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~ The Philosophy TRUE ~
The truth on ethics & morality

I am a Tanzanian presently residing in Tasmania, and as a spiritual healer my 'lifelong' journey has been one within which I sought the true path to absolute inner peace.

The Greek word 'Philosophía' means: "Love of wisdom," and my personal 'quest' was for true wisdom * that I have now found, and I now bestow it upon humanity via my web site.

Note: true wisdom *  - right action - enlightenment - freedom from negative emotions - spiritual purity - inner peace - True Salvation

The philosophy TRUE is the 'ideal' that has the correct ACTION at all times and in all situations, thus it is the code of conduct 'policy' adhered to 'religiously,' no matter the mental, emotional, or physical 'load' needing to be 'borne' by the adherent to this 'strict' but honourable code.

This idealistic 'policy' has ONE ethical and moral 'value,' being that the faithful 'believer' has a peaceful 'nature' of interaction with others, and remains operating within the benign LIGHT of Allah every 'step' of their journey along life's stony path, and they never 'interfere in, regulate, control, enslave, burden or manipulate' the lives of other mortals. 

Neither do they 'tax' them, punish them, seize their assets, steal, invade, impose sanction, coerce, threaten punish or kill, for that 'way' is neither benign nor peaceful.  It is the way of the vain, arrogant, proud, ignorant and vociferously 'loud' that 'entertain' the false belief that they can defy their Creator and enslave and tax others, and 'order' them around as they 'proclaim' their requirements as to how all others must live or die.

The TRUE Philosopher is thus a wise and peaceful person that never disturbs the peace of the land, and never engages in any underhand activity, for not only do they believe in Allah the absolute authority, but they are aware that Allah sees every activity, and they always 'bow' in submission to Allah's Primary Ruling Command, even though others try and force them to do otherwise through threats, coercion and reprimand.

The TRUE Philosopher is compassionate, merciful and forgiving, and they know the reasons 'why' others are sinfully living, thus they quietly go their way each day and 'fellowship' with the spiritually 'diseased' that are mentally and emotionally unstable, and they educate them by giving them their good counsel that will assist them to find inner peace, happiness and fulfillment.

The TRUE Philosopher 'permits' others to live in accordance with their own 'peculiar' beliefs, and thus allows the 'freedom of choice' of each individual, that is by Allah given and a truly democratic RIGHT. *  Thus the true philosopher never imposes their 'will' upon any other personally, nor do they do it using any 'majority' vote of others or institutions as justification to 'rule' the ways of others.  

'Live and let live' is the only true way to maintaining inner peace, in the foreknowledge that what others do is their business, and what you do to others is what affects your destiny.

Living in Africa, I was exposed to the principles of both 'Islam & Christianity' and other named religions, and within all of them there seemed to be 'deceptive error' in some aspects that agreed with the words found in articles written by other mortals:

'Consequential ethics,' wherein it states that: "An act is morally 'right' simply because the end result has used more good than evil."
I personally disagree with this ideological code of conduct 'belief,' for in my mind it is totally unethical and immoral to use Evil force to impose ones 'will' upon others for any reason.

I am more in accord with the 'Deontological ethics' note that says: "If an act is not in accord with the Right, it may not be undertaken, no matter the Good it might produce."

This however has the problem that stems from the individual's belief in/around the words "Right action." For within the precepts of the ways of man, most mortals are 'happy,' justified and believing in the use of the Dark destructive EVIL force to gain or attain the upper hand and, - -

It enables government 'officials' to use EVIL in their 'line of duty' to enforce political 'proclamations' named 'the law,' as they 'interfere, invade, extort taxes, appropriate property, punish, control, regulate, incarcerate, torture, kill' etc., for they believe that it is 'Right' to control, punish, fight and kill in the name of freedom, democracy, the flag or nation etc.  It is not, and it is error of belief that brings ongoing 'grief' to all in the land.

It is also obvious that people perceive 'action' to be 'right' when it suits them at a particular time, and this is dependant upon 'which' emotions are 'humming' in their belly.  Emotions that oft overpower their 'reason' and they become savagely unreasonable.

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~ Right or wrong action ~

Who designates the true meaning of "Right action?" The further questions arising are:

1 – Is there a consequence when choosing an 'action' that is not 'Right'?
2 – Who 'judges' whether the action was right or wrong?
3 – Who is the Absolute Authority?
4 – What is the consequence of right or wrong action?
5 – Is there a consequence when choosing an 'action' that is 'Right'?

I shall answer them below, but first I speak on the scientific statement ref 'motion/action' that states; "To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." This is a 'law' of physics.

Ask yourself: "Could ones Right or wrong actions have any bearing upon the final 'destiny' of the spirit soul of man reference their elevation to Paradise/Heaven, or their fall from 'grace' into the Abyss of eternal suffering, and could ones Right or wrong actions have any bearing upon the journey of 'life' and its joys or sorrows?"

I also now speak of Allah and His Command unto us all:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of Allah to all is:
"Go your way in peace and love one another, and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

It follows that the Supreme Authority Allah set the 'rule' above whereby He 'judges' ones ethical or moral ways, and any 'activity' that at any time for any reason is not in conformity to the above Command is by Him deemed as an 'unfaithful, unethical, immoral and offensive' activity needing His stern 'correction.'

Why would Allah issue a Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command if there was no 'consequence' for being other than 'peaceful, merciful, loving and forgiving'? I add, there are many 'named' religions, but there are in fact only TWO religious ideological codes of conduct beliefs:

The ONE is the TRUE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in Peace, kindness, respect, freedom & creativity using LOVE. (benign)

The other is the FALSE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in the justification for War, cruelty, disrespect, control & destruction using FORCE. (malignant)

I now answer the original questions:

1 – Is there a consequence when choosing an 'action' that is not 'Right'?
2 – Who 'judges' whether the action was right or wrong?
3 – Who is the Absolute Authority?
4 – What is the consequence of right or wrong action?
5 – Is there a consequence when choosing an 'action' that is 'Right'?

Yes there is a consequence for any action that is in contravention of the PRIMARY ruling Command of Allah, and Allah's energy 'judges' us during every moment by moment passage in time as we use one or the other 'aspect' of it.

Right action is any activity that is in accordance with Allah's PRIMARY ruling Command. Any contravention to that Command is wrong action and simply places one within the punitive aspect of Allah's "As you did so arrogantly sow and cause suffering unto others so shall ye reap" Law.

Allah Commands us to ONLY use His Light (benign) energy because within His 'frame' exists all known and unknown energy, and that includes the Dark destructive energy that we 'name' EVIL.

Why does Allah so say? Because Allah knows that His 'dual' energies have the same equal, Just & equitable "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW that is inviolate and immutable under any circumstance.

The dual energies are like two 'rivers' that flow in parallel but in opposite directions, one is the river of creativity and the other of destruction, one is eternal joy, freedom and happiness, and the other of anguish, control and unhappiness.  Both rivers have the same Law; "Use this energy in your interaction with others and others will use it in their interaction with you on a 'just & equitable' EQUAL return basis. Drink of this 'energy' and become as it is."

This Law is simply 'factual' in that it is backed by the 'balancing' of the energy used by the individual. (Scales of spiritual Justice) This energy is simply what it IS and is thus neither good nor evil as such, but we give it those names to designate the creative benign 'happy' one from the destructive malignant one, being the one that causes pain and turmoil.

