~ The 'enlightenment of the lost soul 'Pete the fisherman' of 'Pyengana' Tasmania ~
The exposure of the unholy 'High Priests' of the 'Safe & Saved by the blood of Jesus' Sects.
The vain, arrogant and foolish who are deceiving so many as they 'come' in 'The name of Jesus.'

Dear reader - this series of emails arose from a difference in the religious ideological belief of two persons, namely, 'Pete' the fisherman recently supposedly 'saved' by a Christian Outreach organisation, and taking it upon himself to 'demonise' a fellow person living in the same 'valley,' the other being myself the 'Master fisher of men' sent by God to earth to 'correct' the Truth around the issue of Salvation - saved or unsaved -

I hope the reader finds out the TRUTH of the matter for themselves as they wander through in 'wonder' down these pages that refer to the issue of how  a True 'Christian' believer should 'treat' an invisible demonic force. (Lost soul)

As I AM God's Plenipotentiary I can categorically state that at the time of writing these emails (July/Aug 2012) that there is not ONE person living outside of the pure Light of Heaven other than myself who is either 'safe or saved,' as all are yet ''sinners' with 'Sin' within, and when placed under 'duress' in coming times all have the capacity to 'justify' their denial of God's Command and cause some other harm.

I can also categorically state that no 'priest' or other religious 'official' minister frees anyone of their Sin through 'slaying them' or by any other ritual, and to any person believing that they are safe or saved I can but state: 'Beware,' for if you do not fortify your mind in the manner prescribed by me then IT will let you down ahead, irrespective of your 'belief' that you are already 'saved.'

From: Terence
Sent: Friday, 27 July 2012 6:56 AM
To: Pete
Subject: greetings

Hi both, nice to see you in Launceston and would like to speak with you before you depart, (To Uganda Africa) maybe you could let me know when you are back home Pete - also what is the organisation you are going over with? - Regards - Terence

From: fishermanpete
To: 'Terence'
Sent: Friday, July 27, 2012 8:32 AM
Subject: RE: greetings

G'day Terence, it was good to see you in Launceston also. Speaking to an African doctor and then the first person we see outside the doctors office was from Africa. ( you ) just confirms the path.

There is no organization we are going with. Just going where we are led. Poss and I are staying with a street preacher that we have known for about 5 years. He lived in Lira, up North Uganda so we will be going up there for a week or so but mainly in Kampala. I attached a couple of pics. He wants to build a church and orphanage. So there are a few of our friends getting interested also.

This is our friend Eric preaching at a pastors conference in Kenya. We have spoken on the phone a few times. (UTube video)

He is not with anyone either. Only Jesus Christ.  

Praise the Lord. -Pete

From: Terence 
Sent: Friday, 27 July 2012 12:26 PM
To: fishermanpete
Subject: Re: greetings

Hi Pete, maybe meeting me was to assist you in a 'change' of path Pete - in all sincerity, having listened to the 'Eric' sermon you sent (Link above) I fear for your 'flesh' as well as for your soul if you get involved in any 'church' elevation program - Listening to Eric from my perspective of 'Africa' indicates a 'mad man' rebel rousing who will MISLEAD those that come to him, and all who assist his 'ministry' and flying under ITS 'banner' will be complicit to the chaos soon to erupt everywhere and especially in Africa -

Pete & Carolanne, yes there is much assistance one can give to the needy there, both material AND spiritual, for 'whites' have been having their 'say' there for 100 years or so and by naming 'religions' and promoting words to the effect such as 'Jesus saves' or whatever has turned tribe against tribe and Christian against Islam and IT must now be seen by YOU as error if you NOW join IN.
It is NOT preaching this or that or promoting any named 'church' - it is simply passing ON God's Command that 'each' at all times in all places simply walks their way each day WITHIN the precepts of GOD'S Command:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and BE merciful, compassionate AND forgive thine enemy" - AND :
"If anyone strikes you then stay MEEK and turn the other cheek."
My own experiences with 'Blacks' and preachers and the POOR children in need of assistance is NOT what you or Eric intends to do - Certainly I believe that you Pete and Carolanne are beautiful souls - with much to do in helping the needy - but if you promote Eric and help him then truly I fear for your safety as said - I suggest that you 'Go it alone' somewhere in Africa maybe with some other friends, but to get involved in any 'religious' movement is PURE FOLLY.
Why not come and share a meal with us here one evening and have a chat. Maybe it will assist you - I know that 'Jesus' as you say is your LORD, but what you FAIL to understand is that THE WORD of the Father SENT via Jesus IS THE HOLY WORD OF GOD to be OBEYED and, it is NOT elevating the NAME of Jesus as 'saviour,' for one is ONLY saved when 'bowing' and OBEYING the Command of God sent to earth VIA His SON 'Jesus' and, now it is I to reveal much more as I also am sent by God at this END time and ONLY I now on earth know what is to be and how and why and when.
Maybe you could assist in stemming the tide of darkness soon to erupt everywhere and ALSO in the minds of ministers and their followers. But to 'advance' on any 'enemy' in the name of 'Jesus' will be perceived by SIMPLE AFRICANS as meaning that JESUS is on their side as THEY go 'crazy' and try and overpower OTHERS of other 'beliefs' and THAT is a 'death' sentence to all going down that track.
Africans 'thrive' on rabble rousers like Eric for they LOVE 'theatrical' sermons but I also know their simplicity can be twisted in a moment by rabble rousers and they actually NEED a VERY peaceful talking person to guide them RIGHT so they DO NOT FIGHT any perceived enemy - religious FERVOUR leads to abominable acts when 'troubles' arise.
If you would like to have a meal with us drop me a note back and I'll phone you to make a time - all the best - Terence
From: fishermanpete
To: 'Terence'
Sent: Friday, July 27, 2012 12:33 PM
Subject: RE: greetings

 I am so looking forward to some rebel rousing as you call it myself Terence. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. 

From: Terence
Sent: Friday, 27 July 2012 7:00 PM
To: fishermanpete
Subject: Re: 3

Well 'Pete' - God commands PEACE and HE is 'ready' to greet 'rebel rousers' anytime within HIS 'eye for an eye' Law - I AM 'concerned' that the 'Light' burning within you that seeks to uplift is being 'turned' by 'something' that may end up being FORCEFUL ( The fruit of the Tree of EVIL) and, as I AM a man of Africa I AM aware very much so of the turbulent past times in Uganda as Idi Amin a 'professed' man of 'Islam' tortured and killed possibly up to 500,000 persons of OTHER TRIBES, for tribalism is yet RIFE there and his 'cause' was to RID the scourge of the upper classes, be they doctors, teachers etc., and his mind drove him to 'rebel rouse' and cause terrible travail - so -
It is not only Islam v/s Christian in Africa but in that place a greater factor is yet tribalism, so when you 'mix' one with the other, problems arise for the spiritually UNWARY - I was a 'pilot' as well as a fisherman and spent much time in Uganda in the 70's, and for sure am aware of the ways of men of religion. Some of whom are quiet, kindly, helper nuns who minister to the needy and do not stand on platforms 'bellowing' out their rhetoric. They simply try and educate and help the impoverished - Many of these 'missionaries' have been slaughtered en mass in Africa.
My 'concern' is not only for you but also your very dear wife, a daughter of God who it seems is happy to follow you. That is OK and her 'choice,' but also you are yet 'bound' by the 'book' even as you 'quote' things to me the soul from eternity.
Pete, the uneducated in Africa are 'genuine' in general and very 'poor' materially but the city 'slicker' may be 'found' to BE out for a quick 'buck' and not necessarily as trustworthy as one would hope. I simply hope that you do not get 'carried away' by your own 'fervour as they seek to extract money from you. I HAVE seen it ALL before brother - I simply 'caution' you and advise you to NOT make any instant 'promise' but to advise any 'asking' for funds that you will certainly consider IT ONLY once you have arrived back in Australia
Pete, mankind is soon to LEARN that texts written and adored as by you are NOT the absolute truth NOR were they written by the HAND of Jesus and everyone believes that they contain THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH, seeing NOT the 'true words' written therein that MAN would 'wrest' the scriptures unto his OWN destruction.
Son, I have NO doubt that you seek to 'Save souls' but I do also UNDERSTAND that when a 'simple' man of the flesh (me) states that he is in a 'disguise' so that NONE see through his SOUL hidden in flesh it would be difficult to believe that his spirit SOUL IS the very same one that walked at Galilee in the biological flesh of the one named JESUS and, - - -  it is MY spirit that IS the SPIRIT OF TRUTH sent back to earth to FAITHFULLY record by my OWN hand a FINAL message from GOD the Almighty so that a 'few' would have the opportunity of SAVING THEMSELVES as they BOW in ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE to God's:
 "GO your way in peace and love one another and BE merciful, compassionate and forgive thine enemy and turn the other cheek IF persecuted"
Brother the elevating 'Jesus' into godship and praising HIM is NOT the 'way' - also the greatest 'folly' is the PREACHING that HE (Jesus) can/did VOID or nullify the implementation of God's ONE Law: "As you did sow so SHALL ye REAP" through his 'crucifixion' - THAT 'brother' IS the greatest 'contention' of the day strongly 'rebuffed' by MY pen, God's pen.
Those 'evangelists' and others who 'testify' DECEPTION as they ALL do will for SURE pay the ULTIMATE price, for GOD is GOD, not mortal man NOR 'Jesus' His son.
The saving 'GRACE' of God at this end of days TIME is the outpouring LIGHT that is purging DARK energy from the soul of man, and IF man continues to defy God as they are persecuted they simply DRAW IN more dark energy and that halts their purification process. ONLY those who fortify their MIND against the INNER thoughts and emotions that would mislead them will BE saved - for the enemy is NOT 'outside' it is their OWN dark emotions within that permit their minds to give IN to demonic thoughts that force them to cause harm to others 'justifiably,' and you for one should understand how this takes place.
I have spent 20 years compiling God's FINAL message to humanity that supersedes ALL past scriptures of mortal man and THE MESSAGE was ONLY fully finalised last week.
Brother - you are so 'close' to the ABSOLUTE TRUTH but you may very well wish to pass me by due to your programming ref the words 'many will come in my name' and they are FALSE etc., seeing NOT that every preacher 'comes in the name of Jesus or God etc, and I do NOT - I state that I AM HE the Holy ONE.
What do I SEE when I have 'removed' the bible bashers from the scene 'image' you sent me? - The very simply children of God relying on ME to elevate their souls and this I will DO once our God exposes MY web site for all humanity, and I CAN ASSURE YOU that every 'priest' will be horrified when they REALISE that praising Jesus etc, was NOT the Salvation message - and they ALL have accrued very painful dues to GOD for deceiving HIS precious children of all races and creeds.
We do NOT need 'religion' we ONLY need THE TRUTH
The 'word' religion is NOT the 'organisation' it simply means THE DOCTRINE of 'peace or war' we promote by our ACTIONS.
Please read my The ONE true faith document: http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/faith.htm
Please READ my 'The crucifixion of religion' document http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/crucify.htm
Please ALSO give your dear lady the opportunity of reading them.
In ALL sincerity Pete, and my 'visit us' offer is open for all time and, you 'could' be the very FIRST preacher/teacher visiting Africa with THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH CD's I am now having minted with the complete message to humanity. 
ALL PRAISE to Almighty God who SENT Jesus and who also sent me AND you -
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From: fishermanpete
To: 'Terence'
Sent: Friday, July 27, 2012 7:08 PM
Subject: RE: 3
Thanks Terence for your concern but the Almighty we serve has it all covered.

Response from Terence who replies to Pete's lines in Blue

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

ONLY those free of inner sin (negative emotions) presently abide in the PURE LIGHT of Heaven

I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

God Almighty is ones 'refuge' ONLY when one HAS no outstanding spiritual debts to PAY, for until THAT day HE will 'permit' His avenging forces to 'deal' with every sinner within HIS immutable Law on an 'eye for an eye' basis ,say I The Plenipotentiary of THE MOST HIGH.

 Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.

One is only set 'free' from the snare when one has 'suffered' ones personal 'crucifixion' WITHOUT retaliating.

He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

His TRUTH is the message of 'Peace & love' AND the knowledge I bring that teaches one HOW to fortify ones mind against overpowering thoughts from WITHIN. (Attached star prayer doc) for Caroline & you that is MY shield to help you protect your minds.

Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;

Mere words, for those who ARE fearful at their own shadow ARE terrified by even their OWN thoughts due to the EMOTION OF FEAR within.

A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.

It WILL be the 'case' NOW that everyone will 'feel' Satan's 'breath' as HE metes out divine retribution and ANY retaliating WILL fall into His dark world and suffer ON for eternity say I.

Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.

ONLY the wicked will see the 'reward of the wicked' - for ONLY the wicked will 'fall' and SEE the DARK POWER of HIS MAJESTY God.

Because thou hast made the LORD, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation;

God and I are the 'Judge' as to 'who' TRULY walks in God's Light and 'who' is arrogant in their defiance of the "Only love" Command.

Most of the above ONLY refers to persons who HAVE finished their 'race' because they HAVE passed their 'test' in that AS they 'suffered' their spiritual dues at the hands of their OPPRESSORS in NON-retaliation they PAID their dues to God and became 'free men' who finally UNDERSTOOD the Command AND The Law and OBEYED the message from their Creator God I bring.

