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~ Born of the Light ~

We are all God's children, born of and within God's Light. But there is a 'dark' side of God that exists far from our sight, and into this darkness we can fall and for an eternity suffer pain and in fear pall.

For this 'devilish' side that makes one grieve has the capacity to seduce one and one deceive if one does its call heed. For its power is its 'justification' to defy the Commandment to "Only love" that issues forth from me God's dove.

Once this defiance is done by you and you 'permit' unforgiving and retributive energy to flow through you by negative word or deed then to IT the Dark you were true, and its darkness stained you.

Thus to it you are bound in servitude for being to another rude, and you can only get 'out' of this state when you 'permit' another to you berate without retaliating. For as they you 'sting' as the darkness in their soul does 'ring' you become again free as the 'due' to God is paid by thee.

So all whom continue to others abuse and berate as their minds with the call of 'wolves' mate will never become free, and they bind themselves into eternal slavery I see, and when their souls are dragged down into Hell it is too late to break the Devil's dark spell.

For all 'warmongers' are 'spell-bound' as all have minds unsound that are 'full' of fear and hate and they cannot equate to the word "forgive" as they are already bound by dark thoughts that in their minds live.

Once you fall 'below' then the spell over your mind becomes "full-on" and the Devil's retributive thoughts are all that flow, thus as you eternally fight you eternally suffer the same painful plight, and intense pain is all you gain.

So servitude and slavery in this or the 'after-life' that is bondage to the "Lord of the Ring of Power" is self inflicted by any whom would walk in 'power' and execute retribution and the distribution of punitive measures in any way.

These 'lost' souls are you if you give-in to the Dark's power play.

For what none of you do see is the power that in our God be, being that none will ever you berate or abuse unless in your past you did with darkness "mate" and it upon others diffuse. Either you personally or any 'armed' servants employed by you. (Taxpayers beware).

As none of us can darkness destroy, we must never with it "toy" no, we must as asked by God only light and love use or our life to the Devil we lose. It is our God given freedom of choice to heed either "voice," the one that says "Destroy" or the one that says "Love."

So every religion is a farce as you belong to none, you already "belong" to either one of the "aspects" of the Source, the Light or the Dark, and as I see it the dark already "holds" the upper hand in your soul for you are all 'merciless' and unforgiving as on earth you stroll.

Yes, and you also all now believe that it is right to make your perceived enemy grieve, and this is error and for your 'belief' you will feel some terror and grieve.

Believe you me, to become free you must now for all past folly pay, and thus I ask that you seed your minds with the wisdom of the "day" being my insight. For any whom now promote or support any "war" fight will drag-in more dark sin and greater becomes their burden within.

Just because the Devil's "fold" you cannot see is not a reason to a "terrorist" be, and this you are if you fail to heed the message from my Star, being God's light and love that is also 'visible' to you in Heaven above.

Lay down your 'arms' and walk now in peace for any use of force does your hands and soul stain with dark 'grease.' Withdraw any fiscal support of the war 'machine' as you glean the truth from God's proof and rely only on the Word that says "Wield no sword."

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~ The 'blood' of the Lamb ~

It is the time for reflection on the "word" protection. For the Lamb's blood was "shed" to show you how to yourself you are true and protected from "wolves" too.

For when you defy the Light and fight, then you leave an "open" door to your "physical" being and abode and your soul too. For wolves can walk into your mind telepathically and into your home materially if you permit them to so do.

This "permission" you give when by the "sword" you live. For when darkness you use, your spiritual "immunity" from IT the Dark you lose, and this 'loss' is by your own choice.

So to now "regain" that protection and peace and "surcease" from suffering, you will needs "shed" blood without retaliating, if that by the Devil is demanded off you as HIS due.

For He only "takes" by force what you owe Him for when in your "past" you were untrue. So if you "fight" when His wolves tear down your "door" one night then your "due" does accrue.

Jesus shed his "blood" to show you the way, the only way to go on your "test" day. So please now place a "love" mark on your door by ensuring that when you have paid all dues that you never "less than adore" the Wisdom of God, and thus you never let disrespect for any outpour via you because the Devil invaded your mind too.

Once your 'dues' are paid then you are free to "safely" leave your house door unlocked at night as done by me, or even before if fear does not make you feel poor. For once of past 'dues' you are free then the Might of God protects thee.

For it is ultimately God who "sends" wolves to your door by inspiring them telepathically via their sin within, and what they "for" the Dark side of the Source (God) to you do, will by God later be done unto them too.

Try and "reasonably" see that God's One Law is fulfilled by God's Authority, "As you do is done unto you." This is "just" and God's judgement upon all interactive 'action' between His children, you and you and you. Good or bad with equal and returning action.

As said, once you become free of debts to God, then God's Love protects thee, and no "darkness" does HIS darkness upon your door or soul see. For it is only 'attracted' to itself.

Just remember that the dark abuser is cunning too and if you have ever used it and thus owe it, then it will try and seduce you to again work for it.

So do naught "asked or demanded" by wolves of you, even if they threaten to kill you or those close to you for non-compliance to their demands. Just be "at peace" in your expression. Those threatened will only be abused if they deserve it.

The Devil's workers are but ignorant people like you who have become trapped by darkness within, and thus they 'sin' and this is not a reason for you to deny the Light and them fight. No, you must just them love and aid them to be released by the wisdom of the dove. Walk unarmed and peacefully.

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~ You Reap as you Sow ~
The energy flow

As Light you use and express
it's positive return does you bless

As Dark you use and impress
it's negative return to you makes a painful mess

Try and see that God's energy flows freely, be it the Light or the Dark, and there is an 'equal' return to the user of it that leaves a 'similar' mark.

This 'return' to you is "Just" and equitable and it is thus that you place your own "food" on your table, enjoyable or destroyable.

The "choice" is up to you as to what is "received" back to you, so if in happiness you would eternally "shout," then never wield a retributive sword and any other clout.

Why is it that man is so blind that 'he' cannot see the deep reality of the "Order" that within God be? Is it simply that man cannot give love to "someone" he sees who in darkness does live?

Seeing not that he himself places his own soul on a similar "shelf" when he decides to punish or abuse and at the same "moment" does the same darkness use.

It's all about energy flow, and this for sure I do know. So why not see that "Justice" is done whenever "someone" is struck down. For it "shows" all that sometime before that "that one" did it to another sister or brother for sure.

It may seem inconceivable to you that we do have a spirit soul within that is "watched" by our God true who does all know and who does "permit" His negative energy or Her positive energy to us and through us to flow.

It may seem inconceivable to you that the One Law (As you do is done unto you) is Just too, being that what we unto others do does come back to us too in a similar way, and it is thus that for any "folly" we pay, as do we receive peace and love when we heed the call to "Walk in peace & only love."

