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~ Phillip Adams v/s Allah ~
The falsity of Atheists

Al-Imam Al-Mahdi 

God * - The name of the Creator in the English language.
Allah * - The name of the Creator in the Arabic language.
Mungu * - The name of the Creator in the Swahili language.
Every 'language' names the Creator according to their 'tongue.'

Phillip Adams sees himself as an ‘elite’ self-professed atheist, and in his writings he claims that there is NO God and NO life after earthly death and even contests the existence of Allah in his text ‘Adams v/s God.’  I will 'prove' that he does believe in a false 'god,' a 'superpower' that he adores, respects and follows.

In my efforts to engage him in conversation he says; ‘I have nothing to discuss,’ so as I am Allah’s messenger I can but do my best to give him my good counsel and I say:

My brother, we are born of the same spiritual Mother, yes, She did us all ‘conceive’ through her love, and it is He the Father that makes all ‘grieve’ if they fight, deceive, or show disrespect to any other.  Other than that, there is a worse offence in the eyes of the Almighty, and that is to show ‘contempt’ for Her, His ‘wife,’ His Light that shineth eternally bright.

Why would any mortal man so do? Is it ignorance, vanity, or pure arrogance? It matters not to me other than if I cannot get him to see the error of his way then ‘one-day’ not too far ahead his belly could be filled with dread.

Phillip is a man as many that assumes that as ‘religion’ is an obvious failure that there can be no Allah. Why is it incumbent for Allah to only exist if men of cloth are truthful?  It is not, and religions walked the wrong way and crucified many because they were deceived by the Serpent though their own emotions of power, greed, and wealth unlimited, but that does not mean that the Light of Allah does not exist.

Is it ‘rational’ to state that Allah does not exist simply because he cannot see Allah’s face and/or because no fleshly mortal can ‘prove’ that Allah exists? NO, for we can when young be told of the snake in the grass and its ‘power,’ and that does not mean that it does not exist unless we see it.

What of the ‘spring trap’ snare buried underfoot in the leaves of the ‘bad’ pathway that we are taught to not tread? Is it not also ‘invisible and unseen’ by those that walk the righteous path?

Just because a man is blind and cannot see it does not mean that the stars do not shine anymore that it means that there is no far away land divine that awaits ‘some.’ So, what would Allah have me say to a ‘lost soul’ that walks the wrong way?

Firstly it is that it is one thing to not ‘believe,’ but it is error to try and convince others that there is not or cannot be any ‘life’ after death. Why? Because many others would then be more easily ‘seduced’ by the invisible serpent into doing anything that they were by IT inspired to, for IT would convince them that there would be ‘NO consequence’ to any negative interaction.

Do I have to convince Phillip that his inner energy is as invisible as the electricity existing in the power line? No, for it is always invisible, but he knows that there is ‘something,’ for there is an ‘end’ result if he touches a ‘bare’ wire.

Do I have to convince Phillip that his own emotions and thoughts are invisible and cannot be ‘found’ within the flesh even if it is opened up before being put underground? No, but maybe he can ‘imagine’ that there is an invisible energy that is both positive, joyful and loving and creative, as well as the ‘other’ being negative, hateful, unkind and destructive and, energy is never lost, for it exists forever.

So to assist Phillip’s ‘followers’ and all 'infidels' that appear to be many, I say a few more words, for I would not like to have any of them crossing ‘swords’ with others in the END days soon here, for I would not like them to be lost in the underworld forever shedding more than a ‘tear.’

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If a man disbelieves in the existence of Allah then why would he write a book and name it ‘Adams v/s God’? Why would he even think of having a ‘contest’ with what he perceives as 'nothingness'? This is a ‘mark’ of 'liquid' vanity that precludes insanity. What is he trying to prove? Is it the elevation of his self ‘esteem’?

Why would a man throw down the gauntlet into the face of the Creator of whom he cannot see, and thus knows not of His power? Pure arrogance it seems to me, for if one cannot even see ones stated ‘adversary’ then one is not only ‘blinded’ by arrogance, but one is also ‘uniquely’ foolish. Poor man, I can but hope that my pen awakens him from his delusional ‘revelry’ in feelings of self-importance.

