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The Treatise of Truth

The Mental Health "Carer's"
"Soul's Survival" Manual

A practical guide to understanding the Spiritual aspect of;

Subjugation of the Mind
Mental/Emotional Trauma


By Clemencia

Page 1 Foreword
Page 2 Mental illness - the definition and primary cause
Page 3 Dr. Carmen Lawrence letter
Page 4 Minds under Siege -- (Explanatory Treatise 1)
Page 10 Mrs Nell Ames letter
Page 11 Families & Systems in Disarray -- (Explanatory Treatise 2)
Page 17 John Laws Program -- (Explanatory Treatise 3)
Page 20 Psychiatry v/s God's Word -- (Explanatory Treatise 4)
Page 27 Soul's Survival Carers Manual -- (Explanatory Treatise 5)
Page 35 Personal sexual responsibility
Page 36 Children -- Parent/Child relationships -- (Explanatory Treatise 6)
Page 48 Lost Souls below
Page 49 Spirits & diminished responsibility
Page 50 Suicide
Page 51 Father Gonzalo Munoz-Catholic priest -- (Explanatory Treatise 7)
Page 55 Deception posing as Virtue -- (Explanatory Treatise 8)
Page 60 Mandates -- Man v/s God -- (Explanatory Treatise 9)
Page 63 Sex & Truth & relationships -- (Explanatory Treatise 10)
page 75 Treatise of Truth -- (Explanatory Treatise 11)

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This Manual unfolded for me when I read the book The Testament of Truth. I am thankful to the author Terence for his encouragement which inspired me to write this my understanding of the Truth, Wisdom and Insight contained in his Testament, particularly as it relates to my field of work.

This Manual is my gift to you the reader, and has been compiled for all those in the Caring Professions, be they in Mental Health, Medicine, Welfare or Education. It is also written for any others who seek to assist those in mental & emotional distress in coming times. It includes some input by the Spirit of Truth.

It has been compiled to assist you personally towards a comprehensive understanding of what is actually taking place as "escalating insanity" rises planetarily, and why intensifying negative "thought intrusion" into the minds of ordinary human beings is leading to irrational acts, acts being carried out during moments of insanity or unreasoned action, when our positive reasoning fails us.

Our previous understanding of the "helping process" in these circumstances, whether through the use of drugs, current psychological, emotional or spiritual understanding, will not help us. What we urgently require is a deep understanding concerning an insight into the unseen "Spiritual realities" that so forcefully impact upon our lives.

We have lacked solutions because we have relied primarily upon systems based on man made laws to provide answers for us. We have forgotten that Matter is finite, having a beginning and an end, and that only "Spirit" is infinite, eternal. Only an understanding of Spiritual Law and its full deep implications will provide us with the answer we need at this time.

This manual is written to provide a "quick" understanding of Spiritual Truth pertaining to mental "dis-ease." It contains a number of my "Treatise" and letters that have been put together to help you the reader. The document contains contributions written by the Spirit of Truth, the author of The Testament of Truth.


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~ Mental illness ~

Mental illness is a state of being wherein a persons mind is no longer capable of being at "peace." This is a state whereby the mind is constantly subjected to intrusive thoughts that are flowing into their mind from lower levels of consciousness.

The definition - Mental illness is a state of being wherein the mind of the individual is no longer capable of volitional thought, that is, thought that is under the control of the individuals who find themselves driven by alien thoughts. The nature of driven thought is intrusive and controlling, manifesting as obsessive, possessive, self deprecatory, confusing, critical, vindictive, self destructive, and retributive.

Mental ill-health is evident when the individual finds his or her mind assailed by intrusive, cyclical thought processes which create scenarios as if they were external ‘realities’ causing the individual to either live in the scenario or act it out externally, forcing them to behave in ways that are outside the norm or ‘abnormal.’

The spiritual cause - When the individual is subjected to intrusive thoughts they are experiencing an influx of negative energy from lower levels of consciousness. Intrusive thoughts enter every human with negative emotions, but when they do not lead to extreme negative expression, the individual appears to live what we generally accept as a "normal" life.

This is however not the spiritual way since man’s ‘normal life’ of criticism, judgment and unkindness is also part of the negativity which is ‘insane’ and provides the opening for intensifying thought intrusion to take place.

This causal factor of mental illness lies in the realm of the inner soul of spirit man and is the result of the "growth" of negative emotions within. As these emotions become enlarged, the thought intrusion from lower levels increases and may result in a "total loss" of individual mind space causing the setting aside of the individuals own unique consciousness as they become an "open channel" for the dark.

Mental illness is when the dark fills the individual’s mind totally with It’s thought projections. The full understanding and personal implications of this "sad" process as well as the "wherewithal" for self-help is documented within this Treatise as well as the Suicide document and The Testament of Truth.

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The Honourable Carmen Lawrence,
Minister for Human Resources & Health
Canberra, Australia

Dear Dr. Lawrence

Re: Escalation in youth suicide

I refer to recent media coverage on this subject and noted with admiration your concern at the lack of solutions to this tragic situation despite the comprehensive analysis & Government funded Study.

As a Clinical Family Therapist who has worked in this Field over the past 20 years, I too was concerned at the lack of solutions despite an increase in theories attempting to explain this phenomena.

It seems that current medical, Psychological & Social Theories have done little to alleviate the crisis. Over the last seven months I have gained tremendous insight into the process of "Negative thought intrusion" into the minds of possible suicidal teenagers, which may account for the current crisis. This insight came from a book of spiritual wisdom titled :

"The Testament of Truth" -- (Copy enclosed)

What impressed me was not only the insight into this process but that it also provides a practical method of dealing with the situation, a method that when put into practice, I have found to be positively beneficial.

Since you are in a position of influence with those who are directly involved with this area, I ask that you avail yourself of this opportunity to assess the significance and relevance of this information for yourself. I enclose a copy of the talk soon to be available on a cassette. I truly believe that this information will be helpful to psychiatrists and other helping professionals.

Realising the enormity of this process, and the desperate need of Counsellors to be able to avail themselves of the solution quickly, I shall be putting together a "Brief" in "Manual" form, of the necessary relevant documentation that can be easily understood and distributed, Nationally as well as Internationally.

I would be pleased to discuss any aspect of this with you in greater detail if you so wish.

Yours Sincerely


July 1995

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(Explanatory Treatise 1)

Minds Under Siege

The reflections of a therapist:

Primarily I work with people in emotional crisis having spent my professional life in the area of Mental Health, Education, and Clinical Private Practice

My work is with individuals, couples, families and groups within the public and private sectors. These include Juvenile Correctional Services, Community Welfare, Educational and Health Services and Police Department. I have also worked with professional groups of nurses, doctors and Family Law Court Practitioners.

This article is compiled in an endeavor to reach those who work in the Mental Health, health, educational, legal and welfare areas.  I have no doubt that like myself  many workers are aware of the increase in the conflict, stress and mental and emotional trauma of their clients.

This mental and emotional trauma has resulted in an escalation of relationship break-down, family fragmentation, juvenile suicide, and increasing confrontational aggression within the community. The latter seems to have reached epidemic proportions.

In this article I will outline my understanding of why and how this escalation is intensifying, and hopefully provide a way in which we may best assist those who come to us for help..........

"Minds under Siege" -- The reflections of a Therapist.

As I listened silently to the couple in my rooms I was struck by the hostility darting back and forth between them. It reminded me of a fencing match, as accusations were thrust and parried with wounding accuracy into the fragile heart of the relationship. A line from a poem came to mind --

"We had the experience, but missed its meaning" --

Having practiced as a Therapist, my intuition automatically focused on the word "meaning." As it did so I wondered why my mind produced the following thoughts:

What I Sow -- I will Reap, if I make you cry -- I will weep.

In terms of current theories, such "thoughts" are attributed to intuition, but what I was witnessing in this couple was the behavioural outcome, or expressed deed, of thought processes.

That thoughts seemingly appear from nowhere in the mind is not an experience unique to this couple or myself but is it a process explicable only in terms of the intuitive function?

It was their thoughts which drove the couple to re-live in minute detail every past hurt they felt  the other had inflicted upon them. As they recalled these incidents the process seemed to have  little to do with the positive intuitive function.

I was watching two people who loved each other lash out emotionally, being driven by their incoming thoughts of past grievances, thoughts that drove them to act as if the hurts experienced in the past were being inflicted again in the present moment.

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What is it about this process of thought which has so much power to re-create and trigger past events and to re-activate emotions associated with them so forcefully that the ability to distinguish between what has occurred in the past, and what is happening in the present, is actually obliterated. Also, why is it that these thought processes primarily constellate the negative?

How often do we find that people generally, or our clients specifically, spend endless time in the negative thought processes about past events rather than focusing on positive events which also occur in our lives.

These were the questions I asked myself after the session as I reflected on the theories I had studied to assist me in some measure towards an understanding of the process I had just experienced. What struck me rather forcefully was that in reality most of the theories did not provide an adequate  understanding of this process.

At the core of most theories attempting to come to grips with the powerful interplay between the mind and emotions is the belief that insight usually produces positive change. Yet despite the plethora of knowledge, and the exponential growth of theories on the mind and emotions providing such insight, a corresponding growth in psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being, does not seem to have occurred in the human race.

Why is it that I am busier now than I was 20 years ago? Why is it that many of my colleagues are also experiencing an increase in people with negative thought processes when so much "information" is available to the general public? As professional Carers we have to admit that despite the belief that our theories provide answers our services are in ever increasing demand.