All "scream" for Justice and that is what we all get, so why do so many "fret" when a "bomb" lands at their door or their children are executed by madmen arriving on their shore?

Do none see that our souls live on in perpetuity and thus even our children "lived" before, before being "born" on this earthly shore? Yes all did "something" to others do, be it bad or true I say to you.

Every "affair" that mankind does with his/her neighbour share has a "karmic" return of good or bad or happy or sad, so if in Hell you do not wish to "burn" then only light and love seed.

For as said, God sees and knows your every deed and HIS Mandate stands above all, and if you are "less" than kind and merciful then prepare to fall as you are cut down by God's men, who "as you" will do, abide in Satan's den.

Yes we all are "of" God, the kind who love and abide in Heaven above whom "belong" to God's Light essence, as they did and do heed God's wise leaven. And the wicked that fall below who are also true to God's Dark essence, and their "task" is to the devilish retributive call follow.

Yes, those "of" the Light pay positive tribute and thus lovingly return your "salute," and those of the Dark with mouths resolute do make you painfully "pay" for any folly of a past day.

Wake up, for any whom "sup" on the Dark's vengeful call and terrorise other "terrorists" will jointly into Hell fall, where they will all eternally entwine and continue on in their fight, and their joint suffering will eternally go on.

So at this "end" time all will see "whom" you be, a negative vengeful Devil unwise or a positive kind Light from the skies. Thus it is your "choice" as to in "which" realm of God's energy you will be for an eternity, the Light above or Dark below.

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~ The Holy Temple ~

The 'blindness' of man is that he believes that to 'please' his Creator that he must build a material 'Temple' atop some 'mount' to show God his faith, and to show his fellow man his 'purity' as he enters this place and kneels or 'bows' to its altar covered with material objects that are ritualistic and obscene to his Creator.

The only sacred site that is God's Temple within the spirit is that sacred place within the soul of man that becomes pure and inviolate to intrusion by the 'sin' forces of the Dark when man defends it by heeding the Holy Word of God.

This place is the core of Light within that becomes contaminated by darkness whenever we 'sin,' for as we sin we draw-in dark energy being the essence of the Dark aspect of the Source.

At the 'End time' that begins now, each spirit be they incarnate or discarnate will 'begin' to build their own 'Temple of Light' within as they little by little heed me, and thus of any 'further' dark deeds they set themselves free.

Our Creator would have it that you set yourselves free from the control over you that is 'exerted' by others who say: "Come to our Temple and pray, for only thus are you safe in any way."

I say that you are only safe when your spiritual Temple is built on the Holy Word of God and thus you only in peace and meekness plod and with forgiveness and mercy you greet any 'enemy' on the street.

It is only the wise who know that it is darkness we bestow upon ourselves when we defy the "Only love" Command, and this dark energy does us then later reprimand.

So when we do darkness use and it returns to us abuse, it is the essence of the Source that does us reprimand via another 'evil' hand, and it holds the 'upper hand,' for our God sees all and any who makes an 'enemy' of their God will pall.

For you cannot your God destroy, and God's Dark essence does eternally with its enemies 'toy' and use and abuse and infuse with more of 'its' essence so that it can them later destroy for their ignorance and arrogance.

When you the Truth of God do see then you will never disobey the Commandment given via me. For none who 'fight' can ever win no, they can only enlarge their inner sin, and 'tis thus the 'shadow' side called 'The Devil' does their soul win.

Build the 'Ark of the mind' so that the deceiver does not make you an eternal 'griever,' for He will try and give you the justification to fight as that is His right.

For all those whom need to 'die' or suffer or 'fry' are those who heeded the Dark before. Maybe on this or another shore, and under God's ONE Law they did their own fate seal and all they put out they must "Reap" and feel.

Build a Temple of purity within as you lay down the 'tools' of darkness, be they verbal or deception or other 'sin,' and as your 'sword' you lay down you free yourself from the satanic 'clown.'

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~ The Teacher's aid ~

Only the Word of God as "written" in these Testament of Truth pages are to be used as any teacher's aid to guide the lost who are blind and cannot the truth see and the lame who walk into the abyss unknowingly.

Religions were/are "formed" from either the positive desire of individuals to "teach" or "promote" the Holy Word of God, or by the negative intent of some to use the Holy Word of God to control the masses and to obtain monetary gain, thus they entice seekers to their fold as they falsely use God's Holy name.

As soon as any group or "Order" is established, the teachings immediately become contaminated as the fleshly "teacher" decides to include or "infer" their own individual interpretation of "understanding" of what was originally stated or recorded or "heard."

This too justifies in their mind a "reason" to "upgrade" or "expand on" or "revise" subsequent printed editions of their own 'biblical' or 'scriptural' material that is printed and "bound" by them to show all it belongs to their "sect" of belief, as well as to "bring it up to date" in their minds eye. All this brings grief.

Any formation of a "group" of individuals who name their group so as to be able to "fly" their unique banner have immediately separated themselves from others "outside" the group or teaching.

God says that it is gross error to attempt to "enlarge" the given Word in an attempt to give ones personal interpretation of its content meaning, or for any other reason.

God states that any attempt at doing this permits the deceiver to instantly "revise" the content to a greater or lesser degree via the mind of that person if their soul is yet "with sin."

It is thus imperative that the content of God's Holy Word on this site remains unaltered in perpetuity.

It is also imperative that any "earnest" parents or other who would educate the young or those unable to read for themselves, to refer directly to the relevant pages to the matter at hand within this Testament of Truth web site.

Thus the "teacher" is only required to themselves learn the "placement" of the relevant letters so that they can be referred to and read from directly.

Certainly there can be and will be "discussion" around that content, but at least or at most it is still referring to the "core" or "original" text.

No religion or man holds the "key" to salvation. It is only the Holy Word of God that provides the "spiritual food" being the merciful blessing of wisdom to guide all the lost home.

Please do your best to now direct all God's children to this The Testament of Truth web site of God.

I AM HE the Spirit of Truth

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~ The false ideology ~

Mankind must try and see their actual 'ideology.' The one which they daily live as they factually 'bow' to the demigod, even though they 'believe' they are 'virtuous' and religious.

As God sees it, all mankind has 'lost the plot' and become 'atheistic' non-believers. For by deed, all have swerved away from the TRUE ideological path. This is due to the 'control' exerted over them by 'religions' as well as secular institutions that RULE by controlling & punitive Autocratic demigod 'rules.'

Ask yourself: "Is a true religion an ideology"? - If 'Yes,' then what is the TRUE ideology that God Commands all 'believers' to abide in as they walk their path each day?

If it is the ideology of 'Peace unto all, mercy, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness,' then why do people fight to 'support' the name of their religious 'Order' or organisation, and why do they fund and condone dictatorial Governments that are 'forceful & punitive'?

