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~ Hinduism ~
A Treatise of Truth

Hinduism is said by some to be the oldest 'religion' recorded by man. This is error, for there is another ideological belief that encompasses all known religious ideologies, and it has existed on this earth from the time that Homo Sapiens first walked the land.

This 'belief' was and yet is, that the strong may take from the weak, and that the 'weak' or meek may be enslaved and controlled by the strong. The strong being any arrogant people that wield the sword or axe or gun.

Hinduism has however existed for so long, that it encompasses many diverse beliefs and rituals, and as many 'old' belief systems it has much truth distorted by 'mystical' untruth within its teachings.

Thus have all its 'followers' found themselves 'trapped' on the never-ending 'wheel' of reincarnation or lost within the dark sectors of spiritual realms of demons and witchcraft.

This is apparent from their 'obvious' ritualistic efforts to appease their God of destruction 'Shiva,' rather than heeding their God of love and abundance Vishnu or Mother Shakthi, the feminine power of God.

So the call of Brahma their Creator to "Only love and walk in peace" is lost within the 'maze' material 'dancing,' and 'flower & food' sacrificial offerings made to ancestral spirits, demons, and Shiva in an attempt at appeasement.

This is similar to the fiscal taxation 'offerings' made to government bodies of all 'races' to appease the 'political' Decrees, and thus ward off any punitive retribution for non-compliance.

A 'supposed' believer in the Hindu ideology does not eat meat because s/he is supposed to revere God and thus cannot hurt anyone. Why then does ignorant man 'revere' beasts of burden (cattle) but abuse his fellow man? Falsity within teachings.

From a philosophical perspective, it follows that every person 'practicing' Hinduism (Or any other religion) that take it upon themselves to follow the 'doctrine' of rules or 'texts' in government systems of the day in any land, are in fact non-believers in the pure doctrine of 'Peace and Love,' and are all doomed to become 'caste' less, and will become demons and evil spirits lost in the underworld in the afterlife having no name.

Foolish are those that believe they can 'sin' and still their journey to paradise win, and only the arrogant and ignorant so think. But this 'pen and ink' categorically states that every person that abuses any other for any reason will suffer the consequence, and this bad 'karma' (consequence) will also bring with it a dark evil spirit, that will grow within their 'belly' like a Genie.

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This spirit will quite possibly be one or more of the ancestors of an 'enemy' that will take control of their mind, and bind them just as a 'monkey' that has 'latched' onto their back that cannot be removed.

If any Hindu or 'other' believe that a good 'deed' done or a 'dip' in the Ganges alleviates ones bad karma, then you are already deceived by the wickedness of your 'priests' and elders that themselves have been deluded for many thousands of years. Why else the 'tears'?

If any of you believe that you can appease your ancestral spirits, or demons or Sanghyang Widhi, the Balinese omnipotent Supreme Being, or Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva by offering 'gifts' and fine clothes or dancing, then you are also deceived by the satanic 'web' woven through your 'culture.'

If any person of any 'belief or ideology' wishes to become spiritually free, then you had better follow my 'pen,' for it is guided by SHE your Heavenly Mother, and SHE says that using and expressing HER Light of mercy, compassion, and forgiveness is the only way to become spiritually free.

For HE your Heavenly Father Shiva states that any 'fool' that uses HIS dark power to abuse any of HIS children will suffer the same 'fate' on an 'eye for an eye' basis when they pass though Hell's gate, where they will be subjugated for eternity with no mercy and no pity.

The Bible of the Hindus the 'Bhagavad Gita' means: 'Divine Song,' and the starting point as well as the final movement in Ramanuja's 'Bhakti yoga' is: Faith in a loving God. So why the 'deception' and 'adoration' by 'appeasement' of a destructive God (Shiva)?

Karma is seen by the Hindu as 'The bane of our existence, and getting rid of karma as the answer to the illusion of our existence.' None seeing that one only 'rids' oneself of bad karma through halting the 'expression' of darkness by never abusing others, and by paying ones dues to God as one 'suffers' ones bad karmic 'fate' in non retaliation. (Turning the other cheek and remaining humble and meek).

The profound spiritual knowledge which can liberate man eternally from 'samsarik' (bondage,) is God's Holy Word that says: "Walk in peace and never wield a sword." Thus the "Dharmic" way of living is 'Peaceful,' extending peace unto all mankind.

Any 'punitive' or warring action to save the lives of self or others is negative, as it 'taints' ones peacefulness and ones soul with darkness, and incurs a karmic return due within God's one Law. If you abuse or destroy others to 'save' your citizens, then you are ignorant, for you cannot 'void' the one spiritual Law of God.

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The 'Hinduist' Balinese are a 'culture' similar to many of the non 'Western' cultures, * being a neurotic 'race' that see 'demons' here, there, and everywhere, to the point that they have become paranoid schizophrenic 'en masse.'

Their response to their 'dilemma' has been to 'appease' these 'ghosts' of their ancestors and other evil beings by offerings of 'gifts,' be it flowers, food, and other.

Note: 'Western' cultures, * - Being the most 'ignorant' on earth, that see not the reality of spirit beings and their influence over the mind of those incarnate in the flesh of this world.

Priests 'control' all aspects of ritualistic 'Shiva the destroyer' appeasement ceremonies. The ceremonial occasions as well as daily ritualistic requirements, and the importance of colourful dress in each of these, and the emphasis of larger than life effigies and fruit towers, are perceived as displays of loyalty to the Hindu faith.

These priests are false teachers, revered due to the ignorance of the populace. None seeing that 'Temples' and priests are workers of Shiva that keep people in bondage and servitude.

