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~ The spiritual ‘death’ penalty ~

 There is a spiritual ‘penalty’ of pain, suffering, deprivation and ultimately spiritual ‘death’ for those that continue to defy their Allah through condoning, supporting, or funding the contra doctrinal belief of “State” governments being; control, interference, tax extortion, seizure of goods, prohibition, fine, punishment, invasion and war.

 It is now revealed that your taxes assist the Country’s ruling ‘elite’ and their enforcers and you to Defy Allah’s “Peace & love & mercy & forgive” Command, for all are complicit to ‘fellowshipping’ with the ‘Devil’s works,’ being the imposition of suffering upon your fellow man by the actions of your SERVANTS the ‘government’ workers that impose; control, interference, tax extortion, seizure of goods, prohibition, fine, punishment and killing.

 Have you ever asked yourself just how your taxes are utilized?

 The government of any nation is falsely believed to be the individuals and parties elected by the populace to "Rule” the Nation in a benign and democratic and ‘godly’ way.

 This is error, for all are ‘ruled’ by TEXT in a ‘book,’ and there is nothing ‘benign, kind, peaceful, compassionate, merciful nor forgiving’ within the TEXT within the myriad of TEXT books containing Rules, Statutes, Laws and Regulations that dictate the ‘Terms of Engagement” that are imposed upon the enforcers and the populace. 

 These Rules of Engagement have been established via a multitude of precedents set by policy-makers who themselves had an ‘inspiration’ to add to the TEXTS.  The insidious aspect of these rules is not only that;

 No one questions just where these ‘inspirations’ came from, and all such TEXT once ‘set’ into ‘print’ carry within them both the ‘right’ to control the population and to impose punitive measures for any non-compliance.

 This is the FALSE ideology of the State ‘religion’ that we all follow blindly in the false belief that a person ‘elected’ into a public office has by that act alone gained an ‘inalienable right’ to dictate how a whole nation will be governed.

 In this manner not only do the TEXTS enslave the population, but also to the judiciary, the enforcers of the law and all the public servants. All are compelled to bow to the TEXT ‘rules, acts,’ etc., while none can see that this set of ‘biblical’ TEXT BOOKS is without ‘comprehension’ or ‘conscience.’

 The truth concerning the DARK ‘nature’ of the TEXT BOOK that rules every nation is that IT forces everyone to defy the command of their Creator and to be invasive, controlling, enslaving, merciless, unforgiving, punitive, and warlike and, - - - those that ‘bow’ to ITS ‘dictates’ place themselves ‘unwittingly’ within the DARK and punitive aspect of Allah’s LAW.

 I can but say that within my 'flesh' resides the spirit of truth sent by Allah so as to reveal the true nature of Allah, so that mankind can begin to see 'why' they so desperately need redirection, for at present they have NO 'immunity' and thus NO 'protection' from Allah from being ‘harmed,’ nor do they have any 'such' by virtue of fellowshipping with one or the other religion.

 Religions 'preach' or teach that their 'adherents' are safe and saved as long as they bow to the 'rituals' and rulings of said religions, and every religion has an 'out' clause for repeat 'sinning' offenders by stating that; “Their 'saviour' has 'done it’ for them,” and thus on the Last day they will find their way and, - - - it is my pen that contradicts this as said, through fresh uncontaminated revelations.

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 You need to ask yourself; 1 - "Who governs Australia?" (Or any land) - 2 - "Is there any democracy or freedom to follow ones 'conscience' or religious beliefs in Australia?" (Or any land)

 The answer to (2) is NO. For if at the core of every religion lies the Command of the Creator: "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving," why are those such as me who wish to walk apart from the State 'religion' persecuted?

 Unbeknown to man the State government is a religion, as it has an 'ideological belief' - - - being that everyone must condone, support, and fund ITS doctrinal belief being; that IT in 'our name' and 'on our behalf' can with seeming impunity tax, interfere, invade, punish, coerce, seize property, and kill, and all this DARK ideology is in contravention of Allah's Command.

 I bring this to the attention of ministers of religion, because you all walk hand in hand with politics, and not one of you 'warn' your flock of the deadly and painful danger they are in, for if Allah is absolutely Just and the absolute authority, then He has the capacity to enforce His single immutable Law; "As you do is done unto you on an 'eye for an eye' or ‘equal’ basis."

 Naturally there is a 'duality' within this Law, for every positive caring, loving, and giving interaction attracts a similar 'Tribute' within said Law through the merciful, and every negative, warring, punitive, controlling, deceptive, extortive or killing interaction attracts a similar RETRIBUTION within said Law.

 As man is forced or coerced under 'threat' of punishment for failing to 'bow' to Caesar (State policy) there is NO democracy in any land, for all are ruled with a callous, stern, cruel and uncompromising set of 'TEXT' named 'acts or rules or laws' that have NO 'conscience' of their own and, - - -

 Every person in 'office' takes a wage to uphold this unholy 'bible' of said State religion that even forces them to defy Allah and gives them ‘licence’ to invade premises, extort fines, terrorise, punish or destroy all in 'opposition' and, - - - the enforcers believe falsely that they are 'above' or 'beyond' the reach of Allah and His Law.

 I now go back to 1 - "Who governs Australia?" (Or any land) It is no 'mortal' man, for irrespective of 'who' takes the reigns, the existing TEXT has absolute dictatorial authority, and the only thing that the newly 'elevated' politicians can do is to ADD more and more text with more and more punitive 'attachments' for any NON-conformity to their ‘vindictive’ decrees.

 Soon everyone will SEE that they have absolutely NO freedom to do anything, and they already have to pay a 'levy' royalty to said 'crown' even before they can go to work, and all are becoming so impoverished that soon all will be starving or be in prison, and I do know WHY.