From: fishermanpete
To: 'Terence'
Sent: Saturday, July 28, 2012 1:15 AM
Subject: RE: 4

Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. - Pete

From: Terence
Sent: Saturday, 28 July 2012 9:01 AM
To: fishermanpete
Subject: Absolute Truth
Importance: High

LET IT BE HERE KNOWN that EVERY 'prophecy' given unto man by man IS open to interpretation by EVERY mortal for EACH 'mind' is UNIQUE AND thus 'each' interprets what is give to the best of their mental capacity - the words above ou gave are NOT 'prophecy.'

Pete quotes text from the previous Testaments prior to the Testament of Truth scriptures NOW elevated to the 'Internet web' by the son of God to assist any 'ONE' of the lost race of mankind on the earth or below IT who truly seeks Salvation.

Pete is a man who cannot use his own personal conscience to speak, for he has become mentally 'bound' to ONLY give out 'quotes' from the past scriptures to which he 'clings,' determined to prove his point that ONLY the 'name of' or only 'promoting' Jesus the man will save him or anyone and, he 'Pete' believes that he has already been 'saved' and thus is in some way 'safe' from the Wrath of God soon to unfold upon this earth and IN every realm outside the pure Light and, - - -
Pete's 'belief' in his personal salvation is so great that he PRESUMES that he the 'unique' individual will not be 'bound over' to the DARK OVERLORD to suffer his own personal 'dues to God' - - - already ACCRUED in his past when he was very 'rude' to other children of God - - - within the precepts of God's immutable 'eye for an eye' Law because, - - - he has been taught by irresponsible teachers purporting to be 'know alls' and I say that they are in 'breach' of God's Command and in grave danger spiritually as is Pete and - - -
I furthermore state to 'Pete' that it is HE who has been 'hooked' by an even bigger 'fisherman' of men's souls and, this he cannot see due to his own arrogance and 'fervour' wherein he now seeks to go forth IN THE NAME OF JESUS as a FALSE prophet, and the END result of this I ALREADY DO SEE for I AM the Spirit of Truth not he and, -
As a man of pure Light having NO negativity within (Sin - negative emotions) I AM the only ONE to bring pure truth from God unto man. So MY prophecies and various revelations WILL now come to pass and I can quite categorically STATE that:
"Any person continuing to 'praise' Jesus and elevating his name as 'The saviour,' rather than ONLY revering God Almighty and preaching that obedience to HIS 'Holy Word' as being the ONLY 'way' to Salvation is a deluded person. A person 'hooked' by the Dark Sovereign Power due to their arrogance and religious 'fervour' and they will mislead many and as they deceive and, - - - so shall they continue to be deceived within God's immutable Law and the END result of this they WILL SEE."
I have done my 'best' for 'Pete' who I did meet in the street but now I needs turn my 'pen' to the assistance of other lost souls as I endeavour to get them to see that rabble rousing 'fervour' and loud 'rhetoric' is not the 'way' forwards, especially in a place where there are many very young souls who are very easily MISLED, and they certainly would NOT be able to either comprehend, nor understand, nor interpret the meaning of the words of the 'Acts' you 'Pete' quoted to ME.
They need quiet calm counsel, not about the man Jesus, but the REALITY in the meaning of God's COMMAND of "Peace & love one another & forgiveness & turn the other cheek when persecuted" etc. They also need to LEARN how to fortify their tender minds using the Star prayer I have given you and attach again, and to also make preparation for very difficult times in the KNOWLEDGE that everyone will at some stage BE PERSECUTED and they must NOT retaliate.
Why is this so important to know? Because 'fools' like Pete teach that in praising Jesus they ARE automatically 'safe & saved' and, this FALSITY is to soon be PROVEN by ME when even those as Pete do SEE that there is NO immunity from God's divine Law and, everyone HAS accrued 'some' past spiritual dues and, to become FREE spiritually they MUST FIRST pay (suffer) their dues to God as they suffer their OWN personal 'crucifixion' be it a 'smack' in the chops or MORE.
God son 'awaits' to see 'how' you intend to 'counsel or direct' those little ones in the picture above that HE loves.
Those as 'Eric' the Uganda 'fellow' have delusions of grandeur - wealth - power, and for SURE are not 'ready' to listen to their GOD via ME
I wish you both 'well' on your journey Pete and Carolanne - please look deeper at the message from God that I have raised UP.

From: fishermanpete
To: 'Terence'
Sent: Saturday, July 28, 2012 10:30 AM
Subject: RE: Absolute Truth

I bind the strongman in Terence in the name of Jesus Christ. I rebuke you and all demonic spirits under your control. I break your power and trample all powers of darkness under my feet. I blind, gag, deafen and bind all demons with chains of darkness and threefold cords so you cannot cry for reinforcements, and I cut off all communication lines.

I cover Terence right now with the blood of Jesus and command all deceiving and demonic spirits to go into a cage and remain there bound until the Great White Throne Judgement. I pick up the sword of the Spirit and cut off all witchcraft control and mind control over Terence right now and cancel all assignments that you have. I loose the fire of the Holy Spirit right now to burn out every nest and burn down all demonic plantations that have rooted themselves in Terence life, down to the very roots and tear them out and I loose the whirlwind of the Lord to scatter them as far as the East is from the west.

I loose chaos and confusion to the spirits of darkness that control Terence and civil war, strife and debate into the kingdom of darkness that is keeping him bound in deception and delusions. Also I loose the Judgement of God onto all demonic entities, and every spirit that is not of God in Jesus Name, and return all fiery darts, spears and arrows and curses back unto your heads that you have ever thrown out, sevenfold, right now as you are reading thisAlso I send in hornets to drive you all out of this area and the terror of the Lord upon you and you will leave this place and go to Tartarus. I cut the heads off Leviathan and off every serpent and the tails off every scorpion and command the waters of the enemy and all marine mind control spirits to dry up and I command it to be replaced with the blood of Jesus Christ. And let this prayer be perpetual, gaining in strength, day by day in Jesus name!

I also remit all Terence's sin and loose the goodness of God that leads to Repentance, and loose the Body, Blood, Mind and Spirit of Jesus Christ onto Terence right now, and bind a strong conviction of sin that cannot be covered or removed and a fear of the Lord that will never be shaken. In the Name of Jesus, the Name above all names, I loose the Angels of God to go now, swords drawn and begin to smite and sword the wickness that is down Anchor road Pyengana, and to bring peace and Light, Love, hope and charity and to totally dispel and destroy the darkness that is found there.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen
P.S, I pour the Blood of Jesus Christ down the throat of all demons, right now in Jesus name. DRINK IT NOW!!!  - Pete
From: Terence

Sent: Saturday, 28 July 2012 6:52 PM
To: fishermanpete
Subject: spirit possession & COMPASSION - MERCY - LOVE

Dear, dear Pete, certainly you may 'halt' all communication with me if you so wish and ask - but as I see just how far OFF BEAM you are as a 'professed' Christian I did feel that I needed to respond to your 'attempt' at EXORCISM -

My 'brother' I have been dealing with 'wicked' spirits all my life as there are MANY 'wicked' sorcerers in AFRICA who put 'spells' on people, and the difference between my 'process' and that which you subscribe to as do the 'other' supposed Christian churches is that THEY and YOU have absolutely NO compassion nor understanding that 'demons' ARE simply the SOULS of man that have gone the wrong way, and drawn much DARKNESS into their souls (Sin) - hence they no longer have the 'capacity' to be kind or nice AND AS I am the 'EDUCATOR & TEACHER' I assist these lost so as to HELP them in a TRUE Christian manner.

HOWEVER - it is the GRAVEST OF ERRORS to MISTREAT them for they are simply the 'lost' children of GOD needing 'mercy, compassion AND education' so that their SOULS can BECOME purified by the LOVE OF GOD, and then THEY CAN RISE UP TO THE Light -

Do you 'think' that it is a merciful or kind or compassionate ACT to say as  you say to ME a brother and friend who has never mistreated you or any other in Tasmania? It is 'rudeness' and grave error, and I comment a 'little' between YOUR lines so that those 'driving your mind' become less BLIND:
I blind, gag, deafen and bind all demons with chains of darkness and threefold cords >
Terence states: God's LAW states: As you Do will BE done unto you - do YOU wish to be 'gagged, deafened and blinded'?
< go into a cage and remain there bound until the Great White Throne Judgement >
Terence states: God's LAW states: As you Do will BE done unto you - do YOU wish to be bound in a cage until 'judgement'?
< I loose the fire of the Holy Spirit right now to burn out every nest and burn down >
Terence states: God's LAW states: As you Do will BE done unto you - do you wish to BE 'burnt' and does God not say "Love one another"?
< tear them out and I loose the whirlwind of the Lord to scatter them >
Terence states: God's LAW states: As you Do will BE done unto you - do YOU wish to have a whirlwind scatter you?
< I loose chaos and confusion to the spirits of darkness >
Terence states: God's LAW states: As you Do will BE done unto you - Do YOU 'think' YOUR powers are so great that you can 'loose chaos'? You think so, and THAT 'bro' may come to pass on THIS material world UNTO your OWN destruction - God Commands PEACE !

< and civil war, strife and debate into the kingdom of darkness >
Terence states: God's LAW states: As you Do will BE done unto you - and YOU speak of 'civil war' as YOU defy God and as I had stated I was VERY concerned with your intended 'trip' to Africa because, IF you try anything with a 'black' man then have NO 'doubt' that if he is as powerful as some there I did see then he WILL go to his local 'sorcerer' and we will see the END result of YOUR arrogance.

< Also I loose the Judgement of God and return all fiery darts, spears and arrows and curses back unto your heads that you have ever thrown out, sevenfold, >
Terence states: God's LAW states: As you Do will BE done unto you - it is GOD son to 'loose' HIS Judgement NOT you. You BELIEVE that YOU are God !

< I send in hornets to drive you all out of this area and the terror of the Lord upon you and you will leave this place and go to Tartarus >
Terence states: My 'brother' The word 'Tartarus' is a pagan term that comes from Greek Mythology to describe the condition of unfaithful messengers of God. (burning in Hell) It appears to ME that at present you ARE an 'unfaithful' messenger purporting to be 'of' God or 'of Jesus.' You are NOTHING of the sort

< I also remit all Terence's sin >

Terence states: Do you 'think' son that YOU are God or 'a' mini God with the power to 'remit' sin? Truly you have been deceived by those that taught you 'treasonably,' and I do HOPE that you are not such a 'dope' as to follow THEM to 'Tartarus' and in FACT I believe that YOU may well BE the 'man' sought by God and ME to enlighten them ALL before THEY ALL FALL.

< In the Name of Jesus, the Name above all names, I loose the Angels of God to go now, swords drawn and begin to smite and sword the wickness that is down Anchor road >
Terence states: God's LAW states: As you Do will BE done unto you - Pete, as YOU 'smite or direct others to so do it is YOU that WILL BE so 'smitten.' God is the ALMIGHTY ONE not you. You Pete are NOT 'yet' a 'Christian' but a very confused soul needing 'correction' and inner reflection at MY 'table.'
Later this evening I will call to ME all the dark forces who are gathered around YOU, but instead of casting them into Hell I will simply speak to them as I extend my love and compassion and I will teach them how to fortify their minds with the Star prayer. 
I can but TRUST that in FUTURE instead of 'assuming' your RIGHT to try and 'dispossess' me of darkness that your mind 'perceives' - - is that you FIRST drop by and say: "G'day Terence, I believe that you are acting in a manner that is a contravention of God's "peace, love, and mercy" Command and therefore I ask if I can offer you some spiritual guidance."
As I do SEE from your below letter to me that your 'actions' are indeed a CONTRAVENTION of God's Command as YOU try and 'reprimand' invisible forces you believe 'are' sitting in my 'space' - it is now my 'prerogative' to respond in a manner that I can but hope is quiet, calm, educative and to THE POINT.
Pete, keep steady 'bro' and try and SEE the error of the supposed 'Christian' WAY that has been taught to you. You believe FALSELY that 'demons' or darkness can be 'deposed' or 'disposed of' by your words - THAT is a 'fable' Pete, and it truly is now the time to sit at my 'feet' and LEARN the true spiritual way forwards BEFORE you 'hit' any African 'village' street and get yourself into VERY DEEP TROUBLE. You 'bro' do NOT know how 'dark' the darkest Africa IS or can BE.
In trust  and sincerity - Terence

From: fishermanpete
Sent: Saturday, 28 July 2012 7:42 PM
To: 'Terence'
Subject: RE: spirit possession & COMPASSION - MERCY - LOVE

It's not quite an exorcism Terence, just a bit of warfare. You can't be free if you don't want the demons out. But I will certainly stir them up for you and make them manifest, so we can bring this battle to a head.

In the name of Jesus I pour the blood of Jesus down the throat of every demon manifesting in Terence, right now. I get the threshing instrument with sharp teeth and put it to you unclean spirits and thresh your mountains small and the hills into chaff and loose the whirlwind of God the carry them away. I bind all demonic entities and break your power and hold over Terence and cancel your ownership of him and his property and the end of Anchor road. I bind you all up with barbed wire and string you upside down and loose Angels to come and smite you all with swords. Angels, go to the lowest point in Terence and sword these demons and strip them of their armour and rank and break all their teeth and arms in Jesus name. Set them on slippery places and let them be caught in their own snares, traps and nets.

I break all chains, bands and fetters that you unclean spirits set on Terence and command freedom to his sanity. I render null and void every power of darkness that is deluding and taking Terence to Hell. I put the hammer of the Lord onto all walls that have been built by the enemy and smash down every demonic hiding place and stronghold in the name of Jesus. I loose the stone of Christ that whosoever falls on this stone will be broken but on whom this stone falls, it will grind him to powder. So I command that it fall on you unclean spirits RIGHT NOW!!!