For in reality, it matters not your race or colour or birthplace, you 'could' live according to God's required ideology without saying: "I belong to 'this' religion." You could merely say:

"I do not belong to any 'particular' named religion as such, for I have heard the Holy Word of God, and in its 'Tenet' I will abide each day, and God will set me free because God sees that I am a peaceful & merciful & kind & respectful & forgiving person.

Thus my religion is the religion of PEACE unto all, and I am simply a 'child' of God, one that does not need to 'fellowship' with any 'named' organisation or group."

The sad fact is that there has been a 'steady' but unseen change both in the Secular & Religious ideology taught or imposed upon God's children by men in 'charge' of the various institutions of religion. This 'change' to the negative has been so subtle and has gone on for so long, that its 'way' though false is now perceived as good and virtuous.

On the Secular side, the role of the serving police has changed from its original 'intent' to serve the community by upholding the peace of the land, - - - to one where they now serve the 'rules' in the legislated book of rules, and these very rules empower them to disturb the peace of the land, and to enforce the taxing extortion of money from the community. Be it by fine, tax, or and other 'levy.'

Over time, legislators have legislated 'acts' or rules that empower the police to 'Uphold the rules,' and this fact is 'couched' in the phrase 'Uphold the law of the land.' It is not 'The Law' of man; it is but the 'dictates' or 'decrees' of men.

The legislators have themselves been 'coerced' by the 'promises' of politicians and demands made by the public. For it is the public that have 'greedily' demanded more and more 'aid' or 'free support' in many areas from the 'government.'

This results in more money needing to be taken off them to fund it, and it is thus that the legislators have felt 'justified' in the additional taxes as well as the enforcement of their payment.

Any person not 'conforming' to the rules are perceived by the RULES as being an offender, and thus the rules are now more important than the people they were 'designed' to help and serve.

The legislators have legislated 'permission' for the community members 'serving' within the police force to become and literally be thieves and murderers as they carry guns '007' style for and on behalf of the rules.

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Thus today, the primary role of the police is that of the 'fine & taxation' extortion agency that serves the RULES, not the people of the land. It is the 'coercive' punishment 'arm' of the legislators.

Legislators have legislated themselves as having the 'right' to legislate control of others. I.e. the Rules are empowered to RULE all. The 'Rule book' is the Autocratic Dictator.

The 'raised' rules 'permit' man to be 'god,' and to be 'cruel, unkind, merciless, vindictive, unforgiving & punitive' in defiance of God's Command of 'Mercy & forgiveness.'

Legislators add to the RULES
Police look
into the book of RULES
punish according to the RULES
The 'ideology' of man is
dictated by the RULES
Civilians are made into
criminals by the RULES
All mankind are
bound to and enslaved by the RULES

Yes, and as the rules are punitive and anti-god, the governing 'system' they serve is in fact also a religion, a very dark one that 'poses' as a beneficent democratic 'friendly' society.

One that itself 'says' that its 'contra' God way is needed by humanity to aid them to be civil. It is a 'self-proven' religion due to having an 'ideological' Doctrine of regulation and punishment.

In fact, the rules demand that we adhere to the cold, merciless, and unconscionable demands of the Rules. For rules are but 'script' written by men, and these 'texts' have no consciousness. Thus all that 'follow' their demands defy God's 'Only love' Command.

So the Secular ideology has changed from a positive help the community to live a peaceful life, to a negative one wherein the State can openly extort funds and punish the community by using 'rules,' and, at the same time disturb the life of otherwise peaceful people. (The rules make 'innocents' into criminals).

The Religious ideology of 'Extend peace & love & mercy & forgiveness unto all' being God's 'ask' and Command to the people, has also been 'overshadowed' by the promotion of the 'name' given by man to their religion.

So as can be seen, man of today has taught his 'offspring' to uphold the name of their religion (be it 'religious' religion or 'State' religion) and, - - - in 'defence' of the named religion, they have been 'authorised' by 'elders' to defy God's 'peaceful' ideology and change it to a 'punitive & warring' ideology in defence of their religion or its rituals imposed by men. (Dress codes, rules, rituals, etc., all 'additions' of men to God's primary Command.)

So it matters not within 'which' land or religion you grew up in, all have been taught to defy God and to fight, simply to uphold the name of that religion and the false unloving and punitive ideology.

Thus it is God now to destroy all ideologies that are in any way 'contra' to God's demanded ideology of 'Love & peace & mercy & compassion & forgiveness.'

For only that 'PEACEFUL religious ideology' will remain on this land, and any person 'found' by God to be raising their 'voice' or hand against any other in 'protecting' their named religion or secular rules, will by God now be cast into the swine pit below.

Look direct to God and God's Holy Word of 'Peace unto all.' Stop 'looking' at religions with 'man's words.' For the words of men defy God's sacred pen, and it is that which leads you directly to the Lions den.

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~The Church Idol ~
Open letter to 'leaders' of all Institutions naming themselves 'The Church' or 'The Government.'

When a name is 'raised up' to denote an Institution that 'leads' people in some way, the actual name 'named' is an intangible 'object' that does not factually exist. It exists only by the invocation or words that give it a name and power.

Examples: “The door of hope Church - The Catholic Church – The Church of Christ” or,
The Australian Government – The Republic of South Africa - The Government of Bosnia” etc.

But the 'substance' behind this does not exist, for no name can do anything of itself. So the 'flock' or people that are 'entertained' by the Institution are in fact 'bowing' before the Idol of the 'entity' so named by 'someone,' with the incorrect assumption that the intangible entity has something to do with either Salvation, or regulation or control, and thus representative of God the Creator.

When in reality all it is, is a number of men or women in power within the structure of the 'body less' entity that take it upon themselves to interpret God's word or wishes to others. Be it true or false doctrine that commands compliance to its doctrinal 'rules.'

It is the 'election' or 'voting in' of a person to 'head' the named 'structure – institution – corporation – church' that is what empowers the invoked books of rules – dogmas – ideology of the books of rules that themselves are the invisible 'voice' behind the text.

The 'faceless' entity is given power by a 'person' that represents its 'titular' head as they and their 'elders' invoke dogmas, rituals, rules, etc., that have punitive measures imposed upon any that do not conform to the ideological dictates.

Example, Excommunication and Incarceration. Both cases mean 'banishment' in one form or another, imposed by men in positions of 'power' that are authorised by the non-existent intangible object that is represented by texts in books.

So God and God's Word has therefore been replaced by an interpretation of God's Word by 'impostor's,' being those that are appointed into positions of authority by the 'texts' and thus themselves give life to the 'hollow' entity or, by those that use 'authority' to control, regulate, and punish any that do not conform to the ideology of said entity, being its Constitution and rules, or its beliefs.