True Atheists are those who say that they know with ‘certainty’ that the existence of the true Allah is impossible. What an ‘assumption’ to make, in ‘believing’ that simply because they have NO ‘inner sight’ they assume that all others are equally blind.

Atheists have mixed up ’religions of man’ with Allah, this is their error, for we can all see that men of religion were ‘stool pigeons’ for the DARK energy essence of the Source, the energy that is deceptive and utterly destructive, greedy, arrogant, invasive, subjugating, merciless and unforgiving etc., but we should also be able to SEE that ‘some’ people do display the Light benign & truthful & loving energy essence of the Source that is truthful, creative, merciful, kind, compassionate and forgiving.

Atheists believe that as they cannot ‘define’ Allah the indefinable invisible energy essence of ALL known and unknown ‘manifestation,’ that it elevates’ Atheism into being a ‘valid’ ideological belief 'system' that will assist its followers and somehow ‘improve humanity.’ This is an arrogant, ignorant ERROR of ‘judgement.’

Atheists state : < All religions die of but one disease, that of being found out. > That is a true statement in that all 'named' religions of the day including Atheism have been 'found out' by me as being not only false religions, but by their deed (activity) they are in fact no different to any other religion of this century, for they all 'bow' in obedience to a very dark 'overlord,' in utter subservience to IT and ITS dark ideology of control, extortion, interference, punitive and warring ways.

So far from stating that they have NO belief in any 'God,' they are bowing to a material god named 'The State government' of the land they live in, for this 'body' corporate has become the material and visible 'god of mankind,' and every 'follower' being those that 'vote' for the election of earthly 'gods/leaders' show their 'adoration' as such for these 'impostors' by funding their iniquitous ways.  Ways that have the 'code of conduct' activity of the Dark destructive 'energy' aspect of the Source, the True God/Allah that IS both Light & Dark.

All humanity needs to improve its critical, controlling, manipulate, greedy and disrespectful way so that it can become humane and respectful of others, and it is for everyone to learn ‘why’ some of them have negative energy (dark emotions) within their souls and ‘why’ some like me have NONE.

No person of any ‘religious’ belief other than that of absolute pacifism at all times and in all situations can be called truly human, truly free, and truly happy.

For only those free of ‘sin’ within (negative emotions) are free from the influence of feeling this darkness within of fear, anger, jealousy, hatred etc., and their accompaniment of troubling thoughts that lead them into critical, vengeful, dark and destructive activity.

To become free spiritually of these INVISIBLE dark emotions and attain 'Salvation,' you will need to BE a ‘believer’ in Allah’s message through ME, for presently everyone is worshipping a ‘finite’ god, being the State government, for as they ‘bow’ to its ‘dictates’ and fund its punitive officials, they are all supporting, condoning, and funding the imposition of control, interference, punishment upon OTHERS, and the killing of OTHERS, and this is grave ERROR within the precepts of the 'Peace, love, mercy & forgiveness' code of conduct 'policy' commanded by the invisible one, Allah.

All this ‘disturbance’ and interference in the lives of everyone is due to the State promising 'protection,' and Jesus gave his ‘mortal’ body as a ‘sacrifice’ so as to show YOU by his example that in order to become free spiritually, you must NOT protect yourself using ‘muscle,’ but you must simply be an absolute pacifist and ‘go’ or ‘die’ as a ’lamb to the slaughter,’ and thus NOT protect yourself nor retaliate when faced by adversity because, - - -

The ‘imposition’ of suffering upon you is simply the ‘judgement’ of the invisible Source that seeks to ‘balance’ ITS ‘scales of justice’ within the precepts of ITS immutable Law using 'infidels,' and if you do not retaliate you become free of your debts to IT for when in your past you funded and supported ITS ‘inflictions’ upon others by your servants or yourself.

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The greatest ‘act of faith’ is when a man decides to ‘bow’ to the Command of the Light and thus NEVER use the dark forceful & destructive energy in his interaction with others, and this means that you ‘literally’ turn the other cheek and do not ever raise a hand to defend yourself. Man uses the government system to protect himself, or rather I should say; the government system forces man to defy Allah and forces man to make use of it and its punitive force under 'penalty' of excommunication, deprivation, or loss of liberty (jail) for failing to support or fund it.

