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~ Buddha - Buddhism ~
A Treatise of Truth

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~ The true 'disciple' ~


An introduction for all mankind to any 'follower' of any religion, be they any race or creed.


There is but ONE 'path' and ONE 'discipline' to be adhered to if one is a seeker of Salvation, enlightenment, and the surcease from eternal suffering, and that is ONLY attained when ones spirit soul become free from the inner 'Sin,' being the dark and negative emotions within of 'greed, hatred, fear, anger, criticism, jealousy, vanity, pride, vindictiveness' etc.


The 'path' is NOT the one wherein you 'bow' to the dictates of any fleshly man, for the requirement 'path' is that you simply bow in subservience to the Command of God/Allah, and in this you simply go your way in PEACE as you await for God to release you from your inner sin.


The 'discipline' is NOT the one wherein you 'bow' to the rituals of religion, nor do you permit yourself to be deceived by all the false 'doctrine' wherein men of religion impose restrictions of dress code, foods to be eaten, prayer times, celibacy, (abstinence from pleasure) poverty or other restrictions upon you the 'disciple,' for the 'discipline' requirement is that you simply bow in subservience to the Command of God/Allah, and in this as you simply go your way in PEACE as you await for God to release you from your inner sin, and you are loving, kind, compassionate, merciful and forgiving unto those others yet sinfully living and, - - -


When faced by adversity you always 'turn the other cheek' in NON-retaliation and you never 'defend' yourself using force of arms or any 'means' and you never defend others using force of arms or other means.


This implies that if others wish to rebuke you, criticise you, abuse you or crucify you, then you simply 'go as a lamb to the slaughter' because, you have been 'enlightened' from your ignorant state, and you understand that the 'ignorant' only abuse you if you deserve it as the result of your past interaction with others in this life or a prior time. It follows that any suffering you are forced to endure by the vain, arrogant or ignorant is your NEGATIVE karmic 'fate' within the absolutely 'Just' Law of God;


"As you DID do unto others is NOW done unto you."


If follows that the religion of 'Buddhism' with its 'strictures' and false beliefs is NOT the true Word of God. However, the reported enlightened and 'wise' words of Siddhartha Gautama who became known as Buddha (The enlightened one) that I give here are the 'wisdom' of God's Holy Word that he received from THE SOURCE and reported to mankind;


"Do no evil, only do good."

The Law of God is the law of 'cause and effect' that is known by some as karma. Try and understand that nothing unpleasant ever happens to us unless we deserve it.

We receive exactly what we gave out or 'earned,' whether it is good or bad, joy or sadness. We are the way we are now due to the things we have done in the past. Our thoughts and actions determine the kind of life we live in or we can have.

If we do good things, then in the future good things will happen to us. If we do bad things, then in the future bad things will happen to us.

Every moment we create new happy or sorrowful karma by what we say or do in our interaction with others. If we understand this, we do not need to fear karma. (God's Law)

God's Law teaches us that to create a bright future we must always remain within the positive aspect of God's Law by being benign, loving, respectful, kind, merciful, compassionate and peaceful, and thus God will grant us the same within His Law.

If we defy God and use His malignant, hateful, disrespectful, cruel, merciless, unforgiving and destructive energy in our interaction with others, then within His law we have created a future of suffering.


The above is the ONLY 'path' to end the suffering of the individual. For as we ONLY do good and never control or restrict or abuse others, our spirit soul becomes purified by God's grace (outpouring cleansing Light energy) and  ONLY thus does one become free from 'sin' within, (negative emotions) and thus find release from the continuity of karmic suffering.


Regrettably the 'simplicity' of God's Words above that were carried into this world by Siddhartha Gautama a man of flesh have been added to, and he as all 'messengers' for God have themselves been raised up into 'god-ship' by men of religion and their followers, and this 'error' of teaching is now exposed by me.