This can only be explained either because those afflicted are not being fully helped by us, or, a greater percentage of the population is succumbing to mental and emotional trauma.

There is no doubt that we try to provide "care" for the people who come to us, but are we providing mental relief within the minds of our clients? As I daily listen to an increasing number of people voicing fears at the negativity of thoughts that assail their minds, it would seem not.

Clients variously speak of these thoughts in such a way as to indicate that they do not belong to the self. This is evident from some of the comments made:

I don't know what came over me --
"The thought popped into my mind from nowhere" --
These thoughts just seem to come out of the air --
They are not my thought -- but of course they must be."

Where do these thoughts originate ? The people we label as schizophrenic and who are "hallucinating" report that the "voices or thoughts" heard by them, are communications from beings at other levels of existence. However, the majority of people I see are not labeled Schizophrenic and cannot be classified into the categories contained in the D.S.M.

Yet many individuals are reporting powerful negative thought processes stemming from sources other than their own minds, identifiable by some, as not being a part of their own unique consciousness.

The escalation of negative thoughts in an ever increasing number of ordinary people can no longer be explained in terms of our psychological or analytical understanding of mental illness only.

page 6

We use drugs in those we label as mentally ill to halt this voice/thought process, but what of the thought processes in those not so labeled. This raises the question, is it enough to use drugs as a chemical mental "restraint" since in reality chemical restraints have replaced the old "physical" restraints used historically.

Drugs seem to have the effect of deadening or lessening the thought process and result in some loss of "expression" by the individual but the chemical restraint in itself does not distinguish between the positive or negative thoughts and consequently lower the whole mental framework of the patient.

Chemicals or not, the patient is still the recipient of negative feelings and thoughts, as indeed are those not labelled patients and not on drugs.

Something is very wrong when we see that none of us are immune from the epidemic of negative deeds first thought about and then frequently acted upon by many of us although we may not be as aware of our own negate actions as of those we perceive in others.

I think it becomes daily more apparent that at a national, community, personal and interpersonal level, we are increasingly responding to emotional, verbal or physical threat by confrontation and retaliation. The increase in litigation to resolve conflict in all areas of our lives is perhaps the most obvious  indicator of this process.

Drugs, psychological theories, psychoanalysis, various other therapeutic interventions and religious teachings, have failed to give us a satisfactory answer to this increasing problem.

I have spent many years searching for answers in this area both through my study of psychoanalysis and my personal search for spiritual truth.

You may therefore imagine my surprise to find that the understanding of this process was not discovered in the scientific or mental health journals, nor in theological teachings, but revealed in a recent book of spiritual insight titled:

The Testament of Truth

When I read this book, my first reaction was to take a deep breath and dismiss it as "a simple book written in verse." After re-reading it several times I had to admit that the word "simple"  reflected more the humility it required of me to read it than an objective critical analysis for after all I considered myself conversant with most theories on mental and emotional illness.

This book profoundly challenged my current understanding and knowledge in the area of the mind and emotions. The wisdom of its explication of the cognitive, emotional, psychological and spiritual crisis we are currently facing was challenging. I accepted the  challenge  in spite of my pride.

The impact of this written word has enormous implications on our current understanding of mental, emotional and spiritual processes for it gives insight into the influence of the realm of spirit on the thought processes and consequent emotions of individuals.

Without this understanding we are, literally, groping in the dark because we keep ourselves ignorant of the real impact of the spirit realm on our thoughts, emotions and subsequent behaviour.

Many sincere, searching individuals hold to the belief that there is a realm to which souls or spirits return after physical death, but what is not so fashionable and therefore not readily understood is that these souls or spirits can and do have an influence on our thoughts and emotions.

page 7

What we seem to have done is dismiss this reality and replace it with psychological theories which explain that the only influence on our thoughts and emotions stem from the unconscious, either personal or collective. The contents contained in the unconscious are claimed to be all that we have experienced and subsequently repressed.

At times however we find that our thoughts are so alien to us that we are unable to claim them as resulting from personal experience. In other words, it is hard to see how the thoughts that are in our minds could have been repressed into the unconscious in the first place.

Further, it doesn't seem to matter how much we dig up from the unconscious, there is always more, and certainly more than any one individual could conceivably have "repressed" in one life time!

This is where the truth of spirit influence in our minds can be seen more clearly. We have thoughts that 'inspire' us either positively or negatively, thoughts which cannot simply be explained as repressed unconscious contents. We haven't lived long enough, nor had the experiences that some of the "thoughts" would suggest, to have repressed them into the unconscious so whence these thoughts!

The revelation in The Testament of Truth gives insight into this explaining that as increasing negativity is drawn to the surface by Light from the Source,  negative emotions are intensified as they surface. The full explanation is that emotions are energy which have a vibrational wavelength  which, as they intensify, are "felt" by other beings on different lower levels of existence. As emotions are drawn to the surface vibration increases and consequently attract more 'thought' from other levels.

There are beings, whom we refer to as spirits, at other  levels of existence who have only one way of fulfilling their emotional needs and that is to inspire our deeds, a process accomplished by telepathically controlling our minds. It is from this reality that thoughts appearing to be alien to our conscious understanding of ourselves,  originate and enter our minds in response to negative feelings.

It is postulated that the feelings of increasing negativity are much stronger at this time in history because it is a time of a deep inner spiritual cleansing, one which involves an increase in the flow of positive energy to draw out negative emotions which in turn  allows  easier  access to our minds. 

Our negative emotions, if likened to a radio transmitter,  therefore "tune us in" to the negative "station." On this particular "station," we "receive" thoughts from souls at other levels of consciousness whose negative emotions vibrate on the same negative frequency as our own.

Since each emotion has a "wave-length" or vibration of its own, when negative we find ourselves "tuned-in" as it were to a corresponding negative or dark energy force. The resulting increase in the negative thoughts that seem to come from nowhere are in fact the thoughts of other souls interpolating with ours.

Suddenly we find that the initial emotion of say "anger," concluded in thoughts which engendered such a tremendous emotional outburst, that to use a common expression, "our thoughts ran away with us." - and run with us they do, way beyond the stimulus which triggered the anger in the first place!

Both the positive Light, and negative Dark energy, influence our thoughts. If our feelings are positive corresponding positive energy flows but, for an increasing number of people this is not the case.

Many of us are experiencing negative feelings more frequently  and this is a time when the power of the darkness lies in its spell-binding continuity of negative and confusing thought keeping our minds  focused in ever increasing negative circles.

page 8

We find ourselves regretting yesterday, worrying about tomorrow, and plotting revenge over past hurts almost automatically, a process which also automatically halts our capacity to be forgiving, accepting and loving which is to say positive and therefore receiving Light energy.

The result is mental torment, irrationality, and moments of temporary insanity when our minds, totally controlled, lead us to deeds of abuse, verbal, emotional or physical, either towards others or ourselves.

The chief character of this process is that the inundation of thoughts and emotions compel us to actions which in "saner" moments we think ourselves quite incapable of performing. When I grasped the full impact of this process, it gave me an insight into a phenomena which to date has eluded so many of us.

If this understanding is correct, and I believe it is, and thought intrusion leads to compelled irrational action, then the increasing number of youths suiciding for no obvious "other" reason, becomes more explicable.

This thought intrusion is, in therapeutic terms, referred to as "Obsessional thought" but if drugs, conscious will, insight, understanding, and even years of therapy, do little to abate obsessional thought, could it  be accounted for by the explanation in The Testament of Truth. In short, these obsessional thoughts come not from the individual unconscious, but from spirit beings outside consciousness.

Due to the neglect of the spiritual side of our beings, the side that connects us to the Source, (whatever we may conceive that Source to be,) we no longer understand that it is our choice to draw on the Light or the Dark, the positive or negative universal energy.

Whether we are consciously aware of this or not, the reality does not alter, the positive or negative energy is either used by us, or more pertinent, uses us. When we are forgiving, understanding, compassionate and loving we use the positive energy. When we retaliate or control others in any way, we use the negative energy.

Without the conscious knowledge that the choice to use Positive or Negative energy is our alone,   we seem to have handed  responsibility for our behaviour over to beliefs, dogmas, or psychological, emotional or social theories.

Most of us now think we have a "legitimate" reason to blame someone - our childhood, the system, partners, society or parents for our ills, not accepting that  our own choice of which energy, positive or negative, will inform our deed and that that deed is responsible for how we consequently feel.

The Source's call now as always is for love,  peace, and non-retaliation when confronted. Since we can all acknowledge that we daily succumb to negative emotions and thoughts, we know we have denied this call. This has led to us being more ready to abuse or retaliate when confronted which in turn  results in us "drawing-in" darkness.

How are we to retain our rationality and sanity as both internal and external confrontation escalates and produces a corresponding surge of negative emotions?

My understanding from reading The Testament of Truth  is that we need to break the flow of negative thought intrusion into our minds.

This is accomplished not by numbing the mind chemically, nor by plumbing its depths by endless digging into the unconscious, but by building the Ark of the Mind meaning, fortifying the mind against negative thought intrusion by consciously choosing to draw on the light.

page 9

However, until we are able to accept that we are not only the sum total of our physical and emotional experiences and programming, but also mental transceivers in the sense of our spirit self, we will be unable to make a choice for the Light or the Dark for when we do not know that our thoughts can be manipulated by souls on other levels of consciousness we deny ourselves that choice.

The powerful pull of negative emotions are difficult enough in themselves to control but they become impossible to contain if we do not control the accompanying thoughts. These thoughts we cannot control if we remain in ignorance of their origin.