 I also rain down hailstones from heaven upon all you demons that are reading this and overflowing rains and strong winds and I loose lightnings and thunders to discomfit you all. Once again I bind you all in chains of darkness and three fold cords, and loose civil war and strife and debate into your kingdom, you devils, and command that you all attack each other RIGHT NOW!!!

 I cover the whole of Anchor road and the house you all inhabit right now, physical and spiritual with the blood of Jesus Christ. And I almost forgot, I pour the blood of Jesus down all your throats. DRINK IT NOW and be weakened by the blood of Jesus. Amen.

There you are Terence, you should sleep well tonight. I will keep up this prayer from now on, everyday until you realise who is really God. You will be brought to your knees and realise that you have no power at all. Just like Elijah and the prophets of Baal.

So we will see you next time.
From: Terence 
Sent: Sunday, 29 July 2012 7:47 AM
To: fishermanpete
Subject: Re: spirit possession & COMPASSION - MERCY - LOVE

I love you brother !! WOW - you are certainly doing your very BEST - thanks anyway - we all need as much HELP as we can GET !! Please try and NOT promote 'warfare' for THAT for SURE is the wrong way - JUST LOVE THEM ALL and EDUCATE THEM -

By the way Pete - I spoke a few words to those 'lost souls' with YOU last night for 27 minutes and recorded my words spoken - I will call by your home on the way back from St. Helens today and drop the CD recording in your box with a knock on your door also ( 10am or so) - I have also placed the recording on my web site to assist others - your recording will be no; 14 at the end of the CD list attached for you interest -  I will drop off a CD for you and Carolanne
(Note for readers of this document - the 'Pete' recording is on line, click on the link below.

Peter the fisherman - 27.47 minutes playing time
The educating of 'Pete' from 'Pyengana' as to how to elevate the consciousness of lost spirits who are devious, cruel, forceful, intrusive, arrogant, controlling and very destructive.

This audio content shows Pete and all 'preachers' the correct and ONLY way to 'deal' with dark forces in a manner which keeps all within the precepts of God's "Peace, love, mercy, compassionate and forgive" Command. The 'old' way of forceful 'exorcism' promoted by false 'preachers' in their attempts to cast out devious spirit people by condemning them to eternal persecution and damnation in the underworld leads everyone involved to the same hellish place to all suffer together forever.

Please pass the CD content to others - All the best bro - love to both - Terence

From: fishermanpete
To: 'Terence'
Sent: Sunday, July 29, 2012 8:14 AM
Subject: RE: spirit possession & COMPASSION - MERCY - LOVE
Don't bother Terence, it will go straight in the bin.

And if you do come to my door then it will be open spiritual warfare. You need deliverance and I am after your demons and will continue until they are defeated and gone. 

From: Terence 
Sent: Sunday, 29 July 2012 11:19 AM
To: fishermanpete
Subject: Truth
Dear Pete - for some reason you do not SEE that it is YOUR mind being 'tormented' in reference to ME - My MIND is as always CLEAR of any thoughts unless I THINK - I am not 'possessed' by thoughts incoming that make one restless or tormented as are YOU -
Brother - within ME IS NO SIN
I am very MUCH AWARE that you seek to ASSIST AILING HUMANITY
Regrettably you have been taught the WRONG WAY and are now programmed such.
God 'son' has placed you in front of ME - not for YOU to decide to 'torment' me but for me to EDUCATE YOU
IF you throw my CD (God's) into the bin so be IT - your choice to NOT let me speak for you to 'hear' - I at least READ all you send me -
As for your words < You need deliverance and I am after your demons > Try and UNDERSTAND that when YOU 'wage war' upon people YOU perceive as 'demons' or interacting in error then IT IS YOU who is 'demonic' and possessed by DARKNESS - for only the DARK wages war - the LIGHT simply ELEVATES the consciousness of the 'lost' by enlightening their minds with TRUTH as I seek to do with you.
However, if you cast my TRUTH into the 'bin' then there IS NAUGHT I CAN DO TO help you and you will go forth into the African 'darkness' spreading untruth by preaching and teaching 'warfare' and deception and there will be NAUGHT anyone can do for YOU - - - because, THAT ACTIVITY is your 'free will' CHOICE and, - - - I can assure you that you will 'Reap what you sow' and truly great will be your travail - THIS I DO KNOW.
Forget about casting OUT demons by trying to 'pour' the blood of someone down their throats, for any 'demon' hearing this will simply laugh at you IN THE KNOWLEDGE that it is THEY in fact using YOU to so say so that YOU are in their eyes a 'LAUGHING STOCK' to be not only 'scorned,' but to be prepared for THE DAY that you end up at their 'doorway' and truly THEN you will remember me and what I did say - Go YOUR way in PEACE.
STOP 'trying to 'throw your unholy 'books' and words at me, the son of Grace.
It is YOUR 'soul' that GOD is trying to USE so that IT/YOU can be THE ONE to elevate the consciousness of your past 'teachers' and help THEM find their way out of the horrible 'morass' they are already IN - but YOU and they see it NOT.
PS - Thank you for opening your door to me this morning and taking the CD I left you - PLEASE do NOT cast IT aside - at least 'listen' and then you CAN comment.
From: fishermanpete
To: 'Terence'
Sent: Sunday, July 29, 2012 11:47 AM
Subject: RE: Truth
The battle is on in the heavenlies and there will be only one Victor. Jesus Christ. - Pete
From: Terence 
Sent: Monday, 30 July 2012 6:14 AM
To: fishermanpete
Subject: Re: Truth-2
Dear Pete, there is NO 'battle' as such brother - only those defiant of God go forth to 'battle' with their perceived enemy - Light workers as myself simply 'channel' Light energy to 'purge' darkness out of others as one counsels them with God's wisdom -
As for you, I asked for healing Light for you last night and was very much aware that something 'dark,' maybe a negative emotion of 'vanity,' cleared from your soul - so - I do hope that the 'forces' driving YOU to see ME as their 'enemy' have now receded as their 'access point' is no longer within you - I believe that you will soon feel very much better and more able to remain rational and actually absorb what I am trying to say to you.
Only when you so do will you be safe and also more able to help others you meet on your 'quest' road - Pete, God's 'chosen people' will be those who follow me as they 'bow to' and 'abide in' God's Command even unto death. Soon everyone will feel Satan's 'breath' - some for eternity, being the vain, arrogant or ignorant who continue to use force in their interaction with others.
Our 'strength' is NOT our 'fight' against others who are deploying EVIL - it is OUR capacity to overcome the THOUGHTS from within 'us' that would give one the JUSTIFICATION to 'defy' the Command of God and FIGHT the 'demons' we see in others.
"WHY so"? Because when 'we' fight to 'destroy' EVIL in any 'form' it is WE deploying the same DARK energy of God.  It IS this destructive - punitive energy of God that is our 'enemy,' this energy is the FORBIDDEN by God to use 'fruit' of the Tree of Evil.
'Demons' ARE simply the souls of the ignorant being USED by this energy that flows through ANY person IT can or WHO seeks to use IT - So if we 'oppose' others using IT them we are also USING IT - - - the same punitive & destructive energy of God - the 'forbidden fruit' -
We must ONLY reach out with LOVE and compassion to UPLIFT - we must NOT 'cast others into the PIT' - Pete - you WERE still using darkness as you 'tried' to force demons out of my 'soul,' and you WERE the darkness in action as you were 'possessed' by their thoughts - I hope NOW that you can see this as I have never 'disturbed the peace' nor harmed anyone, so it WAS 'irrational' of you to assume it was I in need of 'correction.'
Ask yourself: "Why am I interfering in Terence's life? Did he abuse me or any other? Is he rude or is he a bad man? - - OR - -  does he just believe in the philosophy of PEACE that opposes my 'warfare' ideology"?
Brother - please now 'relax' as your emotions will settle down and your thoughts will be more calm.
"Peace & love & mercy" IS THE WAY - as said - NEVER again seek to DESTROY the perceived enemy.
Go well Pete - I know you are very sincere, so from now on please ONLY use the Light energy of God THE SOURCE that IS 'both' the Light & the Dark.
Terence - the Spirit of Truth - the soul from eternity
From: fishermanpete
To: 'Terence'
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2012 7:22 AM
Subject: RE: Truth-2

G'day Terence. I have just been praying for you.

Praise the Lord. Pete

From: Terence 
Sent: Monday, 30 July 2012 6:55 PM
To: fishermanpete
Subject: Re: Truth-3

Dear Pete, thank you for your prayers - I do believe you are feeling better today. I am trying to get you to see the differences between our 'opposing' ideological belief - faith and conscious understanding etc.

For in fact, every person purporting by word of mouth to be a  'Christian' as you ARE, is a person believing that in praising Jesus etc., as per the below lines from Paul's Romans, is automatically safe and saved and THUS not only 'beyond' the reach of God's ONE immutable Law, but I assume they also believe that ahead, irrespective of their 'sinning' ways of the past - - - where they have caused others to suffer harm or great duress, they also believe that NO harm will ever be done to THEM the 'new born Christian. Is this 'assumption of mine correct?

9 That if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord,
believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved;

I find that this text by PAUL above in Romans that I refer to above as GROSS ERROR. Firstly Paul was not a pure soul and he was NOT 'Jesus' the ONE bringing forth God's message. Thus it was NOT God's messenger Jesus preaching to mankind that they must 'praise' him nor did he say that anyone must believe in their heart that God raised him from the dead because, at the time of his ministry he was very much ALIVE and had not been crucified - so in FACT Jesus did not say that a person would be 'saved' due to doing anything in the aforesaid teachings of Paul.

IT WAS simply the BELIEF OF PAUL - it was NOT God's Truth nor God's message to humanity.

It is again Paul who said:

7 "Blessed are those whose lawless deeds have been forgiven, and whose sins have been covered.
"Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will not take into account."

10 For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son,

As said previously, Jesus THE MESSENGER did NOT speak any such falsity either.

 I state quite categorically that the implementation of God's LAW is IMMUTABLE : "As you sow so shall ye reap"

IT IS ONLY when one OBEYS our Creator GOD - that we can be saved by God - - - not any mortal MAN - - RITUALS OF MAN do NOT save anyone - say I.

What is the 'danger' I see for those who 'profess' that they are safe and saved and 'protected' by the 'blood' of Jesus?

It is 'when' God's Wrath flowing through His 'Reapers' in the FLESH (man) inspired telepathically by God's darkness confronts everyone and metes out the 'eye for an eye' fulfillment of the LAW OF GOD, that every 'sinner' who believed they were safe or saved WILL through their fear or anger etc., strike BACK because their minds let them down and they WILL SIN AGAIN and ACCRUE a further spiritual due AND, as they 'fight' their enemy they draw IN more DARK ENERGY (Sin) and IT will drag their soul DOWN into ITS 'Lair' say I the Spirit of Truth.

So 'what' do you BELIEVE is to be? Do you believe that you will be  'subjected' to God's LAW or NOT?

What will you DO when IT takes place? Will you show GOD (not Jesus) that you still ARE a 'disgrace' as you defy HIM?

This is the REASON 'why' I tell everyone to NEVER feel justified to FIGHT -

You quote me more 'nonsense' from Paul's pen: Rom 16:20 And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly.

You obviously refer to me, but in REALITY, the GOD of Light and Love 'bruises' NOBODY.

More to the POINT, it is GOD via MY pen to awaken everyone to the FACT that God is ALL - the Light & the DARK -

Yes bro, the devilish Dark energy IS GOD'S energy, hence the REASON why HE forbids US to sup on IT, for in doing so we become IT and are drawn by ITS vibration to ITS 'place' far from the LIGHT. IT is the 'fruit' of the Tree of Evil. IT is totally INDESTRUCTIBLE. But those that USE IT are NOT.

I hope you can respond to this communication without using text written by other mortals from the past

 I pray for you and all those linked to you Pete - Sincerely - Terence

From: fishermanpete
To: 'Terence'
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2012 11:12 PM
Subject: RE: Truth-3
I always feel good Terence especially when I am tormenting demons and driving them from their territory. - Pete
----- Original Message -----
From: Terence
To: fishermanpete
Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2012 10:25 AM
Subject: Re: Truth 4

Dear, dear PETE - do you not yet UNDERSTAND that everyone meting out retribution (the justifiable in their minds use of force & power ) feels GOOD ?

Do you not yet see that tormenting people and driving them out or away etc IS THE USE OF FORCE, being THE FRUIT OF THE TREE OF EVIL?
Do you KNOW 'what' a demon IS? NO - because you see NOT that in YOUR contra activity to THAT Commanded by GOD it is YOU who IS the DEMON.
Demons as 'such' are simply 'poor' lost spirit people living in the underworld because they drew IN dark energy and thus they cannot DO good any more than YOU - for they are in FACT using force through you to DO what you do, - - - "TORMENT PEOPLE" you believe are influencing me.
You see NOT that it is YOU being USED by the dark and it is YOU 'sinning' and NOT yet 'winning' your freedom.
I feel Pete that what I WISH FOR YOU TO SEE is, that if you go forth as a TRUE MISSIONARY to a land far away where the are many CHILDREN OF GOD who are not only young souls, but they also will NOT have the means to comprehend the sort of texts you keep throwing MY way - -

In reality, a TRUE Missionary needs to be ABLE to NOT use any 'text' books, but to be ABLE to simply speak QUIETLY to those whom seek your ADVICE - So if you were to RANT AND RAVE in the same manner as 'Eric' and others then in FACT you are NOT assisting them.