It follows that one can 'defy' a law of man for that is simply a 'decree' by proclamation, but one cannot defy Allah's Law, for it is simply energy in operation every moment of time as we interact with others when we are using one or the other or both energies. In its use we are subjected to it being returned to us via the mouth or hand of others at the time and in the place IT so chooses, be it in this world or the hereafter or immediately.

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~ The consequence of Actions ~

The consequence of RIGHT action is that one receives an equal return 'Tribute' of beneficence from Allah's Light via the mind or hand of other mortals on an equal and thus 'eye for an eye' basis, and you feel happy and, your inner light becomes brighter and, you more easily receive telepathic inspiration from the light.

The consequence of WRONG action is that one receives an equal return of retributive malevolence from Allah's Dark via the mind or hand of other mortals on an equal and thus 'eye for an eye' basis, and you feel terror and, your inner light becomes shrouded by darkness and, you more easily become mentally disturbed and 'possessed' telepathically by demonic forces that seek to use you to abuse others and thus yourself.

As a 'spirit medium' empowered with the capacity to see through the 'veil' of this material realm into the thousands of other spiritual realms, I am aware that the spirit persons within higher realms have varying degrees of Light 'good' energy, (Benign) and on lower realms they are BLACK as they are full of Dark 'evil' energy, and thus they are very malignant, aggressive and destructive and, - - -

When persons incarnate into this biological flesh they 'show' their spiritual tendencies through their actions or interaction that also ranges from kind, merciful and benevolent to the opposite.

Thus my self set 'task' was to find out 'how & why' spirit beings way up in the pure Light were totally free of dark energy within, (sin) being the negative emotions, and those far below in darkness were full of IT (dark energy,) being all the known and unknown negative emotions of fear, greed, vanity, pride, jealousy, hatred, anger etc.

My work is now complete and on line, and as I see it, it is all a matter of ones ACTIONS, for whatever 'energy of Allah' we USE, some of IT is 'diffused' with ones soul and it grows within, be it Light or Dark with a very 'serious' consequence.

The ONLY path to absolute inner peace is the one whereby a person 'bows' in conformity to the Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of Allah and thus they NEVER use Dark forceful energy personally or otherwise in their interaction with others. This means that they NEVER draw that 'destructive' substance into their soul and, - - -

As is now revealed by my pen the invisible outpouring of Allah's Light energy purges out the darkness they drew IN through their arrogance and ignorance, and no person will become FREE of IT if they continue to daw it IN.  The reasons for this are on my web site.

Man has been deceived through the false teachings of his ancestors and by men of religion that have taught and yet teach everyone to 'bow' to endless decrees of Caesar (State). For in so doing they are all funding iniquity * and 'walk' the unethical road that is in contravention of Allah's peace & love & forgiveness code of conduct.

Note: funding iniquity * - 'Consequential ethics,' : "An act appearing to be morally 'right' simply because the end result appears to have used more good than evil."

Example; The 'good' benign schools, hospitals, social security, and other community services provided by Caesar's agencies are in 'concordance' with Allah's Command.  But the forceful 'taxing' means to that end is not, neither is the control, regulation, punishment, incarceration or killing carried out in the name of the people in the 'guise' of protection and 'debt' collection..

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~ Protection ~

We are only 'free' from suffering if we have no 'debts' to Allah, and the funding of any 'protection' agency means that via their actions we the tax-paying civilian & the enforcers & state officials 'obtain' or 'accrue' painful spiritual debts to Allah, as everything they 'do unto others' will return unto you and them within the Law of Allah.  Rely on Allah's "Peace" Word ONLY, for if you rely on man's sword you will suffer, cry, or die.

Evil force  - The destructive dark, negative energy of Allah, being the forbidden to 'eat' or 'use' 'fruit' from the Tree of Evil.  Evil is utter depravity and cruelty in action, and it is the obsession with justice and accountability and retributive vengeance that leads to torture and the callous disregard for the 'victim' who is perceived as 'worthless.'

The use of Evil force  results in fear, anguish, terror, pain, loss, suffering, deprivation, depravity, deception, extortion, agony, mental & emotional trauma, physical torture, punishment, imprisonment, banishment, killing etc., and is 'invoked' by the vain, arrogant, ignorant power hungry men that seek to attain 'Allahship' in every realm outside heaven, as they defy Allah's holy leaven and enslave everyone other than the TRUE philosopher who has eyes and the wisdom to see the error of this way that leads to the Abyss.

The use of Evil force  sets 'in train' a sequence of spiritual events that are unseen by mortals, for the Wrath of the Dark Sovereign Power 'explodes' in a Fury at the forbidden use of His 'energy' and, His 'authorised' punitive 'judicial' forces of darkness below, being demons invisible to you,  knowing everything that you did do, begin to plot and scheme how they will mete out retribution to settle the 'negative debt' and balance the scales of justice within the punitive aspect of Allah's: "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law and, they will operate through the minds of those mortals in the flesh that they can telepathically 'incite' to abuse you or, they will 'await' until you fall into their world in the afterlife.

Soon insanity will escalate over this planet due to reasons revealed by my pen and it is the result of the mind of man being telepathically subjugated by demonic forces that will control their thoughts and compound their 'sinful' dark emotions and, - - -

All these 'infidels' (defiant of Allah) will rise up as 'robots' having lost control of their minds to 'possessive' Dark thoughts, and will be used by the Dark to mete out divine retribution and, any person failing to fortify their mind against this INNER onslaught as given by me will FAIL and FALL. (battle of the mind – thoughts good v/s evil - the final battle for the SOUL of mankind)

Yes, all continuing to 'fight, defend, control, enslave, regulate, punish, deceive or destroy' will show their continued 'allegiance' to the DARK side of the Source, and IT will 'claim' their soul as being a 'bad' seed that infused itself with darkness through its ACTIONS (deeds) and, it gets dragged below due to the 'weight' of that energy vibration. (like for like 'magnetic' attraction)

You cannot 'protect' anyone for that would require you to use Evil force as the 'protection' means, and this would immediately place you within the punitive aspect of Allah's Law and, try and understand that no person is 'harmed' by the Evil force invoked by arrogant men unless they need IT, so as to 'balance' the scales of Allah's justice that as yet you do NOT understand.  For as a person 'suffers,' they are being set free of their past (Be it in this life or pre-birth realm) where they did the same unto others.

You should be trying to 'protect' their 'attacker,' for this one is the one in 'grave' spiritual danger, for they are about to 'commit' an act that is in contravention of Allah's commanded code of conduct policy.  They are only attempting to do 'injury' because they are mentally 'disturbed' and emotionally 'aroused' or, - - - they have been ordered to do what they are about to do by the rules in a book or the voice of a superior.

Using force to 'halt' an injury does not protect the supposed victim, for if they have a debt to Allah you have simply delayed its imposition, and placed yourself in the position of ahead, also having to 'suffer' the consequence of your 'protective' interaction.  You try and halt the 'attacker' by good counsel only, for if they continue on then they have become the victim of the Evil Dark.

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~ Civil Rights ~
Sanity v/s insanity

Every person on earth has a civil and democratic RIGHT, and that Right is to live their life in accordance with their 'religious' belief as long as they do not interfere in the lives of others nor disturb the peace of the land and, - - - everyone is entitled to and given by 'grant' from Allah to not * have their living ways disturbed by BULLIES, being the vain, unwise, spiritually uneducated, irrational and INSANE that live in a world of 'delusion' brought about by their pride, greed, vanity or 'wage' that gives them the 'belief' that they have the 'contra' RIGHT to use force of arms to DICTATE unto others how they must live.