None seeing that the 'voice' behind every 'regulating' authority, be it State or Church Institutions, is the Dark Sovereign Power that has deceived all into believing that it is the leader of mankind rather than the Holy Word of God. For God and God's Word needs not the 'backing' of any 'faceless' Institution to interpret the way to Salvation. God simply uses His earthly Plenipotentiary (myself) to tell all of His requirement of all.

It is not easily accomplished by any average 'man' to factually 'dictate' to the people as a Dictator, but it is easy to unknowingly become a Dictator when one can or is 'hiding' behind the 'facade' of a named organisation. For when being an 'operative' for and on behalf of the named Institution one is 'distanced' as such, and not perceived as being a 'dictator,' as one is perceived as simply being the 'head' of the organisation rather than actually being it.

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So the 'elected' one is in fact the person that stands as the 'head' governor of the Institutional ideology, and as all present ideologies are dictatorial, controlling, and punitive, it follows that those elected are in fact keeping God's children 'bound' to the named organisation and its supposedly 'rightful' dictates, rather than being able to 'fellowship' directly with the Holy Word of God and simply get on with their life without interference by any institution.

Thus every Institution named by man as 'Church' or 'Government' is to now fall into disarray and collapse. Any person wishing to 'govern' others will be banished to the underworld by their God the REAL and ONLY rightful Authority.

For too long have 'pompous' individuals operated “as god” and given out orders and punishment and imposed banishment. God abhors this self-righteous attitude and control of HIS children. Woe unto all that teach 'other' than the PURE truth, and woe upon all that punish others for any non-conformity to their ideological beliefs.

People no longer will need to be governed by rules, they will simply conform to God's “Only love and walk in peace” command and, they may raise up 'Community Services' departments to serve the community in a variety of ways, and be paid by donation rather than taking by forced taxation.

There will be no 'warriors' nor policemen nor politicians nor ministers of religion nor kings or queens nor chiefs. Only simple children of God going about their personal and private business each day, assisted by Carer's and Educators, and guided by God by my pen and through their own conscience.

Any person wishing to assist others that are perceived as walking in the wrong direction will 'simply' direct them to my web site, so that they learn how to walk 'upright' in the eyes of God their Creator.

All those now 'bowing' to the 'dictates' of religious or secular Idols, (Institutions) must turn away peacefully, and look direct to God and their own conscience for guidance as they conform to the Ideology of PEACE as reinstated by me.

Notes: - The 'controls' established over men by 'Chiefs - kings - presidents - emperors - politicians - churches and other 'governing' Institutions has gone on for so long, that mankind now believes that it must be so 'governed' by these others in order to function in a civil or godly manner rather than by God and their own conscience. This falsity is now exposed by God via God's sacred pen wielded by me.

There are named countries - - - example: Britain, Russia, Tanzania, Belgium etc., and these names do donate real places on earth but, - - - these lands were all invaded and taken from others by force of arms, and controlled by people working as enforcers for the 'text' rules raised up by the dictates of others in the past or yet in power.

The rules force the enforcers and the public that fund them into anti-god acts of 'buggery' as they daily wage 'war' upon their own citizens and they destroy the lives of other people in other lands in the name of the people and, in the name of the unholy texts. Example:

Indonesian fishermen 'seen 'fishing within the 'sea' that has been 'claimed' by the unholy 'text book' of the State religion of Australia as 'ocean' belonging to the Australian 'Institution' are caught and incarcerated, and their vessels are burned on the beach or sunk at sea callously, and their livelihoods are thus destroyed, and their families left to starve and suffer in great distress.

All this 'lunacy' and piracy contravenes God's Command, and it is thus God to 'issue' a stern reprimand at a later date when HE inspires some others equally vain and insane and cruel to invade or terrorise the people in Australia that did the deed or, that funded and condoned it knowingly or unknowingly. Soon all 'lands' and seas will become free, and every person will be able to go anywhere at any time without any 'permit' and fish or simply visit you or me.

Man needs to see that the TEXT in 'books' that give the 'operatives' the right or justification to defy God, and seize lands or control the fish or the seas on ITS behalf, is contra ideology to that commanded by God, and this contra ideology is what ensures that there is NO freedom, and it also insures that those maintaining the perceived freedom using force, will by God be forced into 'slavery' in this or the after life. All must be free to 'come or go' without let or hindrance, and no 'force' must be used to seize the lands or properties of others.

Politicians are the 'high priests' of government religions. They are the ones that formulate the anti-God policies that are Edicts imposed upon God's children. Being Edicts that allow them the politicians and their 'forces' men the right to: extortion, control, manipulation, invasion, punishment, war & destruction in the name of the people and in the name of God.

Politicians are the ones that raise up private armies, for all 'armies' are 'owned' or paid for by those that invoked them. Thus politicians are the ones that teach and 'train' the youth of the land to defy their God and, to bear 'arms' for the purpose of controlling land or sea, seizing the land of others, controlling and punishing 'dissidents,' and for the purpose of killing. All 'abusers' of others * will now face the WRATH their God in the UNDERWORLD for an indeterminate time. - - - Why?

For it is absolutely forbidden and UNLAWFUL for any person to at any time make use of God's Dark, forceful, controlling, punitive, and warring energy or, to deceive others into making use of it. It the 'energy' is the forbidden 'fruit' of EVIL that poisons the soul of any that use it, and they not only accrue an 'eye for an eye' return of suffering upon themselves for all suffering imposed upon others, but  they also send their own spirit soul into the darkness for a time because this energy infuses their own soul as they use it, and its 'weight and vibration' is what drags the soul it has contaminated into the Underworld.

Note: 'abusers' of others *  - If you are a 'minister of religion' (or politician) and you condone the use of force for the purpose of self-defense then you are a deceiver and an 'abuser' of others. * If you are a citizen of the land and you use force to 'strike' another physically causing mental, emotional, or physical suffering you are an  'abuser' of others. * If you are a a member of any Institution and use the power or authority granted by said Institution to detain, imprison, fine, punish, torture or kill any other person then you are an 'abuser' of others. *

God is the 'director' and 'advisor' and 'educator' and punisher of all that defy HIS: Only love & walk in peace” Command.

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~ Hope ~
The Star of pure light – shining day and night

The 'hope' is that the Word of God is true, in that if we do as God commands then we will be saved and freed from sin and thus able to enter into the Promised Land above, and be forever free to roam and dance and sing and love eternally. Safe at last from the bonds of pain and suffering that existed within and without, as darkness did us bind with thoughts and deeds and emotions unkind.

The attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.'
This is only attained in 'bowing' to God in submission to HIS Command:
'Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.'

What does God command us to do by His words given through the man Jesus and other mortals? - - - To walk in peace and love one another and, to be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving to those that offend us, or abuse us, or persecute us, even if they do eventually kill us.