Also - FORGET now all the 'old' texts and simply give out the TRUE and VERY BASIC words of ADVICE that EVERYONE needs to HEAR including ERIC, being the WISDOM that the singular LAW of GOD stands inviolate and immutable so that everyone UNDERSTANDS that they MUST only walk within the precepts of God's "Peace & love & mercy & compassion and FORGIVE THINE ENEMY" Command - - - so that at all times they are within the BENIGN return aspect of THE LAW OF GOD.

Pete, IF you go forth ranting about 'others' such as me NEEDING their 'demons' to be EXORCISED or whatever, then it shows GOD that YOU are NOT wise, nor merciful nor compassionate etc -

Your words < I rebuke you and command that you all attack one another and I pour the blood of Jesus down all your throats. Mind control, loose yourself and leviathan I cut off your 7 heads, > is an ABSOLUTE WASTE OF TIME and clearly shows your ignorance, arrogance, vanity AND insanity, and it shows ME that whoever 'taught' you this 'obnoxious' way is an ABSOLUTE IDIOT - please no longer follow THEM.

 Do YOU not see yourself as a son of God? - Get a life Pete, I have a GOD GIVEN mind, arms, legs, fleshly body, spirit soul AND my own unique consciousness. Are you telling me and believing yourself that 'we' can do naught without the 'intervention' of a NAME? The name that was given to some other mortal 2000 years ago?
Ask yourself - Did Jesus the man ever tell you or anyone that the inhabitants of earth or above or below earth had to use his name in order to live according to God's Command? NO buddy - it was only the foolish 'pride' of latter day mortals that wrote such nonsense that is seen by ME to have made millions of people 'slaves' to a name to such an extent that they are now 'robotically' controlled by said name -
I believe that the message from GOD that Jesus brought to earth was and yet IS the code of conduct COMMANDED by God the Father.
I do NOT believe that God the Creator expects me to raise UP the name of His messenger and place IT above God Himself - so be it - I AM entitled to so believe and any person stating that MY belief is error and backed by DEMONS is a very foolish and ignorant person -
PETE - please try and SEE REASON, for ahead there is much for you to do other that promote FALSITY.
I select a 'few' extracts from your other email and comment on a few of THE SCRIPTURES:
But the Law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.

ABSOLUTE TRIPE Pete, Jesus did not say that HE could or would nullify the implementation of God's IMMUTABLE: "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law, and even if he WAS REPORTED TO HAVE SO SAID, I, speaking by my own mouth and 'pen' today would deny IT as being Truth for it IS falsity, and the ones that promote IT and the one that wrote IT do/will suffer the consequence of their own deception. 

For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace

Pete - there are fools who believe that God was 'stupid' or in error when HE enabled man and woman to entwine LOVINGLY in sexual embrace, and HE also made this 'facility' so that HE could send other spirit beings INTO the biological flesh of the next generation. ANY 'celibate' priest or believer that sex is sin is a very STUPID dolt CONTROLLED by demons below who have NO sexual activity because in those 'prisons' below, male and female are segregated so there is NO 'fun or love' nor happiness to be had.

Because the carnal mind is enmity against God, for it is not subject to the Law of God, neither indeed can it be.

Well, well, WELL Pete, when are you going to AWAKE to the REALITY of the utter nonsense contained in scripture? Carnal 'experiences can BE 'good or bad' dependent upon the people entwining, if they are doing IT consensually and happily then within THE LAW OF GOD they receive a beneficent RETURN of loving happiness - BUT - If ONE is aggressive and imposing themself and/or causing the other HARM or mental emotional trauma, then within the same THE LAW OF GOD they will ahead receive and suffer an EQUAL physical pain and mental and emotional trauma - Pete - EVERY ACTION is subject to the THE LAW OF GOD.

So then they who are in the flesh cannot please God.

This final remark by the 'texter of old' REALLY shows HIM up as an IDIOT, vain, deluded, arrogant and a total DECEIVER who no doubt is suffering his OWN fate due to him having MISLED even YOU - for why 'else' would you send me such rubbish that NO civil or civilised or sensible person would believe?

Pete - for goodness sake man - stop promoting nonsense - say what you want to say from your OWN conscience - this way even YOU will understand what YOU are PREACHING TO ME - - - IN the SIGHT OF OUR GOD.

Pete - it was written in your own 'text books' that many FALSE prophets would come in the name of Jesus - and YOU ARE ONE are you not?

I truly believe that your soul is FULL OF FEAR for otherwise 'why' would you ASSUME that I or others 'with me' would be placing spells upon YOU?

Pete - you are NOT 'wearing me down' bro as you state - I simply have not the time to ONLY 'minister' to YOU and the demons INCITING you - For who 'else' would be operating through YOUR mind in a manner that is CONTRARY to God's Peace & love & mercy COMMAND?

And here you are about to go to Africa and enlighten God's little 'black' children?? Which 'church' do you 'fellowship with' bro? - Please tell me so that ITS 'minister' can hear from GOD via ME.

Pete, the TRUE and only 'Salvation' WAY forward for anyone is through their enlightenment by God via my pen. Mankind must now realise that 'religions' are things of the PAST, for Truth is TRUTH and that stands above 'named' religions. (Sects)
You are already a 'fisherman' Pete, for through your personal enlightenment that is on 'public' display on my web site, many others who walk in error of every tribe and 'sect' will now have the opportunity of refreshing their own consciousness and become truly 'saved' as well as moving upwards and towards 'Christ-consciousness.' (The pure soul, free from negative emotions)
Pete, I do NOT 'cast out' demons, I simply trust that as those 'with' you (linked in to you telepathically) read what I seed through your eyes what is written by me, that they become wiser and set free from their own false programming, so that as enlightened beings they can rise UP.
We the 'enlightened' are NOT here or there to 'cut off - cast out - wage war - threaten, coerce or destroy' the lost (demons) or anyone or anything, all the lost are our sisters & brothers whom we now lovingly 'embrace' and UPLIFT using LOVE and Truth.
Brother - I have spent 20 years here writing God's message to humanity - all I write to YOU personally is already written therein so I cannot do 'more' than give you herein ONE of the documents on my web site, and if IT is not enough to 'convince' you of YOUR ERROR and COMING TERROR for YOUR continued defiance of GOD - -  then so BE IT BRO - I have not the 'time' to spend on ONE individual for I have to help all humanity - please read the below that is a part of my on line INFO.
Note: (Subsequent to this email I sent the below)
----- Original Message -----
From: Terence
To: Pete
Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2012 8:17 PM
Subject: our emails

Pete - I always KNOW that there is a reason 'why' I often have discourse with people, and it always seems to because there is something MORE I need to write to clarify something for them and all humanity - I just wish to say that from your ongoing 'persecutive' expressions towards 'demons' that it has in fact inspired me to ADD a few lines to my  'Sin' document and update it with the 'Principalities of Darkness' on p 2 - so a big 'Thank you.'

On line at http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/sin.htm

From: Terence
To: Pete
Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2012 10:40 AM
Subject: added

Pete, the TRUE and only 'Salvation' WAY forward for anyone is through their enlightenment by God via my pen. Mankind must now realise that 'religions' are things of the PAST, for Truth is TRUTH and that stands above 'named' religions. (Sects)
You are already a 'fisherman' Pete, for through your personal enlightenment that is on 'public' display on my web site, many others who walk in error of every tribe and 'sect' will now have the opportunity of refreshing their own consciousness and become truly 'saved' as well as moving upwards and towards 'Christ-consciousness.' (The pure soul, free from negative emotions)
Pete, I do NOT 'cast out' demons, I simply trust that as those 'with' you (linked in to you telepathically) read what I seed through your eyes what is written by me, that they become wiser and set free from their own false programming, so that as enlightened beings they can rise UP.
We the 'enlightened' are NOT here or there to 'cut off - cast out - wage war - threaten, coerce or destroy' the lost (demons) or anyone or anything, all the lost are our sisters & brothers whom we now lovingly 'embrace' and UPLIFT using LOVE and Truth.
I trust and hope that through our communication that WHEN you from now on 'minister' to the spiritual needs of others that you CAN 'deliver the goods' in the knowledge that God above SMILES upon YOU for finally getting it RIGHT and being TRUE to HIS 'babies.'
Please let me know when you are intending to travel as IF you wish I would like to give you some CD's of my web site to pass ON to others. - Terence

From: fishermanpete
To: 'Terence'

Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 6:26 AM
Subject: RE: absolute truth

In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind the strongman in Terence and I bind the false Spirit of truth in Terence with chains of darkness. I knock out your teeth demon, break your arms and loose the hornets of Heaven to continually sting you until you are driven out of this land. I also loose perpetual shame and confusion on you false spirit of truth and all your demons under you, and division, civil war and strife and debate and every spear and fiery dart you have sent out to be returned 7 fold back through your necks NOW!!!

From: Terence
Sent: Friday, 17 August 2012 6:26 PM
To: Pete
Subject: strong minds

~ Pete & the 'hatchet' man ~

Dear, dear, dear Pete, I see that your inner 'demons' are still via your mind and 'pen' walking on earth's streets, for "Why else" would THEY via YOU keep trying to put 'fear' into ME? That 'act' son is coercion but you cannot IT see.

Pete: "What to YOU is a 'demon'? What does a demon DO"? I will tell YOU.

A demon is simply a spirit soul as are you or I, but one who has for a very long time defied God's "Peace & love & mercy" Command, and thus they have drawn IN a lot of God's Dark energy to the point that all they can in fact DO is:

Interfere in the lives of others - terrorise others, persecute them mercilessly, and injure others either personally on their level of consciousness OR in this realm VIA the minds of men like YOU and via those as you write 'nonsense' to me in an attempt to 'shut me up' so to speak  - - BUT - - - they can or could also turn your own hand against yourself bro, this I DO KNOW, so I advise YOU to go slow. They could also incite YOU to 'swat' me IF I have any 'karmic' dues to God outstanding.

What 'son' is the RESULT of their interaction with others or ME via your mind?

1 - They AND you draw IN much MORE dark energy into your souls.

2 - You all 'accrue' a 'return' debt unto God within HIS Law, but, - - - fortunately for YOU when dealing with ME, when HIS Law is fulfilled by some other arrogant 'prick' you will not have to suffer mentally or emotionally ON MY ACCOUNT because I DID NOT suffer that - - -  but - - - what will YOU do or 'respond to' as some other not IF but WHEN they 'threaten' you or the demons they believe are inside YOU?

Will you have the mental and emotional capacity as ME to simply wave a friendly 'palm frond' in return? probably NOT 'bro' and it is THIS 'factor' you need to see.

I know there are NO demons influencing my mind because I am NOT blind as are YOU, I AM a man of peace - love - mercy and I NEVER 'attack' others even when to them I write.

Are YOU as strong as me mentally? NO - - - That fact you proved when I strolled up to your front door recently to find that you had 'changed' from being a friendly 'rabbit' INTO a 'sly fox' who was 'rude' and you repudiated me - so.

Let me tell you a little STORY about TRUTH and strong men and God's GLORY.

20 years ago Jilly my wife and I were 'rocking' around Africa for a while on a motor bike, and one weekend we stayed the night at a farm in Swaziland where we were 'alone' because the farmer had taken his wife to look at some other property for a few days.

At 1 am I awoke hearing noises in the house, and I got up and opened the bedroom door to see a 'black' taking some clothes out of a cupboard in another room. I said 'HOI' loudly, and as he turned to look at me he pulled a pistol out of his belt and fired at my belly, but his 'shot' just missed me and hit the door.

He and five others ran out of the house assuming that I would be armed and ready to fight as most men are in Africa. After 5 minutes or so I walked down the hallway towards the lounge to see the lights on and they had taken out the 'louvers' of the window to gain access and the slight breeze blew the curtains. I assumed they thought the house unoccupied and my bike was parked around the back.

I looked down at the kitchen table as I was passing it and saw a long knife on it and a fleeting thought passed by 'suggesting' I pick it UP - I resisted, and as I walked into the lounge I saw the men standing outside and as soon as they saw me unarmed, then one after the other they strode through the open window towards me and I saw they were about 25 years old - - -

As the first one entered I saw he had a gleaming new 'hatchet' in his right hand and a long knife in the other, and the second chap had a .303 rifle - - -they were only 5 paces away as I turned and shouted to Jilly "Go back" as she was following a few steps behind me. She just kept coming and said: "I'd rather be with you."

I turned to face a very angry and totally 'insane' man as he raised the hatchet screaming: I'm going to kill you you bloody 'f - - -ing white man. Its never ceases to amaze me how time stood still in the next second as the hatchet started to swing - - -

I thought of many things, how my work on earth was not yet complete - surely I could not die yet - - - poor Jilly having to suffer at their hands alone - - - and as I started to raise my hand and arm to ward off the blow my mind said: 'Lift it and lose it,' as it would be ME placing my hand/arm directly in its 'flight path' - - - and believing that God was my protector and that I would only need to suffer IF I had a 'karmic' debt to GOD and, that IN that suffering I would be set free from my debts to God - - - I simply kept my arms tight by my side and looked him in the eye.

The falling axe swerved slightly to one side and just missing my head and right shoulder, and for a moment there was stillness, and everything seemed to halt - then a few moments later I was struck in the kidneys by the rifle butt from behind and fell to my knees naked, as my 'lap lap' was whipped away -

One shouted at Jilly saying 'Lie down and do not look at us or we will kill you' - the rest of the story is irrelevant and I only state the above as I say; "How strong is your mind bro?  Would YOU Pete have been mentally and emotionally strong enough to place your trust in God"?

I can tell you that compared to me, your mind is yet 'piss weak' in comparison because of the great fear within YOU and, - - - I can also tell you that your mind is already letting you 'down' simply from what you write to me.