It all comes down to sanity and respect v/s insanity and disrespect, however, the insane cannot actually see their insanity, neither do they know 'right' from wrong because they are controlled mentally and emotionally by very strong feelings emanating from the Dark, and IT is powerful, demanding, and commanding in ITS need, want, desire to be 'seen' as 'all powerful' and to be respected.

Neither can the insane see their insanity if they have been mentally programmed by their elders to 'believe' that their actions are 'Right' or, that their actions are 'justified' or, that their actions are 'needed' by others or, that their actions are 'rightful' because they took an 'oath' and a wage to insanely rampage around interfering in the lives of others doing all the 'bad' things that 'common' and decent man is by Allah and man forbidden to do.

As sane men 'originally' understood this fundamental RIGHT, being the 'freedom of religion' understanding, they included that FACT within the Primary and RULING clause/act/rule/law of the Constitution of their institutions.  This they did so as to satisfy their Allah as well as the people living on the land.

 Constitution Act - Religious freedom

 Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen, and no person shall be subject to any disability on account of their religion or religious belief.

This primary clause/act/rule/law still still 'stands' today, but it is being totally ignored by State officers and magistrates and jailers who 'laugh, scorn, and scoff' at it, and ridicule anyone yet believing in it.  I do not 'wonder' as to "Why," for the reasons are the reason for my 'words' and life 'work' for Allah and errant mortal man of which this document is a part.

I 'mention' it here and now because I am soon 'due' to again stand before a mortal 'Judge' be it a woman or man, and this I do of my own volition so that I can 'reveal' unto them their error and their own coming terror * IF they cannot concede to my 'reasoning' and they continue on being 'bastards of the first order' simply due to either their ignorance of the facts or, through their own inner vanity or pride, then that is their RIGHT and their personal choice.

My 'text' message to them and all mankind is solely and simply my effort to show all their error of 'way.' This I do in the true 'hope' that I 'prick' their conscience so that they can SAVE their own soul from eternal damnation and eternal agony and sorrow, a 'fate' that will 'burn' them to the very marrow of their 'bones' if I fail to convince them.  I also advise them that there is an unseen consequence for every action.

Why then is there this absolute ignorance and arrogance in the human psyche that enables them to live in delusions or grandeur and feelings of absolute 'righteousness' as they powerfully stride over the land and 'consummately' ignore the 'pleas' of their victims?   What clouds their 'vision' to the extent that they believe that they have the RIGHT to override or totally ignore the Civil Rights of others?

The FIRST answer is simple, they are the deceived, that believe that an 'order' or inscribed 'rule' invoked by other mortals that by them are seen as 'superior,' is a legal one, and to be followed by them and to be obeyed by the people and, because these 'same' superior mortals 'permit' and allow them to carry weapons and licence them to 'kill' any opposition, they 'unwittingly' do so.  They are also trained to use minimum or maximum force or punitive 'penalty' to accomplish the required 'action' demanded of them due to their wage and oath.

The SECOND answer is only 'simple' to those that can see the spiritual cause, being the change in the 'nature' of mankind over the 'ages' that has arisen due to man succumbing to their inner Sin, being the Dark emotions of vanity, pride, greed etc., that give the individual the 'reason' and justification to control, subjugate, interfere, rule, punish, invade, cause injury, damage and to kill any person that fails to conform to their own ideological way. (Religion)  Being the code of conduct rules and activity actions demanded by their 'rulers.' *

The THIRD answer is that 'political' man and their 'forces' now believe that they are 'Allah' with the uncivil right to 'invoke' and do whatever their mind tells them to, and they have NO 'conscience' because their minds are now controlled by the BEAST of the underworld, the force that has convinced them that they are above the Primary and truthful Ruling Command of Allah and, this BEAST has also convinced them that they are 'above and beyond' the REACH of the absolutely Just: "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of Allah.

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The extent of this insanity is unseen because Allah's children are daily born into it, and as they grow up they are programmed to its false ideological way and know NO 'better,' and thus their future, yours, is very bleak unless you are convinced by my pen to make amends to THE TRUE Allah of light and love.

To do this and thus save your soul you need to amend your ways NOW, and you need to 'bow' to the PRINCIPLES of love, peace, kindness, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and acknowledge the civil and democratic rights of others to live similarly, without being threatened, coerced, and bullied into submission and forced to bow to the FALSE ideology to which all now conform to.

Great the coming WOE unto any that see not the sanity of my 'verses,' for they are sent as Allah's FINAL outreach into this 'Babylon' in Allah's effort to save even just ONE, for this dark 'way' and its adherents are to be destroyed by the very dark devilish FORCE that convinced them to follow IT rather than the TRUE Light of Creation.

If you are unable to see the sane reason to NOT interfere in the lives of the peaceful and, if you continue to believe that YOU have the right to interfere in their life and commit the 'crimes' of bullying, control, kidnap, extortion, theft of property, inhibition, slavery, deprivation of liberty, pain, torture etc., then your 'damned' soul deserves all it gets.

Freedom of 'choice' is the RIGHT to eternal life.
Denial of 'choice' is the RIGHT of the damned

The TRUE Philosopher knows that those seeking to live by their 'civil rights' must not become 'restless, vociferous, confronting or rebellious' in any armed way, they must simply 'bow' to Allah and go their way in peace, as they resist the dictates of armed men by refusing to support or fund their warring ways, and the true 'civilian' shares their income with the needy or poor of any 'race' and they only support and pay for benign community effort.

I am here to awaken everyone that is 'asleep,' for they soon will be 'rudely' awakened by very powerful alien demonic forces soon to 'arise' telepathically from their 'graves' and 'possess' and subjugate the mind of mortal man and use them to kill, kill, KILL,  all that defy Allah.

I remind all that:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of Allah to all is:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

I remind all that:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING 'religious freedom' Act of the Constitution supersedes and 'overrules' all subsequent edicts, acts, rules, laws.

I remind all that:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of Allah supersedes and 'overrules' all edicts, acts, rules, laws of men or State.

I remind all that:

Every person on earth has a civil and democratic RIGHT to conform to Allah's "Peace & love" Command.

I remind all that:

Every person on earth has an uncivil and democratic RIGHT to defy Allah and to 'die' by following the 'call' from the satanic forces below, as they heed the call of the BEAST to: "Do as thou wilt for I am your Allah."

I remind all that:

Within the ONE absolutely 'Just, equitable, honourable' and TRUE Law of Allah there is a consequence for ones 'civil or uncivil' action.

I remind all that:

ALL will fall 'below' that fail to follow me, being the Message True that I bring you from the Source of Light.

Note'grant' from Allah to not * - The grant from Allah to not be bullied or subjugated is only extended to those that bow in submission to Allah's "Love one another and go your way in peace" Command.  Thus anyone that has defied this 'edict' personally or funded the wages of servants that bullied-abused others loses this 'grant' and have lost their immunity and spiritual protection until they have paid their dues to Allah within His 'eye for an eye' equal and Just Law.

Note: their own coming terror * - There is a 'just & equitable' return due unto all Allah's children that results from their personal interaction with others, and this return spiritual 'due' of pain. loss, banishment from society, mental and emotional turmoil cannot be 'voided' or avoided simply because of an official 'wage' or 'badge' of office.  Allah is Allah not mortal man, and all are His subjects subjected to His RULING Command and Law.

