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~ War and Peace and you ~

page 1 - Introduction
page 2 - War & the devil's force
page 3 - Peace & submission to Allah
page 4 - The falsity
page 5 - The Truth

This Testament is the correction of the truth on earth and it requires all to ‘break’ the ‘mould’ of their present belief system as all presently walk the false and wrong way.

The ‘proof’ to Allah and man of ones religion or religious belief is ones ability to remain faithful* to the ‘dogma’* or ideological ‘way’ of the Command of Allah at all times, and especially when one is being ‘terrorised’ and under ‘duress.’

 Note: faithful* - A true believer in the commanded code of conduct doctrine of Allah* that is required by the individual to attain purification of ones soul and thus be ‘saved.’ (Salvation)

 Note: doctrine of Allah* - Being the ONLY way to Salvation: Peace and good will extended unto all at all times in all situations.

 This is only accomplished when the person is strong enough to never use the forceful energy of darkness in their interaction with others, thus they are always compassionate, merciful, peaceful, and forgiving, even if they are to be punished or crucified by the vain and arrogant non-believers.

 Note: ‘dogma’* - the principles of the teaching, the belief or tenets, the true opinion.

 All 'names' given to the religions of the day are simply names given to the institutions of man that have ‘advertised’ themselves as teachers of Allah’s truth, and are but the 'smoke screen' that blinds mankind to the truth of the real ‘negative way’ of the ‘members’ of the institution and, - - -

 The naming of the institution as ‘a religion’ is what 'permits' all its followers to exert power play in the name of their religion and Allah, none seeing that Allah the Almighty sits way above the silly daydreams of man.

There are in fact only two religions on earth, for if the word religion implies a ‘way of living and moral and spiritual code of conduct,’ then:

There is the BELIEF in the use of force for ‘defence’ or 'punishment' or WAR,  
and this 'way' is the doctrine and religion of War.
There is the BELIEF in the use of love for ‘forgiveness’ or PEACE,  
and this 'way' is the doctrine and religion of Peace.

 Each 'doctrine' has its own 'peculiar' ways that show all quite clearly 'who' is 'fellowshipping' with 'which' particular religious belief. Irrespective of what people ‘say’ as being their religion or belief, it is by their deeds they are known, being the daily actions sown by them or their servants.

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War and the Devil’s force

The 'religion' of and thus belief in War - means that a person has not understood the singular "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of Allah nor heard the command of their Creator to "Go your way in peace and extend goodwill unto all mankind," nor heard the voice of Allah commanding all to never sup on the fruit* of the tree of evil.

 Note: the fruit* - dark forceful, controlling, punitive energy. (Allah’s prerogative only)

 Thus the person assumes the right to be 'as' Allah and use the forbidden forceful fruit of the tree of evil, and they justify the use of force of arms to force others to bow to their demands and, they interfere, control, coerce, enslave, regulate, tax, invade, abuse, extort, persecute, judge, punish, and destroy and, - - -

 These ‘warmongers’ are disrespectful, arrogant, pompous and often cruel, callous, critical, vindictive, violent, merciless and unforgiving and as these 'souls' go about their daily unloving business * that causes 'suffering' to others, - - - they accrue a painful and sorrowful spiritual 'due' to the Dark punitive 'arm' of Allah within Allah's superior Law that returns to them in this or the next level when their spirit departs the flesh.

 Note: daily unloving business * - Many of these people are also 'kindly' in their dealings with others, but all that work for the 'system' are forced by its 'rules' into being 'unconscious' and negative and punitive and thus they are seen by Allah as ‘offensive’ offenders to be brought to account by Allah within His supreme Law.

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Peace and submission to Allah

 The 'religion' of and thus belief in Peace - means that a person has understood the singular "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of Allah and heard the command of their Creator to "Go your way in peace and extend goodwill unto all mankind."

 Thus the person is kind, loving, merciful, compassionate, caring, respectful, considerate, compassionate, merciful and forgiving. They never intrude into the affairs of others and neither do they fund, condone or support the 'way' of the 'non-believers' that 'fellowship' with the contra punitive doctrine of the religion of War because, - - -

 If they did 'fellowship' with the 'other way' they would be complicit to the use of force and dark energy, and they would also accrue a negative and painful spiritual due. So those of the religion of PEACE are ‘peacemakers’ that only 'sow' goodness, and within the singular Law of the Creator they receive a 'bounty' of joyful goodness that returns to them in this or the next level when their spirit departs the flesh.