It is you 'bro' needing to be saved by ME and MY Wisdom - not for me to be saved by you or your 'group' with ITS erroneous teachings.

"Please come to MY door sometime as a GENTLE MAN so that we can discuss the road ahead as polite children of God who is the ultimate good counsellor. I add a few notes below for you to ponder on. I wish you well Pete, and simply wish to prepare YOU for when your past karmic dues you meet one day as unexpectedly as was my God stated "Swaziland time of reckoning."

Note: What one needs to see and understand is, that the demons (lost souls) operating through the mind of the 'hatchet' man were being controlled by the Dark aspect of the Source, and even though it was the INTENT of the drug crazed aggressor to maim or kill me, as his MIND was being controlled from the Dark, - - - and thus his mental faculties were not his own due to him being 'possessed' by spirit beings,  - - -

BUT the all-seeing Dark invisible Sovereign power knowing that it was not my 'karmic fate' to suffer or die, his thoughts (ITS) 'swerved' his arm 'precisely' - - - and this is what YOU Pete need to see and understand.

For when you become angry at me or any, or fearful of someone, then your mind becomes linked telepathically to the Dark, and it is then controlled from that realm and, - - - if the person who you are angry with HAS some debts to God, then you become the IDIOT who will mete it OUT and, - - - at that precise moment you not only accrue an EQUAL  return due within God's Law, but you also draw IN more dark energy. (Sin, that contaminates your soul even more)

It was written that it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to attain heaven and eternal freedom, so try and understand that, - - - in simply praising the 'name' of a mortal man (Jesus) in the assumption that you are thus somehow free within of dark sinful emotions and, - - - that all you own outstanding dues to God are nullified, - - - is simply absolute non-sense promoted by vain and arrogant IDIOTS who see not their own karmic dues accrued daily. For 'deception' that misleads God's children is the 'worst' offence in God's eyes.

You 'bro' believe that you are safe and saved for you have simply be told so. I am the ONE to assist YOU to save yourself using my God given wisdom, and once you are mentally strong enough to STOP threatening other lost spirits who you assume are linked to me, then you have an opportunity to help yourself.

If you truly perceive me as being controlled by demons then I ask: "Why"? Am I aggressive, disturbing the peace, interfering, controlling, abusive, destructive, nasty etc., or am I going my way in peace and mercifully reaching out to you as well as the 'demons' operating through YOU as I kindly and compassionately try and UPLIFT them and you through EDUCATION rather than damnation.

You are a big man Pete, and if you do not control your mind and emotions then you WILL BE USED again as you were years ago to BE an ABSOLUTE SWINE but worse because, - - - once you have a 'religious' belief that GOD is backing your 'cause,' then you will be even more easily used by the Dark through your vanity and religious fervour.

Try and see how 'easily' IT the Dark altered your perception of me, a man to whom you were so friendly UNTIL you 'thought' that I was a lost soul or a 'deceiver,' and then you threw your 'unholy book' at me, and used ITS content and your own new found exorcism 'ideas' as a 'weapon' to harm me as well as other invisible people you thought were controlling me.

God warns man to NEVER find the justification to 'wage war' on ANYBODY, because at that very moment they are using HIS 'forbidden to use' Dark ENERGY that contaminates their soul and they THEN become the 'Camel' roaming endlessly over the dry desert FOREVER 'bro,' for the Dark energy now WITHIN their soul is their eternal ENEMY that blinds them and keeps them using IT - - - and one day they become a DEMON so 'dark' within that they cannot ever BE 'nice' because the DARK has them bound by ITS 'vice' and they then can ONLY go ONE way - - - down into the fire of Hell.

I can assure you Pete that ONLY when you can face a 'hatchet' man and NOT raise you voice or hand but stand calmly before your God, that you ARE living 'proof' to yourself that you truly ARE 'safe & saved' because, you will NEVER ever find the justification to USE God's Dark energy to defend or fight, as you are always mentally prepared and 'ready' to BE crucified by God's 'reaping' forces if THAT is what is required by God to set you free from your past ways. (The fulfilment of God's LAW)

Peter, what you need to SEE is, that if you go around treating others who as I are NOT 'converted' to your 'faith,' in the manner you do to me, that some of them will become VERY fearful of you, and the fear they feel immediately becomes a spiritual due to be met by YOU and, - - -

Not only that, but if they are also 'hateful' or angry emotionally, then through their fear of you they might be incited by the DARK to BE the ONE to mete out ITS retribution upon YOU for your own past sinning ways, and THAT 'lead us not into temptation' FACTOR needs to be understood by YOU. When you 'happily' and so justifiably 'wage war' upon others, rest assured that you ARE leading THEM into temptation of killing you.

Pete, you might believe that as your life has been this or that and thus you 'know it all, I can assure you that you are yet a 'puppy' reference world affairs, and have absolutely NO 'inkling' of what is out there. I suggest that you get your 'house' in order (mind & emotions) before you go forth to set 'right' what you perceive as 'wrong' as you 'sing' the 'ONLY Jesus saves' song.

If you 'think' that praising Jesus is going to 'obliterate' your past sinning ways, well then bro, I can but warn you that, not IF but 'when' you meet that GORILLA on an African street or elsewhere, that HE/IT will not understand a 'word' you are saying as you 'wave' your bible in ITS/HIS face and, he WILL simply DO what HIS mind tells him to. Just be ready to suffer IT without retaliating IF you wish to be 'safe & saved' another day ahead. I have SAID:

"No man sees the Father's face unless he believes God's message of 'grace' via ME."

Pete, try and see and understand that God is THE ENERGY we use and IT (Light or dark) knows our every INTENT and DEED.

Your present intent is to 'frighten' off either me or the demons as you put it.
Your present deed by word (texts) is forceful - warlike - and plain 'nasty' in what you are projecting to me REF:

knock out your teeth demon, break your arms and loose the hornets of Heaven to continually sting you until you are driven out of this land. I also loose perpetual shame and confusion on you false spirit of truth and all your demons under you, and division, civil war and strife and debate and every spear and fiery dart you have sent out to be returned 7 fold back through your necks NOW!!!

As for your words < I also pour the blood of Jesus down your throats > can you not SEE the insanity of this?

Pete if you wish to become a true believer or Christian and follow or ABIDE IN God's Command, you cannot EVER 'fight' - - - you must BE peaceful.

Bro, God cares not one 'whit' whether you are a drunkard or smoke 'pot' until you are blinded or whether you just 'sit' in the sun like a lizard and stare in silence at the moon for an eternity AS LONG AS your ACTIONS remain within the precepts of HIS Command.

Pete, I ask you: "Who gave you 'permission' to defy God and hunt down, threaten, drive out, wage war etc., on demons"? I do KNOW, it was/is the DARK Sovereign overlord who has been operating for 'centuries' through the minds of the Vain, corrupt, fearful and pompous men of the 'cloth' who are absolutely IGNORANT of the FACT that demons are simply 'lost souls' needing EDUCATION - - - so if YOU impose PUNITIVE 'Justice' then you ARE the 'Reaper' in ACTION and, I cannot even say "God help you" for that is error, for I do KNOW that: "God cannot help you if YOU choose to defy Him and terrorise others."

What I CAN state is that our GOD is the ONE who becomes your ENEMY and, I can assure YOU that HE is a far superior consciousness with ALL THE POWER available to HIS disposal of YOU -  Wake UP Pete. I NEED someone like you as does GOD to go forth and awaken all the lost brethren who are presently preaching 'bullshit' and deceiving others, for their present DESTINY IS very BLEAK indeed as IS your present track.


From: fishermanpete
To: 'Terence'
Sent: Friday, August 17, 2012 6:38 PM
Subject: RE: strong minds

You waste a lot of time writing Terence. I have never read any of them. And this one will go straight in the junk too.

 I  rebuke bind and pour the blood of Jesus down your throat you false spirit of Truth in Jesus Name.

From: Terence
Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2012 11:13 AM
To: Pete
Subject: actions

Thanks you Pete for FINALLY being able to by your own words REVEAL to me that in your mind the FALSE SPIRIT is ME rather than some other 'demon' possessing me.

"Time' Pete will 'tell' if I AM a false spirit, but by your WORDS you have shown God and me that YOU are false because, YOU 'claim' to be a Christian but you are NOT, for a True Christian 'believing' that some other (me) was a lost soul would reach out in a kind, merciful and compassionate godly manner and NOT throw a 'spanner full of blood' down my throat -
BEWARE BRO - by your DEEDS being your words you have 'exposed' to God and me that you ARE a 'possessed' spirit that has a mind controlled from the DARK, for ONLY the Dark is arrogant enough to defy God as IT is a part of God and, - - - WOW - - - IF you cannot begin to SEE what I say due to ITS arrogance within you, then it should show you how far 'off beam' you already ARE.
Now you HAVE declared that your 'attack' IS a personal Vendetta against ME, Terence the man you BELIEVE is a False spirit, - - - all I CAN say is:
Brother, IF your mind was 'free' as is mine, then IT would NOT be filled with thoughts rolling around and around plotting and scheming 'possible' ways of setting me 'right' according to THE THOUGHTS coming into your mind from the DARK.
I DID say BEWARE, for IF you cannot control those thoughts and, IF I have 'yet' some karma to 'pay' to GOD, - - - then bro - I expect to see you smashing IN my front door. So, as I do not wish to have to get IT fixed, I just state now that IT is never locked by day or night.
So IF you ARE 'driven' by demons to 'set me right' then just try to be a little polite and consider Jilly, and do not also give her a fright - just step up and say ; Terence, lets go for a ride," and I will show YOU 'something' bro, being that I fear NOT even if you DID me 'swat,' for if so, then I would suffer IT as to God I did say: Father thanks for setting me free from some time in the past when I defied thee.
Pete, why not now SEE if you the man Pete CAN actually control the THOUGHTS coming INTO your own mind from WITHIN your OWN soul.
Nothing to do with me bro, both our minds are unique and individual, so forget about whether or not I am a false spirit. Lets just get down to the nitty-gritty which is what I PREACH to the world (that you believe is false) being, that every MIND that is NOT fortified is being 'open prised' by dark forces VIA ones inner dark emotions and, people's thoughts are becoming uncontrollable. Hence my words:
"FORTIFY your mind against the INNER demonic attack that will lead you to become one of THEM if you cannot HALT their control over your mind."
Bro - its called "Minds under siege" - the telepathic subjugation of the mind of man.
PLEASE read about  IT on the link I give below that gives all info around the mental health issues confronting the WHOLE WORLD. I say:
Any person failing to fortify their mind as prescribed by GOD via me will be 'as' Martin Bryant, a 'tool' used by the dark powerful demonic force that possessed his mind for a 'time.'
Pete, I NEVER 'waste my time' writing, for I BELIEVE that it will assist you and many to TRUE freedom.

From: fishermanpete
To: 'Terence'
Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2012 11:19 AM
Subject: RE: actions

No Terence, it's a demon. You are just it's vehicle.

From: Terence
To: fishermanpete
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2012 9:05 AM
Subject: Re: actions

So Pete - Ref your words: "No Terence, its a demon. You are just its vehicle." Can you not see that its all one and the same thing reference 'culpability'? If I am its 'servant' then I am as 'guilty' as IT if I (on its behalf) disturb the peace of the land, deceive others, injure others, or destroy others or their property.

Why do you 'think' that there is a demon influencing me when I am not a 'spirit of wickedness or evil by action' as described in the dictionary?

Are you aware that even in the Constitution of the land it states clearly within the 'Freedom of religion' clause that a person may live by their ideological belief or conscience as long as they do not disturb the peace of the land. 

Can you not see that your ideological belief is contra my 'peaceful' one because, you have the ideological belief that you can disturb the peace of the land as you accuse me or the demon you believe is in me of being a 'liar' and thus you feel 'entitled' to wage war upon IT/me?

Ask yourself: "Would Jesus the man you state that you are 'promoting' pour his own blood down the throat of a 'lost' soul to punish or 'save' IT" ?