It is also gross error and of 'great' negative karmic consequence to use the Holy Word of God reference the code of conduct of 'peace, love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness' as an 'advertisement' to 'back' or substantiate a 'religion' and ITS rituals or a 'meditation' program, for this implies that it is the meditation program or the rituals of religion as being the path to enlightenment, spiritual salvation or the purification of the soul, and this is the deception.


For to be a person conforming to God's Command of 'peace & love & mercy & forgive the other, one needs NO 'religion' with its strictures, one simply gets on with ones life with the Command of God as ones 'wife' and, one remains 'celibate' to God's Word of peace and one never 'strays' from this path, for one is 'faithful' to God's 'enlightening' Word.


Cause NO harm is the message from THE LIGHT

If you are an aggressive angry 'chimp' then you had better chain yourself to a TREE daily so that your thoughts cannot let you down. If you are sensible you will also be as wise as the smaller chimps and 'hear no evil - speak no evil - see no evil.'

What does that mean? It means that irrespective of the 'ways' of others OR your own thoughts and emotions, YOU always maintain a respectful and benign 'way.' (Your personal deeds, actions towards others)

This you do in the foreknowledge that everyone is a 'sinner' capable of 'delivering' dark evil through their action interaction, but YOU will only be kind, compassionate and merciful as YOU do your best to assist them to see the Light.


The 'offering' of the 'begging bowl' for food to the people by monks or nuns is a part of the RELIGION of Buddhism, and of itself is ERROR, for it is NOT the 'Word' of God, and by this 'act' the supposed 'enlightened' robed and shaven headed one is in fact saying;


"Here is my need of the day and if you do not fill my bowl with rice then it proves to Siddhartha Gautama and me that you are not 'enlightened' enough to be a giving person."


As for the supposed 'enlightened' robed and shaven headed one, where is their 'sacrifice' in this? The 'monk' does not have to ‘slave’ at work as others do, they simply exist upon the beneficence of others. Surely the spiritual ‘rewards’ within the 'karmic' Law should go to the people who support them rather than to the monks?

The ‘begging bowl, shaven head, and plain robe PATH to supposed enlightenment is being ‘trodden’ on the backs of the populace who are expected to house, feed, or support their path to holiness, and ‘where’ is the good deed of the ‘seeker' of enlightenment? Are they not arrogant and deluded in assuming that the good deeds of others will bring them to paradise?

IF the true path to enlightenment is by ones good deeds of 'Peace & love & mercy & compassion and forgiveness,' then there is no need to be ‘poor,’ shaven, or a beggar and set yourself apart from others by the clothes you wear. Poverty or riches has nothing to do with the Law of karma nor the Law of God, for it is simply based upon ones personal good or bad deeds.

So in FACT by their 'begging' activity the 'monk' proves that they are deluded, lazy, vain and ignorant, for instead of them going to work so that they can 'give' to the poor, they by 'deception' are stealing their daily feed needs from the poor.  This applies to the 'priests' of every religion on earth, for all use 'rituals' to entrap God's children.


It 'follows' that the 'lay' people that so freely give away food and other to beggars are in fact the 'enlightened,' and the vain, lost, deluded 'beggar' is being kept in a state of ignorance by the false religious 'teachings' of Buddhism.


Why is it and its teachings FALSE, because the Dalai Lama and all past and present supposedly 'wise' teachers who name themselves 'Masters' are a direct contravention of the Command of THE TRUE GOD. How so? The Buddhist teachings state that one can defend oneself and cause harm unto others as long as the other is not actually 'killed' and, that it is also in order to cause harm as long as ones 'mindset' is correct. These beliefs and teachings are total untruths that mislead millions of followers and adherents to said teachings.


I the truly 'enlightened' one now advise you all that the TRUE 'virtuous' path is the one wherein you remain 'celibate' to God's Holy WORD, * and you NEVER 'swerve' from this path of  'Peace & love & mercy & compassion and forgiveness,'  that must be expressed by YOU the 'seeker' of Salvation.