Man should know that everything has a ‘binding’ energy that manifests as known and perceivable energy on a material level, but as Atheists are blind to the REALITY and existence of ‘spiritual energy,’ they ASSUME that this energy of the Source is non-existent and thus ‘shout’ to the world that to be a ‘non-believer’ is better?

A non-believe is a person that states they 'adore' Allah the invisible Source but by their deeds or 'actions' they do not, thus 'non-believers' and atheists are but one and the same 'ilk' wearing the 'infidels' black silk.  For even if 'most' of their personal deeds are benign, their servants the politicians and enforcers are causing a trail of torture and tears as they abuse others in their name and on their behalf.  Soon NONE will 'smile or laugh' as Allah's ONE immutable 'eye for an eye' Law swings into action in every land on earth in the manner as revealed by me.

What has the belief in 'Atheism' or the belief in Allah got to do with being ‘better or free or happy'? That is the question everyone needs to ask and find the answer to, being THE TRUTH of finding eternal happiness or eternal unhappiness.

It is the distortion of insanity that makes an Atheist ‘believe’ that the ‘belief’ in NO Allah makes them happier or freer. Are there NO unhappy or mentally disturbed Atheists? Of course there are. I ‘wonder’ if Atheists believe that positive and negative emotions do not exist due to them also being as ‘invisible’ as Allah?

Atheism as Catholicism is the ‘Vice’ of the lost race, and it includes all those purporting to be true Christians or true Muslims or other, for all are funding the State ‘religion of iniquity,’ so in fact all are Atheists or NON-believers in Freedom or Peace, for all are funding the controlling, extortionist, subjugating, punitive war machine that rules man with a coercive and forceful hand as IT forces all into ‘fellowshipping’ with ITS cruel and DARK ideology.

Religions of man have run ‘riot’ as they linked hands with political forces, and only I and my mighty ‘pen’ can release man from his bondage to the Dark ideology, and in the process my exposure of the falsity of the ‘priestly’ clan will bring every religion down into the dust of oblivion.

So for the Atheist non-believers and all other men I can but say for and on behalf of the invisible Source named /Allah or God or by any other name:

"It is your right to be foolish and fight and to interfere in the lives of others personally or using armed men to do it on your behalf, and as this you so unthinkingly and callously do, it is also your personal decision whether to treat my ‘outreach’ via Terence with derision.

So to assist you I can but remind you all that in the ‘laws’ of motion the scientific ‘results’ show that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, thus it may be wise for you to ‘consider’ that the twin rivers of invisible Light & Dark or Creative or Destructive energy flow have the same ‘quality’ of 'absolute justness’

So to be happy and free one must ONLY sup on the benign energy essence, for if one sups from the other then within ITS ‘eye for an eye’ or ‘equal’ LAW of return basis, you place yourself into suffering."

I suggest that Phillip Adams and others stop ‘crowing’ their ‘our way is the right way’ like a cockerel stuck in a ‘pen,’ that they take a leap of faith onto the 'compound' fence and ‘view’ the different horizon with its ‘unproven’ possibilities.

The ONE thing all 'free thinkers' need to understand, be they self-professed Atheists, Humanists, Spiritualists, Catholics or of any religion or 'ideological belief, and that is the meaning of the word 'CONSEQUENCE.'  For whether their 'belief' accommodates that 'policy' understanding or not, there IS an absolutely 'Just Justice' RESULT for EVERY action of man.  So, - - -

It matters NOT 'who' you think you are.
It matters NOT 'what' you believe.

There IS an EQUAL return unto you through the benign 'believers' in Peace or, through the malignant 'believers' in the Sword dependant upon the 'nature' of the energy essence (positive or negative) that 'backs' or 'forms' the ACTION displayed by you or your servants in the interaction with others. Be it;

kind - cruel
nice - nasty
merciful - merciless
benign - malignant
forgiving - unforgiving
respectful - disrespectful
creative - destructive

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Why is there so much suffering, intolerance, lack, displacement, control, punishment and war in this world? Because everyone is funding the imposition of that upon others using political 'god's' and they simply place themselves (unknowingly & ignorantly) into the absolutely 'Just & equitable' Law of the DARK energy being used by the State. (Caesar)

It is I to state quite categorically that as EVERY named religion on earth and EVERY government on earth has a code of conduct policy that teaches killing in the name of 'self-defence' and the policy of forcing its 'followers' to conform to its dictates or be 'banished' or 'excommunicated' or 'barred' or 'dispossessed' or 'cast out' or 'ostracised' or 'punished' or even killed, it follows that all are FALSE dark religions flying the same 'devilish' banner of control, extortion, subjugation and enslavement.