What exactly is it with reference to my 'teachings' that is causing your mind to believe that I am the 'Devil's advocate'?
Is it not 'written' that the Spirit of Truth would return as a 'thief in the night'? (invisible)  IF the earthly 'Salvation' teachings were correct then why 'on earth' would he have to return? Surely he would simply prepare a 'BIG 'party' topside to welcome the true as they flow through?
Pete, do you surely believe that he will appear 'literally' in the sky with a 'team' of angels? At what point in time will you KNOW that he is not coming that way? When YOU have 'fallen' due to your own defiance of God's Command and in promoting falsity and probably retaliating when faced by adversity?
Or will you shout out as you fall: "Lord, lord, I did you believe"? When obviously you did NOT, for you still defy God as your MIND 'plots' at ways to 'crucify' other poor souls in spirit that your MIND tells you are demons. Who was/is your teacher Pete?
Bro, I do KNOW the power of dark forces for I HAVE been 'dealing' with them for many long years in Africa as well as in Pyengana and at the 'base' memorial 'ruin' of the 'Broad Arrow Cafe' at Port Arthur.
Yes Pete, my 'block' at Pyengana was a very 'haunted' place as recorded by the locals when I purchased it, and the day I brought in the bulldozer and cut the land and 'swept' the old 'steps' below the pine trees over the bank to the river my 'problems' started.
I was camped in a small caravan with a tiny 5 watt bulb and Jill was not there, and for 3 nights I was aware of six very 'black' dark spirit people around and they did their very best to overpower my mind. It was a tough test for me but eventually I managed to give them a 'reason' to move away to a better place.
The experience was so 'strong' that I went to the library at St. Helens asking if there was any records of such a 'haunted' spot, and they were able to obtain a book: "Ghost stories of Tasmania."
Being the only remaining copy I had to read it at the Library, and the author had many Tasmanian stories, but in his/her opinion the worst and most evil haunted place in Tasmania according to them was my block that had on it what was referred to as; "The three steps to nowhere," being the concrete steps of the old homestead I had bulldozed over the bank to put in my driveway.
Even Wendy Rattray comments on how peaceful it now is when walking past each day for her exercise, and she said that in the old days as kids they had to run past.
Pete, some years ago Chris Munday's boat was stuck at Port Arthur due to bad weather and Janet drove me down to assist Chris to bring it back. We were stuck there for a couple of days as it was really rough windy weather, but on the one evening Chris went up to the new cafe to phone Janet and he was late returning and it was a very dark night.
When he finally got back to the boat he was very distressed and could hardly speak and reached for a glass of 'grog,' and after a while was able to tell me that as he came back and when adjacent to the spot where the 'Broad Arrow Cafe' had stood, he was stopped and confronted by a very huge and dark and powerful spirit that was trying to overpower his mind, only he can remember what took place or how he managed to escape, but after he had calmed down it was I who decided to go for a walk and speak with that dark force so as to ASSIST IT to move on and to give IT some Wisdom.
IT knew I was coming and I knew that IT knew when still 200 metres away, for I could sense IT trying to control my mind as I approached. The ONLY way that came to my mind to remain in control and be able to assist IT was to literally focus my eyes on a bright star up in the sky and to commence speaking what came to my mind to say to IT - as I reached the spot where IT stood I simply calmly spoke my truth and gave IT my 'Star Prayer' and after speaking to IT for 5-7 minutes IT suddenly was gone.
So, I can assure YOU* Pete that if YOU had gone along in the dark with the INTENT to threaten IT in telling IT that you were 'pouring' Jesus' blood down ITS throat that IT would simply have 'heard' not A WORD and would have possessed you totally for as long as IT decided to, and IT knows NO 'time' frame and IT 'tires' NOT, and IT could have possessed you for an eternity bro. Yes, even into the next realm of consciousness.
That 'being' was probably the one to control Martin Bryant's mind and 'hands,' and I believe that you Bro would have succumbed and probably become a 'raving lunatic' and only God knows what IT would have made you do to others OR yourself.
The above happenings were both in respect of dark spirit people 'trapped' on this earth plane, but equally intrusive are those living far below in lower realms who do link IN with everyone who has ANY 'sin' within. (negative emotions) Yes they silently 'probe' and control and the recipient simply assumes that the thoughts they think are their own.
Any 'thoughts' that you cannot HALT are proof of mental interference. (Subjugation of your mind that affects EVERYONE on this planet and every realm outside the pure Light of heaven who yet has 'sin' within.)
You Pete have had some sort of an inner change that took place at a gathering, and no doubt what took place put 'fear' into the spirits that were attaching to you and they 'retreated' and at the same time you thus believed that you had been 'saved.' Bro, if ONLY it was that 'easy' but it is NOT.
Certainly you have become a better person and wish to have a better life and to also help others, but maybe it is I to now give you a deeper understanding so that you can truly assist others, but NOT in the manner you presently promote because it is error. For It is ONLY adherence to God's Command when faced by adversity that frees you of your inner sin, and not the elevation of the name 'Jesus.'
I just want you to UNDERSTAND that as far as 'spirit forces' and spirit 'possession,' that you are yet a 'pup' who I simply wish to 'guide' so that you do NOT find yourself in VERY DEEP WATER from which there may be NO ESCAPE. 
The 'idiots' who rant and rave and show apparent 'miracles' are NOT the way bro. IF you truly believe that I am in error then just leave IT at that, there is no need to persecute the 'demon' you believe is setting me 'up' as THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH.
Just try and stay steady MENTALLY, for if you CANNOT, then it is your PROOF that one or more demons ARE in 'part' control of your mind and, they ARE themselves controlled by the Dark Sovereign Power (God) who uses THEM to destroy all that defy HIM. This you may not believe nor understand but it is I THE Spirit of Truth to lay the FACTS before the world.
The Dark 'source' IS absolute 'cunning and deception,' and NO mortal man can 'toy' with IT and survive. I NEVER doubt that IT has a mind infinitely superior to mine, so I ALWAYS approach ITS 'dark forces' with ABSOLUTE RESPECT and for the SOLE PURPOSE of assisting them, so that IT the Dark Power knows my 'pure' and 'graceful' INTENT to assist those trapped by IT.
If you go forth with the INTENT to: knock out your teeth demon, break your arms and loose the hornets of Heaven to continually sting you until you are driven out of this land. I also loose - - -  civil war and strife and debate and every spear and fiery dart you have sent out to be returned 7 fold back, then it IS YOU WHO IS POSSESSED BY DEMONIC thoughts.

Pete, does God Command 'WAR' or - - - 'PEACE, mercy, compassion and forgiveness'?

I can assure YOU Pete that every 'minister' who rants and raves and takes in buckets of cash IS being used by the dark to 'rip off' and deceive BUT - - - just like a 'cut' snake when IT so chooses, then IT the DARK will strike them down, and I truly feel sorry for the greedy vain ones who HAVE NO IDEA what IS IN STORE FOR THEM.
Pete, a 'Zombie' is a 'dead man walking' in the flesh of a human. they are a person with a mind in an altered state of consciousness because they have become 'possessed' by a spirit. When they are in this state they cannot relate to you and neither you to them, and dependent upon the 'nature' of the spirit 'beast' within them determines their interaction with YOU.
It also follows that if YOU become mentally possessed then your interaction with others is beyond your mind to control and you may not even be aware as to what you are doing.  Martin Bryant has always stated that he did not shoot anyone as he had no recollection of so doing.
Some believe that the shootings were a 'conspiracy' because Martin was left handed, and he was reported to have fired the weapon from the hip using his right hand, and managed 19 head shot kills. A seemingly impossible possibility even for a trained gunman. He was possessed by a very powerful spirit who knew exactly what he was doing.
No person who is 'full of Light' and thus 'sin' free can cause harm to any other. Every person having 'sin' within who interferes, abuses, controls, injures etc., is a person with a mind under siege from the Dark. Yes bro, their minds are 'justified' by the Dark to go forth mercilessly as they simply enjoy what they accomplish.
So as you go forth and wage war etc., then you at that moment are controlled by 'dead men walking' in this realm using your mind and body. They are hard, cold, cruel, callous, merciless and disrespectful and they hear NOT the 'pleas' for mercy by their victims because, their own souls are controlled by the Dark Sovereign Power.  HE is their 'Overlord' who is inspiring them to wield His Sword against ANY who in their past failed to uphold His WORD of Peace.
I say that any person in the flesh who becomes a 'Zombie' because of their arrogance or ignorance will cause havoc and will pay the ultimate price by falling below and joining the 'dark mob,' and that 'army' is not nice, nor does it 'rest,' nor does its forces have any surcease from suffering because, they are all revolving within the punitive aspect of God's ONE Law.
Soon there will be millions of Zombies roaming the face of this earth as you will see. I hope that every one of them passing your way will be 'greeted' by you calmly and respectfully and in a 'godly manner,' for if you or anyone throws a 'spanner' then you are as they are, - - - possessed by God's DARK energy.
Pete, I see from your web site that you were 'slain' so to speak and fell to the floor at the hand of a person purporting to be a 'minister' of the Lord. I bro have lived a very long and varied life and in the 60's learned the power of 'suggestion' when I went to see a 'stage show' by Max Collie one of the world's best hypnotists in Nairobi.
He invited up about 45 people from the audience who all stood around as he spoke to us the audience, he then suddenly turned around and swung his arm towards these chaps and in a very loud voice said "SLEEP," - - - about half of them literally fell to the floor and then became the 'subjects' used in his 3 hour performance. The others who were not 'hypnotised' were sent back to their seats.
I am aware that the 'Jesus saves' world wide groups use the same 'tactic' as other hypnotists do, being to place their hand on 'heads' and this transfer of energy gathered up from the audience does 'something' as you well know, but what you need to try and understand is that in reality it is 'overpowering' their 'subject' momentarily and at that time a moment of temporary 'hypnotism' and its accompanying 'auto suggestion' that you have been saved by the blood of Jesus is instilled and TOTALLY believed by YOU.
I believe that someone far back must have decided to use this style of 'hypnotists powers' in the formation of the earlier 'Jesus saves' movements in the late 70's that are now worldwide.
Hypnosis is thought to work by altering our state of consciousness in such a way that the analytical left-hand side of the brain is turned off, while the non-analytical right-hand side is made more alert. The conscious control of the mind is inhibited, and the subconscious mind awoken. Since the subconscious mind is a deeper-deep seated, more instinctive force than the conscious mind, this is the part which has to change for the patient's behaviour and physical state to alter.
So here we are TODAY bro - you a man believing totally that you ARE saved, and I a man seeing just how DIFFICULT a task our God has set ME in setting you and all other 'hypnotised' mortals FREE of your error of belief that indeed is deeply and 'hypnotically' rooted.
Now as you KNOW with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that you are 'safe and saved' due to IT being 'induced' into your subconscious there is going to be a difficult process de-powering that belief. IF you find any truth in my texts it will result in inner conflict unless that can BE resolved in your subconscious.
If the overpowering belief is so great and that you 'fear' to read my texts in case they might deceive you, that too is a problem. Maybe the only way for all the millions of deceived 'converted' to in fact become free of their 'error in belief' is for them to 'hear' the voice of a hypnotist who can realign their mind to the point where they can BEGIN to 'think for themselves' rather than believing the ONE who SAID that they were 'safe & saved.'
I do not 'wish' to un-save you, I simply wish for you to KNOW that ONLY through adherence to God's Command can you become free AFTER having PAID YOUR DUES for the time in the past when you were a 'malicious, unkind, disrespectful, cruel, rascal' as many of us have been in our youth, and then purged of your inner SIN  (Negative emotions) by God's outpouring Light.
I need YOU Pete, I AND our God needs you, for once you do AWAKEN to the reality of the greatest 'con job' perpetrated by those 'coming' in the name of Jesus then your task for God will be to go forth and ENLIGHTEN them and their 'victims.'
Yes, God even needs Chris to 'awaken' all the sleeping 'soldiers' of the past and present as he with a 'joke' and a smile tells them all 'what to do' as they face their past - for even they are ALL presently on the WIDE ROAD TO HELL, and Chris is the ONE chosen by God and placed before me to be their 'saviour' as he tells them of God's Glory and THE fulfillment of God's Law story.

I do thank you for your 'input' Pete, for it will show other readers how 'East & West' are poles apart, and that applies to the Light & Dark, as well as to 'War v/s Peace,' as well as to 'Truth v/s Deception,' as well as to 'Sane v/s Insane,' and more to the point, an insane person does not know nor realise that they are so because, to them, their mental state is simply NORMAL.

I do hope that ahead you will find a way to THE LIGHT and this may only take place as the spell binding you is dispelled by MY Wisdom.


5.53 pm 20 Aug 2012

Terence writes one last time:

Dear Pete, I see that the forces binding you and blinding you to reality are by you 'enabled' due to you having been taught error. If you cannot see that you are incapable of 'flooding' Anchor road with the 'blood' of a 'dead' man, then I regret to say that you are presently INSANE and regrettably it is your right or 'choice' to so be.

As I see it, you are now in God's 'hands' so to speak, and unless you can try to NOT 'fight' the demons you believe are in others, then things will get worse for you. I simply now ask that you read my 'The demons document' as in IT is a letter to me from 'Paul,' a man who was in a very 'difficult' state indeed as you will see.


Other than that I just add a few words before I go on my way, for I truly do not have the time to write any more to you and by your own words you 'throw' my letters into rubbish bin. That also is your choice and either way you do have access to my web site with ALL the Wisdom of God on IT to assist you if or when you so desire. I speak now on the issues below:

The exposure of the unholy 'High Priests' of the 'Safe & Saved by the blood of Jesus' Sects.
The vain, arrogant and foolish who are deceiving so many as they 'come' in 'The name of Jesus.'

The FALSE 'Safe & saved by the blood of Jesus' myth has been propagated over many years now by thousands of mortal men who are not only Vain, arrogant, proud and GREEDY, but their MINDS were 'tapped' by the infinite cunning of the Dark Sovereign Power who gave them the JUSTIFICATION to use the name of God's messenger in order to PROMOTE their business venture that to their MIND appeared to be a good 'debenture' in respect of the Salvation story.

These vain men failed to comprehend their own 'biblical' texts wherein it was CLEARLY STATED that those 'coming' in the name of Jesus or God were FALSE, and it is I to state that I personally do NOT come 'in the name of Jesus,' for I state that:

I AM HE the Spirit of Truth having the SAME spirit soul within as did the mortal man 'Jesus' of that past time.

So here we now are, where men like 'Pete' have been 'led' to believe that when a mortal man 'ministering' his truth performs a 'knock you down' RITUAL, during which he states that as the result of his proven 'powers' over you, that you are now 'saved.' That is pure FALSITY say I.

I THE Spirit of TRUTH state:

The PROOF to you the individual that you ARE 'Safe' from drawing IN more of God's Dark energy (Sin) into your soul through defiance of God and thus causing harm to another is:

A - When you do NOT retaliate when faced by an aggressor seeking to or causing you or your family HARM.
B -  When you no longer 'give in' to dark thoughts or emotions and thus cause NO harm or injury etc., to any other child of God.