When we build the "Ark of the Mind" we show by our deed that we choose to draw on the Light as we choose to consciously focus on the Morning Star. 

This symbol, which transcends all religions, is the symbol of God's Word of wisdom, light, love and truth and is the symbol that releases Light to all.

The prayer is not a magical incantation. By drawing on the Light three times a day we show by deed a conscious desire to be in the Light. This deed momentarily halts the negative thought flow giving us a little clarity, a little calmness, a little rationality and mental respite from the negative thought intrusion that otherwise flows on and on.

The full cessation of negative thought flow intrusion is only attained once the energy essence of any particular negative emotion is cleansed out of the soul by God's Grace. Prior to this occurring we are responsible for the choice we make in relation to our actions.

As always, ignorance is no excuse, and we are personally responsible for our deeds whether their inspiration came from us or from another source. It is therefore incumbent upon us to be fully aware of all that might influence our actions. This enables us to at least make a choice. The destiny of our own souls lies within our own mind.


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Mrs Nell Ames
Tasmanian Family Council,

Dear Mrs Ames,

Re: Families &Systems in Disarray.

I refer to your letter of the 17th August, 1995, inviting submissions to the Tasmanian Family Council on some aspect of the family and enclose herewith a paper titled "Systems in Disarray."

Whilst you are calling for discussion papers pertaining specifically to the family it is my view that the family as a system is currently subject to the same escalation of mental and emotional crisis as other systems, and, for the same reasons.

The family as a "sacred" or inviolable social institution has become a misnomer since members of families are no more immune from the process of rising negativity being experienced as a result of our loss of contact with spirit reality than any other social system.

In my experience more and more families across the socio/economic border are reporting an increase in the use of drugs and alcohol as an amelioration to harsh reality.

It is my contention that this increased usage is due not only to a desire to escape from the pressures of family and social life, but in some cases may also be a search for "meaning" beyond mere materiality. It is also the result of the influx of negative thoughts ( Ref: My Treatise "Minds under Siege" ).

The increasing use of drugs, not only by the young, but across many age groups within the community, attests to our need for matters relating to the spirit. Sadly it is in the euphoric state of the artificial "high" that many report a sense of "deep meaning," or if the drug induced "trip" is bad, they report a nightmare world, peopled by demons.

It is a sad comment about our spirit natures when chemicals are sought to highlight an awareness of things "spiritual." This has enormous ramifications for the family since each member has to deal with the consequence of this loss, a loss resulting in rising negativity from thought processes that are often quite unstoppable!

These thought processes account, in large measure, for the often violent response to difficulties experienced by families. The deed has been performed before rationality returns so to speak! The attached paper offers insight that will be of use both to families and those working with them in this time of crisis.

Clemencia Sept 1995

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(Explanatory Treatise - 2)

~ Families & Systems in Disarray ~

The Result of Minds Under Siege

Currently the escalating crisis within all social systems has put tremendous pressures on helpers involved in medical, mental health, welfare, educational and religious areas.

Government Welfare Departments, mental health authorities, private religious organisations and volunteer groups are all experiencing the strain as increasing numbers of individuals, couples and families are presenting in mental and emotional "crisis."

In an attempt to understand why this process is occurring, most organisations are calling for discussion papers, study groups, or committees of inquiry, hoping that some solutions may be reached.

The focus of inquiry is predominantly in the area of teenage suicide, family breakdown, domestic violence, anorexia, depression, anxiety disorders, and the intensifying mental and emotional instability being experienced by a larger proportion of the general population.

Despite the immense resources, in terms of time, expertise and finance directed at resolution, there does not appear to have been a significant halting of the escalating negativity, particularly in relation to violence and abuse, experienced by many across all sections of the community.

In Australia it appears that professionals, with the expertise to assist those in need, are in fact themselves succumbing to negativity as greater numbers of welfare workers, nurses, social workers, teachers and police join the queue of those on stress leave. With the best of intentions the reality is that we seem unable to find significant long-term solutions to what may be termed the crisis faced by humanity.

It remains a mystery to me that despite a general acceptance from those in the helping field that our knowledge and understanding seems always only to remain partial, we continue to ignore the reality of our spirit, and the impact it has on our mental and emotional states. Without the inclusion of this innate aspect of our nature solutions must at best always remain only partial.

There are many who contend that the spirit is an innate aspect of mans' existence and therefore an integral part of how we function at all other levels of our being. I would contend that the identification of 'spirit' with 'religion' has rendered the spiritual aspect of human nature an aberration rather than an integral part of the whole structure of the dynamic of the psyche.

It is the disillusionment of many with the man-made structure of religion with its emphasis on control and dogmatism which has spilled over into a disillusionment about our spirit natures.

Our inability to differentiate between 'spirit' and 'religion' has resulted in the denigration of the spirit. This has lead to a loss of understanding concerning the 'spirit realm,' realms not only inhabited by spirits, but which have a direct affect on the minds of humanity. 

The crisis we currently face as a race is this loss of contact with our spirit nature and the loss of understanding of how the spirit realm actually influences our daily actions, thoughts and emotions.

page 12

Working as we do, from within the scientific framework of the medical model of mental health, we have attempted to understand the mind by scrutinising the thought processes, emotions and consequent behaviour from a 'rational' approach whilst 'excluding' the spirit dimension.

Whilst the former has given us much information about human emotions and behaviour we still remain relatively ignorant about the workings of the human mind.

Currently, medical research is focusing upon the structures of the brain to gain greater insight into the workings of the minds of depressed or suicidal individuals. The study utilises the methodology of dissecting the brains of cadavers, known to have experienced emotional trauma whilst alive, and measuring the structural or chemical changes within that brain.

To study the brain divorced from the living persons whose 'mind' utilised that brain shows to some extent how desperate we have become for understanding.

If we accept, as I think many do, that the mind is attributed with being the seat of consciousness, thought, volition, feelings, intellectual powers, aptitude and remembrance or memory, and science tries to understand these things by studying dead tissue, we see how desperation we have become.

My reasoning is, how can we assert that the study of the spirit and its affect upon our mind has any less validity than the study of the organ of nervous tissue contained in the skull of vertebrates in order to reach scientific conclusions about the impact of emotions and thoughts on  living beings?

Either we accept that the brain is nervous tissue, and that of "itself" it is not only the locus of, but constitutes what philosophy, religion, psychology and science, refers to as the "mind," or -- we differentiate between the physical brain and the mind.

Can we assert that we are no more than the physical reality of the brain and that this alone constitutes our feelings, thoughts and actions, or -- do we accept that the brain and mind are not synonymous, and that what we refer to as the "mind" may in fact be a term used to describe the reality of 'the mind of the spirit interacting within the flesh'.

If we accept that the thinking mind is dependent upon, but nevertheless a separate entity from the material brain in terms of spirit, it needs be understood that spirits also exist as separate entities free of biological bodies in other realms.

The spirit is also an aspect of the incarnate. In short, the mind is an integral part of the physical brain and the spirit resides within a physical body, but "spirit" also exists independent of this biological physical body. This is due to the reality that the spirit is not governed by physical laws.

Our attempts to comprehend the mind from within the confines of physical laws have caused our understanding to remain nebulous. The fact that spiritual law pertaining to our spirit exists and that this has a direct bearing upon the actions of the mind, (thought) is a spiritual law.

If we accept the definition of the mind as the seat of consciousness, thought, volition and feelings, as well as memory, and we understand this in terms of a connection to the spirit realm, then our re-connection to spiritual reality may be via fully understanding the workings of the mind. The mind therefore may also be under the direct control of the spirit realm.

page 13

This fact could be supported if we look at individuals whom we have labelled 'mentally ill.' Medical science would not argue that the minds of these individuals is under attack. What has largely been ignored is that the cause of this process is not only physical but also influenced by spirit.

Medical science mostly ignores the frequency with which individuals experiencing hallucinations during psychotic episodes report thought processes which have a distinct 'spirit' nature/content. That this nature/content is biased towards the 'religious' programming of that particular individual does not hold water when individuals have no religious influence and therefore does not warrant a dismissal of its validity as pertaining to the spirit.

Psychotic episodes often centre around what we euphemistically call the 'paranormal,' usually in religious terms. This may manifest either as voices from spirits at other levels of existence, or extra-terrestrial beings, This experienced reality is however not explicable 'only' in terms of the 'spilling over of repressed contents from the unconscious.

If the hallucination or delusional thought were solely the eruption of repressed conscious contents, why would individuals not simply hallucinate about being a secular powerful human figure, having no connection with religion/spirit? These figures would at least be apprehensible at a conscious level and therefore more likely to form the basis of repressed unconscious contents.

We cannot argue that 'voices or thoughts' from spirits at different realms of existence, or messages from extra-terrestrial beings are beliefs that abound in consciousness and therefore a large component of repressed content.

Why then do 'these' find their way into consciousness when the individual is said to be hallucinating? Why are significant figures associated with the spirit realm represented by various religious, or 'other' life forms, such a consistent feature, when the mind is no longer under the control of the ego during psychotic episodes?

It is accepted that the Ego boundaries of individuals do break down during these episodes, and this results in the emergence of unconscious contents. However, the question is: Why does the unconscious so often manifest in forms we associate with 'spirit'? When the mind loses the ability to stay in touch with external physical reality, why does it focus on matters of the spirit?

I would maintain that this phenomena is simply a reflection of the fact that the spirit and spiritual realm are not only realities, but that the presence of spirit influence in our minds as thoughts, is far more evident than science would admit to.