I suggest that if any 'Eastern' beggar comes to your 'door' that you kindly 'give' them a shovel and tell them to go and plant their own 'rice.' I suggest that if any 'Western' youth demands that you fund their 'welfare' payments so they can 'lazily' sit on the beach or under a 'tree,' that you kindly  'give' them a 'spade' and tell them to go and plant their own 'potatoes.' If you keep giving 'freely' to the 'lost' then you are failing to enlighten them. Education is the way forward today.


It is false doctrine for anyone to 'believe' that they must be 'fed, clothed or housed' at your 'expense.'


The TRUE 'disciple' does not need to 'show' they are different by their 'dress' code, food or drink 'menu' or any other rituals. They simply do their best to NOT be a 'burden' upon others, and they become 'self- sufficient' as they earn their living so that they have enough to live on and some spare to give unto the truly needy.


The 'religion' of Buddhism is soon to be 'crucified' by God as are all others in the manner revealed by me.


Note; The Law of God: "As you sow so shall ye reap."

Note; 'celibate' to God's Holy WORD, * : Celibacy is not a 'virtue' as some people portray it, and any that 'celebrate' celibacy are sadly lost, deluded, and leading God's children astray. Celibacy means denying yourself of the joy of sexual closeness, loving relationships and companionship.


Spiritual 'celibacy' means denying yourself the 'pleasure' of indulging in the use of Dark energy to criticise, condemn, judge, abuse, or punish others, for that is the 'merciless' and unforgiving way of the vain, arrogant, lost, deceived and ignorant.


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Vipasanna meditation course


This meditation course arose from the ‘life’ of Siddhartha Gautama who became known as Buddha, (The enlightened one) in that his ‘followers’ believed that the 'religious' doctrine of celibacy and poverty and the denial of ‘senses’ in some way ‘enlightened’ a person and alleviated their suffering and inner ‘sin,’ (Dark emotions) and this doctrine is error.


They also believed that ‘service to self’ or ‘service to others’ could only be attained through denial of their ‘emotions and thoughts’ and, they also believed falsely that ‘enlightenment and inner purification’ would follow.


This ‘common’ teaching that the denial of pleasurable emotions and other ‘senses’ is gross error, and regrettably many ‘kindly’ souls seeking truth, enlightenment and the fulfillment of their ‘dreams’ have become ‘trapped’ by the delusion that ‘self’ denial and the ‘loss’ of materiality is a prerequisite. It is NOT.


The Vipasanna teachings state that their ‘program’ is neither a religion nor ‘sectarian,’ but this is false, for by its ‘ideology’ and ‘source’ it brings people into ‘bowing’ to and following the ‘rules’ or dictates of others purporting to be ‘Masters’ when in fact they are NOT.


As the meditation offered is ‘linked’ to the Buddhist teaching program it leads attendees into a doctrine of self denial, and this denial in itself imposes suffering upon loved ones that are denied in some way as those seeking enlightenment impose a negative karmic load upon themselves. (Spiritual suicide)

Attendees do in fact ‘self-crucify’ themselves during the 10 day ‘ordeal’ of silence and other restrictions as they place themselves into the negative karmic ‘space’ of self denial.

The Vipasanna meditation technique is purported to be a ‘way’ of self-transformation through self-observation, and aims for the total eradication of mental impurities and the resultant highest happiness of full liberation. This is a false assumption.

It also states that the purpose of the ‘technique’ leads to healing, not merely the curing of diseases, but the essential healing of human suffering. This is ‘error of belief’ because none of the teachers understand the nature of God, nor do they understand the nature of the sin within man. The organisation is 'appropriating' and using the name God's 'messenger' for their own 'glorification.'

The fact that the ‘teachers’ of this meditation state; “Although Vipasanna meditation is beneficial for most people, it is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment and we do not recommend it for people with serious psychiatric disorders” and this indicates that only persons that are already mentally stable can ‘survive’ the ‘course’ and, this proves beyond ‘doubt’ that this ‘teaching’ will not alleviate the suffering of those that truly need it and, - - -

It is regrettable that those that do endure their 10 day ‘self flagellation’ mental & emotional ‘imprisonment’ feel such a ‘relief’ when released at the end of the Seminar that they assume that their ‘feelings’ of elation is an inner release from darkness or ‘something’ and it is NOT.