The PROOF to you the individual that you ARE 'Saved' is ONLY when you 'pass through' the PEARLY Gates of Heaven into Paradise.

THE PROOF TO YOU the individual that you are NOT 'safe nor saved' nor freed from your inner sin is, that your MIND is becoming more 'irrational' and 'disturbed' by 'possessive' THOUGHTS that you are UNABLE TO HALT.

WHAT does this MEAN?

It means that your negative emotions (Sin) are becoming STRONGER and thus you will be more critical, angry, vain, fearful, vindictive, vociferous, confrontationary, possessive, demanding, greedy and aggressive etc., and JUSTIFIED in defying God's: "Peace, love, mercy, compassion and forgive" Command as YOU will be incited to disturb the peace of others or retaliate in the face of adversity and, you will be UNABLE to 'turn the other cheek.'

WHAT does this MEAN

It means that each and every 'time' your interaction with others is NOT within the precepts of God's Command you will ACCRUE a further punitive 'due' within the IMMUTABLE Law of God and, you draw MORE Dark energy of GOD into your soul and are then in greater spiritual DANGER because, the 'bigger' or stronger your negative emotions become, the easier it is for demonic forces to telepathically overpower your MIND from WITHIN.

No fellowshipping with ANY religion nor the praising of the name of Jesus or Buddha or Muhammad or Krishna or any other will SAVE YOU say I the messenger of the MOST HIGH. You will ONLY become 'safe or saved' when you follow my LEAD as given in this God's FINAL message to humanity.

Try and 'reason' that you can simply be an 'attendee' in being a part of a group of people congregating in a hall without having received a 'label' stating that you are safe or saved. So what is it that actually takes place when you are 'invited' to step forward by the 'conductor' of the day?

What takes place is that you publicly 'front up' to be a participant in a RITUAL wherein another person submits you to an 'overpowering' ACT, and this act 'formalises' the supposed 'Salvation' of the participant by their own belief that the 'Supreme Power' (God) operated through the 'conductor' of the RITUAL and they were THUS saved.

Once this 'formality' is over the new 'acolyte' becomes 'wed' to form a core part of the congregation and presumes that, - - - they are in some way EMPOWERED to also go forth 'spruiking' that Salvation was/is ONLY guaranteed in praising the name 'Jesus' and accepting him as ones personal saviour etc. This is an absolute CONTRADICTION of God's Message.

None of the 'newly wed' indoctrinated by the Sect or mainstream religions realise that the thousands of mortals carrying out these RITUALS 'In the name of Jesus' are NOT God, nor did Jesus send them, nor can any 'ritual' free them of their INNER SIN nor 'wash away' their accrued 'Karmic dues.'

All that has in FACT taken place during the ritual is that a SPELL has been placed within their subconscious mind by 'wolves in sheep's clothing' operating through the flesh and mind of mortal men purporting to be 'God' with the capacity to 'save' the souls of any person they were 'able' to OVERPOWER and fell to the floor and, - - - as this they do they 'invoke' the name 'Jesus' to give the RITUAL a spiritual significance.

Yes, by their actions the 'High Priests' are in fact stating and implying: 

"By the powers invested in ME by God I have set you free and you are now 'Safe & Saved' - - - AND - - - my 'Act' of RITUAL nullifies and abrogates the "Eye for an eye - As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW OF GOD and you are FORGIVEN for your past sinning ways."

I THE returned Spirit of Truth categorically state:

"Any person continuing to promote the 'Christian Outreach' PHILOSOPHY that 'Jesus saves' is a person showing their utter contempt of Jesus AND the Father who sent him and they WILL surely 'die in their sin' for their vanity, pride, arrogance, ignorance, DECEPTION and GREED."

It is ONLY when one at all times and in all situations OBEYS and remains within the precepts of God's Command that one will be safe or saved by God's grace. I ADD that there is NO ritual nor 'circumstance' whereby one can avoid the implementation of God's immutable LAW.



From: fishermanpete
To: 'Terence'
Sent: Sunday, August 26, 2012 7:01 PM
Subject: RE: final
We are working for God already Terence and He is sending us to Uganda very soon to preach the Gospel with our friend Eric to all who have ears to hear. Praise God, there will be many born again.
Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

From: Terence
Sent: Monday, 27 August 2012 6:30 AM
To: fishemanpete
Subject: Re: born again

Indeed Pete, ref < Except a man be born again, > What you and those that 'taught' you do not see nor understand is the meaning of 'born again,' and IT is certainly NOT becoming a 'born again' person in the manner you believe -
For when we are 'born' in the Light of Heaven created by GOD we do not have any negative emotions within us and as such are 'sin free,' but within our souls are the 'seeds' of these emotions that are 'of' the Dark and we are 'warned and FORBIDDEN' by God to sup on Dark energy because the moment we do, IT is what 'waters' the seeds of darkness that then grow within the soul of man and at the very moment an individual living in the LIGHT 'sips' but one drop of that 'stuff' their soul is drawn OUT of the pure Light and begins ITS downward slide to the ABYSS - - - UNLESS
It is 'born again' meaning - the negative emotions are purged out of the soul - - - and that 'bro' cannot be done by any 'ritual' of man say I -
You believe you are 'saved' because you were 'ritualised' by a group and were TOLD that you were now saved - I say that THEY the 'performers' were LIARS for as we both know, you still have the very same negative emotions within YOU that you had prior to the ritual -
I can state quite categorically that no person with 'sin' within can enter Heaven - if you do not agree with me then SO BE IT.
What GOD via my pen is stating is that the great outpouring of LIGHT from within every spirit be they incarnate or in spirit realms ARE being purged of their negative emotions BUT - - - as these emotions rise UP to clear they show their 'wolfish' face so to speak and become very strong and THUS the person's mind can let them down and they will SIN AGAIN by doing something that is NOT within the precepts of God's Command and AT THAT MOMENT draw IN MORE DARK ENERGY that 'counteracts' their purging for there is now MORE to be drawn out - - -
More to the point also is that they THEN also have to face the consequence of their negative interaction within the IMMUTABLE Law of God - - - and instead of turning the other cheek they will 'fight back' in retaliation and draw IN MORE DARK ENERGY and they will still be doing THAT unto the time of the GREAT outpouring of LIGHT ceases for another eternity so they WILL HAVE MISSED THE BOAT and NOT have become sin free (born again)
I can state that ANY person failing to fortify their MIND using the GOD GIVEN Star Prayer and UNDERSTANDING its implications and doing their VERY best to BOW to God's 'love & peace & mercy & forgive' Command WILL fall into the ABYSS into the eternal fire.
PETE - ONLY I 'bro' understand the 'truth or error' within PAST scriptures, - - - and the 'devilishly' cunning DARK aspect of THE SOURCE is using these scriptural texts to ENTRAP the 'sinners' who are GREEDY and POWER hungry such as those who perform the 'saved in Jesus name' RITUALS.  - - - AND - - - it follows that everyone NOW believing they are safe or saved will BE proven WRONG as THEY will fight tooth and nail to NOT suffer when God 'calls in' HIS 'dues' within HIS LAW that I STATE is IMMUTABLE and that as such there is NO 'forgiveness' until  - -
I HOPE that SOON you begin to SEE what I am saying because you will then SEE the very deep nature of YOUR OWN QUEST for God to 'awaken' all the lost who erroneously believe they are ALREADY saved.
Pete, IF you continue to 'throw' PAST scriptural texts at me IT shows God and me your arrogance - - - AND - - - if YOU 'preach' THEM to others, then YOU ARE or 'will be' RESPONSIBLE FOR MISLEADING THEM and you WILL suffer the consequence.
Why don't you actually LOOK at what is being 'promoted' by GOD via my pen? Is it due to your FEAR at being misled? If "Yes" then that FACT proves to YOU that you HAVE NOT BEEN BORN AGAIN for you are yet 'with sin within.'
From: fishermanpete
To: 'Terence'
Sent: Monday, August 27, 2012 6:59 AM
Subject: RE: born again
Praise the Lord Terence, we will also be baptizing many who are born again also.


From: Terence
To: fishermanpete
Sent: Monday, August 27, 2012 1:54 PM
Subject: Deliberations

~ Deliberations ~

Pete - Sinners 'took' themselves OUT of the Light of Heaven by their:

OWN FREE WILL CHOICE TO SO DO - As they defied God's Command

To now BECOME 'saved' it has to be by the personal free choice of the individual and, - - - HOW do they become SAVED?

They can only BE saved by their decision to OBEY the Command of GOD

For you or anyone to 'preach' to sinners that by the ACT of the 'crucifixion' of Jesus the mortal man that ALL mankind was/is saved is a LIE promoted and taught by the DECEIVED who are NOW themselves deceiving others.


IF mankind was/is already 'saved' by the crucifixion of Jesus, - - - then "why" do they need to be 'again' saved by some other mortal man named - Eric or Pete or Terence?

I have SAID: NO mortal man can save ANYONE - - - ONLY our God can save anyone AND, it still must BE "The free choice of the individual" to wish - desire - want to be saved and - - - they still have to 'permit' The fulfillment of God's LAW as they continue to OBEY the Command:

"Go your way in peace & love thine enemy and turn the other cheek if abused and be merciful and compassionate and forgive thine enemy" etc.

If you Pete believe that Eric or you can/will or do go forth to 'save' souls MEANS that your INITIAL  belief that the crucifixion of Jesus saved everyone is ERROR, and did NOT save them nor you in the first instance.

I am trying to get you to see that neither Jesus - Eric - nor YOU can actually save ANYONE - we CANNOT save any other, it IS between THEM and their 'Creator' GOD.

All that JESUS could DO in the distant past was to pass ON the 'WISDOM OF GOD' to the sinners, so they could change their 'thinking' and become kinder, merciful, compassionate and forgiving as they OBEYED their God - - IF THEY SO CHOSE TO DO: Nothing has changed:

God via His messenger Jesus stated to HIS children:

Turn the other cheek if persecuted and injured
Do NOT retaliate in the face of adversity
Go as a lamb to the slaughter if persecuted
Love one another
Forgive thine enemy
Be compassionate and merciful
Go YOUR way in peace etc.

WHY does God say this as BEING the ONLY way to Salvation?

Because ONLY by 'living' the WISE Word do we 'permit' The fulfilment of God's LAW in ITS punitive aspect.

WHY can YOU Pete and Eric and others not SEE this FACT? Because you are VERY arrogant and HAVE been deceived.

If you 'think' that you can 'save' anyone then you ARE TRULY LOST Pete

The only 'additions' to the 7 'factors' given above is that God has sent me to bring in more revelations to ASSIST people to be ABLE TO OBEY GOD as their powerful negative emotions surge UP within their souls to be purged out by God's grace - - - GOD'S - - - not 'yours' Pete.

As for your words < we will also be baptizing many who are born again >

If you believe or preach past scripture or that a 'baptism' rite or 'front up' ritual or 'knock down' ritual is going to SAVE the participants then - - -


Yes, - literally 'Bro' for being a LIAR and a DECEIVER

Why? For you are in fact stating to the participants that:

1 - YOU are doing a better job than JESUS did.
2 - You are doing a better job than GOD is doing invisibly.
3 - Your way is better than the message of Salvation NOW given to humanity by God's Plenipotentiary the Spirit of Truth, Terence. 

Pete, IF you get on any 'stage' with Eric or on your own 'soap box' and start 'baptising or saving' as you put it with ANY OTHER TEXTS than as is contained within my 'Testament of Truth' web site - - - then 'bro' - - - I can ASSURE you that - - - 

From YOUR OWN FREE WILL CHOICE you ahead will have:

 THE 'baptism' of eternal FIRE 

Pete - I do ALL my 'texting' in the knowledge that God is observing MY efforts to save others such as yourself, and I do believe that I have now done all GOD and MY conscience expects of me ref YOU or any other supposed 'born again' Christian -  I wish you well on your road -

Relevant docs:
From: fishermanpete
To: 'Terence'
Sent: Monday, August 27, 2012 2:10 PM
Subject: God 
Jesus Christ is God
From: Terence
To: fishermanpete
Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2012 8:17 AM
Subject: Jesus

Dear Pete, I will 'carry' you for that extra 'mile' brother as I state: In reference to your above words 'Jesus Christ is God,' all I can add is that for you to so believe, then some other man on earth who 'wrote a story' or, the very 'Devil' himself did you deceive.

Certainly Pete your present 'god' is your false belief that brings you ahead to 'grief' because, in fact you believe in the 'text' in a 'book' that to you is 'god' for IT in your mind stands 'supreme' as your daily 'walk & talk' is a daydream.

The 'god' of legislators is their unholy decrees, rules, dictates. The 'god' of the police is their 'operational manual' and punitive attachments to which they obey and 'bow to' in allegiance in the same way you adhere to yours. Any person operating in a manner outside of the 'precepts' of God's Holy Command are INFIDELS, NON-believers, LOST SOULS.

The REAL God's 'face' is never seen by mortals or those in spirit who 'daydream' because, HE ~ SHE live in the highest realm, and they certainly never 'wander around' bound in a fleshly body such as you or I or Jesus or Muhammad or Buddha or any other who did or yet do inhabit.

Pete, men have always looked up to other mortals or animals or rocks or other 'images' because they needed 'something' they assumed was 'greater than they' that was visible. Seeing not that THE REAL GOD is invisible to any living in the 'lower worlds' of DISGRACE.

You Pete are a 'lost soul' wandering in the desert with a MIND 'graven' by the false beliefs of other mortals who walked this earth. As said before, if you believe that the 'blood' of Jesus saved or saves any person who so 'professes' his name as their 'saviour' then "why" bro are you yet 'lost'?

