’ as that would compromise its viability as such. Thus I simply ask that you consider me as a ‘silent’ shareholder with an unquantifiable ‘debenture’ so that our Creator can monthly guide you as to a fair share payable to me.

I wish you to know that whatever you decide on will be accepted by me as I will never use the ‘force’ of the court of man to contest it as I do trust your integrity and, I do also place my trust in Allah to guide us both.

I know that you are also suffering mental and emotional trauma as your emotions pummel you from within, and I also know that you are finding it hard to communicate with me.

Please write a note letting me know of your thoughts so that I can respond by letter. For at present I am being kept in the dark to suffer ‘fears’ whilst I wait in anguish and fear of the unknown to come.

If you do go ahead and part from me, then as we have children, I hope that as long as they are at home with me that you will feel free to come and visit them anytime and to also have a cup of tea or a meal with us, as I would like to remain your friend irrespective of what takes place in your new life ahead.

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~ Spiritual debts ~

As I see it, I don’t actually owe anyone anything spiritually or ‘morally’ because, even though I did entwine mentally and emotionally, it does not ‘follow’ that I now have a ‘debt’ to be ‘somehow’ met.

It has been the ‘bane’ of all that have anyone met in that as soon as there is a ‘smile’ or a ‘touch’ etc., that the Dark (sin) within one or both says:

“Now I have seen your light shine, you are mine and, if you ever fail to meet my expectations then I will find ‘cause’ to criticise you because as I see it, you made me happy in the past and, if you do not satisfy me today then I will ‘blast’ you and condemn you for being untrue, inconsiderate, and disrespectful too.”

As I see it, any ‘share’ or ‘care’ or love or assistance I gave, I gave, and no invisible dark ‘knave’ (the Serpent) is going to ‘con’ me into believing that I am the cause of his ‘distress’ simply because he did someone’s mind ‘undress’ to the point where his ‘nature’ they now upon me ‘impress.’

I never said to anyone that I would be their slave, nor did I say that I would ever continue to give as much, or less, than in the past I willingly gave.

So as I see it today, every person needs try, and to themselves say: “No other person owes me any ‘debt’ spiritually. They may ‘owe’ good or bad to Allah, but She/He will ‘give or take’ not me.”

So any person that thinks that I am the ‘cause’ of their misery needs say: “You ‘Terry’ are a man free to ‘tired’ or happy or unhappy be, without me adding any ‘misery’ because I am unhappy.”

I Terry did this write assisted by Allah’s might because there is a ‘lady’ of the Light that has to Allah a ‘due’ and, she needs to be true to me and not add to her own ‘burdens’ that spiritually weigh her down.

If she would less ‘frown’ then she should ‘crown’ herself with the Light of Allah and ‘shower’ IT upon me and all others she does see daily. Only smile.

We must daily remind ourselves that we share Allah’s universe with others, but we ‘own’ no other as we walk our unique road.

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~ The Allah given name ~
I am Terence son of Irene and David

That from now on I do see, is the way it should be. Let there be no “family” name, for through it man does o’er the woman gain a singular advantage of command, as his “lineage” he does demand as being the only one of value under this sun.

“Thus shall “each” have a say.” Says our Allah as my pen does sway.

“And when two “together” do walk, “of them” others may of their “given” names talk. The “old” surname shall now be “gone” once each soul has their journey won.

All will the “past” forget. Family names are what made all fret, using it to with pride command that “theirs” was a “blue blood” demand, seeking to use it to empower, as darkness through their veins did shower.

So when two now do “unite” for a lifetime or but one night, it will be but by their Allah given name that all know the “two” do for a “time” Allah’s love and light show.

So from now on let all “see” that the way to become free is to stand from their ‘past’ apart and with a new name make a fresh start.”

So to you you and you, let me be known but as Terence the soul true, and my son Timothy now be the son of Inge and me. So if his one day bank account does with some funds mount, then on its “name” shall be “driven”:

"Timothy, son of Inge & Terence," by Allah given.

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~ My 'leap of faith' ~

Thoughts that I receive today reference those I love and adore;

I am advised that I am now ready to overcome my own past mental programming, and I need to make a ‘leap of faith’ and not fear losing those I adore, and I am to tell them:

I relinquish all control over you – you are Allah’s child, not mine, – our love is our trust and our bond. You are free to reach out to any and hug or hold them or do whatever YOU want to – wish to – desire to, and I will never criticise you – judge you – nor condemn you.