 Ask yourself; "From whence comes the 'inspiration' for the invocation of every single 'act' that forms the 'laws' of the land"? From whence came the thoughts that entered into the mind of politicians who then 'tabled' said thoughts, and from where arose the ‘thoughts’ that invoked the 'penalty' clauses attached to every enactment?

 For every single ACT that forces others to bow to them and their 'forceful and punitive and regulative 'policy' is not only in contravention of Allah's Commanded “Peace & mercy” CODE OF CONDUCT but it emanates from the PIT of darkness and, - - -

 It follows, that every person 'voting' or supporting or condoning or funding said policy is complicitly 'Guilty' for imposing said 'restrictions' and punishment upon their fellow mankind, and they place themselves within the jurisdiction of the Dark enforcer and His 'eye for an eye' - "As you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you" Law.

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 It follows that the Dark Sovereign Power RULES man with a stern fist VIA the minds of ignorant, vain, proud, and greedy mortals as well as VIA the 'hands' of gun toting men that are equally arrogant NON believers in PEACE and love and mercy and forgiveness and, - - -

 Regrettably NONE other than I see and know that HE the Dark Sovereign Power IS Allah the Father, for there is nothing 'outside' of Allah, and He is the Light AND the Dark, and any person that defies Him and His command makes HIM their enemy, and HE is merciless and unforgiving and there is NO 'exclusion' of His Law because, - - -

 ALL are subjected to IT prior to being released of their 'sin' within, and the message of the 'cross' given to man by Jesus sent by HIM the Father was to show man by EXAMPLE - - - how everyone was to pay their dues - - - prior to being set free from their past, when they or their servants were imposing terror and other iniquity upon Allah's other sons or daughters here, there, or over the sea.

 When you ‘vote’ or fund the State ‘coffers,’ those in ‘office’ become your servants, and they are forcing others to bow to the unconscionable, immovable, and resolute TEXT BOOK ‘entity’ that of itself has no capacity to respond to reason, justice or fairness.

 Being without a ‘conscience,’ the TEXT BOOK that rules every nation is forcing everyone to defy the Command of their Creator.

 However, it is via these ‘texts’ that Allah the Father imposes His punishment upon all. For HE who IS absolutely Just, and HE who has the ‘capacity to make moral judgment’ and the capacity to ‘respond to reason, justice or fairness’ ONLY 'subjects' a person to the TEXT dictates and punishments when one has defied His Command and supports, condones, and funds the imposition of said text decrees upon others and, - - -

 You thus are subjected to the ‘reason, justice or fairness’ of His Law and, when YOU or your servants use His ‘text’ to control and punish others, then you are all ‘subjected’ to ITS ‘burdensome ways for your continued defiance of His “Peace & mercy & forgiveness” Command.

 The Dark satanic forces that exist below now more and more deploy their THOUGHTS within the mind of man and turn one against the other, for it is they to IMPOSE His WILL in every land via their 'insane' hand and, - - -

 It is MY task to advise all how to fortify their minds so that they do not succumb to this demonic attack from within and then take up the cudgel, for in so doing they will LOSE their eternal life.

 All have exposed themselves to attaining the 'mark' of the Beast upon their spiritual 'forehead' for condoning and funding iniquity, and have been 'marked' as one to be struck down by demons operating through the mind of the vain and arrogant and ignorant and, - - -

 Everyone needs to be told that they must become mentally strong enough to NOT protect themselves in the face of adversity, and to simply 'go' as a lamb to the slaughter if they would become a true 'daughter or son' of Allah and reach the Promised Land. Only as one 'suffers' and does NOT retaliate does one 'balance' Allah's scales of justice.

 All must pay their spiritual dues and become 'free' or eternally face the Wrath of Allah in the underworld. Stop paying taxes and by this ‘act’ you stop funding invasive, controlling, punitive and warring iniquity, only fund positive, educative and other ‘welfare’ provision of community services.

 Allah is now to destroy EVERY religion, and that includes the ‘State religion,’ and this will be accomplished by very powerful dark demonic forces operating ‘clandestinely’ via the mind of ‘fleshly’ man. Prepare ye for the END days.

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 Government is elected by the people who believe those elected govern, but that which governs is the text book for it dictates the terms of engagement inspired by ‘policy makers,’ and the terms of engagement are ‘enforced’ by men carrying ‘arms.’ There is NO ‘freedom of choice’ nor democracy.

 The text enslaves the Judiciary, the people and enforcers alike, since all have to bow to it although IT is unconscionable and immovable, simply because it is written TEXT.

 There is no room for individual discretion; individuals are unable to use their conscience to stand against the Text even when it ‘appears’ to be unjust.

 Legislators are people who get an inspiration to add to the Text to assert more control backed by more punishment.

 Every worker (public Servant) is a ‘mini Allah’ to whom all are forced to bow via legislated Text that has a punitive ‘attachment’ for any non-conformity to ‘decrees.’

 The government is not what people think it is because government ideological ‘policy’ contravenes the Light of Allah. Every policy – statute – dictate defies Allah’s Command.

 The more we back the system that enforces tax extortion and punishment, the more tax extortion and punishment ‘dues to Allah’ we accrue, because we are placing ourselves within the punitive aspect of Allah’s Law.

 We find ourselves ending up working harder and becoming more and more restricted and punished because we deserve that under the Karmic “As you sow so shall ye reap” Law.

It matters not 'which' creed you presently 'bow' to or follow, turn direct to your Allah of love and heed Her call of 'Peace unto all' from above, and become free.

"As you do is done unto you."

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