Only God is GOD ~ Only God is WISE

God is wiser than all the trillions upon zillions of spirit children He ~ SHE did create.

The "Welsh' Hymn says it all

~ Immortal Invisible God Only Wise ~

Immortal, invisible, God only wise,
In light inaccessible hid from our eyes,
Most blessed, most glorious, the Ancient of Days,
Almighty, victorious, thy great name we praise.

Unresting, unhasting, and silent as light,
Nor wanting, nor wasting, thou rulest in might;
Thy justice like mountains high soaring above
Thy clouds which are fountains of goodness and love.

To all life thou givest to both great and small;
In all life thou livest, the true life of all;
We blossom and flourish as leaves on the tree,
And wither and perish but nought changeth thee.

Great Father of glory, pure Father of light,
Thine angels adore Thee, all veiling their sight;
But of all Thy rich graces this grace, Lord, impart
Take the veil from our faces, the vile from our heart.

All laud we would render; O help us to see
'Tis only the splendor of light hideth Thee,
And so let Thy glory, Almighty, impart,
Through Christ in His story, Thy Christ to the heart.

Pete, your mission' must NOT be one wherein you 'link' to another lost soul such as 'Eric' or any other.
God wishes for you to go 'solo' with Him ~ Her as your guide and inspiration.

Terence - the Spirit of Truth

From: fishermanpete
To: 'Terence'
Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2012 7:46 PM
Subject: RE: Jesus

Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.
From: Terence
To: fishermanpete
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 12:22 PM
Subject: antichrist and more
Dear dear PETE - your words : < he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. >
Firstly 'bro,' this is a very 'simplistic belief' that any person denying the man 'Jesus' as being the Christ (pure soul) as antichrist, - - - is absolute rubbish, for there are millions of people who have never heard of Jesus nor of his message from the Father - - - but - - - they may have their OWN 'taught' knowledge of GOD and some of them try not to deny the Father and thus they are NOT antichrist as such, as YOU 'preach' to ME.
It 'follows' Pete that YOUR belief in the absolute 'truth' of the above statement is ERROR, and it was written by a 'sinner' who did not have the depth of insight that I have. I can but 'repeat' that 'slinging' biblical quotes my way is pure foolishness and arrogance that shows BOTH the Father and I just how far 'off beam' you presently ARE in reference to THE ABSOLUTE SPIRITUAL TRUTH needed to assist in the Salvation of anyone.
Pete, certainly the SPIRIT OF TRUTH SOUL within the biological BODY that walked on earth WAS the 'Christ' spirit incarnate within the flesh of the man named 'Jesus' who walked the earth 2000 years ago - BUT - his biological flesh is no longer 'here' nor ever to appear here - for IT as ALL 'flesh' became DUST - but -
The SPIRIT OF TRUTH SOUL that was some 2000 years ago within the flesh of Jesus the mortal man does walk again in the biological flesh of this world in the biological body of your 'buddy' Terence who is the returned CHRIST hidden from mortal men as is a 'thief in the night' for NONE see the pure spirit soul within me.
It is not the 'time' to 'revere' HIM the SPIRIT OF TRUTH (then) nor NOW - it is but THE TIME to 'bow' to our immortal God and do HIS fresh bidding as revealed by my pen - HIS pen by my OWN hand, whereas 'last' time on earth Jesus the Christ soul wrote naught by his own pen - all written was but 'hearsay' say I and recorded many years after his 'passing.'
The MISSION of TODAY is NOT to 'preach' biblical Christianity.
It is SOLELY to preach & teach the Salvation message of TODAY.
and teach

The HOLY TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

and teach

That God has but ONE Law that is IMMUTABLE:
"As you or your servants do unto others will be done to you by others, be it benign or malignant."

The 'time frame' remaining in which to 'alert - warn -advise' everyone as to the deadly spiritual and material dangers ahead AND to the FACT that their 'enemy' is God the Father is VERY SHORT.

It is the Father via His Dark forces who is to mete out retribution (The fulfilment of THE Law - His LAW) and at the same time His Dark forces below will telepathically (incoming thoughts) 'tempt' all those 'sinners' still defying HIM to BECOME a part of His 'punitive army' so as to 'entrap' and destroy them for their continued infidelity to His Holy Command given above.

(This is the eternal separation of souls - the 'Just from the Wicked')

The 'Just' who : -

Follow the TRUE religion - ideology.
The 'ideal' being the belief in:
 Tender loving CARE

Peace, compassion, kindness, truthfulness, mercy, respect, forgiveness, freedom & creativity using LOVE. (benign)

Thus the aspirant, pilgrim or 'follower' remains loyal in being an absolute pacifist in their interaction with others at all times.

The 'Wicked' who : -

Follow the FALSE religion - ideology.
The 'ideal' being the belief in the justification for:
Cruel merciless PERSECUTION

War, control, deception, disrespect, vengeance, torture, killing & destruction using FORCE. (malignant)

Thus the 'follower' is an aggressor who terrorises and injures people with whom they interact when they feel 'justified' to so do.

 PEACE will reign on earth as it is in Heaven once all who continue to defy Him have been 'swept' into the underworld.

How is this to be accomplished?

Arrogant man incited telepathically by the demonic forces of the Dark Sovereign Power (God) will raise their voice, hand, sword, axe, gun, spear, stave against those that do or had trespassed into the dark and sinned and, any of these who 'bow' their head in obedience to God's Command and suffer in NON-retaliation as they 'die' are set free to rise UP to the eternal LIGHT.

Those that cannot or 'fail' to control their thoughts and fearful or aggressive emotions will RETALIATE and, they will continue to 'sin' and draw IN more dark energy into their souls and, as they 'die,' the weight of their SIN within will drag their soul down into eternal suffering below.

The MISSION of TODAY is NOT to 'preach' biblical Christianity.
It is SOLELY to preach & teach the Salvation message of TODAY.

The Mission SERMON is not an ongoing weekly RITUAL

There is ONLY time to hold once off SEMINAR SERMON style 'gatherings' and give out Information. There is NO 'time' for weekly 'talks,' there is only the time to stride forth from here to there and everywhere, and by ALL 'means' available pass ON this Mission statement and sell or hand out CD's and the web URL to God's sacred web pages and other documents given herein.

~ The 'KEY' Issues ~

The following information must be given out to any individual or group attending a Mission SERMON.
1 - The Command and Law of God as given above.
2 - Daily fortification of the MIND using the Star Prayer document. (Link below)
3 - The contents of this 'Mission' statement.

4 - A copy of the 'Brief Summary' of the message. (Link below)
5 - Reference link to the 'Offender Seminar' program. Link below
5 - The web link http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk

6 - A CD of God's web site may be sold or freely given depending upon the circumstances of both parties.

Let it be clearly understood that any references to past supposed sacred texts will mislead people and are NOT to be used. The only 'past' references to Holy teachings are the following that are still 'valid' TODAY, being statements by:

God via His messenger Jesus to HIS children:

Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you
Turn the other cheek if persecuted or injured
Do NOT retaliate in the face of adversity
Go as a lamb to the slaughter if persecuted
Do not repay evil for evil
Love one another
Forgive thine enemy
Be compassionate and merciful
Go YOUR way in peace etc.

Let it be clearly understood and passed ON that NO person can AVOID what is coming to THEM personally from GOD via His punitive forces. For these invisible forces will be operating telepathically through ANY 'unprotected' MIND, be it yours, your wife's, family members, strangers etc. It may also come to you by your OWN hand if they overpower your mind and turn your 'hand' against yourself. (Suicide)

Let it be clearly understood that in order to be in compliance with God's RULING Command one must only support, condone and fund peaceful, benign, creative and loving activities or community effort.

The funding or supporting of any 'regulatory' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'controlling' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'taxing' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.

The funding or supporting of any 'protectionist' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'coercive' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'punitive' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.

The funding or supporting of any 'extortionist' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'terrorist' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'invasive' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.

The funding or supporting of any 'warring' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'defensive' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'inquisitive' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.

The funding or supporting of any institution that 'legislates' the use of force via its 'rules, acts, laws, decrees' is FORBIDDEN by God.

YOU the ONE seeking to serve God must make a STAND now so choose your 'spot' quickly and PREPARE.

 Remain there through 'thick and thin' and simply:




From: fishermanpete
To: 'Terence'
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 12:35 PM
Subject: RE: antichrist and more

Sorry Terence, but I believe the Bible. So if the True Spirit of God says you are a deceiver and antichrist, then that's what you are. And a fiery finish in Hell you will receive unless you repent.

Rev_20:10 (KJV) And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

From: Terence
To: fishermanpete
Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2012 1:31 AM
Subject: biblical falsity

So be it Pete, I have done my best to assist you and it appears that there is naught else I can do but wish you well on your road and HOPE that when 'adversity' stares you in the face that you remember ME and do NOT retaliate. 

As for your words above < devil that deceived them > even this biblical prophecy is ERROR for I do know that the TEMPTER is the 'shadow' under the 'hand of God' that IS HIS (God's) DESTRUCTIVE ENERGY, and IT cannot be cast 'anywhere' for IT is what it IS and for sure, any person writing texts such as the one you sent me is the ONE deceived and a FALSE Prophet, for God cannot be 'tormented' for even ONE moment of time.

I am not a 'bible student' for our God did not wish for me to be deceived, and having received your email I have looked up the on line text Rev 20-10 you referred to and read:
 < Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for a  thousand years. >
I comment on its inference: It implies that God is 'powerless' and TOTALLY UNJUST, for 'permitting' innocent people to be 'beheaded.' According to MY 'book' God PROTECTS those who have NOT defied Him nor having committed any crime. 
So 'bro' - the only TRUTHFUL ANSWER is that the 'visionary' was simply having a 'bad' dream or did not get his mind around what he saw because, in MY BELIEF our God IS ABSOLUTELY JUST - - - and, - - - if anyone was 'beheaded' in the dream/vision then they MUST have 'beheaded' others before and, they MUST have 'worshipped the beast' AND 'received the mark of the beast.'
Pete, it was sinful MAN who has turned 'Jesus' into 'godship' for they were deceived. It is I to have to 'dispel' these ongoing myths IN THE HOPE that not every 'lost soul' is an ABSOLUTE DOPE but has more than a 'pea brain.'
To set the 'record' straight I need to tell YOU and every 'reader' that Jesus as Pete and I and every one of the 101 million helpers from the Light now on earth 'took on' the sin of this world (negative emotions) so that we all could UNDERSTAND the POWER of God's UNDERHAND once we incarnated here. For ONLY with our personal understanding can we help others yet lost and sinning.
Jesus was not always a kind, merciful, forgiving person, and it is recorded that he 'flayed' some and was 'tempted' to 'jump' and thus commit suicide and, no doubt he did many things unseen by men but seen by GOD that RESULTED in him having to BE NAILED and SUFFER. For NONE can avoid God's LAW. God's Law is ABSOLUTE JUSTICE. (No more no less - an eye for an eye - tooth for a tooth - on an equal basis)
So foolish mortals now believe that because Jesus was 'nailed' and suffered for being a 'swine' that they now are 'set free.'  Not only 'freed' from their inner 'Sin,' but also freed from being subjected to God's Law. How stupid and UNJUST is that if it was so? But it is NOT so say I.
The 'vain' and ignorant and arrogant who hold God's immutable Law in disdain have 'conned' everyone via false 'biblical' text to now believe they they can CONTINUE being a swinish sinner and then, - - - simply 'sit' or 'fall' at the feet of people like the 'Pope' or 'Eric' or maybe even YOU and, - - - using a 'ritualistic' RITE of 'confession' that Jesus is their 'professed' savour then be saved by God's "Grace"? How 'blind' can man get?
Oh how ignorant is mortal man who seeks to 'justify' his defiance of God as he UPHOLDS erroneous texts and promotes their falsity and deception?
None see the END result due to their 'parroted' teachings. I am 'told' by God that within the hundreds of pages and thousands of verses and many different translations of said texts, that there are over TEN THOUSAND discrepancies, amendments, lies, deception, error and distortion. Enough to keep 'readers' bound to IT the Dark unto the very gates of Hell. (This applies equally to the Islamic Koran)
I cannot 'waste' my time pointing out any more scriptural 'error' to you or any. I have written my own 'book' being THE Testament of TRUTH and any who defy ITS content or deny ITS content have the absolute free choice to so do. I simply lay IT at the feet of the world so that any 'interested' can BOW down to God as they pick it UP and save THEMSELVES.
You Pete now know the 'power' of dark energy that used YOU in the past, and you hopefully have now understood that the USE of said ENERGY OF GOD leads the user into being a 'retributive' force for God, as well as bringing the USER into suffering later.
Yes 'bro,' in order for YOU to fully understand God's energy and the CONSEQUENCE of the USE thereof your soul had to also take on THE SIN of this world as IT entered. Please now just prepare your mind so that IT does not let you down when others as bad as you 'were' front UP and make YOU frown.
So if YOU wish to continue to believe that I am a deceiver because you believe in FALSE TEXTS - well then - as said: 'So be it,' there appears to be no more to discuss. It will be YOU Pete and not me who slips and falls as you CLING to a book written by the hands of 'sinners' that has truth within it but also more than ten thousand lies, errors, deception, distortion, discrepancy.
You don't have to be 'sorry' for me Pete, for even as I sit here I CAN SEE THE FACE OF GOD whether YOU believe it or not. Maybe one day you will UNDERSTAND "Why" the SOUL of the Spirit of Truth had to return to earth and 'correct' the truth so that 'some,' even ONE would be saved.
Go your way in peace and do NOT deceive

This IS the LAST call - Terence