We must never defend our flesh using the strength of our 'arms' nor must we retaliate, neither must we raise up 'armies' of armed 'servants' to defend us or kill on our behalf. For God's immutable Law of “As you sow so shall ye reap” stands supreme and, - - -

It is God's wish that we never place our souls in jeopardy through defying His command and using vengeful, merciless, retributive force, to punish or destroy others, as that 'deeded' action places us within the bounds of the punitive aspect of His Just and honourable divine 'eye for an eye' Law * that would cause us to suffer an equal 'return.'

Thus we must daily show our God by our deeds that we have heard this wisdom and we must 'bow' in submission to this Command of our Creator as we conform to its absolutely peaceful ideology. For in being kind and peaceful means that we receive an equal return of peace and kindness.

What is the true meaning of the scriptural text purported as having been the words spoken by Jesus: “If any want to become my followers let them deny themselves and take up their cross daily for me” and, what was the message of his crucifixion?

The 'cross' is taken up as you bear the load of ensuring that you conform to God's command even when it means that you thereby follow no other contra ideological belief, such as the ones imposed by all Governing systems of man that are extortionist, punitive, invasive, warring, and destructive.

You must 'deny yourself' from being deceived by the 'whisperings of the Serpent' that would seduce you into thoughts of vengeful retribution, as it also tries to use your strength to in some way be its 'retributive' arm and thus inflict pain and suffering upon your attacker or foe.

The crucifixion implies that the person was prepared to be crucified rather than defy or deny the “Peaceful” and “Forgive” command of God. Thus they went to their physical death with the belief and in the knowledge that if they did not retaliate and cause their persecutor to suffer, that they would have permitted the fulfillment of the retributive Law of God to be completed, and thus they pay their past dues to God and man and are set free spiritually.

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Note: Law * - Any person that uses strength of 'arms' being force to attain the upper hand or control, invade, persecute, terrorise, punish, or kill, is in fact a person that has taken it upon themselves to use and wield the 'rightful' Authority of God. For it is only God's prerogative to mete out punishment within HIS 'eye for an eye – As you sow so shall ye reap' Law in its Dark, negative, and punitive aspect.

God's command to “Love one another” actually means that in so doing, that the person is in fact wielding the rightful Authority of God in using the Light positive and loving aspect of God's dual energy because, God commands us the 'freedom' to use this aspect of His energy in the knowledge that in so doing, that we will always receive an 'eye for an eye - As you sow so shall ye reap' loving return.

Note: the retributive Law – mankind needs to see that every terrorist action, army action, enforcer action, or defence force action, is in fact one and the same nature of 'operation.' It is simply people feeling justified to use force to punish another in some way as 'payback' for the others perceived misdeeds in their eyes.

All these personnel are the 'deceived' that have been led to believe falsely that they have the right and need to bring other 'defaulters' to account. They are in fact all using God's Dark ”As you did sow so shall ye reap” Law, having taken it upon themselves to administer God's justice.

None seeing that they immediately accrue a similar return due within the same 'Law' that is immutable. Hence the 'tit for tat' pain, suffering, and destruction that goes on forever in all lands outside heaven, for none see the Wisdom of God's “Forgive” leaven.

No politician nor minister of religion sees God's Light, for they both walk hand in hand leading multitudes of God's children into Hell, as they tell all that they should fight to defend themselves or gain something. (They cause suffering and receive it in return)

Any person seeking Salvation needs to now lay down their weapons, and stand calmly as they welcome their spiritual release at the hands of their ignorant attackers. Only this way do they show their God their allegiance to the Doctrine of PEACE as the singular stipulation for any seeking spiritual release.

Any person 'claiming' to be a spiritual guide or leader or elder that condones warfare or defence is a deceiver that also needs to change their 'belief' and perspective or, forever will they quail for their promotion of deception.

No person is ever 'attacked' or injured without the 'blessing' of their Creator, who permits it * as it is their spiritual due for possibly way back prior to this incarnation having accrued it as their due, for in some way being untrue to HIS Command.

Note: permits it * - God forbids it, in that He forbids the use of His punitive, forceful energy however, any person deceived enough, or vain enough, or foolish enough, or fearful enough to pick up HIS cudgel to strike or punish another may so do but, - - -

Their punishment of others becomes their due and, - - - for their defiance of God, they will be telepathically tempted to be more punitive so that HE can then crush them into oblivion in the afterlife for being so arrogant as to 'think' that they are as HE - God.

Terrorising 'aggressors' must be 'caught' and counselled and educated, not punished or killed. For if you or your servants attack terrorists or detain suspected terrorists for the purpose of punitive measures or, if you destroy women and children and men as 'collateral' damage during an invasion or sanction, then you have become a terrorist in their eyes and God's and, it brings a similar 'painful' return upon you and your own household within the Just and Equitable 'eye for an eye - as you sow so shall ye reap' immutable LAW of God that is pure JUSTICE. Read:

The spiritual consequence of 'Action' - (Karma) < suaction.htm >

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~ The Institutionalisation of God’s WORD ~
By the Churches of man

 Bibles or ‘Holy books’ are quoted as the: “Extreme expression of God’s Revelation”

 The extreme expression of God is that the Code of Conduct of God as laid down by God must be adhered to by man in order to attain Salvation through the ‘removal’ of his sin within by God’s grace, being:

“ Walk in Peace – be forgiving and merciful to thine enemy.
Turn the other cheek in non-retaliation if confronted”

 God’s law is simply “What you do is done unto you."

The Institution calling itself “The Church” claims to be the “script producer” but it is not, the scriptures are a collection of writings by men who ‘linked’ together the texts that then came into the ‘hands’ of a ‘governing’ controlling body that named itself “The Orthodox Church.”

The Church “claims” that the ‘Bible’ is ITS ‘source,’ and thus the ‘Church’ claims ownership & control of God’s Word.

God’s Wisdom stands apart from any ‘church’ of man, and is for all men, as well as for all persons walking independently from any religious ‘Sect’ or ‘Body.’

Thus the ‘Source’ of Christian tradition is the teaching of Christ Jesus the man who ‘bore’ God’s Heavenly words to Earth as he spoke by his mouth. All that was later written and recorded as having been spoken by HIM was ‘hearsay.’


 The best answer to the question “What do you believe as orthodox Christians,” is not “Come and see,” as quoted by some seeking to ‘haul-in’ new converts. It should be:

“I believe that God is Almighty, Omnipotent, Omnipresent and, that God’s ONE Law is immutable and in operation in every level of consciousness at all times," and, that it states: “All Reap what they Sow at the time and place so ordained by God” and, God returns to us an equal measure of love for love or pain for pain and, that God’s Code of Conduct is:

“Walk in peace, and turn the other cheek if abused and, be merciful & compassionate & forgiving to those others yet in ‘sin’ living and, never retaliate in the face of adversity, but remain meek and mild so that your enemy and God can see that you did ‘hear’ and ‘see’ the wisdom from God’s pen.”