I am also told that when I say YOU are ‘free’ to so do unto others – it does not mean that others are free to do to you what they need – desire or want to, for that is then them now controlling you unless they have your consent – YOU must choose to say ‘Yes or No.’ * (Note)

But, you are to realise that ahead, ‘some’ will seek to ‘possess’ or control you by coercion, beguile, arrogance or other, for all have intensifying dark energy within, and IT is their ‘justification’ to impose upon your love rose.

I am also told that ‘we’ now must see that ‘we’ must only love each other and permit each other to fulfil their own needs – wants – desires.

It is to do with the 'control & expectations & demands' that men and women have over those they love, marry, like, partner etc., and I believe that everyone must be 'free' to fulfil their benign LIGHT needs, wants, desires, with any person they so choose, be they 'in' or 'out' of a personal relationship with another.  The only 'bond' between 'lovers' is their LOVE for one another, not any 'permit,' ritual, or expectation or demand imposed.

It is however (at these end times) incumbent for those that are able to 'free' the 'other to be free' to 'remember,' that their partner may not be able to cope reference them being so 'free' - so - the above I assume is primarily for me today, and for everyone else that becomes free of sin within or 'able' to so 'offer' to the other, as it is mental preparation for when they arrive in the Light where NO 'control' exists, as well as for those that later come down to earth to KNOW. For marriage 'licence' and or de-facto 'ownership' is to be a thing of the past.

Allah says:

Heed My voice,  the 'girls' have the 'choice' to invite the 'lads' to climb into their 'apple' tree and play.  If any lad decides to 'entice' or coerce, beguile, or use 'force' to 'seize or take' without 'consent,' then this 'justification' is what drags them away from the Light and into the underworld to 'suffer' for eternity.

I ADD – If any person is disrespectful to another then our Allah will ‘correct’ them using the power of His invisible retributive forces or via His offender seminar program.

I ADD – Only when arrogance, pride, prejudice and vanity have been swept out of the soul of man will there be true 'freedom'

The above is what my pen says to my 'beloved's,' and you, and to help guide others into the new 'age to be,' once the 'Devil' (Father's Wrath) has had ITS day on earth. (The new age to be is when on earth it is 'as' it is in Heaven - paradise - bliss - joy - freedom)

Note: YOU must choose to say ‘Yes or No.’ * - It is important to understand that in this day and age where 'some' assume that if they do not 'hear' you say 'Yes' (welcome to continue) or 'No' (please refrain) - then they assume the 'right' to continue in their disrespectful 'forwardness' and continue to harass, impose, intimidate, etc.  Allah knows the 'intent' behind every action, and also Allah 'permits' people to be 'swine' and invade, control, seize etc., but all these by Allah are 'punished' within His immutable Law, so IF you do not wish to lead others 'on' when you do not wish them to go that way then please make it clear to them.

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~ Footprints ~

We all leave footprints in the sand as we walk on earth’s land. Are your footprints "Light" as you walk, or are they "Dark" for you others "stalk."

Is ‘White acres’ the name of your place, a place where others feel your inner grace, or is your land heavy and dark, because within you stalks the shark, waiting to someone "bite," because you wield your might.

Is the footprint that you leave, one that makes others "grieve," or do you but light show so that those around get to Allah know.

Is your footprint one of suffering, because "thoughts" in your ears ring, causing you to others blame for the pain that does you maim, so that your footprints are heavy and soggy, and your "tread" becomes tacky and boggy.

Are you one who says to those around you that their actions are untrue? because pain you do feel, because you failed to seal your mind up tight, and thus you walk not in the light.

Your footprints you needs "see," the ones left by thee. For if they carry "trash," ahead, others will you "smash." So for but one moment turn "around," face ahead, look not on the ground, and ask yourself aided by the Light:

"How do my footprints look in Allah’s sight"?

For, if for "them" you others blame, then truly, you walk in shame, "for My ‘expression’ out of you must be true," Allah says to you:

"There must never be a season where you deny Me for any reason."

So as said, look briefly around and ask yourself "Are my footprints sound."? Then look ahead and go your way, treading truly from today. Observe what you do, be it true or untrue, as you leave footprints in the sand on your last mile on earth’s land.

Compassion and understanding must flow free, in that "others" a little different be. Us of them and them of us, so let's be respectful, no more fuss.

Let now your wisdom grow. Let now only your sweet love flow.

Just remember that the Light says "Acquiesce, never fight, and you one day will be uplifted above into heaven the land of eternal love."

All whom the contents read will their minds with pure truth seed. All who now follow "Me" the true shepherd, I will set free. Heed the Word I bring thee, trust in Allah, Allah will set you free.

Be now true to the Light within you.


~ The Spirit of Truth ~




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