They are still contaminated spiritually by negative emotions being the 'fruit' from the Tree of Evil that 'grew' within their soul as they used IT to control or abuse others, and IT cannot be 'cut out' with a butcher's knife nor through any meditation path.

They also feel as though they are ‘purified’ in some way, and in this they become true ‘followers’ to the teaching that then misleads them into believing that they must ‘conform’ to the strictures of a certain ‘lifestyle’ that goes beyond the “Only be peaceful, compassionate and forgiving” Command of God.


There are many ‘men’ that believed that they had found the way to eternal happiness, and what man needs to try and understand is that even if Buddha was ‘at peace’ within and had ‘heard’ the Word of God of peace and compassion and forgiveness as the ‘means’ to attain enlightenment and purification, it does NOT follow that any meditation technique or acts of self denial or celibacy would attain it.


Spiritual celibacy means; “To be faithful to the Word of God in that one does not ‘stray’ from the true path of ‘love one another, be peaceful, merciful compassionate and forgiving unto those yet sinfully living.’


It is in this way God purges ones soul of dark energy drawn IN by the individual, and inner peace is attained AFTER the punitive aspect of God's Law has been permitted to fulfill itself in NON-retaliation when being exposed to suffering at the hands of the merciless.”


As mankind has strayed from the true path for so long, no rituals nor foods nor ‘celibate or material’ denials nor ‘meditation’ courses will avail anything, for the mind of man will now be ‘stung’ by evil temptation to do wrong by the mental attack of subjugating spirit forces, and ONLY those that now adhere to the fresh teachings of God via me will find inner peace and surcease from suffering.


Any of you that ‘support’ or ‘promote’ any meditation ‘technique’ that contains any doctrine of ‘denial’ or ‘silence’ or other restriction such as the Vipasanna meditation teachings impose, you are complicit to deception and will suffer the consequence.


Even if it your support is through ‘free’ time given or by ‘donation,’ for by either of these ‘offerings’ you are helping others to be directed the wrong way.


To ‘be of service’ to man, God and yourself one needs to simply; “Go your way in peace and be kind, loving, merciful, compassionate and forgiving’ unto those others yet sinfully living” and, - - - in this way you fulfill the command of God and He/She will then purge your soul of inner dark emotions and after you have been ‘subjected’ to the karmic suffering you imposed upon others then you will become ‘enlightened’ and happy and, as you go your ‘way’ you tell everybody to look at the fresh uncontaminated message from the Creator that sits on the web sites given below.


Note, any 'form' of meditation that 'eases' the mind or emotions is beneficial, but to state that meditation in any way ''transforms' energy or depletes or removes the negative emotions out of man's soul is FALSE are deceptive and leads the 'promoters' of such into darkness. The only 'way' to find eternal peace is to conform to the fresh wisdom of Allah/God the Creator as revealed today by my pen.


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~ To ‘be of service’ to God ~


What does it mean, and what does one do so as to factually be eternally true to the Creator? Does one ‘wait around’ in expectation that ‘someone’ will give them a ‘job’ and five ‘bob’ a day as ‘service’ pay? Does one ‘roam around’ forever waiting for God’s inspiration to ‘do’ something that is of service?


What is the ‘qualification’ needed to ‘be of service’ to the Creator? The qualification needed is the ‘light’ within that was bestowed upon the individual a very long time ago, being their inner compassion. It was not bequeathed unto them as a ‘medal’ pinned upon their breast so that others can see that they are ‘somebody’ to be praised for having been ‘honoured’ by man.


It was something that grew within them over aeons of time during which they ‘served’ humanity in realms of spirit long before this material universe was conceived, and this compassion was ‘breathed’ into them by the ‘breath’ of God who saw their intent and ‘active’ deed.