To what extent the mind is controlled by the spirit realm is in some measure evident during mental breakdown. In these cases, the mind divested of its control by the ego when under emotional stress is itself controlled mentally "telepathically" by other spirits in spirit realms.

We have examples of this not only in the mentally ill but in our own lives. We need only ask anyone undergoing major emotional trauma if their instinctive response was to call upon help from 'above,' at that time.

In the majority of cases most would affirm that at the moment of greatest uncertainty and fear, the first response is to turn to help from the spirit realm, an inner call for help from a reality outside human physical reality.

What is not understood by us is that this is a two-way process. As we "access" the spirit world in times of intense emotions, so too the spirit world "accesses" us at these times. This is what is referred to as telepathic thought intrusion.

page 14

Our conscious ego may or may not admit to spirit influence whilst all is well emotionally, but the moment the mind is threatened by emotional trauma, and the ego is not in "positive" control but irrational, then other spirit personalities have emerged to assert the reality of their existence, which is "negative" control.

The association of the mind with the spirit realm is not a new concept as is evidenced throughout history. The mentally ill in most societies were seen as special and close to the sacred - "Having the sign of God" - so to speak. Only with the advent of science has mental illness been denigrated to the realm of the "Abnormal."

The reason why we classify people as abnormal is because their behaviour is sometimes irrational and outside the acceptable limits set by the "norm" but "abnormality" can come under various guises.

1 -- Abnormal due to societies interpretation of normality
2 -- Abnormal due to irrational behaviour
3 -- Abnormal as a consequence of communication by spirit.

The shift of mental illness from being initially seen as "a sign of God" -to- "abnormal behaviour," came about with the advent of medical science which focuses only on physical and material realities. This shift was a major move from the spirit self to a consciousness predominantly centred on the  material.

Science discovered many answers to physical realities which were related to physical illness, and this was a quantum leap for humanity. However, when science superimposed the criteria for understanding the 'physical body' onto an understanding of the 'mind,' it moved from the realm of the "known" (observable and quantifiable matter governed by physical laws) to the realm of the "unknown," (unobservable and unquantifiable spirit governed by spiritual law).

The reality of spirit and the influence of this realm on human behaviour needs be known and can be understood by us but this is not possible from within the context of physical reality only. We must incorporate the spirit realm if our understanding is to be complete.

To dissect the brain of a dead person to generate hypothesis leading to significant conclusions about the mental or emotional state of that dead person while they were alive does I think bear witness to the way in which humanity has identified spirit as being governed by the laws pertaining to matter only.

This reduction of man to material or physical reality at the exclusion of his spirit has led to much confusion concerning our understanding of the mind. Today we are experiencing the consequence of that loss.

We live in an age of material enlightenment. Knowledge of multi-faceted areas affecting us as humans is at a peak. We have the technology, information and resources to feed every being on the planet, yet thousands are starving.

We have almost inexhaustible information giving us understanding of human emotions and behaviour to ensure a peaceful and happy existence, yet more individuals than ever are dissatisfied, with greater numbers reporting a loss of meaning in their lives.

Our information technology and understanding of communication and negotiation skills would lead us to conclude that peace was inevitable, yet wars rage amongst nations. We live in a time of the greatest material opulence, many having an abundance of material possessions, yet thousands are homeless, why? - I think our spirit rebels at the lack of incorporation of "it" into the totality of the self.

page 15

We are not only physical material beings. If we were, the increase of material wealth and comfort, particularly in the Western World, would result in a majority of the population being happy and content. This is obviously not the case.

Although through ignorance we have chosen to ignore the spirit's reality that reality has not simply ceased to exist! Quite the converse, slowly but inexorably, the negative spirit realm has intensified the assertion of its reality into our minds. It is the lack of this understanding which accounts for the current escalation of negative mental and emotional confusion.

The spirit realm has been able to assert its increasing influence over our minds because we have not consciously adapted to the reality of its existence. Spiritually, this is our failure to accept and heed the "Call" of God, being "Love," consequently, most of us are living with an unforgiving and retaliatory "thought mode" reverberating in our minds.

The result is that 'spirit influence' has emerged as the negative energy force which psychiatry identifies as the repressed contents erupting from the unconscious. This they argue has begun to live a life of its own, in what are termed - "splinter personalities," but is what spiritual reality identifies as "spirits" inhabiting different levels of consciousness, actively subjugating the human mind.

Spiritual Truth as set out in the book The Testament of Truth, asserts that it is spirits, and their influence upon the minds of ordinary human beings, which account in part for the escalating negativity, and that this "influence" needs be and can be reduced and/or eliminated.

It has become a common occurrence for "normal" (not defined as mentally ill) individuals, to experience themselves responding to emotional problems or trauma with thoughts that they themselves disclaim.

These thoughts are so negative and retaliatory in nature, that the individuals find themselves responding with negative 'deeds' which in times when they are not experiencing emotional turmoil, they would deny themselves capable of performing. The comment frequently made is "I don't know what came over me!"

Examples abound, the reportedly gentle young man who suddenly for no apparent reason goes berserk and massacres people. The couple fighting for years for control over children they love following a marriage breakdown. Young teenagers suiciding for no apparent reason.

These are not individuals labelled schizophrenic, psychotic or borderline personality disorder, but simple everyday people whose minds seem, either momentarily, or for protracted periods of time, to be irrational and out of control.

We need only ask how often we find ourselves obsessed with thoughts of retaliation, to 'get our own back' after we believe ourselves to have been 'unfairly' treated, even by those we love, and we can to some extent observe the reality of how our 'thought flow' seems alien to us, in our more rational moments.

We find ourselves responding to negative feelings with thoughts of revenge and retaliation in our minds almost automatically, yet, when not under mental attack through our negative feelings, we hold that we are kind, caring and loving human beings.

What is it that accounts for the disparity between our conscious belief in our own image in times when we are calm, or free from negative emotions, and the reality of our thoughts and actions when we are under emotional strain?

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The spiritual answer is that our minds are more and more under siege from thoughts that enter them from different realms. These realms, or levels of consciousness, are beyond our comprehension from within the limits of the knowledge we have gained in this life time, but can be knowable by the 'spirit-mind'.

This is sometimes grasped by us when we have moments of incredible "insight and clarity," moments we often interpret either as an aberration, as irrational, or only intuition. It may be in these moments that we are actually in touch with the spirit mind and the truth of the spiritual reality of our existence.

Until we incorporate this spiritual understanding and place it within the nexus of our treatment of the emotionally disturbed or mentally ill, and apply it to our everyday lives, an understanding of the mind and its workings will continue to elude us.

More significantly however is that our ignorance of spirit truth and the consequences of its only Law, "As you sow, so shall you reap," has resulted in rising aggression, violence, negativity and confusion. These negative emotions lead to increased thought intrusion into our minds.

There is no scientific, medical or psychological solution to halt the escalating negative thought processes being experienced because these solutions fail to incorporate spirit reality.

It is my belief that insight into spirit reality is available through understanding spiritual truth as set out in the book "The Testament of Truth."

I recommend that any who wish to assess this understanding avail themselves of this information and make their own choice as to its validity.

Clemencia Sept 5th 1995

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(Explanatory Treatise 3)

~ What do we mean by Insanity? ~
Ref: National Mental Health Week.

Usually we think of insanity in terms of labels such as schizophrenic, psychotic, neurotic or manic depressive disorders. We tend to see it as being a state of total irrationality, whereby the individual no longer has any control of the mind. In some measure this is so. What we fail to see is that insanity is much more subtle than this and that psychiatric labels are only the "public" face of insanity.

The integral link between our emotion and the mind is well established but the subtle nuances of the interplay between the emotions, the mind and spirit reality is less well known or accepted. The knowledge that emotions affect our minds and produce irrational thought is widely accepted, but what is not so well established is that in these thought processes themselves :-

a) We are directly influenced from different realms of consciousness.
b) That "thoughts" continue to "negatively feed" the emotional state.
c) That the consequent escalated emotional state causes a greater "influx" of thought from different realms of consciousness.                                                                                                                                                                 

d) That jointly "Mind, Emotions and Spirit" are a feedback loop and the "exclusion" by us of one of the processes involved in this loop, namely spirit, has resulted in our incomplete understanding.

We have all experienced moments when our negative emotions, running high, had the capacity to alter our perception of reality. In more rational moments, when we are no longer under the influence of the intense emotion we can admit that we "distorted" reality somewhat!

What we do not "see" at the time of heightened emotions is the extent to which this state distorts and twists reality to such an extent that in this moment, any past reality differing to the reality of the present emotional moment, ceases to exist.

The experienced "different" realities which are contradicted by our perception in moments of intense emotion, are often obliterated altogether, at least for a time. We can see this at those times when, for example, we feel hurt or misunderstood by a partner in a close relationship. One incident of "wrong-doing" (whatever it may be) is suddenly turned into:-

"You always.......... you never......... I know you don't love
me anymore....... nothing you have ever done is any good."

We feel hurt and amazed at our partner's blindness to all the things we have done, as proof, that what they are saying is not only nonsense, unfair and untrue, but totally insane!!

We do not see that it is because of their heightened negative emotions that they are no longer capable of "seeing" past reality where they experienced their partner as caring and loving.

This past reality becomes so distorted by negative energy that the current "perceived reality" obliterates the "past" truth, truth which actually ceases, however temporarily, to exist. The recipient of the negative onslaught then often reels at what is seen to be a mockery of love and denigration and distortion of past togetherness.

page 18

The mistake we make lies in our belief that this "tirade of exaggeration" is attributable to the rational process of "self-selective memory." As if, in those moments when totally under the control of negative emotion, we think we can rationally decide to present a case for our emotional perception!