Note:  by their 'rulers.' *  - Their apparent rulers are the 'chief' or president of the State institution and his political army.  However, the 'hidden' ruler that rules every person and that dictates the daily code of conduct 'policy' is the rule book used daily as the 'guide,' and what none see is, the inspiration that invoked every rule in the book is THE BEAST, being the invisible Dark Sovereign Power that controls the non-believer in the Civil Rights of others, so that He can destroy their arrogant souls as well as anyone condoning and supporting their controlling, forceful, and punitive way.

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~ Render unto Caesar ~

The spiritually wise philosopher knows that Jesus' words reference the 'coin' of the realm: "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and render unto Allah that which is Allah's," means:

Reference Caesar; Pay all outstanding 'civil' debts (coin) owed to others without trying to avoid payment. (Material debts)
Reference Allah; Pay all outstanding 'spiritual' debts (pain) owed to Allah within His "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law without retaliating, as you 'turn the other cheek' when faced by adversity. (Spiritual debts)

The 'idiotic' false belief of the 'day' that Caesar (State politicians) can legally impose taxes, royalties, customs duty, stamp duty, and other 'license fee' or levy using the 'Render unto Caesar' text or, through majority 'vote' or through self invoked rules, decrees etc., as their justification, is the false bigotry of the worst criminal mind. 

It is truly satanic inspiration rising up from the depths of the Dark via the 'sin' in man of vanity, pride, arrogance, and greed into the minds of the ignorant, lost, and depraved that rely on FORCE to do whatever they 'wish' to, and 'without exception' they all presently 'bow' to and condone or support the contra doctrine of the punitive Dark enforcer and, - - -

HE the Dark ONE will soon deal with them in the underworld using a multi pronged 'fork' to 'stick' them, and His demonic forces below will lash them mercilessly in perpetuity until they have been 'leached' of all the suffering, anguish, mental & emotional torture, loss or deprivation and any 'collateral' injury their 'rules' imposed upon others and, - - -

This He will do until it has all been 'accounted' for within His Law,  so 'beware' of the 'cause and effect' of your personal actions if you are one of the vain, arrogant and ignorant that have kept humanity deceived and 'bonded' in slavery through your own deceptive false teaching.  (Sins of the fathers)

The philosopher True knows that Allah can and does 'turn the table around' in His 'time,' so that you are 'sitting' where your 'victims' once fearfully sat, and He within His immutable Law inflicts His absolute justice, for He not you is Allah.

If you are one of 'such' then you 'best' quickly turn over a new leaf and prepare your mind with my wisdom, so that you are 'able' to 'turn the other cheek' in non-retaliation, and far ahead become free from ongoing misery.

A philosopher True is 'in' this world but not 'of' it, for their spirit soars above the depraved ways of mortal men, and they never 'bow' to the proclamations or 'ordered' edicts of others that seek to force them into conformity to the controlling, punitive and destructive ways of the Dark Sovereign Power, because they know that this opposing philosophical viewpoint is worse than a deadly 'virus,' for it contaminates the soul of man and deceptively leads them into eternal damnation.

The philosopher True cannot 'justify' leaning on the protection of armed forces men, nor in funding their wages or 'armoury,' thus they cannot 'ethically or morally' pay any tax, royalty, fine imposed or other fee into the coffers of any institution that rules other mortals using 'subjugating' force, as this would indicate to the Sovereign Authority Allah of their complicity and proven allegiance to that opposing philosophical ideology. (The False religion)

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~ The 'debt' collectors ~
The truth on Caesar's 'coin' & Allah's coin

There is another truth that the philosopher True knows, being that any use of debt 'collection' using 'force' as back-up, be it the 'Mafia' in 'action' at the local hairdressing shop on Friday afternoon collecting their coerced $100 protection money or, the State fines enforcement agency or, the punitive actions of the State police, prosecutor or magistrate, all are in fact one and the same.

For in the use of force or coercion one is in fact using Evil energy, being the 'Dark' essence of the Source-Allah and, as one uses IT to steal, punish, injure, incarcerate, cause emotional anguish, etc., one is in fact unknowingly collecting a negative spiritual debt * owed to Allah by your victim. (spiritual debt * - Allah's 'coin.')

Caesar's coin is simply what it is, being the 'coin' minted by Caesar that is a 'universal' currency commodity that enables the ease of transactions.  Thus if you have 'borrowed' any money from Caesar's 'coffers' then you have a material debt to Caesar until you have repaid the currency commodity (coin) to Caesar. (State)

I have already stated that you do not owe Caesar any currency (taxes) simply because he and his 'law' legislators so 'proclaim,' so if his enforcement department pursues you in his 'Court' for any 'infringement' of his edicts or, jails you for failing to pay fines imposed by his magistrates or, for other reasons, then both Caesar's forces and you need to understand that:

All you lose or suffer resulting from the 'pursuit' is simply the balancing of Allah's scales of justice, for the Dark Sovereign Power uses the arrogant, vain, and ignorant to punish you, and that punishment has naught to do with the State 'infringement' for which you are 'tried' and sentenced and, - - -

Both Caesar's forces and you need to understand that all you lose or suffer resulting from the 'pursuit' sentence imposed becomes an 'equal' spiritual DUE to Allah to be imposed upon them in this life or, in the after life when their spirit soul departs and finds itself in another 'realm' of consciousness.  But unlike our 'time travel' friend, (Dr. Who T. V. program) all will be 'stuck' there and suffer their spiritual dues accrued for being rude, for there will be NO 'escape' vessel standing by, and all will know from 'whence' all the 'devilish' movie inspiration comes from.

State police, prosecutors, magistrates and jailers and the community that fund their ways need to realise that everyone is being used as 'spiritual DEBT collectors' for the Dark Sovereign Power when they 'halt a person, interfere in their lives, restrict their freedom, extort money, (tax or fines) seize assets, cause mental emotional or physical suffering, invade their homes or land, destroy their property, business or kill them,' and they are defying Allah and are 'pretenders' to Allah's throne.

Yes, the burden of suffering invoked is simply due to the innate darkness (sin) within man.  Being the dark energy that man drew into his soul as he defied his Allah, and IT (dark energy) justifies mans punitive and 'warring' interaction with others and, IT is the retributive 'arm' of Allah that is simply doing ITS duty to itself, as IT balances ITS scales of justice within the punitive aspect of Allah's "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW.

Yes, everyone is 'honourably' working for Allah, but NOT the Light and benign, merciful and forgiving aspect, but for the Dark and punitive, cruel, merciless and unforgiving aspect that is so cunningly entrapping everyone in its web, and it is so 'dark' that none other than I can see its cunning devious ways.

The ONLY way forward is for the public, police & judiciary to only 'judge' those that do disturb the peace and thus offend their Allah as being persons needing caring and educational 'correction.'  Any person now continuing to use control, coercion or force to back edicts that enable State extortion or punishment will now by the weight of their inner energy be confined in the Abyss amongst terrifying demonic forces whose vindictive, cruel and merciless minds are totally controlled by the Dark ONE.

you have been warned

Page 9

~ The King's 'ransom' ~

Long ago when man was 'illiterate' he was easily subjugated solely by force of arms wielded by strong men that roamed far and wide, and they simply 'arrived' out of the night and stole cattle, sheep and any other 'goods.'  They kidnapped women and slew any opposition, and any men left standing were forced to 'swear' allegiance to the new Chief-King-Mandarin-Emperor or be put to death.