The ‘golden’ apple that contains the ‘wisdom of the universe’ is not the apple that was ‘stolen’ by Hercules after he ‘slew’ the dragon.


The spiritual golden apple is guarded by God, and no mere ‘mortal’ can take IT by ‘force of arms,’ and He the essence of all creation only gives it (the wisdom) to those that have earned it through being ‘compassionate’ towards His lost children.


So to ‘be of service’ to God on this level of consciousness you need to be a compassionate, merciful, kind, giving and forgiving person and, you need to have ‘received’ and read and understood the ‘wisdom of the word’ as bequeathed to all by me, for IT is the spiritual ‘apple’ sent by the most High.


So there is no ‘point’ in roaming hither and thither seeking ‘inspiration’ or ‘direction’ once you have found the ‘golden apple,’ for you need to ‘sit’ under a tree and devour IT and let its wisdom and energy ‘seep’ into your soul, for only then can you factually ‘be of service’ to mankind, God and yourself.


How ‘then’ do you become of service? If you ‘wish’ you can go ‘hither and thither’ like a ‘Bedouin’ crossing the desert, and make ‘camp’ with others you meet on the road, and in this way you do your ‘missionary work’ that is truly true as you spread your spiritual ‘bread’ in every home. Or, you make ‘camp’ somewhere as me and wait for God to send people to you.


But you need to know the true ‘right from wrong,’ and you do need to be very ‘principled’ and strong, for many that you meet will themselves be used to walking on the dark shadow side of the street, and they may ‘frown’ at you and try and overpower your ‘reason’ and impose their ‘belief’ that stole their soul that is now one of ‘grief.’


You need to be able to say to a ‘king’ or chief or arrogant thief; “Please sit with me for a moment for I see that your words and deeds towards others is less than kind or peaceful as commanded by God, and I would like to speak of IT (God’s fresh Word) for I see that your ‘way’ will bring more grief to your household.”


You need to pass on the understanding of the ‘Minds under siege’ program revealing the power of spirit people operating clandestinely as dark invisible forces doing their work.


You need to pass on the Star prayer so that all can begin to strengthen their minds and turn over a new leaf as they place their weapons into the fire and prepare to ‘suffer’ as they are crucified without retaliating, for they need to know that this is the only way out of the ‘quagmire’ they placed themselves into.


You need to do no evil, and be as the ‘Chinese’ monkeys; “See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil,”  for even though all you will see is ‘evil in action all around,’ you must not be ‘bound’ by inner darkness that would lead you to criticise or condemn others in any way.


Let your compassion shine forth as you uplift their consciousness each day as you teach also that ‘forgiveness’ by man unto man is also the only way.


There will be no ‘blinding’ revelation stating “You are ready to go forth today,” for in fact with compassion in your heart you are already ‘ready’ to begin your ‘mission’ today in a ‘limited’ way until God’s revelations through my pen hold full ‘sway’ in your consciousness.


Just remember, God knows your ‘personal’ capacity, and he will guide people ‘to’ you or guide you ‘to’ others, and you need to realise that everyone you meet has a ‘problem’ because they are ‘full of sin’ energy and need enlightenment.


Just quietly ‘listen to their story’ for a little while and you then will get an ‘idea’ of what you need to say, and then you start by saying; “I feel the need to say something to you that will assist you because I see that presently you are - - -“


This is what I say today to every ‘Light worker’ that God sent to earth.