That we choose only those realities or experiences which prove our negative emotional reality is true, as our partner will no doubt point out. However, the mistake is in believing that we were in rational control, and therefore capable of that "choice."

Nothing could be further from the truth. In those moments, hours, days, weeks, we are temporarily insane. Not frothing at the mouth, (although our partner may dispute this!) not psychotic or certifiable, but having lost all capacity for rational thought.

Our limited understanding and false perception that insanity can be ascribed only to the extremes in behaviour (eg. psychosis), has led us to ignore the "crazy making behaviour" daily experienced by people in relationship. It is little wonder that so many relationships are faltering.

More significant however is the truth that our ignorance concerning the integral link between our emotions, our "thought processes" and our spirit, has allowed for an escalation in rising "insane" moments.

These "moments" have not only increased, thereby affecting all areas of our relationships with others, but the process of negative thought intrusion has remained uncurbed because of our lack of understanding of it. The  consequence  is the observed compounding of our negative expressed deed due to an increase of the negative thought intrusion of which we remain ignorant.

We are now in a situation where "negative thought intrusion" has become largely unstoppable, a fact that is only too apparent in our personal relationships.

All of us readily recognise the "insanity" of individuals who carry out a massacre but we seem ignorant of the fact that we ourselves may daily subject those close to us to a mirror image of this process! (albeit with a lesser degree of physical severity).

Nor do we seem to understand that our ignorance of what is actually occurring in these moments of insanity is catching up with us. We are all aware of how many people are increasingly more negatively abusive as we evidence the escalation of "irrational thought processes."

I believe that it is our unwillingness to look, (even at the possibility) that our thoughts may be, or are also influenced by spirit reality, which accounts for the escalation of insane acts of physical or verbal abuse being such common place occurrences.

It is these moments of insanity which can be seen, in part, as the emotions coming to the surface with such force that they obliterate all other positive experienced reality. It seems not to matter what we consciously believe, or what we logically or rationally understand, the emotion within "creates" a different reality which is superimposed upon the external event.

Our emotions at this time are aided and abetted by an intrusion of negative irrational "thoughts" which come to us from different realms of consciousness. It is this process which intensifies the emotions felt until they jointly interpret an irrational reality, colour it, shape it, and ultimately determine the behavioral outcome.

page 19

This outcome is only fulfilled by some deed, the expression of which then satiates the emotion. During this process, the emotion obliterates all reason, and all past experienced reality which differs from the emotionally charged reality being felt at the time. In short, we lose all capacity for rational thought, being at that moment, temporarily insane.

My concern is that these "rare moments of temporary insanity" are on the increase being neither so momentary nor temporary and that this has created a crisis for many of us. I can only see this situation escalating in ever increasing negativity unless we are prepared to take the matter of negative spirit intrusion seriously.

There are a number of ways in which negative types of "action or reaction" take place when a negative projection occurs as a result of our emotions and negative spirit intrusion.

1 - That occurring when party "A" is verbally or physically abused by party "B." Party "A" then succumbs to their own rising negative emotions and thought intrusion. This results in retaliatory action.

2 - If party "A" "hears or knows" that party "B" is "doing" something to or with another, be it positive or negative, and party "A" "believes" that they should not be so doing, "A" responds negatively and confronts "B."

3 - "A" is unhappy with their circumstance and takes it out on others.

The mental emotional power of the negative dark side has the capacity to totally distort the truth and reality of love and light. This distortion leads to a corresponding loss of freedom of choice for the individual to express the positive or Godly attributes of:

"Forgiveness, understanding, compassion & mercy in  all circumstances."

The irrational distortion by negative emotions demands a different reality. This reality is one of control and manipulation of others as we mercilessly demand that our way, wants or wishes are met. When they are not, moments of emotional irrationality (temporary insanity) are attempts to enforce those demands.

In truth, once "bitten" by the negative "bug," we are hooked! We need to learn "how" to become "unhooked" and this is only done by keeping out negative thoughts!

When "hooked" by negativity there is little mercy or forgiveness in us as we daily control and abuse others. In this way we unknowingly "draw in" more negative energy that empowers itself within us with ever increasing demands. Ultimately the person who most suffers from this is the self because as we increase our negativity we increase our mental suffering.

To assist all "Carer's" in the mental health arena to understand the current escalating crisis, I have prepared a comprehensive Manual that is now available to all. This manual is based upon a combination of my own therapeutic practice coupled with spiritual truth and revelation found in a recently published book "The Testament of Truth" that has clarified so much that has been hidden from past teachings.

Clemencia 22.8.1995 (oo1 TL)

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(Explanatory Treatise 4)

~ The Psychiatric Maze v/s God's Word ~

Dr. Titus M. D.
307 West 4th. St.
Los Angeles. California, USA

Your name was given to me by a gentle man, the author of The Testament of Truth. He told me that he spoke to you by phone during his recent visit to the U.S.A. at which time you indicated an interest in his understanding of spiritual truth.

I write this "Treatise" on psychiatry and psychology from my understanding of The Testament of Truth as it relates to my therapeutic counselling experience.

More and more areas of our mental and emotional lives are coming under the control and regulation of the Medical Model of mental health.

This model, which is used as the basis for determining mental "health or ill-health," has been assumed to be the only basis for understanding what constitutes mental and emotional well-being.

Historically this model is based upon research conducted on individuals with neurotic or hysterical symptoms, research which was carried in an attempt to understand mental and emotional states.

During this process medical science established the existence of the unconscious and ultimately concluded that mental and emotional well-being could be attained via the therapeutic process of delving into the unconscious. This was achieved through dream interpretation, association and transference.

In brief summary the content of dreams were explained in terms of repressed libidinal energy around various complexes whilst the symbolic content of dreams were seen as representing aspects of the psyche in either its personal or collective aspects.

As a consequence of the works of various medical scientists we have arrived at an understanding of the workings of our minds via the study of the mental/emotional states of mentally and emotionally disturbed individuals.

Most of our "belief" of what constitutes normality or insanity is based upon the findings of this research. To date we have not only accepted these teachings/theories as being correct, but they constitute the foundation upon which we:-

A -- Assess rationality or insanity.
B -- Treat mentally disturbed people.
C -- Provide therapy/analysis for the emotionally troubled.

The influence of modern day psychiatry and psychology has infiltrated all areas of society. It is from this research into insanity that we have derived an understanding of what constitutes "sane" behaviour.

A quick scan of most therapeutic theories shows an inevitable link relating back to the "beliefs" that became established as "fact" after the research was documented. The relevant ones for this Treatise being;

page 21

a) Personal experience from birth to present time as being the sole determinant governing thought, emotion and behaviour.

b) By raising the repressed content of the unconscious to conscious awareness, a resolution to mental and emotional problems could follow. The analytical encounter and drugs were the tools utilised to achieve this end.

The research arrived at the conclusion that the cause of mental illness or insanity was the result of the repression into the unconscious of thoughts and emotions resulting in behaviour that did not accord with the Ego Ideal. This Ideal was presumed to have formed as a consequence of the process of civilisation/socialisation.

The above incorrect assessment that the cause of mental instability is due only to repressed unconscious contents, and that a cure is achieved by delving into the unconscious, has been perpetuated due to the assumption that a belief, once "scientifically proven," constituted reality.

We have mistakenly believed that because these theories were scientifically sound that they were therefore thought to be 'absolute' and the only reality. We have used and internalised these concepts to the point where we now no longer questioned them.

Dream interpretation, or the 'therapeutic hour,' replaced the weekly ritual of the religious 'confessional.' Both were an attempt by man to deal with a reality other than the material/physical reality of existence yet both fell short because true spirit reality, that which is beyond science and the corporeal was never fully accepted as existing "in tandem" with physical reality.

Spiritual reality, supplanted by theological and medical theories, states simply that what is required of us is to  "be loving and forgiving" a way of being which suggests that if we look backwards over   yesterday's slights and hurts we will freeze in past memories of pain.   Once stuck in these memories we inevitably become unforgiving of past deeds perpetrated upon us by others.

There is however a differing reality when we incorporate the spirit into the equation.  As a spirit within the flesh we also have a "Super-conscious" spirit mind as well as our conscious and unconscious mind, (memory bank).

The mistake we have made in the past is that we have followed the teachings of men who have assumed that the mind only consists of the personal conscious, unconscious and collective unconscious, which contains only the memories and experiences of this lifetime.

Lacking  awareness of the "Super conscious mind" of their own soul and an awareness of  the "Consciousness of God" they failed to grasp that God Consciousness  can "reach" by telepathic thought into our minds from both the Light consciousness and the Dark consciousness.

This lack of awareness resulted in a lack of understanding of the reality of telepathic thought intrusion by spirit beings on other levels of consciousness into the minds of mankind,  a reality which adds to the complexity of possibilities of mental/emotional "experiences."

What they have failed to see, is that no matter how deeply we delve into "their" understanding of the unconscious, there is always more but that this more, which man terms repressed contents, is in fact the reality of accessing through to the spirit world.

page 22

The reality of that world is that communication by thought is a fact as is the reality that emotional energy can be linked-in to others (us,) and that this compounds our feelings.

The spirit world consists of realms which are inhabited by spirit beings who are also reached by God's consciousness. Within this consciousness, thought, both negative and positive exists, feelings, both negative and positive exist but do so independently of our conscious mind.

There is in fact no limit to the negative or positive spirit realities since they are of indestructible, boundless energy which exist eternally. We are a part of this Spiritual Energy, positive and negative, an energy we "assimilate" through our actions.