As society evolved and simple man learnt to read and write, there evolved large 'kingdoms' that were land areas held by force.  The ruler of each 'place' named him or herself absolute 'monarch' believing that their 'blood' line was divine, whereas in fact they were no more than 'common' swine that had supped on the fruit of Evil for so long, that IT had tainted their very soul and led them to believe that they were 'Allahs' to be wined, dined, adored by all and, that the 'commoners' they controlled must patrol their borders and fight unto 'death' to defend their kingdoms.

Yes these men of 'old' held everyone to 'ransom,' the ransom needed was for the 'right' to be allowed to live in peace and to have the king's protection.  The ransom required every person to pay a 'land and income' tax.  Failure to pay the ransom meant that the person would be 'hounded' by the king's men and dispossessed of their property and left homeless.

This mercenary 'wage' may simply have been a handful of grain stolen from their farms, but it became a 'mercenary wage' due to the fact that in order to protect the king they were required to defy the; "Love & peace & mercy" Command of Allah, and they become dark operatives for the Devil, thus they sold their souls to the Devil due to their ignorance and the vanity and arrogance of their king as they stole food or property as a services rendered 'wage.'

Not only this, but if the borders of the king's lands were in danger of being seized by others, every 'lad' or man of certain age was 'conscripted' and led away by the 'pied piper' to give their life for NAUGHT but the Devil's pay.

Is it any different today? NO and YES - What then is different?

As man became literate, and as the medium of 'money' became available, their king needed to expand his 'dominions,' and one of the king's officials had a 'dream.' The dream was of untold wealth, untold power, and untold control, and it was also full of absolute treachery, for within that dream the mind of that single man was awakened to a devious thought, the thought of how to cunningly ensnare and enslave all of humanity, using 'sleight of mind' and 'sleight of text.'

The 'dream' bespoke of the formulation of a text 'message' that would be worded in such a cunning way that it would appear to be 'divinely' inspired and of 'legitimate' substance, but in fact it was a 'base' and underhand 'scripture' that once 'emplaced' and accepted by the 'simple' flocks of Allah, they would be more easily controlled, coerced and subjugated, and held in absolute bondage and slavery to the never-ending 'whims' and wishes of the king and his legislators and, the unlimited funds raised would pay for his 'private' army that would ensure that you remain his slave and, - - -

This unholy 'text' placed at the 'beginning' of the Ransom 'note' * would enable subsequent 'additions' to be added week by week that would enable the king's officials to put in place more taxes, fees, royalties, excise duty, stamp duty etc., on 'literally' every monetary or material transaction, and great wealth would flow into the coffers of the king and, - - -

Not only this, but the 'treacherous' scriptural text in his 'unholy' books would enable him to interfere in, control and tax every aspect of community living and, the people would be 'led' to believe that he was a 'benign' monarch whereas in fact his rule was a 'dictatorship' because, the invisible RULER would be the 'unconscionable'  TEXT in the books of rules/acts/law (edicts) he raised up by proclamation.  Being 'books' that his 'officers' would 'adore' as their 'Allah' and, the 'personage' of the king-ruler-president etc., is also 'bowed down to' as though they are Allah.

Note: the Ransom 'note' * - The ransom note is in fact the books of rules/acts/laws raised up and added to time upon time within which the king's 'ransom' * is increased annually.

Note: the king's 'ransom' * - The 'coin' (currency) demanded by the king, being the requirement for his continued 'protection' of your family that he 'upholds' in 'trust' as long as you pay up every 'coin' due demanded by him via his legislators.  Any 'failure' is by his 'men' seen as 'treason' against his 'person' and dominions 'estate,' and the 'offending' person and their family are punished by 'fine, incarceration, eviction, banishment or death.'

Why am I telling you this TRUTH?  Because I am the one to expose it via the power of my inner rose so that you can be set free from eternal slavery, eternal inquisition, eternal damnation, eternal torture and misery. 

Page 10

The satanic text invoked by proclamation is the 'basis' of every 'modern' and supposed democratic government institution on earth that by 'example' reads:

Australian Constitution 1900 – Constitutional Monarchy

Whereas the people of NSW, VIC, SA, QLD & TAS, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty Allah, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established

Where lies the 'treachery' and enslavement in the text above of which I speak?

1 - The words: Constitution hereby established… - are in fact stating that the Constitution of said institution is already agreed to and established, solely due to the proclamation and invocation of said TEXT.

2 - The words: Constitutional Monarchy - means that the power to implement absolute dictatorship and control over everyone is already granted unto the Monarch, solely due to the proclamation and invocation of said TEXT.

3 - The wordsWhereas the people - is simply the assumption that the people will all agree to bow to the earthly monarch rather than to Allah, and every person is by force of arms forced to deny Allah and 'fight' for the king and/or, 'pay' the king's annual 'taxes' ransom or be punished by said monarchy, solely due to the proclamation and invocation of said TEXT.

4 - The words: humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty Allah, - are the ultimate betrayal, as the humble believing in Allah are 'led' to assume that Allah is blessing the imposed 'transaction' within which they are being 'sold' into servitude to a power hungry mortal master, solely due to the proclamation and invocation of said TEXT.

5 - The words: have agreed to unite - is pure falsity, for in fact the masses knew not of the invocation of said document until it had been proclaimed, and passed as 'law' to which all would be forced to conform to or suffer the consequence, solely due to the proclamation and invocation of said TEXT.

6 - The words: under the Crown of - are misleading, for all mankind should know that the true leader is Allah, and His CROWN is the only ONE that leads man to a proper code of conduct 'way' and to eternal freedom, whereas I prove that mortal 'king's' lead mankind into the Devil's den.

7 - The words: and under the Constitution - are 'sedition' and Treason, for they 'endanger' the authority of the State of Heaven Command unto man, and those that uphold any Constitution that bears 'arms' against Allah's children violate their allegiance to Allah and, - - - the spiritual consequence is DEATH.*

Note: DEATH.* - banishment to suffering in the underworld for a time and a time as Allah so judges.

What is not stated by the proclamation and invocation of said TEXT is, that every man, woman and child would by force of arms be forced to bow to the never ending decrees of the king or those empowered by him to rule them, YOU.

Why should any person born 'after' the elevation of any institution be assumed to be an automatic 'party' member of it under its RULE and rules?
Why should a person under the 'voting' age belong to the institution?   Is the 'birth' certificate the 'receipt' for the sale of goods to the State?
Why do 'officials' interfere in the lives of children that have not yet 'voted' and thus not given their CONSENT to be ruled by 'other than Allah'?

If you wish to have the protection of 'king's' police and other armed forces men rather than relying on Allah and His holy word, then that is your RIGHT and you are free to vote and support and fund warring government institutions.

The world is now FULL of devious men with liquid treachery in their minds and souls, and they will do everything in their 'power' to control you, intimidate you, and cause you harm using force to keep you entrapped and enslaved to their invisible Master in the underworld.

The only way 'out' is to strengthen your mind and soul using my wisdom, and turn to Allah for succour in the foreknowledge that the 'hour' is nigh for the eternal separation of souls, being the separation of the Just from the Wicked.

The 'house' of State and Monarchy is only 'glass' built on blood and mud, and as demonic forces arise within the mind of man, they will 'shatter' and burn every such 'edifice,' be it of any 'religion' or other 'power house' of control, and they will 'mercilessly' mete out absolute justice for they are 'Just' men that only 'ask' an 'eye for an eye,' no more.  Pay your spiritual dues and be set free.   If you retaliate, then as they are will you be.