When the people are faced by 'evil' or have suffered greatly, they have been led to believe that only through the most elaborate purification ceremonies (mecaru) and 'blood sacrifices' can their God of wrath 'Shiva' be appeased, and they then seek a 'scapegoat' that is brought to their knees and 'beheaded' in some way or another. (Sacrificially blooded).

This 'foul' practice of retribution and 'appeasement' is similar to the unconscionable ways of all other race's religious or political beliefs, wherein any community 'suffering' is set 'right' through the punitive ways imposed upon the 'offender.'

Thus nations wage war to appease their God and their conscience, and the sacrificial 'blood letting' is that pain suffered by 'opposition' soldiers, that are mercilessly put to the sword for having acted like 'terrorising' demons. Civilians also suffer and are 'crucified' in the retributive pogrom.

The sad fact is, that all those funding or condoning or partaking in the 'counter' terrorist action become terrorising demons in action, and it is their God (Shiva) to become their enemy, that via the mind of others will bring an equal return of sorrow to them on another later day.

There is no peace nor surcease from suffering for any that use force of arms.

Hinduism today as all religions has lost the TRUE way. For Hinduism is now a 'mish-mash' of beliefs, that have arisen from the teachings of 'dozens' of supposedly 'holy' people over many thousands of years and, any truth brought to earth via the mind of these personages has as said, become 'entangled' and lost within a 'maze' of non-sense and contra beliefs.

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There is only one pure Salvationary Truth. That is the one 'espoused' today by me God's 'proof,' and it says: "All are free to choose to love as commanded by God, or to defy this command and punish and abuse sister or brother but, - - - All are 'subjects of' and 'subject to' God and God's singular 'Karmic' Law:

"As you do is done unto you"

The truth is that only those, that can and do conform to God's command to "Walk in peace and never raise a 'sword' or angry word against any other, as you mercifully and compassionately and forgivingly go your way each day," are 'instantly' elevated into God's presence and realm of pure light.

Any person that defies God and abuses * others for any reason invokes an evil 'spell' upon their own 'head' and household, and they also 'attract' powerful demonic forces to their 'side' that are 'bloodthirsty,' and demanding, and insatiable, and cruel, and controlling and, - - - thus they cannot attain freedom of their soul or Paradise and, - - -

Once you have felt this 'demonic' power within you, it then becomes 'impossible' to peacefully stroll, and you become a cruel and merciless enforcer of rules and decrees and other obscene rituals, as you 'delight' in bringing others to 'account' on their knees and, - - -

You see not that your merciless actions are 'bloodthirsty' and carried out purely to 'appease' the Dark Sovereign Power (Shiva - God) and, HE 'gloats' as you work for HIM because HE the Supreme Being 'delights' in your 'spell bound' plight for, - - -

One day ahead HE will subject you to HIS divine immutable 'eye for an eye' LAW, and it will be you 'fed' alive and 'kicking and screaming' to HIS dark and evil and powerful demon forces below in the underworld, and they will first 'strip' your 'flesh' from your soul and suck your blood and, - - -

As you then suffer your 'JUST' Karmic due, you will begin to see why Mother God did try to tell you to never disturb the peace, and to never abuse HER Creation, for SHE knows that HE her 'man' Shiva is only 'appeased' and pleased when HE sees LOVE in action.

So if any of you are funding 'iniquity' or being iniquitous in your deeds to others, or if you think you can 'appease' Shiva or His demons with flowers or gifts or prayer, you are already deluded by HIM and HIS forces.

Note: abuses * - Any form of 'legal' or judicial 'accountability' that enforces the punishment of another is in God's eyes unwise and 'offensive' abuse of another, that brings a similar 'painful' karmic return due upon the ignorant enforcer.

Every government system is a religious ideology. It is similar to other 'religious' orders in that it 'ritualistically' tries to appease Shiva through the 'blood sacrifice' of punishment.

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Modern man 'pacifies' his conscience and his 'God' through the punishment of those perceived as 'devilish' or 'evil' or errant or mischievous. Seeing not that his punishing action is not the action of a 'pacifier,' for in God's eyes, any punishment is evil in action and itself punishable by God.

Every religion has become a false ideology that 'bows' to the 'dictates' of the dark overlord 'Shiva,' and HE cannot 'stand' the snivelling advances of those seeking immunity from HIM through their 'gifts' and 'bloodthirsty' sacrifices proffered as they 'grovel' at the feet of the 'Authority.'

Thus the 'Crucifixion of religion' applies to every State government, for they all 'displease' their Creator who is now to smash them all, and their followers that all 'abominably' demand retribution will be 'cast' into the pit with the other swine, for a time and a time.

Set yourself free from all false ideology by now following the way of :
'PEACE unto ALL.'

For those of you that cannot show respect unto others will become bound below.

Note: The 'Christ like' divine principle of Buddha being 'Peace & harmony' that was once 'enshrined' in the teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism and other religions, has become contaminated by the contra doctrinal teaching of 'self defence' that permits aggression.

Thus all past teachings have 'fallen,' as 'sinful' man heeded the satanic call of the Serpent that was used by Shiva the destroyer, the Dark Sovereign Power to enslave and bind the lost race 'mankind.'

It is only now at the 'end' time that the love of Mother God sends forth the pure truth to shine, so that every spirit has one more chance to change their ways and find their way home to HER land divine.

It matters not 'which' creed you presently 'bow' to or follow, turn direct to your God of love and heed Her call of 'Peace unto all' from above, and become free.

"As you do is done unto you."


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