In terms of spirit reality, when we delve into the Dark consciousness, (seeking to resolve past hurt), we are in fact opening up the "Pandora's  box" of the negative energy source, digging up an endless supply of negative possibilities.

It is the fresh revelations within The Testament of Truth that reveals the sin within, the darkness within the soul, is  the doorway to the 'Dark consciousness' with its powerful, limitless negative supply.

We could dig into the what man terms the repressed unconscious forever and still  bring up more simply because it is not only the personal unconscious into which we are digging. 

Probing and delving into the psyche of an individual who has any negative emotions leads to "communication" through those emotions into other levels of consciousness.

This is the area of telepathic thought intrusion that has led to the present "Minds Under Siege" as negative communication has intensified over time.

The dark is like a bottomless cesspool of negativity. We can "dig" into it forever, all the while unknowingly, through our ignorance, taking into our minds more of the contents of that negativity.

Conversely of course, the Light is also endless and that we too can partake of, filling ourselves with it, if we look in its direction!

In summary, the reality is that we have all been deceived into following the belief of men, belief that maintained that the only reality in existence is this present physical lifetime in which we gain our personal experience and the belief that this alone accounts for the contents of the "unconscious."

The findings that the contents of the repressed unconscious seem to contain an endless supply of personal experience, much more then any one person could have experienced in one life time, is not so readily explained, let alone addressed by medical researchers.

Again we see here evidence of how the deceiver wove its spell so cunningly that man became lost in its never ending "maze" of possibilities. We are trapped by its "spell-binding" continuity of thought and lulled into a false sense of security by our "intellect" into denying the reality of God, and consequently, God's call to "Only Love." This has led to a "spellbinding ignorance" which can only be broken by using the Light prayer of the Bright Morning Star.

page 23

The spirit mind contains within it all the experiences of that soul over time, both when it was within and out of the flesh, and when we sleep and the conscious mind is stilled, the spirit mind within is still "active" and experiencing spiritual happenings.

Our "dreams" are therefore not only repressed contents of the unconscious, but a minor part of what was being experienced by the spirit mind as the fleshly body lay at rest and the conscious mind "slept." The spirit mind is "behind" the wheel of this "current awake" lifetime.

The following is a dream sequence written by a "listener" who heard someone talking in their sleep:...

"My spirit soul is travelling down through dark worlds in which I see many lost confused souls, I wish to help them. I feel a deep sorrow as I observe their distress. I speak to them from my heart, saying "Please please look up to the light and heed the call of our God of love, to be forgiving and merciful. Please also seek our Star of Hope to help you enlighten your deep anguish."

I feel my spirit soul accelerating upwards and away with a rush"....
On awakening later, the dreamer then remembered the following sequence of events:

"I recall leaving a bleak dark world, and as I sped along a desolate dark roadway upwards towards the light above, I saw fearful unhappy souls reaching out to me, pleading for help. I felt anguish and sorrow.".... I wondered whether the dream meant I was on the wrong path (as told to the listener upon awaking )

There is evidence here of two differing realities. The recorded dream suggests an interaction between the dreamer and beings on a spirit realm. This is the experience of the 'soul mind.' The conscious mind only recalls fear of "being on the wrong path."

Imagine what our lack of understanding of spirit reality has done to us? We spend endless time trying to resolve dreams with a conscious mind, (either our own or the Analyst's) which does not have the capacity to comprehend the reality of the spirit being, simply because it is ignorant of the full implications of its existence!

We have listened to man's interpretation of a reality as espoused in various theories long enough, and have suffered the consequences.

We can no longer hear, let alone heed the Truth of God's Word:... Only love and forgive and forget,... because the truth of God as understood by our spirit has been replaced by mans teachings.

We have not been able to comply to this word of God because we remain ignorant of the deep pool of dark consciousness that itself accessed the mind, gaining entry into our minds via our "inner negativity" which is a part of the Dark Energy Essence.

What we must now try to see is that true spirit reality was usurped by what I perceive to be another religion, Psychiatry. This religion asserts that we must endlessly remember our past, because that is the corner stone of psychiatry and the analytical encounter.

When engaged in this encounter we enter the cycle of negativity where the dark side of the energy essence holds us in the bondage of past suffering because we  "search" for "repressed" pain.

page 24

Those who think there is a release from anger or fear through dream interpretation or through searching the unconscious are themselves living in a state of delusion brought on by following man's false teachings.

More importantly however, they are, through ignorance, unknowingly aiding the darkness in its "hold" over Gods children via this process which gives us a reason to deny the call of the Light to:

.Forget the past and look ahead.

Since all humanity will soon be faced by their past deeds, it is important to understand that the Law of God: What you Sow you will Reap, applies to all, even those who unknowingly, in a position of trust, control and regulate God's children.

That we have dreams is a "Reality," but that man uses the interpretation of dreams or raising of unconscious contents as the basis for attaining Peace within, is not God's reality.

Any discourse with the negative essence allows an opportunity for not only deception to occur, but for us to be continually trapped by the negativity of the dark, which ensures that feelings of past suffering continue to be felt in the present. There is no better example of this endless process than that of the therapeutic encounter.

Again it is said: God says: What you experience in your daily lives or your dreams, is an experience that your "consciousness" has "absorbed"... dwell not on it.... look only ahead..

The Truth & Reality of the cause of negative emotions, negative thoughts, and irrational behaviour, that result in the anguish of the soul, are revealed in The Testament of Truth, and expounded in The Treatise of Truth.

Now is the time to only heed the new wisdom of the Word and fortify our minds, minds which we have allowed to be accessed by the Dark due to our ignoring God's call. We must change our belief and walk forwards in God's Light.


Contributions by the Spirit of Truth

The "Conscious mind" -- The consciousness that we "use," to express ourselves daily.

The "Subconscious mind"-- The "storehouse" of all we have experienced through our senses this lifetime. (our "memory," accessible by the conscious mind, ).

The "Super conscious mind"-- The mind of our "spirit soul," containing all its experiences from the time of its creation, (inaccessible to the conscious, but our conscious experiences are "essenceing back" and being recorded in the super consciousness).

The "Dark consciousness" -- "Thought" that is the negative consciousness of the "Source," a limitless outpouring of cunning, deceit and turmoil, that is "suppressed" by light.

The "Light consciousness" -- "Thought" that is the positive consciousness of the "Source," that can "penetrate" the darkness, and is a limitless outpouring of positive truth and inspiration.

page 25

Light energy (positive) -- Allows entry of positive thoughts into our mind through the souls core of "Divine Light," being the positive emotions of Love, Joy and Creativity.

Dark energy (negative) -- Allows entry of negative thoughts into our mind through the "essence of Darkness, the Sin," being the negative emotions of Hatred, Fear, and Despair. 

Sin vibration -- Each negative emotion vibrates at a different frequency, thus allowing "thoughts" entry from different levels of consciousness (realms) and with differing intensities, depending on the "volume" of the emotion.

The volume of the emotions become larger due to our expressed actions because energy is drawn-in during active expression.

The "Sin" within a soul is a part of the darkness within the soul, and through IT  access is gained into our minds by negative thought flow from other realms.

A soul free of "Sin" cannot be "accessed" by any negative thought, and is thus "untroubled" as such, as it is "filled with Light" only. Thus is "darkness" excluded out of heaven. Souls only enter the ultimate level when "free" of inner sin.

Death (Earthly) - The spirit soul departing from its fleshly body and being drawn to one of many spiritual realms, light or dark.

Death (Spiritual) - The spirit soul drawn down into the depths of despair, buried in the freezing darkness, unseen and unheard.

The Mind

God did us with a "Super" sub consciousness bless, being the "Spirit mind" I upon you impress. A mind of its own, one through which "God's thoughts" are sown.

And twenty-four hours a day do thoughts flow through "our way," being our "conscious mind" at times kind or unkind, and when we "dream" we can be "happy" or "scream" for our spirit can "above go," or, into the "depths" can it flow.

And our "conscious mind" is asleep as our soul within does laugh or weep, but IF we "suddenly" awake our "conscious mind" can a "story" make as it does a little "interpolate" as with "spirit reality" it does "mate," for but a brief moment in time with pure bliss or slimy grime.

And this "mating" that is brief can bring "conscious" grief for the "picture" we see is NOT the full reality. For the "reality" is past, and IT did only momentarily last as a flash in our conscious mind and to "its" full reality are we blind.

So I say just "express" its "remembrance" then "bless" IT with a "goodbye" and heave a great sigh. Do NOT linger on dreams or you can fall undone, by preparing your "ahead" from "past" dreams in your bed.

"Better to forget than on the past fret," that God does say is THE only way.

Just look to the star shining for all from afar. Let it daily "erase" the darkness of the "maze," and you'll not be "undone" by the "intelligence" of anyone who "think" they can see your "dreams" reality.

page 26


When will we awaken to "Reality," that of Truth & Spirituality, being the Wisdom of God's Holy Word, none it seems have heard. Men still "dream" that is why so many "scream."

How can we "plan ahead" today, based on "dreams" of yesterday. The Word says "Look not back or fears and doubts will you attack. Look only forwards to MY Light, lean on it, IT is MY pure Might.

Man it seems "thinks" it absurd to listen to and heed God's Holy Word. Man would rather "rely" on other men's dreams, who God deny. Yes psychiatrists too are "false shepherds" I say to you, in the guise of "Holy men" they too deny the words of God's sacred pen.

They lead you back into the past, and thus eternally you feel the "blast," the memories of your bad dreams they say are your repressed screams.