Police and other 'officials' have been given 'exceptional powers' by their 'earthly' masters, and I can but try to break the spell over their minds because, Allah is calling out to them via me saying: "It is honourable to arrest, detain and educate those that do disturb the peace of MY land.  It is dishonourable to interfere in any way into the lives of others that are not disturbing the peace of MY land."

Each unto her-his own must now decide whether to 'bow' to mortal men or Allah, for the base of every earthly institution is built on falsity, control, extortion, and Dark punitive and destructive Power, and any continuing to fund or condone IT will surely 'die in their sin.'

Allah owns the 'soil' of earth, not mortal men.

Any mortal man or institution using force of arms to control or subjugate is 'of' the Devil - EVIL

Page 11

~ The 'Force' movement ~

What is the unseen invisible 'aim' of the Mastermind behind any 'Force' movement, be it an openly terrorist faction or, be it a national governmental institution perceived as benign, and what is the difference?  There is NO 'difference,' for both perceive their forceful, controlling, punitive and warring ways as justified, and both are prepared to 'sup' on the use of Evil force to gain or attain the upper hand and, - - -

What none of the 'operatives' or their support base of 'followers,' backers, and fund raisers see is, that the intent of the devilish Mastermind inspiring this anti-Allah activity is to destroy both 'parties' and everyone complicit to their unethical, immoral, subjugating, destructive, cruel and beastly philosophy.

And "Yes," as it has an ideological code of conduct 'policy' of forceful interference, restriction, control, extortion, regulation, fine, punishment and killing,  it is by Allah and me 'classified' as a very false and Dark religion.  A religion by virtue of the fact that all 'bow' to its 'head' of state and follow his 'commands,' for the head of State and his 'rules/edicts/laws' are perceived by all followers as 'the superpower' to be adored rather than the: "Go your way in peace" command of the TRUE Allah of Light.

This dark and foreboding institution has so easily 'legitimised' theft of income from the 'bulk' of the endeavours of the people of the land, and so easily invaded and seized control of every business venture by virtue of the powers of their 'legislation' control, that the people have now learnt to beg.  For everyone now perceives the king and his 'club' institution as their 'father and mother,' to whom they extend their 'begging bowl' due to being misled, and in order to satisfy them, the legislators steal more and more money as easily as I end this sentence with the 'click' of a button.

As the force movement gained powers, mighty armies and terrifying weapons, they ventured forth into others lands and as all now see, they 'justify' the killing of multitudes and the 'laying to waste' of thousands of homes, and all this is done in your name and on your behalf.  Truly terrible is the 'woe' now to befall this INHUMAN race that knows no 'ends or bounds' due to following and supporting and funding the FALSE philosophy of the vain, arrogant, and greedily insane.

What then for YOU? - What then for the politicians too? - What then for the police and judiciary and other 'punitive' forces women and men?  The answer is simple, you 'each' come to the personally informed decision to treat my 'expose' with thanks or derision or hatred.  What then? 

The destiny of each spirit soul (yours) lies in the 'palm' of your own hand, mind or conscience, thus it is the 'fateful' time to come to a personally informed decision as to 'what' or 'which' way to now go, either in using my wisdom (Allah's) to guide you, and you turn over a new leaf or, you 'permit' others to influence you, and you continue on your present way of supporting, condoning, funding, or working for the known to BE punitive and warring Force, and you suffer the known or unknown spiritual consequence as given by me.

Soon the fullness of the manipulation, control, extortion, subjugation and enslavement to darkness will be openly obvious as ITS 'enforcers' turn into 'robotic' BRUTES, people that are merciless, cruel, vindictive and utterly destructive, and they will ignore all 'pleas' or cries for 'mercy' because they follow ORDERS, and their 'invisible mastermind' the Dark Sovereign Power knows you are 'guilty' from your past 'days' when you funded the institutional ways, and were complicit to:

1 - Voting, condoning, funding the Force 'movement' that - extorted money from other community members. OR,
2 - Voting, condoning, funding the Force 'movement' that - enslaved other community members. OR,
3 - Voting, condoning, funding the Force 'movement' that - controlled other community members. OR,

4 - Voting, condoning, funding the Force 'movement' that - punished other community members. OR,
5 - Voting, condoning, funding the Force 'movement' that - kidnapped other community members. OR,
6 - Voting, condoning, funding the Force 'movement' that - jailed other community members. OR,

7 - Voting, condoning, funding the Force 'movement' that - killed other community members. OR,
8 - Voting, condoning, funding the Force 'movement' that - interfered in the lives of other community members. OR,
9 - Voting, condoning, funding the Force 'movement' that - destroyed the life and livelihoods of others over the sea. OR,

10 - Voting, condoning, funding the Force 'movement' that - caused mental and emotional trauma to other community members. OR,
11 - You were or are a 'cleric' or 'clergyman' of other religions that factually failed to tell your 'flocks' of the inherent dangers of defying their Allah, and you support the war 'effort' and actually stride 'hand in hand' with soldiers of war as yet all do today. All are deceived by power or subjugated by Caesar through fear of his reprisal. OR,

12 - Voting, condoning, funding the Force 'movement' that - forced others to have to 'ask' permission from 'officials' before they could do anything, and this also entailed them in paying a 'fee' for a 'licence' as a further prerequisite and, the 'silliest' thing is the one whereby one is told by 'strangers' that they cannot even end their own 'life' if one is old or suffering.

Surely man can see the insanity of needing permission from a 'third party'? I suggest that you take personal responsibility and make your own 'exit' strategy, and simply ignore the vain and arrogant and do as you are inspired to, for in reality the flesh is but a biological 'space suit' into which your ever-lasting spirit soul entered at birth, and when the flesh is buried the spirit is released to go back to Allah's spirit realms and, - - -

As the 'birth' of our biological body is the entry point of our spirit soul into this realm, I suggest that the flesh belongs to the spirit within and is not the mother's, thus the choice to enter is neither hers nor that of any embodied person.  Abortion is murder, and the spirit within the body feels all, and knows all.

Is this 'enough' proof for Allah of your 'complicity' to iniquity?
Is this 'enough' proof for you to see the error of 'fellowshipping' with a FALSE ideological philosophy?
Is this 'enough' proof for you to now turn to Allah as your 'guide and protector,' rather than man? 

You all must now prepare to 'suffer' your return 'dues' within Allah's Law and become free, and from now on you need to follow my TRUE philosophy wherein you remain steadfast to Allah's Command again given here:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of Allah to all is:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

Page 12

~ The Dark 'Service Provider' ~

In every land the institution of government is simply an all-encompassing 'service provider' that uses legislation and force to enforce the demands, needs, and wishes of its chief or legislators, and every person living within the borders it patrols and controls are 'netted' and subjugated forcibly, and is thus forced to be a 'contributor' to its 'greedy' coffers and interfering and punitive ways.

In normal 'civil' life a person would have the democratic right and freedom to choose 'who' would supply their needed services, and this 'Provider' would no doubt 'list' the services offered as well as the 'cost' of any services so that you the individual could agree, disagree, bargain, or refuse.

The legislators of the Dark institution using 'edicts' have seized control of, and interfered in every activity of man, and have also 'permitted' themselves the right to steal a 'crust of bread' (currency) as a 'tax' levy prior to, during, and after any activity of the people is done, and they have also thus seized control of every endeavour of mankind.