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~ Entitlement & Justification ~
God's Law & God's Command
God's Command may BE defied, but the application of God's LAW cannot be defied nor denied nor voided nor AVOIDED.
This is because IT simply is the ENERGY used in ones interaction with other children of God. An activity which is EITHER from the controlling, invasive, disrespectful, forceful, merciless, punitive and destructive DARK ENERGY aspect of the Source (God the Father) or, - - -
It is from the loving, peaceful, kind, respectful, merciful, forgiving, compassionate, benign and creative LIGHT ENERGY aspect of the Source. (God the Mother) Try and understand that spiritual energy 'flows' similarly to the invisible 'material' energetic force of this realm being that:
"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."
The ONLY difference between the energetic FORCE of this realm and that of 'spirit' is, that the return to the user of the USED spiritual energy can be and IS 'controlled' by the super intelligence of God who IS the sum total of all known and unknown energy.
Thus if you steal or cause harm to another or, you are kind and giving unto another, you may not suffer a return of loss or injury or a return of goodness immediately, but it can 'accumulate' to a far distant 'date' in this realm or when you pass 'over' into spirit and receive your benign or malignant return in that space.
Some believe in their RIGHT to fight or defend, none seeing that even defence or 'passive resistance' is still the use of the 'forbidden to use' Dark forceful energy as one, resists, struggles, suppresses, defies, disobeys etc., in their attempts to NOT 'permit' the 'Reaper' (God's Justice) to cause them harm or loss and to balance ITS 'Scales of Justice.'
So what IS the 'Entitlement & Justification' of which I now speak? It is the Entitlement & Justification of both or either of God's ENERGIES to 'balance' themselves whenever a person 'draws on' one or the other in their interaction with others.
The MORE Light energy that has 'grown' within your soul over eternity, the MORE it is 'easy' for you to OBEY God's Command and BE merciful, respectful and forgiving and thus you seek to 'quickly' return 'favours' to those who have been 'good' to you as this 'return' unto them is inspired by your inner LIGHT.
The MORE Dark energy that has 'grown' within your soul over eternity, the MORE it is 'easy' for you to DISOBEY God's Command and BE merciless, disrespectful and unforgiving and thus you seek to 'quickly' return 'injury' to those who have been 'bad' to you as this 'return' unto them is incited by your inner DARK.
Just remember - BOTH energies HAVE the 'Entitlement & Justification' to FULFILL themselves VIA others TO you or via YOU to others. This is 'why' at times you may 'think' that the other 'arrogant, evil, or swinish idiot' must be 'corrected' by YOU, and this note is to alert YOU to the FACT that it is simply the intelligent Dark essence 'attempting' to 'coerce' or USE you VIA your inner Dark energy to bring the other to 'account' for their past deeds that IT, - - - but NOT you, - - - is fully aware of.
IF you are so foolish as to defy God's Command and BE the instrument of bringing the other to 'punitive' account, then as you use the dark force that empowers you, you take on the 'burden' of suffering, loss or injury that you IMPOSE upon your 'victim,' and IT simply ADDS to the 'debt' burden you are already carrying in your overloaded 'back pack' sack.
This is what every schoolyard 'bully, criminal, legislator, King, Queen, Emperor, armed forces men, police and 'common' man needs to LEARN and fully COMPREHEND, being that Education is the ONLY 'peaceful' way forward accompanied by ABSOLUTE PACIFISM in the face of adversity. For ONLY thus do we (the individual) remain within the precepts of God's "Only extend peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgive your enemy" COMMAND and not receive a painful punitive reprimand from GOD for being a vindictive and retributive and punitive swine and NON-believer.
Every 'loss, banishment, eviction, interference, control, punishment, imposition, injury, torment' IS backed by the intelligence and POWER of God the Father. He is the ALMIGHTY not you, and HE 'brooks' NO 'pretenders' to His THRONE. He sees and knows all the 'moves' of mortal man and HE becomes your 'enemy' when you defy HIM. He does NOT need you to mete out 'punitive correction' on His behalf.
None can 'win' against HIM and His Dark forces who even now use the arrogant and ignorant to 'subjugate and destroy' others who with His Command did and yet do 'toy.'

It matters not 'which' creed you presently 'bow' to or follow, turn direct to your God of love and heed Her call of 'Peace unto all' from above, and become free.

"As you do is done unto you."

Read my 'The cause of all suffering'


Terence - Imam Al Mahdi

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