 If you either use dark energy personally in your interaction with others or, if you condone or fund or support any secular or religious institution that uses dark energy in its interaction with others, then you are defiant of your Creator and walking the wide road to Hell and, you are ‘supping’ on darkness and, you are staining your soul and, you are accruing a ‘sorrowful’ karmic debt.

 You are waging ‘war’ and on the ‘wide road to ‘Hell’ if you or your ‘mercenaries’ or your servants of any secular or religious institution: - inflict injury to others – control the freedom of movement of others – tax others – enslave others – interfere into the affairs of others – impose sanctions upon others – invade the premises of others – steal from others – deceive others – cause damage to property of others – criticise, persecute, condemn and judge others for the purpose of punishment.

 As you are all well aware of, all the above activities are carried out in times of “peace” by state authorities acting on their own behalf and on yours. This ‘way’ of living is ERROR and is the false ideological way of War that brings a return of ‘terror’ upon your own household another day when Allah makes you pay for your folly.

 As you are all well aware of, in times of “war” you are all ‘conscripted’ or expected to take up arms to defend your ‘nation,’ religion, or yourself and family and have been taught to so do. This ‘way’ of living is ERROR and is the false ideological way of War that brings a return of ‘terror’ upon your own household another day when Allah makes you pay for your folly.

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The Falsity

 All are ‘promised’ the freedom to exercise their religious belief within the principle ‘acts’ of the Constitution of their governing bodies, but the falsity is that subsequent ‘decrees’ have overturned this ‘common’ belief, and all mankind is controlled and forced by legislation to wage war upon others via their governing systems, and thus are all accruing a greater debt each day and sullying their souls more every day.

 Take note, your ‘religion’ or ‘ideological belief’ is your code of conduct living way, it has nothing to do with any ‘named’ religion of the day, nor does it have anything to do with the ‘prophets’ of old that you profess by mouth to be your inspiration or your devotion. By your deeds are you known to be ‘living a lie’ or true to the “Love one another” Command of your Creator.

 It follows that it matters not the ‘Church’ you profess, it matters not your ‘dress,’ it matters not your ‘profession,‘ it only matters that you personally “peacefully” live and that you personally give your total allegiance to the Allah of LOVE as you conform to the message of the ‘dove’ and “love one another” for all of every race and creed are sister and brother.

 All mankind has been deceived due to the false web of deceit weaved by Satan via your own minds or the minds of vain and greedy and manipulative elders of every ‘tribe’ and nation. If you cannot now ‘turn the other cheek’ and remain meek in the face of adversity as you lay down your ‘hands’ and weapons then you will ‘die’ spiritually and suffer eternally in the Abyss of HELL below.

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Go your way in peace from today, for only thus are you 'saved' by the Grace of Allah. This means that you must cease funding any 'governing' system of man and thus cease your support of its punitive and controlling ways. Halt your 'fellowshipping' with any named religion as you look directly to Allah and conform to His Command.

Strengthen your mind in the manner prescribed by me in this Testament of Truth web site so that you can conform to Allah's command in your daily deeds and when faced by adversity.

You must not 'submit' yourself to any 'inquisition' by others but you do not 'resist' them if they carry you away to be punished by them. If they 'subject' you to their 'rules' and regulations and they impose any 'fines' you do not pay the fine as this is 'suppliance' to their coffers, you simply 'suffer' the consequence quietly.

You continue to fund the welfare of your community directly and contribute to society and service providers as you see fit, guided by your conscience. You make no demands upon others for anything, and you do not interfere in the lives of others for any reason. Respect all and do your best to educate others to the errors of their ways if they offend you.

If you are an employee of any controlling, imposing, taxing, invasive, or punitive institution then you need to make a personally informed decision as to whether you will continue on your 'erroneous' fateful way or, whether you will be kind to your own soul and change your 'mode' of employment as you ' bow' to your Creator rather than the 'rule books' of men.

Those that continue to 'sup' on forceful dark energy will become forceful terrorising 'hot heads' that will end up screaming in anguish in the fires of Hell below.

I AM ‘Terence’ the Spirit of Truth


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