Thus the ‘Liturgy’ or “Common work” of a believer in God’s Word is a person who is good, kind, and only positive.


No ‘council’ of men has ever been granted God’s Authority to decide anything for God or man, that ‘prerogative’ is a self-given mandate taken by vain men and imposed upon seekers of Salvation.

Councils raise up rules & regulations to control ‘churchgoers’ and to discipline them, all that is contra God’s Command, and is man using God’s Word to manipulate other men.

Man’s ‘Churches’ are ‘Clubs,’ and God’s Church is ‘filled’ by people of any race or colour who do believe in ‘Jesus’ “Walk in Peace” directive, and they show God by their deed that they are merciful and forgiving.

The Bible ‘primacy’ (place of honour & source of tradition) is misplaced, for Salvation is by placing God’s Code of Conduct Command of “Peace unto all” as ones traditional way on the road each day.

Men have institutionalised God’s Word, and by this ‘act’ they voided it and replaced it with many ‘symbols & rituals’ that ‘mesmerised’ people, who then ‘fed’ the Church organisation materially rather than their own soul spiritually.

Christians do not enter the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ through their participation in the sacramental life of any ‘Church’ organisation. These ‘rituals’ are to ‘snare’ the souls into believing that they are safe and saved by their ‘fellowshipping’ with the ‘Group.’

The only way to become sin ‘free’ and enter Heaven, is to heed God’s message delivered by Jesus and now fully ‘clarified’ by me: “Love thine enemy & turn the other cheek and, do not raise a sword to protect your flesh.”

The struggle against Sin is not through ‘repentance – prayer – fasting and participation in the sacramental life of the Church or ‘Club’ or ‘religion’ of man.’ It is by heeding God’s Word in ones daily deed and “living IT” by being Compassionate & Merciful & Forgiving.


The ‘temptation’ is the seductive ‘voice’ of the darkness that ‘tempts’ man to use IT and ITS dark ‘energy’ that is forceful and controlling and destructive etc, the dark ‘justifies’ man to defy God’s call of “Only love,” and man then fights to destroy what he perceives as evil. This ‘act’ then enlarges his inner Sin as dark energy is drawn in during the ‘expression’ of evil.

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~ The 'Crown' - or - the 'crown of thorns' ~

The most powerful advocates for the Devil are the leaders of the major religions * and their cohorts of bishops, priests, elders, clerics, imams because, through their 'authoritative' succession to God’s messengers they have themselves assumed to be prophets of God with the right to lay down God’s law as they see fit, and raise up their own strictures and codes and, in order to enforce this they have also taken upon themselves to be inquisitors and to punish and destroy those not conforming to their dictates.

Note: religions * - This applies equally to the politicians of every government on earth, for it is they that formulate the Edicts, Decrees, Rules etc., that are forced upon the people and, these rules form the ideological 'basis' of the MAIN governing Religion in every land. For every person of any Race, colour or 'creed' or religious doctrine are forced to 'bow to' and 'comply with' said 'State' Religion and ITS punitive Policies.

Every employee of church or secular organizations, bodies, institutions or government agency need to ensure that they understand the ‘fine-print’ in their 'work' contract, to ensure that they have the ‘freedom’ * to make personal choices concerning their spiritual walk in life.

Note: have the ‘freedom’ * - Any person working for any 'enforcement' department or having the requirement to 'report' any misconduct of others for the purpose of punishment does not have any freedom of choice, as the code of conduct (ideology) of the established rules are 'set' in concrete. Reporting 'contravention of rules' misconduct means that you have become complicit to all ' suffering' endured by the 'non-conformist'  because of the punishment meted out, and your return 'due' of suffering within God's Law is on an 'equal' eye for an eye basis at the time and place set by God.

Every employee needs to understand that the ‘law-book’ (rules of engagement) established in the Constitution of an organization comprises of: Rules, regulations, statutes, prohibitions and ‘authorizations’ that require the employee to act only according to the code of the 'Law-book.'

To ensure fealty to the law-book (and their endless laws, statutes etc) punitive consequences are attached to all actions by employees who may, for whatever reason, breach any of the requirements in said book and, the punitive consequences also apply to the people of the land controlled by force of arms as 'permitted' by said rule books.

The outcome of all having to abide by the ‘law-book’ to determine their code of conduct is that employees themselves are not only controlled, but their moral, spiritual and ethical decisions are filtered against a ‘false’ set of rules, resulting in them making decisions about their actions, not from freedom of choice but, from enforced coercion.

Can the king give up his crown to God? Can the policeman give up his gun to God? Can the pope give up his 'seat' to God? Any person seeking Salvation must give up the status of 'Ruler' or 'Controller' or 'Avenger' with its use of Dark power to become God followers, because status and the power of life or death over another are equivalent to working for the Dark Sovereign Power, due to the punitive and controlling nature of the RULES of the organizations under whose guise status or power is conferred.

Only God has the 'permitted' choice of life or death over any one of HIS Creation. All others so doing are 'pretenders' to HIS throne, and their Crown turns into a 'crown of thorns' as they are crucified by God for their cruel, beastly, and iniquitous ways, and by God cast down into HELL for an indeterminate time. God grants NO person licence to share HIS punitive 'authority.'

The earthly rewards to those in positions of power and authority are 'gluttony' and self-indulgence, and the emotions of Ego, vanity, and pride are fed to the extreme, as these 'little people' live in a fantastic daydream.

For they see not the spiritual consequence evoked under the ‘eye for an eye’ Law of God, that brings a return of all the pain and suffering invoked by the individual bearer of the sword of control, regulation and punishment in defiance of God’s Holy Word.

What does it take for an earthly king to give up his crown for God and lower himself in his own eyes, and be humble as common man as God would have him be? What of every departmental enforcer in the institutions of man who similarly are kings and mini-gods in their positions of authority and control over people.

What does it take for them to de-power themselves and become humble and peaceful and caring community services operatives as God would have them be, without the power to punish, regulate and manipulate? Only through the 'burning of the rule books' and the re-establishment of God as head of house with God's values being taught unto all, and the education of those disturbing the peace, rather than punishment.

What every enforcer or king needs to become aware of or, to come to an understanding of is, whether the mandate of authority conforms to God’s command or is it in disobedience to God’s command.

The fact is that today every institution ‘forces’ its operatives to deny God, and to 'usurp' their own rules in the course of their duty under the fine print of the ‘earthly mandate.’ This can be the constable in the street, the pope or the politician or anybody else that has the assumed rightful authority to report another as being in contravention of a rule for the purpose of their punishment.