I say they are the Devil's might that wound so many in the night. I say heed not men but follow ME. I am the true shepherd to set you free by the Wisdom of My Holy Word. All soon lost who "think" it absurd.

The past I say forget, if you cannot you'll forever fret. Look forward to each new day to the Morning Star, say my say and thus you'll seal up tight against "memories" of the past dark night.

And you'll be happier too because to God not man you are true. So blessed children, I unmask the "dark one," set now your minds to task. Daily now look ahead, forget any dream on your bed. IF you try to "interpret or interpolate" others "ideas," for heaven you'll be late.

This is all I can say to you
for your souls, am I forever true
any who cannot IT "understand"
are "bound" by beliefs of the "lower land."


The Dark Shadow

The "Dark Shadow Essence" that IS the "underhand," is the "repressed consciousness" of God's "hand." But this "consciousness" can us "reach" telepathically. Its "thoughts" our minds breach and IF we heed "its" say, we deny the "loving" way, and little by little we "draw-in" more of its negative "energy" that IS the inner Sin.

This Sin is satan's "eyes." It is also Satan's "disguise" hidden within our own soul, thus can satanic "thought" through us "stroll," and the "bigger" this Sin does "get" as we draw more "in" we more fret, and as dark energy and thoughts "compound," our minds and feelings go round and around.

Seek not to in Pandora's box "peep" or Satan's "thoughts" into your mind seep. Look only to the Star of love, being Light shining above

So all who are by their "subconscious" bound,
will by "darkness" be "drowned."
I say heed God and but look ahead,
look back to succumb to

Earthly "Power"

The most powerful men on this land have been those who "work" for the "underhand." Those who control by chemical "mace" and straight-jacket, a total "disgrace" in the eyes of our "loving God" who says: "Educate not regulate those on the sod."

So today there are many who control others who in mental pain stroll, and 'tis I to set all free for the "controllers" also mentally ill be. Bound by arrogance and greed. Bound by vanity that does breed a race of "Ivory Towers."

Truly the "Dark earthly Sowers" of pain in their dark "thrust," that some this "see" is a must. For on a few I will rely to pass-on the Word from up high.

"For all Sowers of darkness will die spiritually" I hear from up high.

~ The Spirit of Truth ~


page 27

(Explanatory Treatise 5)



* Escalating unreasoned action.
* Experiencing the Power of negative emotions.
* Thought intrusion - manipulation and subjugation of the mind. (When your mind is controlled by negative thoughts that lead from one to the other and you can't stop this flow.)


* From the drawing-in of negativity (dark energy force) through retaliatory deeds and expressed negative actions as we demanded justice, thereby failing to heed the Command to Love  which enriches us with Light from the positive energy force.
* The Light from the Source outpouring from within to cleanse and thus free the soul of its darkness.
* The fulfilment of God's Spiritual Law. "You will now Reap what you did Sow."


* Our negative feelings intensify as they are drawn to the surface by the outpouring Light within and consequently our minds  become more susceptible to thought intrusion by other spirits.

page 28


* Keep out dark deceptive thoughts.
* By heeding the wisdom of the call of the Light to "Love" Through total non-retaliation, either verbally or physically."
* Build The Ark of the Mind


* Acceptance that there is a spiritual Law governing all. As you Sow -- you Reap. Without this insight, understanding is not possible.

* Knowledge regarding this law as is revealed in its fullness in " The Testament of Truth."

* Acceptance that this is The Word inspired by the Light, Source, or God, to help mankind at this time.

* Acceptance that there are souls (spirits) at other levels of existence and that they can and do link into our minds telepathically.

* Acceptance that not only do we receive positive inspiration from the Light but that thoughts from the dark can access our mind to mislead and deceive us.


* Read and Learn and observe clearly how the above applies personally to you.

* Realise that all are being subjected to mental thought intrusion and therefore subjugation.

* Read this Manual fully and then commence the meditation program (re. The Testament of Truth page 33). This will begin to fortify your mind against negative thoughts that are already intruding. Your inner light is able to receive divine guidance more easily when your own mind is clear and positive.

* Be consciously aware at all times of your thought processes. If they are such that they are not "of the Light," reject them and think of the star's light. This shows by deed that you consciously choose to draw on the positive side of the universal energy Source.

* Endeavour to relate the accompanying understanding to those around you.  This will help you to more quickly reprogram your own understanding of mental trauma.

* Pass on this wisdom to all you meet so that others too can become more helpful and understanding.

* Be aware that others as well as yourself will experience great difficulties in controlling your minds at those times when negative emotions surface within you.

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1. That God's Justice is absolute. That which we "put out" will return to us. What we Sow, that we will Reap. This immutable Law cannot be avoided.

2. That the Light, God's Creative Loving Energy, is infinite and flows for all in the universe to draw upon.

3. That the Dark, the Negative Energy, is infinite and also flows for any in the universe to draw upon endlessly.

4. That the choice as to which side of the energy source we draw upon is shown by our expressed deed. The freedom of this choice is ours alone and must not be determined for us by any other, either in the flesh or in spirit.

5. Any deed which is only loving is positive and therefore draws Light into the soul. Any Deed which is based on mans law seeks Retribution, and is therefore retaliatory. All deeds of retaliation, whether verbal or physical are negative, and therefore inevitably draw Darkness into the soul.

6. Everyone is a child of God and therefore all are to be loved by us, even if they choose to be retaliatory. No matter what the negativity of anyone's deed, we are not to retaliate.

7. God's love is now giving us an opportunity to clear karmic debts more quickly so we can return to the Light. This happens if we do not Sow any more negativity as we suffer.

8. It is the time now where each side will claim its own.

Those "exuding Light" -- to the Light
Those "exuding Darkness" -- to the Dark

9. To "Stay" in the Light, we must keep out Dark thoughts that seek to overpower and "use" us.

10. It is important to prepare people with the knowledge that negative emotions will be felt by us, but we can suppress the negative thoughts that lead us to "retaliate."


( Extracted from The Testament of Truth page 26-)

Our negative actions have the express purpose of:: Causing pain, spreading deceit, controlling others and creating total destruction.

The flow of universal Love is drawing negative emotions (forces) up through, and eventually out of our souls, on a continuing basis, until the soul is free of them all and finally purified, having only light within. ( This is known as a Christed Soul )

The power or pull of negative emotions can be difficult to control, but it is within our capacity to do so, if we can control the accompanying thoughts.

page 30

However, as we are telepathic instruments we are subject to thoughts emanating from the "light" (the positive), and the "dark" (the negative), both being aspects of the Source.

The link between us and other spirits on other lower levels, is the vibration of our negative feelings. They respond to our vibration and manipulate our thought processes in an attempt to make us act in a retaliatory way (sinning). It is the act of sinning which satiates not only our feelings at this time, but also theirs.

This is the little known or understood area of spirit possession. By this "spirit possession" as it is known, not only are our thoughts being manipulated, but our feelings are being compounded by theirs as the negative energy flows through both parties.

This intensifies the feelings being felt. Thus we can find it impossible to resist what we feel we must do, and we do it, for a short time span having possibly lost all control of our thoughts, reason and sanity.

If a spirit silently manipulates us and then "overpowers" our reason, we "had no mental choice" for the deed we carry out, but it is "we" who are responsible for the action we take, and pay the price.

It is we who need to stay "free" of negative thought intrusion to the extent that we maintain the clarity of perception to be "able" to choose our actions.

We must be able to decide to act or not act upon the thoughts entering our minds. Without conscious understanding of this process, we become robots, controlled and manipulated by others from unseen levels.

At this end time when God's cleansing love is flooding through the entire universe, the negative emotions of all spirits on all levels of consciousness are being drawn out at an escalated rate.

Consequently a far greater percentage of people on the planet and in spirit will become intensely negative and totally irrational prior to negativity clearing. This will result in a far greater level of insanity and spirit possession. All at some stage will become influenced to some degree, and will be mentally forced to carry out the negative intent of those from lower levels of consciousness.

The attack on the thought level will also be when we are asleep, and many will suffer horrendous nightmares. The "tide" so to speak has commenced to run in. It will escalate at an alarming rate, peaking as the planet is filled with the negative confusion of men, women and children, cycling in and out of irrationality or "insanity."

Remember, the soul needs to feel the negative sin (emotion) to gain spiritual understanding of it. The soul is only sinning however when we express and cause pain, which is the Sowing of evil, which under divine law we must Reap at some time, in full. We are all personally responsible for our actions towards others. As we are now to reap more quickly for past negative deeds, we will suffer more, both from our own emotions, and at the hands of others.

We all need to know that to avoid further "Reaping," we must:

Sow no more negativity - Stop causing pain to others.

Those who mentally fortify their thought processes to the positive now, will be rational helpers, because with mental fortification, they will be under less stress. This will enable them to assist those in desperate need of consolation with understanding.

page 31

Negative subconscious programming of the mind from happenings in childhood, through our own fears, or from others negative projections onto us, may be gradually eased and lessened.

There is no resolution as such to any problems when our minds are linked through our negative emotions to the "Whisperings from the Dark." The Dark tightens its control over us through our thoughts. It is these thoughts that are the inspiration of our expressed deeds, deeds that become more irrational and at times fatal to ourselves and/or others.

We only attain peace through the cessation of the confusing or negative thought flow. This is only fully accomplished when God draws out the particular active negative emotion.