Any person funding or supporting any such 'religion' or 'ideology' are condoning its forceful anti-god policies that are deceptive and are 'ensnaring' others into the web of deceit of the 'spider of death,' and it will 'sting' everyone that treads on its web.

Forget man made religions needing you to bow to the dictates of their elders, be they clerics, bishops or politicians and other heads of state. The one and only TRUE way is revealed as simply being an absolute pacifist as commanded by the Source as you bow to Him as your 'leader' and head of house, and you carry out your daily affairs in a conduct 'becoming,' and you treat everyone with respect, care, kindness and compassion.

If you 'belong' to any institution of man that uses your 'funding' to pay the wages of enforcers that force others to comply to its rules or be 'punished,' then you are complicit to that imposition that is carried out in your name and on your behalf, and you place yourself within the punitive and controlling and overbearing aspect of the Dark energy essence of the Source, and IT will do the same unto you that is done unto others by the organisation.

Everyone 'mercilessly and unforgivingly 'screams out' for accountability and "Justice," and that is exactly what they get and what they will soon even 'more so' get. So IF your ideological 'belief' is the ONE whereby you use and fund the 'protection' aspect of, and fund the 'enforcement' aspect of political 'proclamations, orders, edicts, rules, laws' etc., that affects the life and living ways of others, then you deserve the 'consequential' outcome that IS unavoidable, being, not only subjected to the same 'fate,' but it will be the subjugation of your own MIND by invisible demonic forces revealed by me.

One thing IS for sure, being that my revelations and prophecies on line reference the escalating instability of the mind of man, resulting from telepathically imposed thoughts emanating from a far distant invisible demonic race, will come to pass, and it will be evident across the ‘globe’ as man raises his voice angrily and insanely against others and, - - -

I can but ‘suggest’ to any reader that they evaluate the reasons given by Allah through my pen, so that they can come to a personally informed decision whether to treat it with derision or, whether to strive to remain sane and kind and compassionate and respectful with the ‘possibility’ that they could gain spiritual freedom in the hereafter.

The 'profound philosophic meaning of the 'cross' upon which the 'saviour' died was and eternally IS: The individual Spiritual freedom of a person and access into the 'heavenly' Promised Land is only attained as each individual lays down their 'sword' and halts their use of 'dark' forceful and destructive energy, wielded either personally or via the hands of their servants and, they prepare themselves mentally and emotionally to 'suffer' their accrued 'dues' to Allah/God within His "As you or your servants did sow so shall ye reap" Law and, the individual 'permits' infidels to crucify them as they 'bow' to Allah and 'go as a lamb to the slaughter' in order that Allah's Law can be 'fulfilled' and balance its 'scales of justice' in its fullness.

Any person that cannot be 'forgiving' of their enemy and continues to raise their voice or 'hand' against any other is a person deemed by their own 'actions' to be a 'worthless' seed, and the dark energy essence they use in self-defence or retribution contaminates their soul, and is what drags their spirit soul down into the dark to 'fight on' and 'suffer on' in perpetuity.

Note:  'infidel,'* - An infidel is a person of any 'race' that does not espouse the religious ideal and 'belief' in absolute pacifism at all times and in all situations, and they are persons that justify the use of force  (the sword-spear-axe-gun)  in defiance of Allah's Command:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of Allah to all is:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

Infidels are people that have been deceived by the false beliefs of their forefathers that had succumbed to the 'temptation' of the Dark-Devil that 'spoke' within their thoughts, and convinced them that they could or should rely on it and its forceful 'power' rather that simply having Allah as their Monarch and leaning on the wisdom of His holy word.

Note: The ONE LAW of Allah. - “As you sow so shall ye reap on an equal and equitable 'eye for an eye' recompense. Be it good for good given, or suffering for suffering imposed.”  Man is commanded to ONLY give out the good.  Man is forbidden to give out punitive suffering, as this is the use of Allah's DARK power that results in spiritual 'death' to its user.

Terence - the 'pen' of Allah


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