They 'pose' as 'servants of the people'?  They are not, for no sane person would employ a 'servant' or a 'service provider' and then leave them an 'open' cheque book so that they could take as much as they wanted for their time.  Why then do you?  Why leave them an 'open' cheque book so they can charge you for services they 'rendered' to others that you neither need, nor desire to be complicit to?

You would not if you were 'wise,' thus you all now need to see that the RULES named 'the laws' are simply the dictates of the greedy and vain men enshrined as text in a book that enable them to enslave you to their never-ending demands and, I can assure you that it is not in your best interest to be so enslaved, for you are then complicit to their ways that they impose upon others in your name and on your behalf.  Allah is not pleased by this activity.  

As all their enshrined 'dictates' are backed by punitive force for any non-compliance, it follows that every government on earth is NO different to the 'Mafia boss' that 'stands over' you and breaks your 'life,' limb or business, and who will 'dispossess' you of everything you own if you fail to 'pay up' every demand 'notice' served to your door.

So in reality, by voting for a man as head rather than your Allah, and in funding every demand of such men, you are in fact funding the provision of a 'service' that uses weapons to control the lives of others, to interfere in their living ways, and that forces them to 'bow' to its dark demands.  Yes, and the others in society all suffer the consequence and all deserve to, and none see that everyone 'complicit' earns a painful spiritual debt that ahead will result in more suffering within Allah's: "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law.

If you do want to employ armed men to protect you and force you to live your life the way they require then so be it, that is your choice and you suffer the spiritual consequence.  If you do not wish it so then you need to turn to Allah and have Allah as your head of house, and be 'free' to choose to ONLY fund benign community service providers, as you turn your back upon any 'forceful' system of man and go your way in Peace as Allah commands.

There are many positive aspects of governments in that they do provide needed community services, but they give you NO 'option' as to whether you wish to be a 'contributor' or not.  Not only this, but the purpose of my text is to awaken you to the reality that your Creator is very displeased with the 'status quo' that is now to fail and fall, and thus I try and show you the new way to go now and thereafter.

I cannot say enough around the 'question' of the error of funding what Allah perceives as the INVASIVE, CONTROLLING, DICTATORIAL, PUNITIVE & DESTRUCTIVE provision of services.  Try and see what I say, be you a member of the public or the police, judiciary and legislators that uphold the provision of said service that you IMPOSE upon everyone in your name and on your behalf, even upon those as me that do not vote for them nor fund them.


It is the democratic right and freedom of religious belief for a person to exercise their 'conscience,' and to not 'follow' or 'adhere to' the dictates or decisions of other mortals that conflict with their own 'belief' as to the code of conduct policy commanded by Allah.

Thus any person going forth with the INTENT to cause any other peaceful person to 'suffer' and be inconvenienced or disturbed, and subjected to loss, seizure of goods, mental and emotional trauma to 'self' or family members, punishment, loss of liberty and social ridicule, is a person that has become a person deemed by Allah to be 'guilty' of contradicting His Command.  This by solely making a move with the INTENT to 'harass' or punish another because, that INTENT of itself is proven 'Contempt of Allah.'

Once a person, be they civilian or a mandated 'official' causes another person to be inconvenienced or disturbed, and subjected to loss, seizure of goods, mental and emotional trauma to family members, punishment, loss of liberty and social ridicule, is a person that has become a person deemed by Allah to be 'guilty' of contradicting His Command, and Allah then subjects them to His "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law.

It follows, that if YOU are supporting a system or institution that does interfere in the affairs of others, then in Allah's eyes you deserve what is coming your way.  Ignorance of Allah's Law is NO excuse.

The benign education of those that disturb the peace is the new way forward.

Page 13

~ Secularism v/s Religion ~
The 'ideological' truth

There is a truth that I write as I behold Allah's face in my sight, and that is the truth that everyone needs to now see, for there is a 'disparity' around what is or 'denotes' a secular organisation rather than a religious one. There are many that believe that 'religion and politics' are separate, and 'secularists' believe that religion should have no place in civil affairs as 'Church and State' are by them deemed as separate.

What then denotes the difference between them or, what 'common' bond binds them into being 'one' and the same? That is what mankind needs to now see, for it is error to say; 'business is business' and thus in business dealings we can be or become 'unconscionable,' and what is done in the name of religion should be respectful of Allah's command.

Any secular institution of man that has an ideological code of conduct 'policy' that affects the spiritual welfare of its 'followers, members or adherents' is in FACT a religion 'posing' as a secular 'venture.'  For only a 'super power' that people 'bow' down to as though IT is 'Allah' has the capacity or audacity to force, induce, or direct people into conforming to 'policy' that is in contravention of normal ethical, moral, and conscionable activity.

What gives an organisation the 'right' to name or 'classify' itself as being a 'religion' or naming itself 'The church of Allah' etc? It is solely the content of its 'doctrine' being its code of conduct 'policy' to which its adherents must 'bow' to that affects their spiritual welfare or 'growth.'

By naming an organisation a 'religion' its promoters are making a statement to the people to the effect that the people are ignorant of spiritual Truth and, that the religious 'order' so named is 'the' place where Salvation truth/wisdom can be 'found.' The fact is that the organisation 'formed' and followed may or may not have the 'Truth of Salvation.'

It is I to state quite categorically that as EVERY named religion on earth and EVERY government on earth has a code of conduct policy that teaches killing in the name of 'self-defence' and the policy of forcing its 'followers' to conform to its dictates or be 'banished' or 'excommunicated' or 'barred' or 'dispossessed' or 'cast out' or 'ostracised' or 'punished' or even killed, it follows that all are FALSE dark religions flying the same 'devilish' banner of control, extortion, subjugation and enslavement.

Any person funding or supporting any such 'religion' or 'ideology' are condoning its forceful anti-Allah policies that are deceptive and are 'ensnaring' others into the web of deceit of the 'spider of death,' and it will 'sting' everyone that treads on its web.

Forget man made religions needing you to bow to the dictates of their elders, be they clerics, bishops or politicians and other heads of state. The one and only TRUE way is revealed as simply being an absolute pacifist as commanded by the Source as you bow to Him as your 'leader' and head of house, and you carry out your daily affairs in a conduct 'becoming,' and you treat everyone with respect, care, kindness and compassion.

If you 'belong' to any institution of man that uses your 'funding' to pay the wages of enforcers that force others to comply to its rules or be 'punished,' then you are complicit to that imposition that is carried out in your name and on your behalf, and you place yourself within the punitive and controlling and overbearing aspect of the Dark energy essence of the Source, and IT will do the same unto you that is done unto others by the organisation.

Page 14

~ Am I pleasing Allah ? ~

What 'pleases' Allah?  In reference to you or I or anyone, it is pleasing to Allah that we go our way each day conforming to His "Go your way in peace & love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving" Command.  Why?  Because it is 'delightful' for Him to see us using His benign, creative, kind and joyful LIGHT energy in our ACTIVITY, our interaction with others and, He knows that we will continue to be happy because, within His SINGLE "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law, we will receive an equal return from others and remain happy and free.

What 'displeases' Allah is the proven 'knowledge' that we have disobeyed Him and are using His forbidden to use malignant, destructive, punitive and hateful DARK energy in our interaction with others, and He ensures that we will suffer for our arrogance and be unhappy because, within His SINGLE "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law, we will receive an equal return from others and remain unhappy and controlled by darkness.

Oh so blindly does mankind walk their road each day as they see not the 'power play' that is exerted by others employed by their 'pay,' and these others yet are and have been 'swine' for many a long day and, oh so blind are they as they 'work' for you each day, seeing not what for you they do.