As all kings and politicians and church heads are so engrained with their self-important role, it is now almost impossible for them to take off their crown as God demands, and it is now their Creator who will forcibly dispossess them of their castles, and all their trappings. (Their wealth, their happiness, their security, their power)

Every person on earth now needs to look at what they are doing unto others, and compare their deeded actions with the simple Command of God to be loving and peaceful and go their way with compassion and mercy and forgiveness towards others for their perceived misdeeds.

The reality is that the whole human race has been seduced by the Serpent, and it is now the Light of God that shines forth with Truth to give every person the FINAL CHOICE AND OPPORTUNITY to see whether their actions are right in God’s eyes or not. All have erred and yet err, and any person that fails to turn over a new leaf and become kind and merciful and compassionate and forgiving will end up in Hells 'cells.'

Note: turn over a new leaf - If one fails to now stop 'sinning' and thus drawing in more dark energy into their soul, they will be 'lost' forever in the underworld. If they do make an effort to now heed me, and strengthen their minds in the manner given by me, so that they can halt the thoughts from within that justify their negative or punitive or controlling expression, they then have halted the inflow of darkness into their soul and, - - - by this act they permit God's cleansing Light to purge their soul of the dark energy within and thus are they saved.  (Elevated out of the darkness)

Every person working as an 'enforcer' for the punitive 'arm' of any Institution needs to now 'turn in their badge.' Either this, or they need to 'inform' their superior that they are only 'interested' in hauling in those that do 'disturb the peace,' and only for the purpose of them being counselled and educated through attending on of my 'Feeling Easier Seminars' for the purpose of their rehabilitation.

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~ Wolves v/s Liberty ~

The essence behind political power in any government (religion) is Dark foreboding negative and forceful energy, giving the 'heads' of Religions, Chiefs, Emperors, Kings and their Politicians the justification to use force of arms to enforce the implementation of the legislated Edicts or Decrees or Dogmas or rituals that are imposed upon the people of the land.

The common people see not that they are in fact being held in bondage and slavery by mentally disturbed people. * For God says that all are free to go about their daily business unhindered by the ideals or dictates of others. Why then do politicians believe that their 'Alter Ego' being their consciousness is of the Light? It is not.

For they all 'invoke' regulation after regulation, with its accompanying strangulation of every facet of man's daily affairs and, their 'consciousness' also permits these men to carry out extortion that is so great, that it exceeds that of any Mafiosi organisation and, they use 'coercion' as the means of forcing people to comply. (Comply or be punished or be banished from society)

Note: mentally disturbed people. * - Any person inspired by the Dark Sovereign Power (Devil) that is 'duped' into believing that the use of force to regulate, punish, control, or destroy others is 'authorised' by God the Creator and not punishable within the immutable "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of God, is either deceived or ignorant or mentally disturbed and, living in a delusional FALSE assumption.

Politicians have been 'bred' like Wolf 'pups,' weaned on deception and lies and the 'belief' that as their 'teeth' are sharp and powerful, that they can 'devour' anything weaker than they are. Their belief that they attain 'god-ship' status once elected due to being 'backed' by a powerful 'judiciary and army is a 'proven' fact.

For they do believe that their Word is 'The Law' of the land and, - - - any 'found' in non-conformity to TEXTS implemented by them do suffer painfully, and their families are left 'bereft' and hungry as their 'men' are cast into prisons by the legislated punitive TEXTS raised up by these living SWINE.

God's WORD is THE LAW of this and every land - - - "As you do is done unto you."
And this FACT is to be seen by every person that lives in a dream having not heard God's Command WORD:

"Peace, not the Sword."

Political leadership is contra God leadership, for God says "Mercy & forgiveness," whereas politicians use a SWORD that is their punitive mace. One would 'wonder' why we fear these infidels when our God offers us freedom. There is a reason that is only apparent to me being, that most politicians suffer from schizophrenic paranoia, being compulsive obsessive disorders.

The main one being FEAR, others are fear of strangers, fear of losing control. All this is a 'manic' state of mind that forces them to force you and I into a 'corner' wherein they can control us because they FEAR us.

As they are all 'mentally disturbed,' they are extremely dangerous to the spiritual welfare of the community as well as to themselves. For to stay 'calm,' these wolves have the need to 'run' wild backed by guns as they coerce all into playing their deadly anti-God games of extortion, invasion, punishment, abuse, and war against their own community as well as others in other lands. All this they say is done for your good and in your name? FALSE, they do the bulk of it for their own agenda, and to conform to the text in their book of rules.

Their fear and insecurity is so great, that they see 'terrorists' under every 'bush' and within the 'eyes' of every person that they cannot 'identify' as belonging to their 'flock.' They permit no civil 'liberties' due to their emotionally driven need to remain on 'top' of the mountain so to speak.

They believe that you and I need to be protected by them and their forces, seeing not that their terror tactics against one and all are the GUARANTEE that all fall into disfavour with God and, within the Law of God all then suffer the return 'eye for an eye' consequence for being 'bloody swine' to God's children.

Their Ego and vanity is generally so great, that they believe that once voted into 'office,' that they can govern you or I in any 'manner' that their minds conceive and, they will cause you to grieve if your mind does not agree to their 'mental' policy or ideology. They forget that they were voted in as SERVANTS of the people that elected them. They have stolen the 'peace force' and use it as their personal Police force Army to control you all.

Their desire to be seen as 'benevolent' and to be 'loved' by you and me is so 'great,' that for this 'privilege' they are prepared to destroy the lives and livelihoods of any of their 'flock' that they are 'uncertain' about. Their arrogance and 'uncertainty' is very deep, and thus as they deploy more rules and Identity requirements to control you, it shows God that they assume that all others are as they are, - - - criminally indisposed.

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The reasons why 'Emperors' and other 'Chiefs' and their political forces and their enforcement 'department' personnel feel 'invincible' is:

1 - Because they believe that their mandate given by 'orders' or their 'office' is valid.
2 - Because they are ignorant as to the Command and Law of their Creator, that is immutable and superior to any Institutional Constitution or 'ruling' of any Dictator or earthly government or power.
3 - Because they have been deceived by 'precedents' set, being the false beliefs of their 'elders' that existed prior to their birth that now 'exist' within every community that  accepts and condones 'regulation and punishment' as being normal and acceptable to God
4 - Because they see not that the singular Law of God applies to all men at all times and in all situations, and they cannot see 'how' God can or will or does apply it (God's Law) to them.
5 - Because they carry weapons and hold a superior armed force than their 'opponents' or the people of the land, and thus they are able to control all perceived as not conforming to their ideological dictates.
6 - Because they are simply carrying out their 'duty' that they are paid to do.