When meeting with, or confronted by an emotionally unsound person who has been brought to you for counselling, or, one who has come to you freely for understanding, an awareness of the four basic types of "responses" to the escalating trauma, may be observed:-

1 - People totally "blinded" by their emotions. These cannot be reached by your voice. Leave these to God as you may cause them to become more negative. The important thing is not to confront them and arouse them further.

2 - Those yet able to hear you and understand you, and thus will benefit from your good counsel.

3 -Those expressing darkness through aggression.

4 - Those withdrawn through fear - some unable to even verbalise. Emotions and past trauma have    made them mute.

There are of course many variations and combinations of the above caused by different emotions at play.


The most important thing all counsellors will have to remember is that personal emotional response to any trauma or pain  is the core of our problems. The intense suffering of people in the present is their release from negative deeds perpetrated by them in the past.

For counsellors the problem will unfold within your mind from your own thoughts, or from your inner feelings, as you sit quietly and "listen" to their story. The story  is "what" you are being told by the other but they can only give you that story from their "clouded" viewpoint.

They do not see the cause of their pain which is their inner negativity being drawn to the surface. 

eg: I am angry at my neighbour for shooting my son and my thoughts are telling me to go and get him.

eg: I feel rejected because my partner is having an affair.

eg: My thoughts and fears/aggression are out of control and I cannot sleep. I am "hyped up" and am going to kill others or myself.

eg: I slashed my wrists because there is no hope for me.

eg: I feel as though there is another person in my body who prompts me, and I do not like their feelings.

page 32

We -- listened to them They -- listen to the Truth
They wish for us to commiserate with We will listen to their story
them as they endlessly regurgitate with an understanding of the
the problems that are based on their true picture in mind, being the
belief that the "other" party is totally spiritual aspect as to "why"
to blame. any do suffer. (Reaping).
As victims, their thoughts "focus" on We listen to their story and
retaliation as they demand justice halt its flow when demands
and retribution. for retribution persist.
They focus on the actions of the other Tell them the full reality
to justify their feelings & seek the Law of personal responsibility.
to attain a legal resolution.  
In agreeing with them that they are They needs learn of the one
an aggrieved party, add to their woes spiritual law -"Reaping
and prolong their suffering. Their what they Sowed."
negative emotions stay "aroused."  
They wish to "revel on" in their We want them to get "out"
painful emotional suffering as of it with understanding and
thoughts "run away" with them. positive action on their part.

In every case the problem is the same: It is not the situation, circumstance, system or other person that is the problem. It is our own negative emotions that were triggered by the situation, allowing thoughts to become out of control in our own minds.

To reiterate, the actions of the "other" party are only the "trigger" that activates the emotions that are within the person.  This always allows easier negative thought access to their own minds.

When they come to you, they need an understanding of the Truth that:- No matter "Who" did "what" to them ......... the external event, circumstance or person, was only the trigger that activated their  emotions.  It is what they do with this emotion which will, or will not lead them into despair.

Once the trigger has occurred, the rising emotions allow for intensifying negative thought access to their minds. Their own inner feelings and resultant thoughts are the cause of their mental and emotional suffering, or their expressed negative deed. Only they can choose to halt this process.

The situation is compounded as they begin to focus upon the actions of the other person because this leads to endless negative debate about fairness, justice, apportioning of blame, etc, which is the negative thought intrusion in action.

As the counsellor you express your love and care for their well-being as they tell you of their problems. Remind them that within their core is the divine spark of God which is love and beauty and joy.

Remind them that they are a wonderful person and that the painful emotions will lift soon but that their thoughts need to be lessened and halted to find peace.

You tell them about "This time" and what is happening "within" all.

You speak about the Law of God, "What you do to others, comes back to you."

page 33

You tell them what happens to the "blind" who continue to deny the call of "Only be Loving to one another."

You tell them about the Star prayer, how it builds the Ark of the Mind, and that it activates light that will lessen the impact of thoughts flowing in from the dark. This it does when by our deed, we choose to draw on the positive  side of the God's energy which is Light.

You ask if they have any questions pertaining to this understanding, or any other they may have. You may remind them that God said that we must forget the past and what others have done to us or  what we have done to others.

You tell them to be forgiving of others ways and deeds, also forgive their own failings, and in courage walk forwards. Every day must be a new day, forget yesterday totally.

Do not commiserate. You are with them to "tell them something," not to "discuss" their processes endlessly, they will not be resolved through continual discussion.

All are to just maintain their own "Goodness & Godliness," and let others do their thing, whatever it may be.

Remember that the power of the darkness is its "Spell-binding" capacity that works in two ways. Exerting its capacity to control us through our expressive negative emotion i.e.. anger so we "Express darkness onto others," or its capacity of inhibitive control through fear or guilt to make us "Mute" for past deeds done to us, because of threat of reprisal.

In the first instance, we needs fortify our minds against thoughts overpowering us, so we can "stop" being negatively expressive.

In the second instance, we needs break the "spell" over our minds, so that we can speak and tell some-one of the foul deed perpetrated.

Not so that we can then bring someone to justice, for mercy & forgiveness is the key, but only to break the "spell of muteness" that inhibits our freedom of expression by the power of the fear..

In the "speaking of" the deed to a "positive" person, we break the spell of thought control over us and can then forget it as such, and are therefore more able to forget, forgive, and be at ease.

Be aware as you talk to them that others in spirit are present and listening and learning also. When you feel that enough is said, you ask within yourself of the angels who walk with both of you, that they please help them on their road, this may also be expressed verbally to the other.

Tell them to join you in saying the meditation prayer by repeating the words after you, say both prayers, or either. Tell them to say it three times a day.

Give them a copy of the Brief Summary of The Testament of Truth if they are not too unstable. Ask them to pass-on to others the message of the Star of Bethlehem and the mental Ark.

Remember, due to the extraordinary times soon at hand, that man's usual counselling ways are to be forgotten. Endless continued discussions and attempting to "sort out" mentally inspired problems are fruitless because such "mental inspiration" is infinite.

page 34

Pain of deep emotions  are only fully resolved when the "emotion" is cleansed out of their soul by God. In most cases only one visit will be possible and in that brief ten minutes or hour you have, all that needs be said must be said and done.

Do not think that you will give them more counsel or papers another day, that day may not come for them, give out all the information you can, depending on their capability to absorb it. When they walk out of the door you may never see them again..

You must try and understand that the Darkness is always oppositional, cannot accept, and distorts and confuses everything. There is no point in a calm positive person attempting to convince a negatively aroused person of anything!! They simply do not comprehend the language spoken.

Remember, all control is of the darkness. All must be allowed the freedom to express what they will  we are only here to advise that if they impose themselves upon others and express darkness, that same darkness will "control" them.

It must be of no concern to any what others are doing it is only the concern for each soul to be aware of what they express.

All expressed must only be within the bounds of God's Commandment, Love one another. This encompasses in its fullness, the words: Be compassionate, forgiving & merciful to others.

Don't be afraid to reach out and hold close to you any in deep trauma. Fear will be great in all.

People need to know that the Ark of the Mind is to lessen the impact of incoming negative thoughts, but it is not, and will not halt what the individual has to "Feel" at the hands of any Reaper.

As you read this message, ask yourself what thoughts impinged on your mind as you did so. Did thoughts stay only with what you perceived to be the negative aspects, or difficult parts of the message?

If this occurred, ask yourself: "Why did your inner light not observe or respond to the positive side of the message " - for in this message the understanding and wisdom given are the means of freeing ourselves from the negativity that is within us.

People at times only observe the negative aspect of any message, unable to see that it is only by shining a light onto darkness that we are able to see what the darkness actually is. The hope of the message in the Testament of Truth is that it exposes the dark, enabling us to deal with it in a positive way.

It is only the intrusion of negative thought that make us resist the positive aspect of a difficult truth.


page 35

Personal sexual responsibility

Personal sexual responsibility has, on the face of it, changed considerably in this age of "enlightened sexuality." When however we look honestly at the issues that surround the consequences of our sexual behaviour, we find that the conflict, anguish, guilt, blame and turmoil, have in fact altered very little.

The act of sex is "free," but this "act" may have a subsequent unseen consequence of great responsibility, namely the conception of a child. The pleasurable moments when mutual desire is high is not the time for either party to have to "think" about the possibility of conception with its responsibilities for both parties.

Women and men need to be taught about the four day ovulation cycle and contraception thereby having the choice to make an informed decision about conception and contraception prior to any "togetherness."

We need to teach our growing children that when we are blessed by a child we are not only responsible for that child at this level of existence but are held accountable spiritually by the Source of all creation for that life.

The modern "uncivilised" world has accepted as 'normal' the "aborting" of unplanned pregnancies, but what needs to be understood is, that whilst this has to date been a decision governed by "unloving" circumstances and a "poorly" educated society, there is also a spiritual consequence of which we have not been fully aware.

There is no easy or gentle way to say that the "taking" of life is God's prerogative only, not ours. A karmic debt is accrued by all parties involved when the choice to deny life is taken and acted upon.

In God's eyes we are responsible for any negative action towards the unborn. Since both parties are involved in the act of creation, both are responsible for any decision made about that life.

All need to know and be taught beforehand of the deeper implications of a pregnancy  and the subsequent responsibility each has in relation thereto. This can only be accomplished when parents become more informed about the deep truth surrounding the area of conception, and personal responsibility towards the unborn..

It is time for the human race to understand that conception is  the preparation of a "biological fleshly body," being the "space" for a "child of God," a "spirit," to enter this realm of consciousness.

As such, children are not "ours," but are entrusted to us by the Source. We are expected to teach them about love and truth, to help them to quicker aspire back to the promised land.


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