Maybe they and you need to STOP and read this 'ink' being the text from my pen, and ask yourself: "Am I pleasing Allah in my activity I do each day"?  The answer is most certainly "NO," for all are 'foul' by works and all are heading for the Dark with Its 'ice & agony' that does eternally flow.  The 'answer' is so simple that NONE can it see, for all believe that the words of 'authority' are their security.  Being the words that via 'statutes' say:

"Give us all 'taxes' demanded and we the 'statesmen' and our 'forces' will protect you, even though to do that we are 'permitted' by the same statutes/rules/laws to be absolute controllers, interferers, liars, thieves, mercenaries, and murderers, and we will empower ourselves to 'enable' more legislation that permits us to 'further' our control and interference in your lives and, - - -

if you try and 'do your own thing' without our 'permit' or permission we, using force of arms, will 'injure or mistreat' you or, we will 'drag' you out of your house and incarcerate you or, even 'sell you up' and dispossess you of your home and, if your family suffers we will care not one 'whit' for we will 'treat' you like swine."

So, in 'blindly' paying taxes and other 'fees' actually means that even while you work or play or sleep, your 'servants' are:

1 - Interfering in the lives of others.
2 - Controlling the lives of others.
3 - Extorting money for every known activity from others.
4 - Forcing others to 'bow' to the dictates of mortal men.
5 - Punishing others that fail to conform to 'orders' of men.
6 - Invading the lands of others and causing mass destruction.
7 - Kidnapping others and holding them in cells.
8 - Killing others.

Is ANY of this 'activity' pleasing to Allah?  NO.

Not one 'citizen' of any land on earth is pleasing Allah.

Page 15

~ In Allah we trust ~

"In Allah we trust" say so many, as they kneel before 'alters' and clerics, priests, politicians or others, but 'words' are 'cheap' for all are bound in Satan's keep.  For in reality NONE trust in Allah, for all as said 'in darkness plod.'

It matters not which or what 'religion' people 'say' they 'belong to' or 'fellowship with,' for all have seeds 'rotten' with sour 'pith,' for if you 'scratch' them with a 'pen' and cause pain then their anger erupts and Allah's WORDS are cast aside for they are vain, and they 'justifiably' hold Allah in disdain.

How many of you are meek?
How many of you are mild?
How many of you 'turn the other cheek' and say: "I forgive you and go my way"?

NONE - For all seek 'justice' and retributive vengeance and punitive 'correction' of the others way using the 'court of man' and ITS 'dark' and forceful power-play.  So none trust in Allah, they only demand that the State 'takes up' their vindictive cause, and all sully their spiritual 'paws' and their souls are then stained with black 'ink,' being the 'blood' of their victim.

Is there 'mercy' to be found? - NO
Is there 'compassion' to be found? - NO

So why do I continue reaching out to the vain and arrogant or ignorant that would me 'clout'? 

I do it in the name of 'love' and on behalf of Allah.

Do you 'wish' to please Allah? 

If so then bestow the wisdom of my 'pen' upon your soul and STOP funding the vain and ignorant that lead all to HELL.

Note: Ask yourself 'which' ethical or unethical code of conduct you have been living under or 'fellowshipping' with, and in this you need to include the 'operations' carried out in your name and on your behalf by your paid servants the State 'officials,' warriors, police and judiciary.  For as surely as Allah made little 'apples,' the time is 'nigh' when everyone will 'cry' because they have accrued a 'rude' spiritual due that Allah's energy will now 'call in' to settle ITS outstanding 'score.'

To find out 'how & why & when,'  you will need to read my Testament of Truth and seed your mind with fresh wisdom so that you can prepare to 'face' the coming of the EVIL sword, and not attack it in retaliation by word of deed, for IF you do, you will accrue another 'due' and you will eternally bleed.

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~ True Wisdom ~

True Wisdom is contained within the 'Golden apple of Allah,' and is only attainable by the absolute pacifist that 'bows' to Allah as she/he bears the weight of the world upon their shoulders, and is compassionately and mercifully forgiving unto those yet sinfully living.  The philosophy true is the one wherein the adherent to the ideal knows the wisdom of only being loving in their interaction with others at all times and in all situations

The truly democratic RIGHT granted by Allah unto you and others is for you to allow others to live by their 'peculiar' beliefs or ideals, and this means that an aggressive or violent individual or warring faction is never confronted with invasive, retributive or punitive violence.  They are 'visited' with a white flag of 'truce' meaning, that they are called upon by peaceful persons for the sole purpose of ONLY assisting them by peaceful educative means. 

Justice & accountability and retributive or corrective violence simply begets more violence, and places the individual within the precepts of the punitive aspect of Allah's Law and they suffer the consequence of their actions.  Any person that 'resists' being assisted peacefully must be left alone to be corrected by Allah.  For they are Allah's 'child' not yours, and ONLY Allah can impose forcefully and not suffer the consequence.

It is now the time for all mankind to bury their guns, for those that continue to use them will 'die in their sin' because, against Allah, NONE can 'win.'  For when you defy Allah you become His 'enemy,' and His darkness 'incites' you to use more of ITS energy that ultimately drags your spirit into ITS realm below and THEN the truth of my pen you get to know as eternally you shriek in anguish in ice cold snow.

The ONLY way to freedom is to 'quickly' become an absolute pacifist, thus one NEVER uses darkness, not even to defend oneself, that is if you 'value' Allah's Holy Word and value your own spirit soul and that of others. 

A philosopher True abides within the context of their ethical & moral code of conduct policy, thus this 'ideology' forms the basis of their RELIGION, and as a true 'believer' in IT they remain faithful to its precepts through thick and thin, and they never swerve from it under threat or coercion or 'crucifixion,' for their belief is such that they know that its 'way' is required of them by their Creator, Allah the Light Sovereign Power.

Any 'theologian, philosopher, cleric, priest' or other 'doctrinal' preacher teaching any other 'ideal' than my absolute pacifist 'philosophy' is a deceiver, being a 'wolf' in sheep's clothing.  Truly 'bleak' is their destiny, for the deception of His children is the worst 'crime' in the eyes of the Absolute Authority, Allah.

The philosopher True walks their road in peace, and only pays for the community provision of benign services that are offered by others that they need, and the word 'benign' is by them measured against the Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of Allah to all, for any 'service' fee imposed as a requirement demand from others is to be avoided by refusal, and if this refusal leads to punishment backed by force, then so be it, they 'go as a lamb to the slaughter' and suffer their 'fate' quietly until the 'gate' is opened again.

The philosopher True knows that the 'enemy of man' is NOT the institution, nor its 'head' honcho or the 'officials' of State.  The real unseen enemy of all mankind is the invisible Dark energy essence of Allah that uses them and you via the rules that IT inspired and, through which IT enslaves everyone.

The philosopher True is a person that walks their road with their eyes wide 'open,' and they are very observant to everything taking place.  Thus when they come into contact with the 'sad, lonely, despondent, arrogant, ignorant, deceived, hateful, angry, aggressive or suicidal,' their thoughts are: "How can I assist this person to find their way to inner peace and, how far am I prepared to go 'out of my way' in order to help them."

Mankind is 'rebellious' and defiant of Allah's 'call' and command to: "Love one another," and unless you join my 'party' and become free, you will never see the Light of Heaven.  The ONLY 'philosophical,' ethical and moral road to eternal Salvation is: "Go your way in peace and love one another" as commanded by Allah.


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