I say that none of these 'reasons' are 'valid' as they all fall 'short' of being superior to God and His declared and Commanded "Peaceful & Charitable" Code of Conduct. Every person is 'accountable' to their God and all are now to be subjected to God's THE LAW OF THE LAND.

I say that any person following the lead of these political 'wolves' rather than simply living peacefully as God commands, is also a fearful person. Let the wise now assist all the fearful to see that unless they ALL now follow ME, and stay free from political control and regulations, that they will become enslaved to FEAR forever, and suffer accordingly in the after life.

Reject all forms of 'belonging' to 'somebody' be it a named religion, government, nation, by refusing to be 'numbered' by any form of ID identity, and simply go your way peacefully, and in being kind and respectful to all as God would have it be. We need no more 'controlling,' communities simply need to have positive 'Elders' in the various community endeavours draw up educational Codes of Conduct to guide the youth.

Example within road sense Code, - - - Drive on the correct side of the road for your own safety and the safety of others. Example within Builders Code, - - - Make the 'concrete' mix to the recommended strength for the safety of all. - - - There is to be no more extortion or punishment or interference in the daily affairs of others once the 'Reaper' has concluded HIS imposition of tribulation upon all that offended HIM. Leave the 'banishment' * of the offensive ones to Hell, to the Creator, God.

Note: the 'banishment' * - Let the wise now see that we 'banish' our own spirit souls to 'less than' nice places. For when we defy the Light of God and we 'express' any negative actions towards others, (Sinning through theft, seizure of property, control, abuse, punishment, interference, killing etc.) we draw in the dark energy of the Source. It is the 'weight & vibration' of this negative essence that draws ones soul down to a correspondingly negative realm of consciousness.

The more emotionally 'disturbed' you are the greater 'danger' you are in. Thus if your 'hatred, anger, jealousy, vindictiveness' etc., is very 'apparent,' then this fact should show you that your future destiny is 'bleak' and, - - - I can only suggest that you seek to HALT the ingress of dark energy by conforming to God's "Only be loving and walk in peace and be merciful and forgiving" Command.* For only thus will you halt the ingress of darkness into your soul and enable God's purging Light energy to purify you and elevate you out of the dark and into the light.

If your negative emotions are not 'apparent' but you are through the course of your duty simply 'happily' forcing others to conform to the ideological dictates of your Institution and also being complicit to their punishment for any non-conformity, then 'rest assured' there is invisible dark energy growing within you as a 'cancer' within, and it will destroy your soul if you continue permit it to enter.

Note: Command.*  - When we conform to this positive Command, then we draw in only positive energy that 'brightens' our inner light. Please now put down your weapons and try to live without fear. Strengthen your minds so that IF God sends others * 'near' to abuse you, then suffer 'it' in the foreknowledge that it is your spiritual 'due' and to be true unto yourself you must not retaliate.

Note: God sends others * - The 'enforcement' arm of the Dark Sovereign Power operates through the minds and 'arms' of the deceived and the ignorant and arrogant. But they see not that they are its 'operatives,' they accrue a similar 'painful' return due within the 'eye for an eye' Law of God for being untrue to the God of Light the Light Sovereign Power, and for their defiance of their Creator.

It is not the 'responsibility' of politicians to protect anyone, for that can only be done by God. For the more man fights, the more others are 'incited' by the Dark to attack them, for that has become their DUE for being UNTRUE. So when ignorant 'leaders' like Bush and Howard and others tell you that their armed forces 'terrorising' of others over the sea has naught to do with the return of terror upon you, that is pure ignorance, deception, and lies.

So how do the 'peace force' maintain 'order' without getting into 'trouble' themselves with the Dark Sovereign Power (God)? By merciful and compassionate education using the peaceful 'means' of the 'Feeling Easier Seminar' program found on this web site.

Be you the 'Commander,' or the prosecutor, the judge, the jailer, or the armed forces terrorists or of the general community, it is my task and quest to enlighten you so that you can be saved by God's Grace. Soon the 'simple' members of every community will bare their own 'fangs,' as they become very TIRED and incensed at the escalating invasion of their privacy by State and Council employees and, unless you ALL now prepare your minds with my wisdom, you will ALL fall into the Abyss.

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~ Songs of Praise ~

Man elevates his 'voice' to the heavens with his 'loving' adoration of God with songs of 'Praise,' seeing not that by DEED is the soul of man known, not by mere 'words,' and God sees that man and his 'servants' are punitive, merciless, and unforgiving to others perceived as 'in sin' living and thus none yet have heard the Holy Word of:

"Peace unto all"

Thus all the songs of praise by God are 'unheard,' and HE now via me the Spirit of eternity says that all shall 'fall' to the sword and suffer pain and anguish, as they are crucified by God for their ways because, - - -

All defy God and His Holy Word.

How is this so? Because all of you in one way or another fund, condone, and support the punitive 'effort' of governing institutions, and the 'taxes' levied by the non-believers who operate these institutions are used by them and their servants (your servants that operate in your name and on your behalf) to control, regulate, interfere, extort taxes forcibly or by coercion or by false teaching, seize property, punish people, enslave people, kidnap people, hold people hostage in cells, invade, impose sanctions, destroy property and maim and kill others.

It is thus that you are in fact 'bowing' to the Dictates of 'Caesar' rather than the Command of God who said: "Love one another for all are sister and brother" and, all have been deceived by precedent into the false belief that governing institutions were benign, whereas in fact they are the malignant autocratic and cruel dictates of the dark one (Dark Sovereign Power of God) known as the Deceiver - the Devil.

People 'deviate' from their FAITH every day as 'taxes' they pay. Yes these monies are used to abuse through vindictiveness and fear and, - - - some are used to help others in need and to fund positive community 'effort' but, - - -

Within the absolute Justice of God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law we receive a beneficent tribute for the GOOD works we do or that are done by our servants and, - - - what all must try and understand is, that we PAY for every 'due' of suffering imposed upon others either by us personally or via others paid as our servants. For any control, extortion, deception or act of punishment imposed upon any is a FORBIDDEN deed and punishable by God.

Yes you will all be crucified as was I, for the 'dreadful' Law does and must eternally stand, and that FACT mankind must try and understand. For IT the 'Law of God' is absolute justice forevermore and it applies to both rich and poor, for in God's eyes all are but His children and all are lost, and I am here to 'claim' any of any race or creed that hear my final call.

They will halt their funding of iniquity, being the taxes and licence fees they have been forced to pay to kings, presidents, and politicians. For these 'elite' are naught but the arrogant and vain that hold God and His Word in disdain. Those that hear my call will also lay down their personal 'mace' and stop being a disgrace in God's eyes and, they will begin to respect all as they begin to protect their own soul as they reach out with love to the 'lost' that continue to defy God's dove and God's Command.

I have spoken, and only I know the 'way' to become free.


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